Liste von Abkürzungen (2023)

AAdenin (DNA-Base/DNA base)
a...Atto... (Präfix/prefix): 10-18
AAAnhydrous Ammonia
AAAtomic Absorption
AAAutomatic (or: Automated) Attendant [Facility] (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AAAutomobile Association (UK)
AAAAbdominal Aortic Aneurism (Medicine)
AAAAkademisches Auslandsamt
AAAAmerican Association of Anatomists
AAAAmerican Automobile Association
AAAAromatic Amino Acid
AAAAustrian Acoustics Association
AAAAuthentication, Authorization and Accounting (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AAAAAlps-Adria Acoustics Association (seit/since Sept. 2002)
AAAAAuthentication, Authorization, Accounting and Auditing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AAAFAssociation Aéronautique et Astronautique de France
AAAIAmerican Association for Artificial Intelligence
AAASAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science
AABBAAural Assessment by Means of Binaural Algorithms (international expert group)
AACAcademic Assistance Council (London, UK, since April 1933; later on: SPSL)
AACAdvanced Audio Coding
AACGAmerican Association for Crystal Growth
AAC-LDLow-Delay Advanced Audio Coding
AACRAmerican Association for Cancer Research
AAESAmerican Association of Engineering Societies
AAFAnterior Auditory Field (im Gehirn/in the brain)
AAIAustrian Archeological Institute
AAIDAmerican Academy of Implant Dentisty
AALAmbient Assisted Living (Fraunhofer-Allianz)
AALATM Adaptation Layer
AALLAmerican Association of Law Libraries
AAMAdvanced Acoustic Model
AAPAustralian Academic Press
AAPMAmerican Association of Physicists in Medicine
AAPSAmerican Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
AAPPSAssociation of Asia Pacific Physical Societies
AAPTAmerican Association of Physics Teachers
AARDAdvanced Accelerator Research and Development
AARI([St. Petersburger] Institut für Arktis- und Antarktisforschung)
AARTFAACAmsterdam-ASTRON Radio Transients Facility and Analysis Centre
AARVArctic Area Research Vessel
AASAdvanced Automation System
AASAmerican Astronautical Society
AASAmerican Astronomical Society
AASAtomic Absorption Spectrometry, Atom-Absorptions-Spektrometrie
AASAustralian Acoustical Society
AASCUAmerican Association of State Colleges and Universities
AASFAfrikanisch-Asiatische Studentenförderung e.V. (Göttingen)
AASHTOAmerican Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
AATAnglo-Australian Telescope
AATSRAdvanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer (ENVISAT)
AAUAssociation of American Universities
AAUPAmerican Association of University Professors (or: Presses) (USA)
AAUWAmerican Association of University Women
AAVadeno-assoziierte Viren
AAV[Yakir] Aharonov, [David] Albert, [Lev] Vaidman (novel approach to quantum mechanics, published 1988)
ABAlberta (Province of Canada)
ABAAmerican Board of Audiology
ABAApplied Behavioural Analysis
ABBAsea Brown Boveri AG (Mannheim, DE)
ABCAbsorbing Boundary Condition (acoustics)
ABCAtanasoff-Berry Computer (Iowa State College, USA, 1938–1942)
ABDOAllgemeine Bestimmungen für Diplomprüfungsordnungen
ABEAmtliche Betriebserlaubnis (Typprüfung Kfz)
ABEAutomated Benthic Explorer
ABETAccrediting Board of Engineering and Technology (USA)
ABGAutomatiserte biometriegestützte Grenzkontrolle
ABKAllgemeine berufsqualifizierende Kompetenzen (im Bachelor-Studiengang)
ABL[Yakir] Aharonov, [Peter] Bergmann, [Joel] Lebovitz (novel approach to quantum mechanics, published 1964)
ABLAirborne Laser (US Waffe/weapon)
ABMAdvanced Buffer Material
ABMAgent-Based Model
ABMAnti-Ballistic Missile
ABMFAccount Balance Management Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ABPIAssociation of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
ABRAuditory Brainstem Response
ABRAvailable Bit Rate
ABRIXASA Broad-Band Imaging X-Ray All-Sky Survey (Satellit 1999, aufgegeben/satellite 1999, abandoned)
ABSAccelerator and Beam Science
ABSAlternate Billing Service
ABSAntiblockiersystem; Anti-Lock Braking System (Kfz/motor vehicle)
ABSAutomatic Block Signaling (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
ABTAusschuss für Begutachtertraining (DAR, Normungsarbeit)
ABUAsia(-Pacific) Broadcasting Union
ABVAlcohol by Volume
ACAccelerator Cluster (supercomputing)
ACAccess Controller (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ACAdmission Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ACAir Conditioning
ACAlternating Current (Wechselstrom)
ACAttachment Circuit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ACAuditory Cortex
ACAAcademic Cooperation Association (europäische Organisation/European organisation)
ACAAircraft Carrier Alliance (GB)
ACAAmerican Crystallographic Association
ACAArms Control Association
ACAAtacama Compact Array
ACACIAArid Climate, Adaptation and Cultural Innovation in Africa (SFB 389 der DFG)
ACAMAachen Center for Additive Manufacturing
ACAPAdvanced Common Application Platform (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ACAPAutomated Content Access Protocol (Urheberrecht/copyright)
A-CAPIAccessnet®-T-Common Application Programming (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AC-APUAir-Conditioning Auxiliary Power Unit
ACAREAdvisory Council for Aeronautic(s) (or: Aviation) Research (and Innovation) in Europe
A-CBCAkkreditierungsagentur für die Studiengänge Chemie, Biochemie und Chemieingenieurwesen an Universitäten und Fachhochschulen
ACCActive (or: Adaptive) Cruise Control (Kfz/motor vehicle)
ACCAdvanced Cruise Control
ACCAntarctic Circumpolar Current (of the ocean)
ACCAnterior Cingulate Cortex
ACCAnticollision Code (Fingerabdruck für Multimedia/Fingerprint for Multimedia)
ACCaseAcetyl-CoA-Carboxylase (Enzym)
ACCESAirport and Control Center Simulator (DLR)
ACCESSAlternative Fuel Effects on Contrails and Cruise Emissions (aircraft fuel)
ACCESSAttenuating Custom Communication Earpiece System (active noise reduction earplug)
ACCESSAustralian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator
ACCPAmerican College of Clinical Pharmacology
ACCUAdvisory Committee of CERN Users
ACDAdvanced Chemistry Development
ACDAutomatic Call Distribution
ACDAArms Control and Disarmament Agency (USA 1962)
A-CDMAirport Collaborative Decision Making
ACEAdvanced Composition Explorer (NASA)
ACEAdvanced Computing Environment
ACEAdvanced Control Education
ACEAmerican Council on Exercise
ACEAngiotensin-Converting Enzyme
ACEAntenna Coupling Equipment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ACEApplication Creation Environment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ACEAtmospheric Compensation Experiment (adaptive Optik/adaptive optics)
ACECommunity Action for Cooperation in the Field of Economics (EU)
ACELPAdaptive Code-Excited Linear Prediction
ACEnetAtlantic Computational Excellence Network
ACESActive Control Evaluation for Systems
ACESAtlantic Coral Ecosystem Study
ACESAtomic Clock Ensemble in Space
ACESOptimal Acoustic Equivalent Source Descriptors for Automotive Noise Modelling
ACESAAdvanced Composites with Embedded Sensors and Actuators
ACEXArctic Coring Expedition
ACFAutocorrelation Function
ACIAdjacent Channel Interference (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ACIAmerican Competitive Initiative
ACIAAsynchronous Communication Interface Adapter
ACKAcknowledege(ment) (Datenübertragung/data transfer)
ACLAccess Control List (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ACLActive and Cooperative Learning (Signalverarbeitung/signal processing)
ACLAgent Communication Languages
ACLAsynchronous Connectionless Link (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ACLRAdjacent Channel Leakage (Power) Ratio (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ACMAcoustic Current Meter
ACMActive Control Mount
ACMAdaptive Coding (and) Modulation
ACMAssociation for Computing Machinery
ACMAAutomotive Component Manufacturers Association
ACMEAdvanced Cold Molecule Electron Restraint System (air bag)
ACMPAmerican College of Medical Physics
ACMPApplied and Computational Mathematics Program (in DARPA)
ACOAnt Colony Optimization
ACPAdvanced Computing Project (Fermilab, ≈ 1980)
ACPAdjacent Channel Power (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ACPAmerican Center of (or: for) Physics (College Park, MD, USA)
ACPAmerican College of Physicians
ACPSAdvection-Dominated Accretion Flow (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
ACQActive Quenching Circuitry
ACRCAdvanced Computing Research Centre (University of Bristol, UK)
ACREAtmospheric Circulation Reconstruction
ACRIDICONAerosol, Cloud, Precipitation and Radiation Interactions and Dynamics of Convective Cloud Systems
ACRLAdjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ACRLAssociation of College & Research Libraries
ACRSAir Cushion Restraint System
ACRVAssured Crew Return Vehicle (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
ACSAdvanced Camera for Surveys (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
ACSakutes Koronarsyndrom
ACSAmerican Cancer Society
ACSAmerican Chemical Society
ACSAssoziazione Controllo Strutturale (IT)
ACSAttitude Control System (Raketentechnik/rocket control)
ACSAutomated Characterization Suite (software)
ACSIAmerican Customer Satisfaction Index
ACSIAtari Computer System Interface
ACSRActive Control of Structural Response
ACTActive Control Technology (Flugzeug/aircraft)
ACTAdaptive Cell Transfer, adaptiver Zelltransfer
ACTAdvanced Concepts Team (ESA)
ACTAfrican Centre for Technology Studies
ACTAntichymotrypsin (Plasmaprotein)
ACTAtacama Cosmology Telescope
ACTautologe Chrondrozytentransplantation (körpereigene Knorpelzellen-Transplantation)
ACTAAnti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
ACTAAtmospheric Cherenkov Telescope Array
ACTDAdvanced Concept Technology Demonstration (USA)
ACTHAdrenocorticotropes Hormon
ACTSAdvanced Communication Technologies and Services (EC)
ACVBAortokoronarer Venen-Bypass (Gefäßchirurgie)
ADAdministration Module
ADAlzheimer's Disease
ADAndorra (ISO 3166)
ADante dominum
ADAntiproton Decelerator
ADAuthorized Domain
ADAAcoustic Distribution Array
ADAAmerican Disabilities Act
ADACAllgemeiner Deutscher Automobilclub
AdalineAdaptive Linear Element
ADANOArbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Audiologen und Neurootologen
ADAPTAccent on Developing Abstract Processes of Thought
