The best shooting games in the Windows 10 store (2023)

The best shooting games in the Windows 10 store (1)

In the "Windows as a service" world, the app store is going to become increasingly important to Microsoft's coffers.

Most of the games available today crossed over from the Windows 8 store. In the coming months, however, we should see an influx of fresh titles from Microsoft Studios, ID@Xbox and hopefully some high-quality third-party devs. For now, if you're running Windows 10 on a tablet or using a lower-end GPU, there are some great games available in the store to help pass the time.

In this post, I'm highlighting some of the best shooters in the Windows 10 store. The store filters seem a tad broken at the moment. Separating decent games from the tons of terrible and broken apps in the store is quite a task. If you know of any good shooters in the store that run on Windows 10, please drop a comment.

For the time being, if you're new to the store and looking for casual games crammed with guns then look no further!

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

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I'd argue that Modern Combat 5 is the best shooter available in the Windows 10 store as of writing. It's a free to play title with Xbox Live integration, bringing goodies like gamerscore achievements. MC5's developer Gameloft pulled no punches when it came to graphics. The game sports near console level visuals that would fit in nicely during the Xbox 360's early years.

As the name suggests, Modern Combat 5 shares an uncanny amount of similarities with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but don't let that put you off. Gameloft have made a name for themselves ripping off other games, but at the very least they do it very well.

The best shooting games in the Windows 10 store (2)

Modern Combat 5 sports responsive control schemes, meaning that it'll detect whether you're using a Xbox controller, touch screen or mouse and keyboard set up and adapt accordingly. Played with a keyboard and mouse, it might lack the responsiveness of a dedicated PC title but it's thoroughly enjoyable regardless.

There are boatloads of upgrades and unlockable weapons, across five customizable soldier classes. MC5 also sports online multiplayer with high-quality features you might expect on your console rather than your tablet. Exp accumulated across multiplayer and the rock solid single player campaign, carrying your customization and unlocks to all game modes.

As a free to play title, there are lots of micro-transactions, but none are particularly restrictive. Give it a try!

Download Modern Combat 5: Blackout for Windows (Free) (opens in new tab)

Overkill 3

Overkill 3 is a third person shooting game from dedicated Xbox mobile publisher Game Troopers. The game takes place in a dystopic future where an oppressive regime has taken control of the world. You lead a resistance movement through gorgeously detailed war zones on a quest for freedom.

Overkill 3 sports impressive graphics for a title designed for mobile. The environments are rich with detail with compliments from dynamic lighting and gravity physics. There are various enemy types and "epic" boss battles, and your arsenal will scale up to artillery strikes and rocket launchers to meet demand. Overkill 3 takes place across 200 levels and several different locations. If you exhaust all that content, there's an endless mode to keep you going for even longer (endlessly in fact).

The best shooting games in the Windows 10 store (3)

There are some rudimentary keyboard controls, but it's pretty apparent that tablet and phones were Overkill 3's target medium. If you're a dedicated mouse and keyboard runner, I'd avoid this one for now.

Like Modern Combat 5, Overkill 3 boasts an entire armory full of weapons and upgrades via a high-quality 3D menu system. Weapons, their attachments, and other gear are plentiful, but they take some time to deliver. You can jump the queue by spending in-game currency, which you can also purchase in bulk with micro-transactions. Overkill 3 is another free to play title, but it's certainly not a pay-to-play title, and all content is unlockable via regular play over time.

Download Overkill 3 for Windows (Free) (opens in new tab)

Halo Spartan Strike / Halo Spartan Assault

Halo's Windows Store games are among the best the catalogue has to offer, and you'd hope so considering it's a first-party Xbox IP.

Both games are very similar in general. Spartan Strike and Spartan Assault are twin-stick top-down shooters set in the Halo universe. They each have dynamic control schemes, meaning they're totally playable with touch, keyboard, and mouse or a Xbox controller. 343i developed both games that tell stories that are part of the Halo canon - they're not alternative universe spin-offs.

The best shooting games in the Windows 10 store (4)

The premise of both games is that you're taking part in combat simulations that tell 'classified' Halo tales. Everything you'd expect from a Halo game comes into play, from the authentic enemy A.I. to the sound treatment, weapons, and vehicles.

Spartan Assault has micro-transactions that provide fast access to some of the game's more powerful weapons. Spartan Strike ditched that model, allowing you to access weapons like the Spartan Laser and the sniper rifle more easily without paying.

Both games offer a solid Halo experience on whatever device you choose to use, syncing progression between them via your Xbox Live account.

