PlayStation Store discount code - 10% extra OFF in November (2022)

Great deals on your favourite games!

Take a browse on the PlayStation Store from your console, smartphone or web browser and discover a treasure trove of games! From new PlayStation games to the latest add-on accessories and season passes. With regular sales, extra savings and competitions for PS Plus members, there's always one more adventure waiting with the PlayStation Store. Discover easy access to the PlayStation store straight from your PlayStation console, smartphone or web browser and explore a treasure trove of games, PlayStation accessories, membership passes and pre-order the latest consoles and games today. On the PlayStation Store website you can find excellent hidden deals including up to 85% off bestselling games including Call of Duty - Cold War, Fifa 20 & Ghost of Tsushima. Pre-order PS4 and PS5 games to avoid disappointment today and enjoy special bonus content with selected games. Start downloading the games to your console before they are released and they will be ready to play instantly after the launch. On the PlayStation Store, you can find huge discounts on the latest games starting from just £3.99. Enjoy your gaming experience to the next level today and explore PlayStation Store's vast collection of accessories and add-ons to enhance your PlayStation with clear audio, pro level controllers and high-quality headsets. Enjoy PlayStation's most popular gold wireless headset today with an incredibly comfortable design and dual built-in mics, the gold wireless headset for PS4 and PS VR lets you discover how great your games can sound to get the ultimate life like experience. Apply a PS4 discount code uk for more savings on accessories. Not only can you play your favourite games in high-quality, you can also buy or rent the latest blockbuster films, unmissable TV shows and a whole lot more. Apply a PlayStation Store voucher code for great savings. Visit us here at Express Discounts regularly to discover the latest and greatest PlayStation Store discount codes.

PlayStation Store discount code - 10% extra OFF in November (1)

Discover bestselling games & browse new editions for less!

Browse from a range of bestselling classic PlayStation games including Call of Duty, GTA, FIFA, Assassins creed and more. Expect new editions of your favourite games and get it for the lowest price with a Playstation discount code. Cut 30% off Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for PS5 this season, or save 75% on FIFA 21 whilst offers last. Don't forget to apply a PlayStation Store discount code uk to enjoy more great savings! Explore this season's editors pick and save up to 80% on bestselling games! The PlayStation Store offers a range of offers every season on top games including Demon's Soul standard edition, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2, Watch Dogs Legion, Destiny 2 and more! Discover seasonal deals every month and enjoy huge savings on PlayStation hits! Don't miss out as these offers don't last long. Enjoy add-ons starting from just £0.79 for FIFA 21 and save 10%. Subscribe to PlayStation Plus today and choose from a range of membership options including a one, three or 12-month subscription starting from just £6.99 and enjoy new features including exclusive member discounts. Customers can enjoy save 40% on 12-month subscriptions compared to monthly payments! Start playing today and unlock access to incredible seasonal deals, offers and essentials for an excellent gaming experience.

Discover flash deals and & weekly offers

Take a tour on the PlayStation Store UK today and discover a range of weekly discounts on bestselling games, PlayStation updates, popular accessories including consoles and headsets. Discover PlayStation Now games available for PS2, PS3 and PS4. Enjoy instant access to the PlayStation Now library, with hundreds of must have games ready to stream or download on demand. Enjoy new updates every month including Marvels Avengers, The Long Dark, World War Z and more. Pre-order the latest games and enjoy extra discounts and offers, sign up for new information and choose a Playstation Plus Membership starting from just £6.99 per month. Explore the latest PS5 games on the PlayStation Store website including Deathloop, Hitman Plus and Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and enjoy extra savings and limited time offers with Express Discounts!Explore a range of top games but look out as there may be huge deals on deluxe editions compared to standard editions. Get the most out of your discount and cut costs on deluxe games and packages today. Save up to 85% off your next order today when you use a PlayStation store discount code or a PlayStation Store promo code uk on Express Discounts today.

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PlayStation Store discount code - 10% extra OFF in November (2)

Venture out into the unknown virtual reality with PlayStation VR

Explore another world and buy a PlayStation VR from the PlayStation Store today! Put yourself at the centre of an incredible gaming world with PS VR exclusive games, powered by your PlayStation console. PlayStation VR can be powered by PlayStation 4 and games are also supported by PS5, simply connect your VR to your PS5 console and get the VR headset and starting playing . PlayStation VR lets you play in ways and places you never thought possible thanks to an advanced, OLED screen that displays images at a super crisp 120Hz, panoramic 360-degree vision where you can watch your games turn alive! The 3D audio also lets you pinpoint sounds and the distance of sounds all around you. Kick-start your VR game collection with unique VR experiences like no other. Forget playing the game and start living it instead. Buy PS VR from the PlayStation Store today and enjoy savings when you apply a PlayStation Store promo code. Enhance your virtual reality experience with PlayStation Move motion controllers. Explore your virtual world with great accuracy for an out-of-this-world experience. Take advantage of its ergonomic features including its lightweight design, advanced motion sensors and tracking sphere, the PlayStation Move motion controller is a must-have with a PlayStation VR. Don't miss out.

PlayStation Store discount code - 10% extra OFF in November (3)

Apply a PlayStation Store discount code from Express Discounts

Imagine getting up to 85% off of some of your favourite PlayStation games? Well you can when you shop at the PlayStation Store uk today! Discover hundreds of discounts and huge offers in the spring sale for 4 weeks only and stock up on bestselling games including 50% off UFC 4, 33% off Destiny 2, 50% off Last of Us remastered and up to 80% off of HITMAN 2, Jurassic World, Grand Theft Auto and more. Don't miss out! Call Of Duty is also available with up to 30% off right now! Discover this season's new releases including Returnal available on PS5. Fight to break the cycle of chaos on a hostile, alien planet starting from just £69.99! Or you could opt for Returnal: Deluxe Edition, a great option for an all-round experience and drips with atmosphere with PS5’s unique features. Additionally, check out the new MLB The Show 21 available now.Experience faster, deeper and intense gaming on the field, with a range of game features for all you players! With the amazing deals available right now at PlayStation Store you are spoiled for choice when it comes to gaming. Play your favourite games for less and cut costs on new PlayStation games from the PlayStation Store. Always apply a PlayStation Store promo code to help you save even more on your next purchase.

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How do I use a PlayStation Store voucher code?

Have you found a game you like? Wanna know how to get more money off your purchases? Well, it's simple and easy, so follow these steps.1. Head to Express Discounts to get your PlayStation Store promo code. 2. Checkout when you have added your products to your cart. 3. Click on the "Discount/Promo Code" button to paste your PlayStation Store discount code into the box. 4. Make sure the code is correct.5. Click "Apply" to redeem your coupon.6. Then, you can move along the checkout process!

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