ADASAdvanced Driver Assistance System
ADASISAdvanced Driver Assistance Systems Interface Specification
ADASIS RPADASIS Research Platform
ADAVAllgemeiner Deutscher Arbeiterverein (seit 1863)
ADBSAssociation des professionels de l'information et de la documentation (FR)
ADCAnalog-to-Digital Converter
ADCAnimal Defence Corps (Tierversuchsgegner)
ADCAutomatic Development Chamber
ADCAutomotive Distance Control
ADCPAcoustic Doppler Current Profiler (oceanic flow measurement)
ADDRESSActive Distribution Networks with Full Integration of Demand and Distributed Energy Resources
(EU project, 25 partners in 11 countries: BE, CH, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, NL, RO, SE, UK)
ADEAAge Discrimination in Employment Act (USA)
ADELEAdiabatischer Druckluftspeicher für die Elektrizitätsversorgung
ADEPTAdvanced Dark Energy Physics Telescope
ADEPTAntibody Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy (Krebstherapie/cancer therapy)
ADFAllotrope Data Format
ADFAnnular Dark Field (electron detector)
ADFCAllgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club
ADFLICOAdaptive Flight Control for Advanced Aircraft Concepts (DLR)
ADHDAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (= ADHS)
ADHSAufmerksamkeitsdefizit-Hyperaktivitätssyndrom (oder: -störung) (= ADHD)
ADIAcceptable Daily Intake (Europäische Behörde für Lebensmittelrecht)
ADIAngular Diffraction Imaging
AdLAkademie der Landwirtschaftswissenschaften (ehem./former DDR)
ADLAll-Digital Loop (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ADLCAdaptive Liquid-Crystal Lens
ADLIPAll Dome Laser Image Projector (Planetarium/planetarium)
ADMAdd/Drop Multiplexer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ADMAllotrope Data Model
ADMArea Dimensional Model (Lärmbewertung/noise rating)
ADM[Richard] Arnowitt, [Stanley] Deser, [Charles] Misner (gravitational equations)
ADMAtmospheric Dynamics Mission (planned satellite with Lidar)
ADMIREAdvanced Data Mining and Integration Research for Europe (at EPCC)
ADMXAxion Dark Matter Experiment (University of Washington, Seattle, USA)
ADNAllgemeiner Deutscher Nachrichtendienst (DDR)
ADNAmmoniumdinitramid (Sprengstoff/explosive)
ADNAutomotive Design Network
ADOCSAdvanced Digital Optical Control System (Flugzeug/aircraft)
ADONISAcoustic Daylight Ocean Noise Imaging System
ADONISAdaptive Optics Near Infrared System (Teleskop/telescope, ESO, La Silla, Chile)
ADPAvalanche Photodiode
ADPAAmerican Defense Preparedness Association
ADPCMAdaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADRAccumulated Doppler Range (Satellitenortungsverfahren/satellite locating)
ADRAdiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator
ADRAutomatic Defect Review (for semiconductor wafers)
ADRAutomatic (or: Automated) Dialog Replacement (movie development)
ADRCSAutomatic Data Recording and Control System
AdRIAAdaptronik – Research, Innovation, Application
ADRIAAdvanced Displays Research Integration Action
ADSAccelerator Driven System (trans-mutation of nuclear waste)
ADSActive Denial System (a weapon)
AdSAnti-de-Sitter (Raum, theoretische Physik)
ADSAstrophysics Data System (SAO/NASA online)
ADSBAuto(matic) Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (Flugverkehr/air traffic)
AdS/CFTAnti–de Sitter/Conformal Field Theory (solid state physics)
ADSLAsymmetric(al) Digital Subscriber Loop (or: Line)
ADTArticulated Dump Trucks (off-road vehicles)
ADTFAutomotive Data and Time Triggered Framework (Kfz-Technik)
ADTM[Fraunhofer-]Arbeitsgruppe für Drahtlose Kommunikations- und Multimediatechnik (Erlangen)
ADTVAdvanced Definition Television
ADUCArbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher Universitätsprofessoren für Chemie
ADVAcoustic Droplet Vaporization
ADVArbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Verkehrsflughäfen
AdWAkademie der Wissenschaften (ehem./former DDR)
AEAcoustic Emission
AEAmerican English
AEApplication Enabler (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AEAstronomische Einheit (Entfernung Erde–Sonne/distance Earth–Sun = 1.49 × 1011 m)
AEVereinigte Arabische Emirate/United Arab Emirates (ISO 3166)
AEBAutomatic Emergency Break
AECArchitecture/Engineering/Construction (Industrie/industry)
AECAtomic Energy Commission (USA)
AECLAtomic Energy of Canada, Ltd.
AECSFEAsymmetric Elliptic-Cone-Shaped Fibre Endface (Faseroptik/fiber optics)
AECSMAsymmetric Elliptic-Cone-Shaped Microlens (Faseroptik/fiber optics)
AEDAutomatisierter Externer Defibrillator
AEDAutomotive Electronics Department (ARAI, India)
AEEOffice of Environment and Energy (FAA)
AEFNormenausschuss Einheiten und Formelzeichen
AEGAllgemeine Elektrizitätsgesellschaft
AEGOSAfrican-European Georesources Observation System (22 partners in 18 countries:
AEIAlbert-Einstein-Institut (Hannover und Potsdam)
AEIAutomatic Equipment Identification
AEKOSAustralian Ecological Knowledge and Observations System
AELAccessible Emission Limit
AEMAnalytical Electron Microscopy
AEMArea Equivalent Method (Lärmbewertung/noise rating)
AEMT[Fraunhofer-]Arbeitsgruppe für Elektronische Medientechnologie
AEPAcademic Endorsement Point
AEPAcadémie Européenne de Philatélie
AEPAkustisch evozierte Potentiale, Auditory Evoked Potentials
AEPIAtmospheric Emissions Photometric Imaging
AERAstronomy-Education Research
AEROTROPImpact of Aircraft Emissions on the Heterogeneous Chemistry of the Tropopause Region (DLR research group)
AERTOsAssociated European Research and Technology Organisations
AESAcademic Endorsement System
AESAdvanced Encryption Standard
AESApplication Environment Services
AESAssociate Executive Secretary
AESAudio Engineering Society
AESAuger-Elektronen-Spektroskopie / Auger Electron Spectroscopy
AESSAerospace and Electronic Systems Society
AEÜArchiv für elektrische Übertragung (Zeitschrift)
AEVAll-Electric Vehicle
AEVFhAZ für Entsorgungs- und Verkehrslogistik (Wildau, Brandenburg)
AEWA[Afrikanisch-Eurasisches Regionalabkommen zur Erhaltung der Wasservögel]
AFAfghanistan (ISO 3166)
AFApplication Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AFAssured Forwarding (Datenübertragung/data transfer)
AFAudio Frequency
AFALAir Force Astronautics Laboratory
AFASAbteilung für Angewandte Systemanalyse (Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe)
AFBAir Force Base (USA)
AFCAlkali Fuel Cell
AFCRLAir Force Cambridge Research Laboratories (Cambridge, MA, USA)
AFCSAutomatic Flight Control System
AFDAnticipatory Failure Determination
AFDXAvionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet (Luftfahrttechnik/aircraft technology)
AFEAnalog Front End (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AFECTAcoustical Foundation for Education and Charitable Trust (Indien/India)
AFEXAmmonia Fiber Expansion (Chemie/chemistry)
AFFDLAir Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, USA
Afis[French Association for Science Education]
AFITAir Force Institute of Technology (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH, USA)
AFMAtomic Force Microscope
AFMSAdvanced Flight Management System (DLR)
AFNAlliance for Nature (Umweltorganisation)
AFNAmmonia Fuel Network
AFNMArbeitsgemeinschaft Fachdidaktik der Naturwissenschaften und der Mathematik
AFOAllotrope Foundation Ontology
AFOAuftragsforschung [und -entwicklung] Ost (BMFT)
AFOBAsian Federation of Biotechnology
AFOSRAir Force Office of Scientific Research (USA)
AFOTECUS Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center
AFPAntifreeze Proteins
AFPAutomated Fibre Placement Technology
AFPACAnglo–French Physical Acoustics Conference
AFRAir-Fuel Ratio (Verbrennungsmotor/internal combustion engine)
AFRLAir Force Research Laboratory (Wright Patterson Air Force Base, OH, USA)
AFRPLAir Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (Edwards Air Force Base, CA, USA)
AFSAdvanced Freephone Service
AFSAdvanced Frontlighting System (Kfz/motor vehicle)
AFSAluminum Foam Sandwich
AFSAmerican Field Service
AfSISAfrica Soil Information Service (at CIAT)
AFSPCAir Force Space Command (Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, USA)
AFSRArray-Fed Shaped Reflector (Satellitenantenne/satellite antenna)
AFTECAcoustic Fusion Technology Energy Consortium (USA)
AFTNAeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
AGAntigua and Barbuda (ISO 3166)
AGArray Gain
AGAstronomische Gesellschaft e.V.
AGARDAdvisory Group for Aeronautical (or: Aerospace) Research and Development, North Atlantic Treaty Organization
AGASAAkeno Giant Air Shower Array (Japan, zum Nachweis kosmischer Strahlung/detection of cosmic radiation)
AGASPArctic Gas and Aerosol Sampling Program
AGBAllgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen
AGBAsymptotic Giant Branch (Astronomie/astronomy)
AGBAutomatische Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung (Kfz/motor vehicle)
AG-BLArbeitsgemeinschaft Forschungseinrichtungen Blaue Liste
AGCAutomatic Gain Control
AGC[Fraunhofer-] Anwendungszentrum für Computergraphik in Chemie und Pharmazie
AGCAutorail Grande Capacité (Diesel-Zug/Diesel train)
AGCFAccess Gateway Control Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AGCHAbsolute Grant Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AGEEArbeitsgruppe Erneuerbare Energien
AGEGArbeitsgemeinschaft Europäischer Grenzregionen
AGFArbeitsgemeinschaft der Großforschungseinrichtungen
AGILArbeitsgemeinschaft Internet und Linguistik (Göttingen)
AGISAdvanced Gamma-Ray Imaging (US project)
AGISAstrometric Global Iterative Solution (astronomy)
AGKaktiver galaktischer Kern (Astronomie/astronomy, = AGN)
AGKrArbeitsgemeinschaft Kristallographie
AGMAAmerican Gear Manufacturers Association
AGNActive Galactic Nucleus (= AGK)
AGNSSAssisted Global Navigation Satellite System
AGORAAccess to Global Online Research in Agriculture
AGPAutism Genome Project
A-GPSAssisted Global Positioning System
AGRArchitectural Gear Ratio (Muskelkontraktion/muscle contraction)
AGREAutism Genetic Resource Exchange
AGSAlternating Gradient Synchrotron
AGTDApplied Geoscience and Technology Division (of the Pacific Community, SPC)
AGUAmerican Geophysical Union
AGVAutomatic Guided Vehicle
AGWAccess Gateway (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AGWNAdditive Gaussian White Noise, additives Gaußsches weißes Rauschen
AHAdaptive Hypermedien
A.H.Anno Hegirae (islamischer Kalender, ab 622 n. Chr.)