Judge Dredd vs. Zombies

UK console devs Rebellion (Sniper Elite, Zombie Army Trilogy) built this next title. In Judge Dredd vs. Zombies, you play as the titular comic book hero against a hoard of undead nasties.

The game handles similarly to Halo Spartan Strike with a top-down view, but instead of aiming using the right side of the screen, Judge Dredd locks onto nearby targets. It places a stronger emphasis on movement, as zombies can swarm you quite easily if you're not paying attention. Judge Dredd vs. Zombies has dynamic control schemes like Halo Spartan Strike, allowing you to play with intuitive touch controls or with a mouse and keyboard.

The best shooting games in the Windows 10 store (5)

The game has vibrant graphics and reminisces of generations past. Zombies explode into satisfying green puddles when you dispatch them, complete with an occasional slow-motion kill cam.

Judge Dredd vs. Zombies sits firmly in the arcade camp, with power-ups and multi-kill scoring systems all over the screen. As (yet another) free to play title, Judge Dredd vs. Zombies allows you to purchase coins to upgrade your weapons. You can play without buying weapons upgrades. Eventually, you'll become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of zombies on screen if you don't improve your damage and survivability.

Download Judge Dredd vs. Zombies for Windows (Free) (opens in new tab)

The best shooting games in the Windows 10 store (6)

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  • Can they make we see achievements earned in these 200G Windows 8 games in our activity feeds? Currently we only see from Win10 games. Secondly, can anyone confirm if FIFA 15 UT works on Win10? I downloaded but all I get is a blank black screen.

  • I downloaded Fifa15: UT and it works well

  • Ok thanks man. I think I need a new gaming laptop.

  • If only they fixed WP version... *sigh*

  • Yes, that sucks as well the game covers missing from WP games too!

  • Which Games above support gamepad???

  • All of them, except for Dredd that I haven't played as well Spartan Strike, but gamepad works on Spartan Assault, so...

  • Okay thanks, then im going with the windows 10 update :D

  • I don't understand why Halo: Spartan Strike hasn't sold better. It's a big improvement on an already great formula.

  • Not everyone likes an isometric shooter.

  • I meant in comparison to Halo: Spartan Assault, which is essentially the same game, just not as good. Spartan Assault sold much better than Spartan Strike.

  • I'm pretty sure it's because of the price.

  • The price difference is only $1, so that seems unlikely. But, the number of times Spartan Assault was a Red Stripe Deal of the Week could explain it: not only would it have sold more during those numerous sales, but I also think the frequency of times Spartan Assault was put on sale has discincentivized gamers from buying Spartan Strike, as they assume it will go on sale too. But, it has yet to go on sale.

  • This is my take, I look out for deals, I have Spartan Assault at a deal of .99 or 1.99 something like that, and got it because it was a universal app for windows and the phone.Same for my Xbox, I might have about 10 or 15 games which I have installed but have not even open once,got them because they were either 5.99, 6.99 or 9.99 in some Xbox sale.So, 5.99 is cheap, but I would rather spend 9.99 on a game like Skyrim or Red Dead Redemtion (which I have both - again haven't played either) than 5.99 on a tiny gameThis is just my take though, I'm sure the game is worth it, I will actually buy it, once I get around to play Spartan Assault...

  • What are the big improvements over SA? If it had some kind of multiplayer it would obviously be better, without it not really seeing the draw apart from being "newer".

  • Better controls, particularly for grenades, loss of microtransactions, improved graphics, cross-gamebenefits with Halo: MCC on Xbox One. Plus, newer is always better.

  • Its because of price maybe, Spartan Strike hasn't been discounted (Spartan Assault had it via red stripe deal)

  • Yes, I think it was the fact that Spartan Assault was a Red Stripe Deal numerous times, that people thought it was better to wait on Spartan Strike.

  • My guess is because it doesn't have a demo. I bought Spartan assault after playing the demo, but the few annoying design issues meant I had no desire to get the sequel, even if it was better.

  • Good point about the lack of a free demo. That definitely was a bad decision, especially since Spartan Strike corrects a few of the gripes people had about Spartan Assault.

  • Still waiting for a deal, come on MS!

  • Spartan assault was just too hectic at times, especially the timed missions. You didn't have the chance to use each weapon in the best way. Also the aiming on a touch screen made some missions very difficult, and I could only beat them by playing with mouse and keyboard on my PC. Happily Windows phone purchase unlocked the PC version for free.

