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PlayStation has been providing Gamers with the latest technology in the virtual world since 1995. Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited state that at PlayStation they are 'for the players', everything they do is to improve the user experience for the Gamers. Wherever you choose to go on your virtual journey, PlayStation allows gamers to travel in time, enter new realms, take on the battles of their heroes, explore mystical landscapes and score the winning goal alongside some of the biggest names in the football industry. Whether you want to experience the land of make-believe or place yourselves in the shoes of your favourite characters through virtual reality technology, you can find it all at PlayStation. Classic games include Tekken, Rayman, Fifa 20, Silent Hill, Assassins Creed, Fortnite and Red Dead Redemption. Become a Playstation Plus member and get instant access to hundreds of games both past and present such as Crash Bandicoot, The Elder Scrolls Call of Duty Warzone, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and the last of us part 2. Or if you're looking for the next bestselling, and much anticipated games simply pre order the likes of CyberPunk 2077 and get exclusive rewards and discounts!Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited deliver the latest industry leading technology to the Gaming industry, in the form of games, apps, consoles and accessories. Browse the wide range opportunities at PlayStation. For example, you can purchase PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Gamers can also grab amazing PlayStation VR technology and interactive services such as PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Network. PlayStation also offers its users a wide range of accessories including controllers, headphones and more. Connect with your friends online to play multiplayer games and have fun playing the latest, best selling games with stunning visuals. The PlayStation family of products and services include PlayStation®4, PlayStation®VR, PlayStation™Store, PlayStation®Plus, PlayStation™Video, PlayStation™Music, PlayStation™Now, and acclaimed PlayStation software titles from SIE Worldwide Studios. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, SIE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation and has global functions in California, London and Tokyo. If you're looking for the most innovative games and accessories on the market, then PlayStation is the store for you.Explore the deals of the week and don't miss out on the bestselling games including classics and newly released games for PS4 and PS5 - including FIFA 21, HITMAN III, Destiny 2 and more! Take up to 85% off various games and explore a range of popular games that are free to install including Fortnight.

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Visit a virtual world with PlayStation VR today

There's no need to dampen your PlayStation experience by overspending on your purchase. Enjoy huge savings by using a PlayStation promo code or PS4 coupon code provided by Widilo. You can also get money back from your purchase by activating Cashback options found at similar brands here at Widilo! Don't pay over the odds for the latest game or gaming equipment when you use a PlayStation discount code. PlayStation VR lets you play in ways and places you never thought possible thanks to an advanced, OLED screen that displays images at a super crisp 120Hz, panoramic 360-degree vision where you can watch your games turn alive! The 3D audio also lets you pinpoint sounds around you! Apply a PlayStation voucher code or a PlayStation Store UK discount code for huge savings on the latest games. Discover new upcoming games including free games this summer!

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Apply a PlayStation Store discount code

Saving on your purchase by applying a PlayStation Store discount code uk to your order is incredibly easy to do. Just take the following simple steps:

  1. Take a peek at Widilo for the latest promo codes and copy the code if applicable.
  2. Click on the Playstation link to take you through to the Playstation home page.
  3. Choose your selected products and customise to your need.
  4. Login or register for an account at Playstation or continue as a guest.
  5. Go to your basket and make sure you apply your chosen Playstation promotional code into the box.
  6. Sit back and enjoy your Playstation order even more knowing you have saved with Widilo.

Enjoy an ultimate experience with PlayStation Plus memberships

PlayStation offers free and discounted games to its esteemed customers. You are also eligible to download more than 60 games a year at no extra cost. You can back up your saved games so that you can game anywhere you are with ease.In addition, the One Membership that PlayStation Network offers qualifies you for all the benefits of PlayStation Plus on your PS4 and PS5. Signing up to the newsletter of PlayStation will automatically intimate, you of the latest offers available.Save up to 85% on sequel and prequel games of bestselling video games without a PlayStation Store promo code. This includes COD, FIFA 21 and more.

Save on PlayStation accessories & hardware today!

PlayStation games are available for sale so is PlayStation hardware. PlayStation 4 games, PlayStation 5 games, PlayStation VR games and PlayStation Plus are available for purchase.Apart from the games, PlayStation also retails its hardware products. The hardware products include PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PlayStation Pro, and PlayStation VR Accessories. Among them, we have; Gaming Controllers, Audio Communications, Virtual Reality Accessories, Media Remote, and Specialty Controller, Headsets which are also retailed. Charging Station, Game Drive, Charging Stand, and Performance Grips can be purchased on the PlayStation platform. Just so you know, by using a PlayStation coupon code, you will get better rates. Check back regularly to find more updated PlayStation Store deals!Services that PlayStation offers include, PlayStation Store, PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Video, PlayStation Music and PS Now where you can enjoy great access to the PlayStation Now collection, with hundreds of popular games ready to stream or install on demand. Another good thing about this company is that, PlayStation helps in fixing and replacing accessories, and in system software upgrade.

The background of PlayStation

After its first release by Sony in 1994, PlayStation 2 (PS2) followed in 2000 and subsequently PlayStation 3 in 2006. Although the Super Disks are what that the original PlayStation read, Sony and Philips developed a technology called CD-ROM/XA. It allowed the processor to access audio, video and computer data simultaneously. Super Nintendo game Cartridges before the CD-ROM designs were read by the initial PlayStation.The creation of PS2 included USB ports and a modem that allowed online playing. Its Central Processing Unit capacity of 66 million polygons per second was a boost for its processing power. The PS3 incorporated new enhancement that included cell processor, Ethernet Port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, hard disks and fully functional web browser. Other features included media storage, playback, DRAM and HDMI support.Year 2013 marked the release of PlayStation 4 (PS4) which was had outstanding graphics. The smooth online multiplayer experience made it to be embraced by even critics. Apart from being a Blu-ray player, it also has a media streaming device. PlayStation—VR, launched in 2016 was a hybrid of PS4 and VR headset and controller. This made Sony enter the Virtual reality market.PlayStation is known to have delivered innovation, interactive and digital entertainment to players since its launch to the market. The PlayStation App is compatible with both IOS and Android mobile devices and can be used as an interaction tool with PlayStation 4. Through the use of this App, purchase of PS4 games from the consoles can be made and download of these games can be done. The App also supports watching live streams of other games.

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Frequently Asked Questions PlayStation Store

đź•’How long are discount codes valid?

The validity period of a discount code varies, as they are subject to change. Discount codes can be valid from 4 weeks or even months. Others, on the contrary, can only be used for a few days. On Widilo, dependant on the code, the expiration date is specified in the terms & conditions when you click to use the discount code for your purchase.

âť“Can I combine multiple discount codes?

Sometimes it may be possible to combine certain discount codes together, however in most circumstances only one discount code can be applied at any given time. Although there are particular deals or offers, in which some stores may allow you to add a discount code on top of another, in a seasonal sale for example. If this is valid, then this will be outlined to you in the terms and conditions.

🛍️In which category/categories can we find the PlayStation Store discount codes?

You can find PlayStation Store discount codes here at Widilo on the PlayStation Store page. Some PlayStation Store discount codes can be applied to everything, or some can be applied to specific products only. Widilo will specify each time the amount of discount you can receive as well as which product that it applies to.

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