AHAAmerican Heart Association
AHAMAssociation of Home Appliance Manufacturers (USA)
AHDIAtari Hard Disk Interface
AHMDAdvanced Helmet-Mounted Display
AHQPArchive for the History of Quantum Physics
AHRCArts and Humanities Research Council (UK)
AHRFAmerican Hearing Research Foundation
AHRIAir-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute
AHRIAustralian Herbicide Resistance Initiative
AHSAmerican Helicopter Society
AHSAirborne Hyperspectral Scanner
AHSUMAdaptable High-Speed Undersea Munition
AHTAverage Hamiltonian Theory (Teilchenphysik/particle physics)
AHUAir Handling Unit (HVAC)
A&IAbstracting and Indexing (data bases)
AIAcoustical Imaging (Conference series)
AI[IASTED International Conference on] Applied Informatics
AIAnguilla (ISO 3166)
AIArticulation Index (Psychoakustik/psychoacoustics)
AIArtificial Intelligence
AIAAmerican Institute of Architects
AIAAssociazione Italiana di Acustica
AIAAtmospheric Imaging Assembly (at SDO, NASA)
AIAAAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIAE[Spanische Aeroakustische Gesellschaft/Spanish Aeroacoustical Society]
AICAkaike's Information Criterion
AICBAssociation internationale contre le bruit
AICDautomatische implantierte Cardio-Defibrillatoren
AICESAachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science (DE)
AICHAcqusition Indicator Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AICOSAssistive Information and Communication Solutions (software, developed at the Fraunhofer-Anwendungszentrum in PT)
AIDAktiver Informationsdienst (EU)
AIDAAsteroid Impact Deflection Assessment
AIDAAttention, Interest, Desire, and Action
AIDAAAssoziazione Italiana di Aeronautica e Astronautica
AIDCAutomotive Industry Developing Center (Südafrika, mit FhG-Unterstützung/South Africa, supported by the German Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft)
AIDJEXArctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIDSAlmost Ideal Demand System (economy)
AIEEAmerican Institute of Electrical Engineers
AiFArbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen ,,Otto von Guericke'' e.V. (Köln)
AIF[Dateinamenerweiterung: Video-Datei/file name extension: video file]
AIHAAmerican Industrial Hygiene Association
AIJPAssociation Internationale de Philatélie
AILUAssociation of Industrial Laser Users (UK)
AIMAdvanced Informatics in Medicine
AIMAdvanced Interface Module (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AIMAntarktisches Isotopenmaximum
AIMAnwendungsplattform Intelligente Mobilität (Verkehrsforschung)
AIMAsteroid Impact Mission
AIMAuditory Image Model (Hörakustik/hearing research)
AIMDAdditive Increase, Multiplicative Decrease (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AIM-D[Verband für] Automatische Identifikation, Datenerfassung und mobile Datenkommunikation
AIMLAstronomical Instrument Markup Language
AIMNAssociation of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
AIMRAdvanced Institute for Materials Research (Tohoku University, JP)
AIMSAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (Kapstadt, Südafrika/Cape Town, South Africa)
AIMSAlliance for IP Media Solutions
AINAdvanced Intelligent Network
AIPThe American Institute of Physics (gegründet/founded 1931)
AIPApplication Integrity Policy
AIPAstrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam (DE)
AIPPAmerican Institute of Physics Publishing
AIQAnalytical Instrument Qualification
AIRAutomatic Image Refinement (Canon Laserdrucker/laser printer)
AIRSAtmospheric Infrared Sounder (satellite)
AIRSARAirborne Synthetic Aperture Radar
AirSTARAirborne Subscale Transport Aircraft Research
AIRTOAssociation of Independent Research and Technology Organisations (GB)
AISAbbreviated Injury Scale
AISAlarm Indication Signal
AIS[Fraunhofer-] Arbeitsgruppe für Integrierte Schaltungen
AISAutomatic Identification System, Automatisches Identifikationssystem (Schiffsortung)
AISidiopathische Adoleszenten-Skoliose
AIS[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Autonome Intelligente Systeme (St. Augustin, früher/formerly GMD)
AISAAirborne Spectral Analyzer
AIS-A[Fraunhofer-] Arbeitsgruppe für Integrierte Schaltungen, Abteilung Angewandte Elektronik
AIS-B[Fraunhofer-] Arbeitsgruppe für Integrierte Schaltungen, Abteilung Bauelementetechnologie
AISEC[Fraunhofer-Institut für] Angewandte und Integrierte Sicherheit (Garching bei München)
AISISAutomatisierte Informationsgewinnung und Schutz kritischer Infrastruktur im Katastrophenfall
AIST[National Institute for] Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan)
AITApplication Information Table (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AITAsian Institute of Technology
AITAstrometric Imaging Telescope
AITAustrian Institute of Technology
AITRAMAdvanced Integrated Training in Aeronautics Maintenance
AIUMAmerican Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
AIVAssembly, Integration and Validation
AIZAntiimperialistische Zelle
AIZAusschuss für internationale Zusammenarbeit (DAR, Normungsarbeit/standardization)
AJAArbeitskreis gemeinnütziger Jugendaustauschorganisationen
AJAXAsynchronous JavaScript and XML
AJCAmerican Jewish Committee
AJOArecibo Ionospheric Observatory (Puerto Rico)
AJOLAfrican Journals Online
AKAlaska (US-Staat/US state)
a.k.a., akaalso known as
AkafliegAkademische Fliegergruppe
AKEArbeitskreis Energie (DPG)
AKFArbeitskreis Festkörperphysik (DPG)
AKOArbeitskreis ,,Optionen für die Zukunft'' (DPG)
AKSAkademische Software Kooperation
ALAlabama (US-Staat/US state)
ALAlbanien/Albania (ISO 3166)
ALArtificial Life
ALAstronautics Laboratory (früher/formerly: AFRPL)
ALAAmerican Library Association
ALADINAlgorithm for Learning and Architecture Determination
ALARPAs Low as Reasonably Possible
ALCAutomatic Level Control
ALCCASCR Leadership Computing Challenge
ALCFArgonne Leadership Computing Facility
ALCMAir-Launched Cruise Missile
ALCOAAttributable, Contemporaneous, Original, and Accurate (required source data properties)
ALDArbeitsring Lärm der DEGA
ALDAssociate Laboratory Director
ALDAtomic Layer Deposition, Atomlagenabscheidung
ALEAntarctic Logistics and Expeditions
ALEXAerosol LIDAR Experiment
ALFAuditory Localization Facility (at AFRL)
ALFAAdaptive Optics with a Laser for Astronomy (Calar Alto, ES, 3.5 m Durchmesser/diameter)
ALFAalternative faserfreie Schallabsorber
ALFAAmérica-Latina – Formación Académica (EU)
AL-FECApplication-Layer Forward Error Correction (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ALGApplication Level Gateway (firewall)
ALGOLAlgorithmic Language
ALIATM Link Interconnect
ALIAutofahrer-Leit- und Informationssystem
ALICEA Large Ion Collision Experiment (LHC, CERN)
ALICEAmerica Latina Interconectada con Europa
ALIVEAdvanced High Volume Affordable Lightweighting for Future Electric Vehicles (EU project)
ALKautomatisierte Liegenschaftskarte
ALLAkute lymphatische Leukämie
ALLEAAll European Academies
ALLFlightAssisted Low Level Flight and Landing on Unprepared Landing Sites
ALMApplication Lifestyle Management
ALMArchäologisches Landesmuseum (Baden-Württemberg)
ALMAAtacama Large Millimeter/Submilimeter Array (Radioteleskop/radio telescope, seit/since Feb. 2013 in Chile)
ALMAAdditive Layer Manufacturing for Acoustic Metamaterials
ALMAAssociation of Loudspeaker Manufacturing & Acoustics International
ALOPActive Learning in Optics and Photonics (UNESCO-Programm/program)
ALPAcademic-Led Publishing
ALPAxion-Like Particle
ALPACAAdvanced Liquid-Mirror Probe for Astrophysics, Cosmology and Asteroids
ALPHAAbsorption Low Plus High Aperture (Laserstrahlaufweitung/laser beam expansion)
ALPHAAdvanced Laboratory Physics Association
ALPHAAntihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus (international collaboration)
ALPhAAquitaine Lasers, Photonique and Applications (Bordeaux, FR)
ALPSAny Light Particle Search (experiment)
ALPSPAssociation of Learned and Professional Society Publishers
ALSAdvanced Light Source (LBNL)
ALSAlternative Light Source
ALSAmyotrophe Lateralsklerose (degenerative Nervenerkrankung/degenerative nervous disease)
ALSEPApollo Lunar Surface Experiment Packages (auf dem Mond/on the moon)
ALSMAirborne Laser Swath Mapping (Geodäsie/geodesy)
ALSYMPCAAlpharidin in Symptomatic Prostate Cancer
ALUArithmetic Logic Unit
AMAdditive Manufacturing (3D printing)
AMAmplitudenmodulation, Amplitude Modulation
AMArmenien/Armenia (ISO 3166)
AMAvailability Manager
AMAAdvanced Measurement Approaches
AMAAmerican Medical Association
A-MANATM Metropolitan Area Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AMANDAAntarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector (or: Detection) Array (am Südpol/near the South Pole)
AMASEArctic Mars Analog Svalbard Expedition
AmassAutonomous Maritime Surveillance System (10 partners in 7 countries: CZ, DE, ES, MT, NO, PL, UK)
AMBERAirshower Microwave Bremsstrahlung Radiometer (astrophysics)
AMBERAssisted Model Building with Energy Refinement (Computer program)
AMCAdaptive Modulation and Coding (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AMCAllied Military Currency (in Deutschland nach dem 2. Weltkrieg)
AMCDAnnular Momentum Control Device
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices (Sunnyvale, CA, USA)
AMDAge Related Macula Degeneration, altersbedingte Makula-Degeneration (Sehschwäche/visual deficiency)
AMDEAtmospheric Mercury Depletion Event
AMEActinide Migration Evaluation (Radioaktivität/radioactivity)
AMELActive Matrix Electroluminescence (Display)
AMFISAufklärung und Überwachung mit Miniatur-Fluggeräten im Sensorverbund
AMHSAutomated Material Handling System
AMIAdolphe Merkle Institute (University of Fribourg, CH)
AMIAlternate Mark Inversion (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AMIAmerican Megatrends Inc.