  • I didn't buy H:SS for two reasons: 1) I didn't finish H:SA so no point getting the second yet; and 2) H:SA was $1.99 on release (or a sale?) so I expect to pay the same for the second. If I finished the first one I might be more willing to pay triple the original price, but as it stands it will sit unplayed for months so I will just pass on the purchase for now.

  • Spartan Assault launched for the same price as Spartan Strike is now ($5.99) but was on sale for $1.99 several times as a Red Stripe Deal of the Week, and now it's 'normal' price has been reduced to $4.99. So, you likely bought it when it was on sale.

  • Because the first Halo Assualt was horrible. I love me some Halo and all but they really dropped the ball on this top down shooter.

  • I thought Halo: Spartan Assault was excellent. It was one of the best mobile games I've ever played, and my only gripe with it (aiming grenades) has been fixed in Spartan Strike. Many people seem to agree, as the user ratings for Spartan Assault are at a 4.5-star average, as is Spartan Strike.

  • Awesome Zombie SniperLOL

  • I just hate Modern Combat 5!!! Played it first on WP and guess what? Half of my cheevos earned on phone didn't unlock cause the criteria was already met, but even redoing the condition, no deal!As expected from Gameloft... ¬¬

  • I'm thinking Spartan Assault should've had a lot less in-game purchases since its not a free-to-play.

  • Windows Store version of MC5 is terribly optimized and they recently switched to F2P with dreadful energy system (I am VIP so I am OK, but still can't play as I get about 15 fps in MP matches). Overkill 3 is pretty much impossible to finish without IAPs, Dredd is meh, I have far more enjoyed Zombie HQ from Rebellion.Maybe Spartan Strike, but I have played Spartan Assault recently and it was OK at best. If MS plans to release GoW remaster for Windows 10, they should also release Halo: MCC, I mean everybody who wanted to play it on Xbox One already did.

  • Yeah I'm agree with u that MC5 is terrible optimized on my laptop. I can run csgo smoothly at 60 fps but not a "mobile fps game"? Come on gameloft!

  • Yeah just don't play modern combat 5 with an Xbox one controller. That ls directional stick is like whiplash.

  • So true... but even playing with mouse or controller it's better than playing on WP.

  • I've been an extremely casual gamer for many years, with my bouts of binge gamming... Now, I did pay for WoW back in the day, but every other game was a buy once, and play til' the next release or a new company came along to take my interest. Almost every company seems to be doing this "pay-to-play" model-- I get it, it keeps them employed to add content... But stop advertising as "free to play". Most of these app games are more like demos, but if you really want to play, you have to throw money at it... 19.99 for a "currency" pack will get you through a few days (if your lucky), then you throw more at it. In the end you're 100+ bucks in, and bored with the game after a few weeks.

  • Yeah I hate them, I'm hoping the Windows Store will pick up real games over the course of the next year.

  • I have them all on my 640 still running 8.1

  • where is BIA3?

  • The best shooter is brothers in arms 3

  • Where is dead trigger 2?

  • The app isn't compatible with Surface Pro 3 (for some reason?) so I couldn't try it out :( looks good though.

  • Want battlefield as a paid game in the store.

  • Barca el Campeón!!! Overall Overkill 3 looks like for 8 - 16 age category... well then we have just 5 titles and that's it.

  • Modern combat 5 disappoints me in that i need wifi to use multiplayer (when my lte is blazing fast). All the wifi networks i try do not work. Now i can't progress to the next level because i can't satisfy the multiplayer requirement. It is forcing me to make IAP.

  • Guyss plzz add HomeRun Battle 2 for our windows phone...

  • Hey guys! Pls help me, How to use controller/gamepad (not xbox, its of china) on Windows store game??? exp:Blazblue Calamity Trigger, Asphalt...

  • Judge Dredd doesn't seem to auto fit on the screen of my tablets linx 7 or venue 11 pro, I've not tried it on pc or laptop yet. Any suggestions?

  • Starwarfare Its one of the best games i played on my phone

  • Meh.

  • I hate playing shooters on a phone, that have dual sticks, then you have a fire button too, so you have move your finger from one of the sticks to fire, causing a delay and getting your killed in heavy action times.I played Modern Combat 5 on my desktop, Over all, not a bad game, Keyboard controls are right in line as expected for a PC shooter. Graphics are OK, nothing great (again designed for a mobile game blown up a 24" monitor, it's not going to be great). Worthly to play if you just want a shooter fix with an OK story.Stick with COD if yor a hard core player, this might be a simple game...

  • True story... Modern Combat V on WP just sucks! Overkill too... glad I can at least play the latter using 360 controller and get cheevos on both versions...

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