AMIGOSAutomated Met-Ice-Geophysics Observatory Systems
AMINAAfrican Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis
AMLAkute myeloische Leukämie
AMLAmbient Intelligence
AMLCDActive-Matrix Liquid Crystal Display
AMLSAutomated Multilevel Substructuring
AMMAcoustic Metamaterial
AMMAutomatischer Messmodus
AMMAAfrikanischer Monsun: Multidisziplinäre Analyse
AMNORAdaptive Microphone Array for Noise Reduction
AMOAtlantische Multidekadische Oszillation
AMOCAtlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation
AMO(S)Atomic, Molecular, and Optical (Science)
AMOLEDActive-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode
AMONAstrophysical Multimessenger Observatory Network
AMOPArbeitskreis „Atome, Moleküle, Quantenoptik und Plasmen“ (DPG)
AMOPAtomic, Molecular, Optical, and Plasma Physics
AMPAccelerated Massive Parallelism (computer architecture)
AMPAntimikrobielles Peptid
AMPAsymmetric Multi-Processing (Datenverarbeitung/data processing)
AMPFhAZ für Metallpulvererzeugung (Clausthal)
AMPACAdvanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center (UCF)
AMPASAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (USA)
AMPDAtomic and Molecular Physics Division
AMPOAAmplitude of Arrival (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AMPSAdvanced Mobile Phone System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AMPTEArtificial Magnetospheric Particle Tracer Experiment
AMQPAdvanced Message Queuing Protocol
AMRAdaptive Mesh Refinement (e.g., for astrophysical modelling)
AMRAdaptive Multirate (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AMRAlignment-Free Monolithic Resonator
AMRAnisotropic Magnetoresistance
AMRLArmy Medical Research Laboratory (Wright Field, OH, USA)
AMROAngular Magnetoresistance Oscillations
AMROSAutonomer multisensorieller Roboter für Sicherheitsanwendungen
AMSAccelerator Mass Spectrometry
AMSAcute Mountain Sickness, Höhenkrankheit
AMSAlpha Magnetic Spectrometer (DLR, NASA, ISS, seit Mai/since May 2011)
AMSAmerican Mathematical Society
AMSAmerican Meteorological Society
AMSATM Main Switch
AMSECAdvanced Materials Science and Engineering Center (Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, USA)
AMSTAssociation for Maximum Service Television, Inc. (USA)
AMTAuditory Modeling Toolbox
AMTAutomated Mechanical Transmission (Kfz-Schaltgetriebe/automobile gear)
AMVAcoustics Music & Video (ASA Students' Competition)
AMVERAtlantic Merchant Vessel Emercency Reporting System
ANAccess Node (Rechnernetz/computer network)
ANAuditory Nerve
ANNiederländische Antillen/Netherlands Antilles (ISO 3166)
ANAEAcadémie Nationale de l'Air et de l'Espace (FR)
ANAEAtlas of North American English
ANBAmerican National Biography
ANCActive Noise Control
ANCAntenna Networks (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ANCFActive Noise Control Fan (NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH, USA)
ANCHORSUAV-Assisted Ad-Hoc Networks for Crisis Management and Hostile Environment Sensing
(German-French cooperation project)
ANCOVAAnalysis of Covariance
ANDESAgua Negra Deep Experiment Site (Australia)
ANDFArchitecture-Neutral Distribution Format
ANDSAustralian National Data Service
ANECEuropean Association for the Coordination of Consumer Representation in Standardization
ANFAtomic Nanofabrication
ANFISAdaptive Network-Based Fuzzy Inference System
ANFOAmmonium Nitrate plus Fuel Oil (Sprengstoff/explosive)
ANGISAustralian National Genomic Information Service
ANIAutomatic Number Identification (Datennetz/data network)
AnIMLAnalytical Information Markup Language
ANITAAntarctic Impuls(iv)e Transient Array (or: Antenna) (neutrino detector)
ANKAAngströmquelle Karlsruhe (DE)
ANLArgonne National Laboratory (University of Chicago, IL, USA)
ANNArtificial Neural Network
ANOVAAnalysis of Variance (statistischer Test/statistical test)
ANPActive Noise Profiling
ANPRAutomatic Number Plate Recognition
ANRAgence Nationale de la Recherche (FR, seit/since 2005)
ANRUAntenna Receiver for UMTS (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ANSAdvanced Neutron Source (Oak Ridge)
ANSAmerican Nuclear Society
ANSApproximate Number System
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
AnSiMAnschluss-Sicherungs-Management (Verkehrstechnik/traffic control)
ANSSIAgence Nationale de la Securité des Systèmes d'Information
ANTADSL Network Termination (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ANTARESAstronomy with a Neutrino Telescope and Abyss Environmental Research (Project) (in the Mediterranian, near Toulon, FR)
ANUAustralian National University (Canberra)
ANVCActive Noise and Vibration Control
ANXAmerican Network Exchange
ANZRCAustralian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification
AOAcousto-Optic (Sensor, Aktor/sensor, actuator)
AOAdaptive Optics
A/OAll Optical (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
AOAngola (ISO 3166)
AOAnnouncement of Opportunity
AOArctic Oscillation (atmosphärische Oszillation/atmospheric circulation)
AOAAngle of Arrival (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AOCAdvanced Operational Capability
AOCSAltitude (or: Attitude) (and) Orbit Control (Sub)system
AODAcousto-Optical Deflector, Akusto-optischer Deflektor
AODAerosol Optical Depth
AODIAlways On/Dynamic ISDN
AOFAuthority on the Fly
AOIAutomatic (or: Automated) Optical Inspection
AOIAArizona Optics Industry Association (USA)
AOLAmerica Online (Internet Provider)
AOLSAll-Optical Label Swapping (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
AONAll Optical Network (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
AOPAdvanced Oxidation Process
AOPApparent Optical Properties (of water)
AOPAspect-Oriented Programming
AOSISAfrican Online Scientific Information Systems
AOSSAtmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences (Department, University of Michigan, USA)
AOTAccelerator and Operations Technology
AOTFAcousto-Optic Tunable Filter
AOVAngle-of-View (Flüssigkristall-Bildschirm/liquid crystal display)
AOWCAll-Optical Wavelength Converter (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
APAccess Point (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
APAlternating Projection (Algorithmus/algorithm)
APAnthropisches Prinzip
APArtificial Photosynthesis
APAssociated Press
APAAdministrative Procedure Act (Congress, USA)
APAAltair Partner Alliance
APAAmerican Psychological Association
APAAmplified Piezoelectric Actuator (Technology)
APAAutomatic Pre-Emphasis Adjustment (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
APACAsia Pacific (Region)
APAMApplied Physics and Applied Mathematics
APCAccelerator Physics Center (Fermilab)
APCAdaptive Predictive Coding
APCAdvanced Process Control
APCArticle Processing Charge (for publishing)
APCAuto Power Control (Photodiode)
APCIAtmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionisation
APCMAdaptive Pulse Code Modulation
AP-CVDAtmospheric Pressure CVD
APDAvalanche Photodiode (or: Photo Detector)
APEAcademic Publishing in Europe (Conference Series)
APEAcoustic Perturbation Equation
APEAutomatic (Program) Production Engine
APECApplied Power Electronics Conference [and Exposition]
APECAsia Pacific Economic Cooperation (asiatischer Handelsblock)
APEXAtacama Pathfinder Experiment (Chile, Astrophysik/astrophysics)
APH[Institut für] Angewandte Physik (am KIT)
APhAAmerican Pharmacists Association
APHISAnimal and Plant Health Inspection Service
APHVAllgemeiner Postwertzeichen-Händlerverband (seit 8.3.1949/since March 8, 1949)
APIActive Pharmaceutical Ingredient
APIApplication Program(ming) Interface
APIANAdvanced Propulsion Integration Aerodynamics and Noise (EU Forschungsprojekt/research project)
APLApplied Physics Laboratory (Johns Hopkins University, MD, USA)
APLApplied Physics Letters (Journal)
APMAdvanced Protein Modelling
APMAktionskreis Deutsche Wirtschaft gegen Produkt- und Markenpiraterie
APMAttached Pressurized Module (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
APMAutomated People Mover (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
APNAccess Point Name (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
APNAllotrope Foundation Network
APNEEAir Pollution Network for Early Warning and Information Exchange (EU Projekt/project)
APOArbeitsplatzorientierte Weiterbildung
APOaußerparlamentarische Opposition
APOCAirport Operation Center
APODAstronomy Picture of the Day
APOLTAPON Line Termination
APONAsynchronous Transfer Mode Passive Optical Network
APONTAPON Network Termination
APPAccelerated Parallel Processing
APPAmyloid Precursor Protein
APPAnwendungszentrum für Plasma und Photonik (HAWK, Göttingen)
APPAAtomic, Plasma Physics, and Applications
APPLAUSAuszeichnung der Programmplanung unabhängiger Spielstätten (deutscher Kulturpreis)
APRAcoustic Pulse Reflectometry
APROSYSAdvanced Protective Systems (Autotechnik/automobile technology)
APRSAdvanced Plasma Reactive Sputtering (optische Beschichtung/optical coating)
APSActive Pixel Sensors (Bildwandler/image converter)
APSAdvanced Photon Source (Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA)
APSAir Traffic Planning System (DLR)
APSThe American Physical Society
APSAmerican Physiological Society
APSRAssociation for the Promotion of Sciences and Research (FR)
APSUAustin Peay State University (Clarksville, TN, USA)
APTAdvanced Processor Technologies Research Group (HPC)
APTApartment (US Mail)
APTAsia Pacific Telecommunity
APTAtom Probe Tomography
APTAAmerican Public Transportation Association
APTLAerosol and Particle Technology Laboratory
APTPAsia-Pacific Technology Program
APUAngular Processing Unit
APUAuxiliary Power Unit
APUSAuspicious High-Performance Ultrafast Lase System
APVCAsia Pacific Vibration Conference
APWGAnti-Phishing Working Group
AQAntarktis/Antarctica (ISO 3166)
AQAAqua Quality Austria
AQMActive Queue Management (Datenübertragung/data transfer)
AQSAir Quality System (für Autos/for cars)
AQSAutomotive Quality Saar (Fraunhofer-Innovationscluster, Saarbrücken, DE)
ARAntireflection (optische Beschichtung/optical coating)
ARArgentinien/Argentina (ISO 3166)
ARArkansas (US-Staat/US state)
ARAssessment Report (of the International Panel on Climate Change)
ARAugmented Reality
ARAutoregressive (filter)
ARACAfrican Aquacultural Center (Port Hartcourt, Nigeria)
ARAGOAdvanced Robotic Agile Observatory (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
ARAIAutomotive Research Association of India
ARBAngiostin-Rezeptor-Blocker (Herzmedikament)
ARBArbitrary Waveform (Generator)
ARBArchitecture Review Board (computer science)
ARBAuxiliary Reference Burst
ARCAeroacoustic Research Complex (at AFRL)
ARCAffordable, Robust, Compact
ARCAngle-Resolved Coherent (Wave Mixing)
ARCAntireflection Coating (von Laserspiegeln/of laser mirrors)
ARCApplication Research Center (Canton, MI, USA, bei Detroit)
ARC[Dateinamenerweiterung: Archivdatei mit komprimierten Inhalten/file name extension: compressed archive file]
ARCAudio Return Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ARCAustralian Research Council
ARCUSArctic Research Consortium of the U.S.
ARDArbeitsgemeinschaft der Rundfunkanstalten Deutschlands
ARDECArmy Research, Development and Engineering Center (USA)
ARDUAircraft Research and Development Unit (AU)
AREAntioxidans-Response-Element (auf DNA)
AREDAdvanced Resistive Exercise Device (power training for astronauts)
AREMAAmerican Railway Engineering and Maintainance of Way Association
ARENAActive Research Environment for the Next Generation of Automobiles
ARESActively Reacting Flexible Structure (DLR)
ARESAusbau regnerativer Energiesysteme (DLR)
ArevirAnalyse von Resistenzmutationen bei Viren
ARFCNAbsolute Radio Frequency Channel Number (Mobilfunk/mobile radio)
ARFIAcoustic Radiation Force Impulse (Imaging)
ARGOSAdvanced Research and Global Observation Satellite
ARGOSAirborne Wide Area High Altitude Monitoring System (DLR project)
ARIApplied Research Institute (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
ARIBAssociation of Radio Industries and Businesses (Japan)
ARIELAdvanced Rare Isotope Laboratory (at TRIUMF)
ARIMAAutoregressive Integrated Moving Average (Modelling)
ARISAggregate Route-Based IP Switching (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ARISAugmented Reality Image Synthesis
ARkStormAtmospheric River kilo Storm
ARLAir Resources Laboratory (at NCEP)
ARLAkademie für Raumforschung und Landesplanung (Hannover)
ARLApplied Research Laboratory (Pennstate, USA)
ARLArmy Research Laboratory (Adelphi, MD, USA)
ARLAssociation of Research Libraries (USA)
ARLOAcoustic Research Letters Online (JASA)
ARMAdvanced RISC Machine (EU supercomputer project)
ARMAAdvanced Robotics and Mechanism Laboratory (Columbia University, USA)
ARMAAssociation of Research Managers and Administrators
ARMAAutoregressive Moving Average (filter)
ARMAXARMA Process with Auxiliary Input
ARMCIAggregate Remote Memory Copy Interface (software)
ARMDAge-Related Macular Degeneration
AROArmy Research Office (USA)
ARPAddress Resolution Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ARPAAdvanced Research Projects Administration (or: Agency) (USA)
ARPAAgenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell'Ambiente (Milano, IT)
ARPANETARPA Network (predecessor of the Internet)
ARPESAngle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy
ARPHAAuthoring, Reviewing, Publishing, Hosting and Archiving
ARPUAverage (or: Annual) Revenue per User (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ARQAutomatic Repeat Request (Datenübertragung/data transmission)
ARRAAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act
ARRIVALAlgorithm for Robust and Online Railway Optimization: Improving the Validity and Reliability of Large Scale Systems (EU Project)
ARRIVEAspirin to Reduce Risk of Initial Vascular Events (Bayer-Studie)
ARRVArctic Region Research Vessel
ARSAgricultural Research Service (USA)
ARTAdvanced Rotorcraft Transmission
ARTAllgemeine Relativitätstheorie
ARTAuditory Research Team
ARTAAriane 5 Research and Technology Accompaniment (ESA)
ARTEMISAdvanced Relay and Technology Mission (ESA)
ARTEMISAntenna Arrays for Terahertz Material Identification and Security Applications (research project)
ARTEMISAutomatic Retrieval of Text from Europe's Multinational Information Service
ARTISAutonomous Rotorcraft Testbed for Intelligent Systems (DLR)
ARTSAutomotive Radar Target Simulator
ARVAllgemeiner Rettungsverband
ARVAntiretroviral Drugs
ARWAdvanced Research Weather Research and Forecasting Model
ASAcoustic Segmentation (Sprachverarbeitung/speech processing)
ASAlarm Surveillance (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ASAmerican Samoa (ISO 3166, US Mail)
ASApplication Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ASAutonomous System
ASAvailability Server
ASAThe Acoustical Society of America
ASAAir Services Australia
ASAAlabama Supercomputer Authority
ASAAmerican Standards Association
ASAAssociation of Subscription Agents and Intermediaries
ASAAuditory Scene Analysis
ASACActive Structural Acoustic Control
ASACOSAcoustical Society of America Committee on Standards
ASALAgence Spatiale Algérienne
ASAMAdvanced Services Access Manager (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ASAMAssociation for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems
ASAMATM Subscriber Access Multiplexer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ASANCAAdvanced Study for Active Noise Control in Aircraft (CEC)
ASAPAdvanced Sensor Application Program
ASAPAdvanced Systems Analysis Program
ASAPAlarm Severity Assignment Profile
ASAPas soon as possible
ASAP[IEEE International Conference on] Application-Specific Systems, Architectures and Processes
ASARAdvanced Synthetic Aperture Radar
ASASAfter School All Stars
ASAS-SNAll-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae
ASATAntisatellite (Weapon)
ASCAcademic Search Complete (Full text data base)
ASCAccredited Standards Committee
ASCAcoustical Society of China
ASCAeroacoustics Specialists' Committee (in CEAS)
ASCAmerican Society for Composites (seit/since 1985)
ASCAmerican Superconductor Corporation
ASCAAdvanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astrophysics (Japan 1993)
ASCATAssociation des Emetteurs de Catalogues de Timbre Poste
ASCBAmerican Society for Cell Biology
ASCEAmerican Society of Civil Engineers
ASCIAccelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (DoE, USA)
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCOAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology
ASCPTAmerican Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
ASCRAdvanced Scientific Computing Research (DOE program)
ASCSAutomatic Shift Control System (Kfz-Schaltgetriebe/automobile gear)
ASDAutism Spectrum Disorder
ASDAccelerated Scientific Discovery (project at CISL)
ASDEXAxial-Symmetric Divertor Experiment (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology, Garching, DE)
ASDICAnti-Submarine Detection Submarine Committee
ASDLAsynchronous Digital Subscriber Line
ASDSPApplication Specific Digital Signal Processor
ASEAmplified Spontaneous Emission (Laser)
ASEAmplified Stimulated Emission (Laser)
ASEAssociation of Space Explorers
ASEATM Switching Element
ASEAAnalytical Statistical Energy Analysis
ASEANAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations
ASEEAmerican Society of Engineering Education (or: Educators)
ASEM[asiatisch-europäisches Gipfeltreffen/Asian-European summit]
ASEPS-OAstronomical Studies of Extrasolar Planetary Systems (Mount Palomar, CA, USA)
ASESMAAfrican School on Electronic Structure Methods and Applications
ASETApplied Science and Environmental Technology (International Conference series)
ASEWArbeitsgemeinschaft für sparsame Energie- und Wasserverwendung
ASFAdditional Secondary Factors (LORAN-C corrections)
ASFBAcoustical Society Foundation Board (USA)
ASFFAcoustical Society Foundation Fund (USA)
ASGAdvanced Study Group
ASGArray Signal Gain
ASGAsymptotisch sichere Gravitation
ASHAutomated Storage and Handling (Forschungsroboter, Bayer AG)
ASHAAmerican Speech-Language-Hearing Association
ASHGAmerican Society of Human Genetics
ASHRAEAmerican Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers
ASIAgenza Spaziale Italiane
ASIAmorph-Silizium-Glasmodule (Photovoltaik/photovoltaics)
ASIArcheological Survey of India
ASIAsynchronous Serial Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ASIAustralian Solar Institute
ASIAAAcademica Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (Taipei, TW)
AsianJLSAsian Journal of Law and Society
ASICAcid-Sensitive Ion Channel
ASICAnwender-(Anwendungs-)spezifischer IC, Application-Specific Integrated Circuit
ASIINAkkreditierungsagentur für Studiengänge der Ingenieurwissenschaften, der Informatik, der Naturwissenschaften und der Mathematik
ASILAutomotive Safety Integrity Level
ASIMArbeitsgemeinschaft Simulation in der Gesellschaft für Informatik
ASIPApplication Specific Set Information-Set Processor (Computer)
ASITFAdvanced Systems Integration Test Facility (aircraft development, Honda, JP)
ASJAcoustical Society of Japan
ASKAkademische Software Kooperation (Universität Karlsruhe)
ASKAmplitude Shift Keying (Digitales Modulationsverfahren/digital modulation)
ASKAPAustralian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder
ASLAirbus Safran Launcher
ASLAmerican Sign Language (Taubstummen-Gebärdensprache/of deaf-mutes)
ASMAutomotive Simulation Model
ASMEAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers
A-SMGCSAdvanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (Flughafen-Bodenverkehr/airport ground traffic)
ASMPAustralian Species Management Program (für vom Aussterben bedrohte Tiere/for animals threatened by extinction)
ASMWAmt für Standardisierung, Messwesen und Warenprüfung (ehem./former DDR)
ASNAmerican Society of Neurochemistry
ASNATM Switching Network
ASNAAirport Safety and Noise Act (USA 1979)
ASNEAmerican Society of Naval Engineers
ASNTAmerican Society for Nondestructive Testing
ASN.1Abstract Syntax Notation 1
ASOMAdaptive Scanning Optical Microscope
ASONAutomatical(ly) Switched Optical Network (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
ASPAdaptive Signal Processing
ASPAdvanced Spectroscopic Portal (Strahlungsnachweis/radiation detection)
ASPApplication Service Provider (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ASPAstronomical Society Pacific
ASPAverage Selling Price
ASPECAudio Spectral Perceptual Entropic Coding
ASPENAdaptive Sample Picture Encapsulation
ASPERAAstroparticle European Research Area (EU Project in Astrophysics)
ASPOAssociation for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas
ASQAcoustic Source Quantification (Lärmschutz/noise protection)
ASQCAmerican Society for Quality Control
ASRAntischlupfregelung (Kfz/automobile)
ASRAutomatic (or: Advanced) Speech Recognition
ASRCAdvanced Science and Research Center (CUNY)
ASRENArab Scientific Research and Education Network
ASRGAdvanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator
ASSCAssociation for the Scientific Study of Conciousness
ASSETAssessing Sensitivity to Transport (EC Project)
ASSIAkkreditierungsagentur für Studiengänge der Ingenieurwissenschaften und der Informatik
ASSID[Fraunhofer-Zentrum] All Silicon System Integration Dresden (im IZM)
ASSISTAlliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies
ASSISTAssessing the Social and Economic Impacts of Past and Future Sustainable Transport (FhG)
ASSPAcoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (in IEEE)
ASSPApplication Specific Standard Product
ASTFhAZ für Angewandte Systemtechnik (Ilmenau, Thüringen)
ASTAutomatic Spectroscopic Telescope
ASTAAdvanced Superconducting Test Accelerator (Fermilab)
AStAAllgemeiner Studentenausschuss
ASTAPAsia-Pacific Telecommunity Standardization Program
ASTARArctic Study of Tropospheric Aerosol [Clouds] and Radiation
A*STARAgency for Science, Technology, and Research (Singapore, since 1991)
ASTEAtacama Submillimeter Telescope Experiment (Infrarotastronomie/infrared astronomy)
ASTEMAustrian Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (Graz, AT, 2011)
ASTERAdvanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (Erd-Fernerkundung/remote reconnaissance)
ASTIAArmed Services Technical Informations Agency (USA)
ASTMAmerican Society of Testing Materials
ASTONISHAtomic-Scale Studies of the Nature of and Conditions for Inducing Superconductivity at High-Temperature (ERC program, University of Hamburg, DE)
ASTREXAdvanced Space Structure Research Experiments
ASTRIDAarhus Storage Ring, Denmark
ASTROSEAutarker Strom-Sensor
ASTVAeroassisted Space Transfer Vehicle (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
ASUArizona State University (Tempe, AZ, USA)
ASUATM Service Unit
ASURAAdvanced Speech Understanding and Rendering System of ATR (Japan)
ASVAutomated Structure Verification (pharmaceutical chemistry)
ASVPApplication Specific Standard Products
ASWAntisubmarine Warfare
ASWORGAntisubmarine Warfare Operations Research Group (USA)
ATAtomic Time (seit/since 1955)
ATÖsterreich/Austria (ISO 3166
ATBActive Twist Blade (Hubschrauber/helicopter)
ATBInstitut für Agrartechnik Bornim (Potsdam-Bornim)
ATCAbstract Test Case (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ATCAdiabatic Toroidal Compressor (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology, PPPL)
ATCAir Traffic Control (Luftverkehrssteuerung)
ATC[European] Altair Technology Conference
ATCAmerican Television and Communications Corporation
ATCATM Transfer Capabilities (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ATCAutomatic Train Control (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
ATEApplication Test Environment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ATEAutomatic (or: Automated) Test Equipment
ATFAccelerator Test Facility
ATFAcoustic Transfer Function
ATFAdvanced Tactical Fighter (USA, Luftwaffe/Air Force)
ATHENAAdvanced Telescope for High-Energy Astrophysics
ATIAcoustics Today Interns
ATIAbove-Threshold Ionization
ATIAny Time Interrogation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ATIAutomated Target Identification
ATIAutomatic Telephony Interpretation (CAIR, Korea)
ATICAdvanced Thin Ionization Calorimeter
ATIPAsian Technology Information Program (US organization)
ATISAirport Terminal (or: Travel) Information Service
ATISAlliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (North America)
ATKISAmtliches Topographisch-Kartographisches Informations-System
ATL[Fraunhofer-] Arbeitsgruppe für Technologien der Logistik-Dienstleistungswirtschaft (Nürnberg)
ATLASA Toroidal LHC Apparatus (LHC, CERN)
ATLASArgonne Tandem-Linac Accelerator System (Argonne National Laboratory, near Chicago, IL, USA)
ATLASAtmospheric Laboratory for Applications and Science
ATMAir Traffic Management
ATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode (Datennetz/data network)
ATMAtaxia Telangiectasia Mutated (Enzym)
ATMAtmospheric Transport Modeling (CTBT)
ATMAttached Pressurized Module (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
ATMAutomated Teller Machine (Bankwesen/banking)
ATMFATM user connected via optical Fiber
ATMOSAir Traffic Management and Operations Simulator (DLR)
ATMPAdvanced Therapy Medicinal Product
ATMT[Fraunhofer-] Arbeitsgruppe für Telekommunikation und Multimediatechik
ATOAutomatic Train Operation (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
ATOCAcoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate
ATONAutonomous Terrain-Based Optical Navigation
ATPAdvanced Technology Program (USA, Department of Commerce)
ATPAdvanced Turbo-Prop (Flugzeug/aircraft)
ATPAutomatic Train Protection (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
ATPCAutomatic Transmit Power Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ATPESCArgonne Training Program on Extreme Scale Computing
ATRAttenuated Total Reflection (Chemie: Analyse-Verfahren/chemical analysis)
ATRAutomatic (or: Automated) Target Recognition (Telekommunikation, Wasserschall/telecommunication, underwater sound)
ATRAAdvanced Technology Research Aircraft (DLR)
ATRIASAssume The Robot Is A Sphere
ATRPAtom Transfer Radical Polymerization
ATSAbstract Test Suite (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ATSAdvanced Tracking System (for waste material, using GPS – later on Galileo when available)
ATSAmerican Thoracic Society
ATSAutomated Tuner System
ATSAutomatic Train Supervision (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
ATSCAdvanced Television Systems Committee
ATSEAntenna Technology Shuttle Experiment (NASA)
ATSTAdvanced Technology Solar Telescope (geplant/planned)
ATTAdvanced Transport Telematics
ATTAAtom Trap Trace Analysis
ATTASAdvanced Technologies Testing Aircraft System (DLR, bis 27.6.2012/until June 27, 2012)
AT&TAmerican Telephone and Telegraph Company
ATTCAdvanced Television Test Center, Inc. (USA)
ATTHeSAdvanced Technology Testing Helicopter System (DLR)
atto10-18 (Vorsible/prefix)
ATTICAEuropean Assessment of Transport Impacts on Climate Change and Ozone Depletion
ATUAccess Termination Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ATUADSL Terminal Unit
ATVAll-Terrain Vehicle
ATVArea tegmentalis ventralis (im Gehirn/in the brain)
ATVAutomatic (or: Automated) Transport (or: Transfer) Vehicle, Automatisches Transfervehikel (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
AUAfrican Union
AUAstronomical Unit (Abstand Erde–Sonne/distance from earth to sun = 1.49 x 1011 m)
AUAustralien/Australia (ISO 3166)
a.u.c.ab urbe condita (römische Zeitrechnung, ab Gründungsjahr Roms, 753 v. Chr.)
AUCAmerican University in Cairo (Egypt)
AuCAuthentication Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AUIAssociated Universities, Inc. (USA)
AURAAssociation of Universities for Research in Astronomy (USA)
AUTAssociation of University Teachers (GB)
AUTECAtlantic Undersea Test(ing) and Evaluation Center (bei/near Andros Island in the Bahamas)
AUTMAssociation of University Technology Managers
AutoBAHNAutomated Bandwidth Allocation across Homogeneous Networks (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
AUTOSARAutomotive Open System Architecture
AUVAutonomous Underwater Vehicle
AVAudio- und Video-(Anschluss)
AVAudiovisual (Sprachwahrnehmung/speech perception)
AVAAerodynamische Versuchsanstalt (Göttingen, 1907)
AVANTIAutonome Visuelle Anflug-Navigation und Target Identifikation (DLR-Projekt)
AVBAllgemeine Vertragsbedingungen
AVCAdvanced Video Coding
AvDArzt vom Dienst (Krankenhaus)
AVDPAudio Video Delivery Platform
AVEAlta Velocidad Española (Spanish high speed train)
AVEAvenue (US Mail)
AVESAir Vehicle Simulator (DLR, Braunschweig, DE)
AvHAlexander von Humboldt-Stiftung
AVHRRAdvanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (Fernerkundung/remote locating)
AVIAkkreditierungsverbund für Ingenieurstudiengänge e.V.
AVIAutomatic Vehicle Identification
AVI[Dateinamenerweiterung: Videodatei/file name extension: video file]
AVIRISAirborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer
AVISOArchivage, validation, interprétation des données des satellites océanographiques
AVRCPAudio Video Remote Control Profile
AVKFhAZ für Verkehrslogistik und Kommunikationstechnik (Nürnberg)
AVLAutomatic Vehicle Location (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AVLAdvanced Visualization Laboratory (at the NCSA center)
A-VLANAuthenticated VLAN (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AVMAutarke verteilte Mikrosysteme (Computertechnologie/computer technology)
AVOAstronomical Virtual Observatory (Europe)
AVOAudio-Visual Object (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AVPEAcoustic Velocity Potential Equation
AVRCPAudio Video Remote Control Profile
AVSAdult Verification System
AVSAdvanced Visual Systems
AVSAmerican Vacuum Society
AVT[Labor für] Aufbau- und Verbindungstechnik (Fraunhofer IISB)
AVUSAutomobil-Versuchs- und Übungsstrecke (Berlin)
AVVFhAZ für Verarbeitungsmaschinen und Verpackungstechnik (Dresden)
AWAruba (ISO 3166)
AWAArgonne Wakefield Accelerator
AWCAll-Wheel Control (automotive drive control)
AW-CDMAdaptive Weighted CDM
AWEArbeitsplatz-Wiedergabe-Einheit (digitales Sprachübertragungssystem/digital speech transmission)
AWFORSAdvanced Welding Technologies for Repair and Salvage of High Valued Engine Components
on Nickel and Titanium Based Alloys (zur Reparatur von Flugzeugtriebwerken/for aircraft engine repair)
AWGAmerican Wire Gauge
AWGArbitrary Waveform Generator
AWGArray(ed) Waveguide Grating (filter, photonics)
AWGNAdditive (or: Average) White Gaussian Noise
AWIAlfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung (Bremerhaven)
AWIATORAircraft Wing with Advanced Technology Operation
AWMAAutomated Working Memory Assessment
AWOAuftragsforschung-West-Ost (BMFT)
AWOPAll Weather Operations Panel (Allwetter-Flugbetrieb/weather-independent air traffic)
AWRIAustralian Wine Research Institute
AWSAbsolute Wahrnehmbarkeitsschwelle (Psychoakustik)
AWSAdvanced Wireless Spectrum (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
AWSAmazon Web Services
AWZausschließliche Wirtschaftszone
AXAFAdvanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility (Satellite, USA)
AZArizona (US-Staat/US state)
AZAserbeidschan/Azerbaijan (ISO 3166)
AzipodAzimuthing Electric Podded Propulsion (Schiffsantrieb/ship propulsion)
AZOM[Fraunhofer-] Anwendungszentrum für Optische Messtechnik und Oberflächentechnologie
AZTAllianz Zentrum für Technik (Ismaning bei München)
AZTAzidothymidin (HIV-Medikament)
A2DPAdvanced Audio Distribution Profile
A2LAAmerican Association for Laboratory Accreditation


BA, B.A.Bachelor of Arts
BABosnien und Herzegowina/Bosnia and Herzegovina (ISO 3166)
BABremsassistent (Kfz/motor vehicle)
BABundesagentur für Arbeit
BAASBritish Association for the Advancement of Science
BABBundesarchiv Berlin
BACODINEBatse Coordinates Distribution Network (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
BACZBetriebsarchiv Carl Zeiss
BAdWBayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften
BAeBritish Aerospace
BAEFBelgian American Educational Foundation
BAFABundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle (DE)
BaFinBundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht
BAFTABritish Academy of Film and Television Arts
BAFUBundesamt für Umwelt (Bern, CH)
BAGBundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Leitenden Kliniksärzte für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie
BAGMOBundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Motorrad
BAIBeratender Ausschuss der Industriephysiker (in der DPG)
BAK[Dateinamenerweiterung: Sicherungskopie/file name extension: backup file]
BAKOMBndesamt für Kommunikation (CH)
BALKBundesarbeitsgemeinschaft leitender Krankenpflegepersonen e.V.
BAMBundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (Berlin)
BAMEBayerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mikroelektronik
BANBody Area Network
BAOBaryonic (or: Baryon) Acoustic Oscillation (cosmology)
BAPTBundesamt für Post und Telekommunikation (früher/formerly: FTZ, später/later on: RegTP)
BARBiologische Arbeitsstoff-Referenz(werte)
BARCBay Area Research Center (Microsoft-Forschungszentrum)
BARNBayer-Alzheimer Research Network
BASBremsassistent (Kfz)
BASBritish Antarctic Survey
BASBroadband Access Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BASEBacterial Adaptation to Space Environment (ESA project)
BASEBioinformatics and Systems Engineering (Riken research group, JP)
BASFBadische Anilin- und Sodafabrik
BASICBeginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BASLBuilding a Smart Laboratory
BASTBundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (Bergisch-Gladbach)
BASYSBaltic Sea System Study
BATBandwidth Allocation Threshold (Datennetz/data network)
BATBiologische Arbeitsstofftoleranz(werte)
BATBonquet Association Table
BATBritish Antarctic Territory
BATBurst-Alert Telescope (an Bord von/aboard SWIFT Orbiter)
BAT[Dateinamenerweiterung: Batchdatei/file name extension: batch file]
BATCTechnical Committee of Biomedical Acoustics (ASA)
BATSEBurst and Transient Source Experiment (GRO)
B.A.U.M.Bundesdeutscher Arbeitskreis für umweltbewusstes Management e.V.
BAWBulk Acoustic Wave
BAZLBundesamt für Zivilluftfahrt (Bern, CH)
BBBarbados (ISO 3166)
BBBaseband (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BBBottom Bounce (sonar ranging)
BBBrandenburg (Bundesland/German Federal State)
BBAWBerlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften
BBBBlood-Brain Border (or: Barrier), Blut-Hirn-Schranke
BBCBritish Broadcasting Corporation
BBCBroadband Coupler (Datennetz/data network)
BBCORBat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution
BBEBroadband Entertainment
BBIBase Band to Base Band Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BBKBundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe
BBMABaseband Module Revision A (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BBMCBaseband Module Revision C (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BBNBig Bang Nucleosynthesis (astrophysics)
BBNBolt, Beranek & Newman (USA)
BBNSBig Bang Nucleosynthesis
BBOBeta-Bariumborat (nichtlinearer Kristall/nonlinear crystal)
BBPPTBalai Besar Pengujian Perangkat Telekomunikasi (Indonesien)
BBRBlack-Body Radiation
BBRANBroadband Remote Access Network (or: Node)
BBRASBroadband Remote Access Server
BBSBehavioral and Brain Science (School and Journal)
BBSBulletin Board System (Internet)
BBSOBig Bear Solar Observatory (Big Bear Lake, CA, USA)
BBWBundesverband der Brand- und Wasserschadenbeseitiger e.V.
BCBefore Christ
BCBritish Columbia (Province of Canada)
BCABurst Cutting Area (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
B-CASBasic System Conditional Access System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BCCBase (Transceiver) Station Color Code (Mobilfunk/mobile radio)
bccblind carbon copy (Durchschlag, ohne Nachricht an andere Adressaten)
BCCBody-Centered Cubic (Gitter/lattice)
BCCBuffer Congestion Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BCCHBroadcast Control Channel (Mobilfunk/mobile radio)
BCCNBernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience (Göttingen, DE)
BCDBinary Coded Decimal
BCEBefore Common Era (= vor Christus/before Christ)
BCGBacille Calmette-Guérin (Tbc-Impfstoff)
BCHBicentenario de Capital Humano (Chile)
BCHBose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem (Fehler korrigierender Code/error correcting code)
BCIBrain-Computer Interface
BCISBiodiversity Conservation Information System
BCPBurst Control Packet
BCRBiospecimen Core Resource
BCRBureau Communautaire de Référence
BCRTBerlin-Brandenburgisches Zentrum für regenerative Therapien, Berlin-Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Therapies (Stammzellenforschung/stem cell research)
BCRUBritish Committee on Radiation Units and Measurement
BCS[John] Bardeen – [Leon N.] Cooper – [John R.] Schrieffer (Supraleitungstheorie/theory of superconductivity)
BCSBritish Computer Society
BCSDBusiness Council for Sustainable Development
BCUBattery Control Unit (Hybridfahrzeug/hybrid vehicle)
BDBangladesh (ISO 3166)
BDBusiness Division
BDABundesvereinigung der Deutschen Arbeitgeberverbände
BDCBerlin Document Center
BDEWBundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft
BDFBundesverband Deutscher Fertigbau
BDIBackward Defect Indication
BDIBearing Deviation Indicator (underwater acoustics)
BDIBelief, Desire, Intent
BDIBundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V. (Köln)
BDJBiodiversity Data Journal
BdKEPBundesverband der Kurier-, Express- und Postdienste
BDLIBundesverband der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie
BDNFBrain-Derived Neurotrophic (or: Nerve) (Growth) Factor (Medizin/medicine)
BDOBundesverband der Organtransplantierten
BDPBiologics Data Platform
BDPhBund Deutscher Philatelisten
BDRBattery Discharge Module (Satellitentechnik/satellite technology)
BDSLBoundary-Scan-Description Language
BDVDBovine Viral Diarrhea Virus
BDZBildungs- und Demonstrationszentrum für dezentrale Abwasserbehandlung e.V. (Leipzig)
BEBelgien/Belgium (ISO 3166)
BEBerlin (Bundesland/German Federal State)
BEBest Effort
BEBroteinheit (für Diabetiker)
BEANBridging the European and Anatolian Neolithic (research project)
BECBackward Error Correction (Datenübertragung/data transmission)
BECBose-Einstein Condensation
BECSBiomedical Engineering and Computational Science
BEEMBallistic Electron Emission Microscopy
BEESATBerlin Experimental and Educational Satellite (von TUB-Studenten)
BEFBest Effort Forwarding (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BEH[Robert] Brout, [François] Englert, [Peter W.] Higgs (elementary particle physics)
BEHGHKBrout–Englert–Higgs–Guralnik–Hagen–Kibble (elementary particle physics)
BEIRBiological Effects of Ionizing Radiation
BellcoreBell Communications Research
BEMBig Emerging Market (Welthandel/world trade)
BEMBoundary Element Method (or: Model)
BEOBiologie, Energie, Ökologie (KFA Jülich, Projektträger)
BEPBit Error Probability
BEPCBeijing Electron Positron Collider
BERBinary Encoding Rule (ASN.1)
BERBit Error Rate (or: Ratio)
BEROBackup Explicit Route Object (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BERRBusiness Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (UK Government Department)
BERTBit Error Rate Testing
BESBeijing Spectrometer
BESBiomedical Engineering Society
BESBlackBerry Enterprise Server (Computer)
BESBritish Ecological Society
BESACBasic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee
BeSCBelfast e-Science Centre (Ireland)
BESSYBerliner Elektronen-Speicherring für Synchrotronstrahlung
BETHYBiosphere Energy Transfer Hydrology Model
BEUCEuropean Consumer Organisation
BEVBattery Electric Vehicle
BEVBundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen (Österreich)
BEXUSBallon-Experimente für Universitätsstudenten (seit Okt. 2008, SE)
BFBurkina Faso (früher/formerly: Obervolta/Upper Volta, ISO 3166)
BfABundesanstalt für Arbeit
BfArMBundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte (Bonn)
BFDBi-Directional Fault (or: Forwarding) Detection
BFDBundesfreiwilligendienst (= BuFDi, seit 2011)
bFGFBasic Fibroblast Growth Factor (basischer Fibroblasten-Wachstumsfaktor)
BFIOBüro für Führungskräfte zu internationalen Organisationen (Frankfurt/M)
BFLBack Focal Length (optische Linsen/optical lenses)
BFNBeam Forming Network (Antenne/antenna)
BfNBundesamt für Naturschutz
BFNTBernstein Focus Neurotechnology (Göttingen, DE)
BFOBeat Frequency Oscillator
BFPBlue Fluorescent Protein
BFPPBound-Free Pair Production (particle physics)
BfRBundesinstitut für Risikobewertung
BfSBundesinstitut für Strahlenschutz
BFYBeyond the First Year
BGBorder Gateway (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BGBulgarien/Bulgaria (ISO 3166)
BGABall Grid Array, Kugelgitteranordnung (Chipgehäuse/chip box)
BGANBroadband Ground Access Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BGBBürgerliches Gesetzbuch
BGCFBreakout Gateway Control Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BGIBeijing Genomics Institute (Shenzen, CN)
BGMBetriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement
BGOBismuth Germinate (Gammastrahlendetektor/gamma ray detector)
BGOBurke-Gaffney Observatory (Saint Mary's University, Halifax, CDN)
BGPBorder Gateway Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BGRBundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (Hannover)
BGSUBowling Green State University (OH, USA)
BGUBen-Gurion University (Negev)
BGVVBundesanstalt für gesundheitlichen Verbraucherschutz und Veterinärmedizin
BHBahrain (ISO 3166)
BHBuried Heterostructure (Laser)
BHCBayer Healthcare
BHCABusy Hour Call Attempt (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BHFPBlack Hole Finder Probe (Astronomie/astronomy)
BHLBiodiversity Heritage Library
BHSUBlack Hills State University (USA)
BIBurundi (ISO 3166)
BIBusiness Intelligence
BIASBremer Institut für Angewandte Strahltechnik
BIBBBundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (Bonn)
BICBlind Interference Cancellation (DARP, Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BICBound State in the Continuum (Festkörperphysik/solid state physics)
BICBusiness Identifier Code
BICCBearer Independent Call Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BICEPBackground Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization
BiCIBilateral Cochlear Implant
BICIBroadband Inter-Carrier Interface (Datennetz/data network)
BiCMOSbipolar CMOS
BIDSBiological Integrated Detection System
BIEBoundary Integral Equation
BIEKBundesverband Internationaler Express- und Kurierdienste
BIFSBinary Format for Scenes (digitales Fernsehen/digital TV)
BILDBinaural Intelligibility Level Difference (Hörakustik/hearing research)
BILLBeacon Illuminator Laser (US Waffe/weapon)
BIMBuilding Information Modelling
BIMRBrockhouse Institute for Materials Research (McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, CA)
BIMSBiobank Information Management System
BIOPBroadcast Inter ORB Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BioPoLiSBioproduktions-Labor am IPA in Stuttgart (FhG)
BIOSBasic Input/Output System
BIOSBiomedical Optics
BIOTBroadcast Inter ORB Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BIPBruttoinlandsprodukt (Volkswirtschaft, = GDP)
BIPMBureau International des Poids et Mesures (Sèvres, Paris)
BIRCBio-Imaging Research Center (University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA)
BIROSBi-Spectral Infrared Optical System (Feuerdetektionssatellit)
BISBallistik-Informations-System (in Jagdfernglas integriert)
BISBusiness, Innovation and Skills
B-ISDNBroadband ISDN
BISGBook Industry Study Group
BISPBio Imaging and Signal Proceessing
BISP TCBio Imaging and Signal Proceessing Technical Committee (in IEEE Signal Processing Society, since 2004)
BITBinary Digit
B-ITBonn–Aachen International Center for Information Technology
BITNETBecause It's Time Network
BITVBarrierefreie Informationstechnik-Verordnung
BIWBody in White
BIZBiblioteca Italiana Zanichelli
BJBenin (früher/formerly: Dahomey, ISO 3166)
BJPTBangladesh Journal of Plant Taxonomy
BJTUBeijing Jiaotong University
BKCIBook Citation Index
BKGBundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie
BKJPPBerufsverband für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie, Psychotherapie und Psychosomatik
BKSBohr-Kramers-Slater (-Theorie/theory) (1924)
BLBlaue Liste (Deutsche Forschungsinstitute/German research institutes)
BLAGBuffer-Layer Assisted Growth (Festkörperphysik/solid state physics)
BLASTBalloon-Borne Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope
BLASTBates Large Acceptance Spectrometer Toroid (MIT)
BlazarBlazing Quasi Stellar Object (astrophysics)
BLCBack Light Compensation (Video-Kamera: Gegenlicht-Blendenvergrößerung)
BLCBotswana Libraries Consortium
BLCBroadband Loop Carrier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BLDCBrushless d.c. (Elektromotor/electromotor)
BLDLBergen Language Design Laboratory (University of Bergen, Norway)
BLERBlock Error Rate (or: Ratio) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BLIBioluminescence Imaging
BLISKBlade Integrated Disk (Kompressorläuferscheibe für Flugzeuge/compressor rotor disk for aircraft)
BLKBund-Länder-Kommission für Bildungsplanung und Forschungsförderung
BLMBureau of Land Management (USA)
BLOBodleian Library, Oxford (GB)
BLOBBinary Large Object
BLSBucerius Law School (Hamburg, DE)
BLSRBidirectional Line Switching Ring
BLTPBogoljubow Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (VIK, Dubna, Russia)
BLUBacklight Unit (in LCD-Bildschirm/screen)
BLVDBoulevard (US Mail)
BMBasilar Membrane
BMBermuda (ISO 3166)
BMBroadband Manager
BMABritish Medical Association
BMBBaltic Marine Biologists
BMBFBundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie (DE)
BMBWBundesministerium für Bildung und Wissenschaft (DE)
BMBWFTBundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie (DE)
BMCBenchmarking Center (am/at the IIS, Außenstelle/branch Nürnberg, DE)
BMCBone Mineral Content (medicine)
BMCBroadcast/Multicast Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BMCBurst Mode Controller (Datennetz/data network)
BMDBone Mineral Density
BMDSBallistic Missile Defense System (USA)
BMEBiomedical Engineering
BMELVBundesministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz
BMFTBundesministerium für Forschung und Technologie (DE)
BMGBulk Metallic Glass
BMGBundesministerium für Gesundheit
BMGSBundesministerium für Gesundheit und Soziale Sicherung
BMIBody Mass Index (siehe/see KMI)
BMJBritish Medical Journal
BMLBroadcast(ing) Markup Language (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BMLDBinaural Masking Level Difference
BMLVS[Österreichisches] Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung und Sport
BMMROBahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation
BMOInstitut für Biomedizinische Optik (Universität Lübeck)
BMPBone Morphogenetic Protein
BMP[Dateinamenerweiterung: Graphikdatei/file name extension: graphic file]
BMRBallistic Magnetoresistance
BMSBatterie-Management-System (Elektroauto)
BMSBusiness Management System
BM-SCBroadcast/Multicast Service Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BMTBroadband Magnetotelluric (instrumentation)
BMUBundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit (DE)
BMVBundesministerium für Verkehr (DE)
BMVBSBundesministerium für Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung (DE)
BMVgBundesministerium für Verteidigung (DE)
BMVIBundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur
BMWiBundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (DE)
BMZBundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (DE)
BNBrunei (ISO 3166)
BNCBayonet Neill-Concelman (Steckverbindung/connector)
BNCBerkeley Nucleonics Corporation
BNCbiotechnologisch gewonnene Nanozellulose
BNetzABundesnetzagentur (vergibt Funklizenzen/assigns radio frequencies)
BNIBernhard-Nocht-Institut für Tropenmedizin (Hamburg)
BNLBrookhaven National Laboratory (Long Island, NY, USA)
BNNTBoron Nitride Nanotubes (Festkörperphysik/solid state physics)
BNPBrain Natriuretic Peptide
BNSCBritish National Space Centre
BNVBelgische Natuurkundige Vereniging
BOBolivien/Bolivia (ISO 3166)
BOBBreak-Out Box
BOCBinary Offset Carrier (Modulation)
BoDBandwidth on Demand (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BODBiochemical Oxygen Demand (Ireland, test)
BOGBoard of Governors
BOGRMCBeijing Olympic Games Radio Management Committee (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BOLDBlood Oxygen Level-Dependent (Hirnaktvität/brain activity)
BÖLWBund für Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft
BOMBill of Materials
BONTBroadband Optical Network Termination
BOOMERANGBalloon Observations of Millimetric Extragalactic Radiation and Geomagnetics
BOREXINOBoron Solar Neutrino Experiment (Gran Sasso, IT)
BOSBackground Oriented Schlieren Method
BOSBehörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben
BOSSBackground Oriented Schlieren System
BOSSBaryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (astrophysics)
BOSSBig Optical Single Sector (Brennkammerforschung, DLR)
BOSSBuilding Operating and Security System
BOTBuild, Operate and Transfer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BPDUBridge Protocol Data Unit (Ethernet)
BPELBusiness Process Execution Language (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BPFBand-Pass Filter, Bandpassfilter
BPFBlade Passage Frequency (of propeller)
BPHBenign Prostatic Hyperplasia
BPHBisphosphonate(s) (Medikamente/pharmacy)
BPIEBuildings Performance Institute Europe (Belgium)
BPLbayessches Programmlernen
BPMNBusiness Process Notation Language (computer programming)
BPONBroadband Passive Optical Network (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
BPPBeam Parameter Product (Laserdioden/laser diodes)
BPPBund Philatelistischer Prüfer
BPRBusiness Process Reengineering
BPSBiophysical Society
BPSThe Bulgarian Physical Society
BPSKBinary Phase Shift Keying (Modulation, Binäre Phasenumtastung)
BPSRBidirectional Path Switched Ring (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BPTIBovine Pancreatic Trypsin Inhibitor
BPXBurning Plasma Experiment (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology, PPPL)
BQBBluetooth Qualification Body (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BQTFBluetooth Qualification Test Facility
BRBasic Research (ESPRIT)
BRBiosphärenreservat (Naturschutz/nature conservation)
BRBottom Reflection (ocean acoustics)
BRBrasilien/Brazil (ISO 3166)
BRABasic Rate Access (ISDN)
BRACBase Closure and Realignment Commission (USA)
BRACBuilding Resources Across Communities (Uganda)
BRAGECRIMBrazilian German Collaborative Research Initiative in Manufacturing Technology
BRAHMSBroad Range Hadron Spectrometer (RHIC)
BRAIN[US] Brain Research for (or: through) Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (sincee 2013)
BRANBroadband Radio Access Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BRASBroadband Remote Access Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BRCBioenergy Research Center
BRDFBi-Directional Reflectance Distribution Function (Optik/optics)
BREMABritish Radio Equipment Manufacturers' Association
BREWBinary Runtime Environment for Wireless (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BRGMBureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (FR)
BRICBrazil, Russia, India and China/Brasilien, Russland, Indien und China
BRIDGEBilateral Research and Industrial Development Enhancing and Integrating Grid Enabled Technologies (EU-gefördertes
Europäisch-Chinesisches Computernetz-Projekt/EU sponsored European-Chinese computer network project)
BRIDGEBroadening Participation Research Initiation Grants in Engineering (NSF Award, USA)
BRIRBinaural Room Impulse Response (acoustics)
BRITEBasic Research in Industrial Technologies for Europe
BRSBehavioral Response Study (Meeresbiologie/marine biology)
BRSBuried Ridge Stripe (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BRTBus-Rapid-Transit (Verkehrssystem)
BSBahamas (ISO 3166)
BSBandstop (filter)
BSBase Station (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BSBasic System
BSBeam Splitter (Optik/optics)
BSBritish Standard
BSBroadcast Satellite (Digitalrundfunk/digital broadcast)
BSABovines Serumalbumin
BSABroadband Service Aggregator (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
B.Sc.Bachelor of Science
BSCBarcelona Supercomputing Center (ES)
BSCBase Station Controller (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BSCBuffalo State University (New York, USA)
BSCCOBismuth-Strontium-Calcium-Copper Oxide, Wismut-Strontium-Calcium-Kupfer-Oxid, Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10-x (HTSL)
BSDBlind Signal Deconvolution
BSDLBoundary-Scan Description Language
BSEBase Station Emulator (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BSEBlind Signal Extraction
BSEBonn European School of Economics e.V.
BSEBovine spongiforme Enzephalopathie, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (Rinderwahnsinn)
BSEEBachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
BSFBack Surface Field (Solarzellen/solar cells)
BSGBiologische Schutzgemeinschaft
BSHBoston Symphony Hall
BSHBundeamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie
BSH[Medikament zur Tumorbehandlung mit Neutroneneinfangtherapie/medicine for tumour treatment with neutron capture therapy]
BSIBritish Standards Institution
BSIBundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik
BSICBase Transceiver Station Identity (= NCC + BCC)
BSMLBiosequence Markup Language
BSMSBrighton and Sussex Medical School
BSNRBlurred Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Bildunschärfe/picture unsharpness)
BSOBismuth Silicon Oxide
BSPBeam Synthesis Propagation (optical design)
BSPBoard Support Package (Maut-Erfassungssystem/toll registration system)
BSPCBatch Statistical Process Control
BSRBase Station Router (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BSRBoard of Standards Review (USA)
BSRBottom Simulating Reflector (Ozeanologie/oceanology)
BSRBroadband Service Router (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BSRBuzz/Squeeze/Rattle (noise sources)
BSRNBaseline Surface Radiation Network
BSSBase Station Subsystem (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BSSBasic Service Set
BSSBlind Signal (or: Source) Separation (algorithm)
BSSBroadcasting Satellite Service
BSSBusiness Support System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BSSIBasic Space Science Initiative (UN)
BSTBand Segmented Transmission (Digitalrundfunk/digital broadcast)
BSTUBundesbehörde für die Unterlagen des Staatssicherheitsdienstes der ehemaligen DDR
BTBhutan (ISO 3166)
BTBusiness Telecommunications (TC in ETSI)
BTABiologisch-technische(r) Assistent(in)
BTABroadcasting Technical Association (Japan)
BTCBayer–Tsinghua Joint Research Center for Innovative Drug Discovery (Peking, China)
BTEBehind-the-Ear (hearing aid)
BTEBoltzmann Transport Equation
BTEXBenzol, Toluol, Ethylbenzol und Xylole (Aromaten, die das Grundwasser verunreinigen)
BTFBroadcast Technology Futures Group
BTLBiomass to Liquid (synthetischer Kraftstoff/synthetic fuel)
BTNRHBoys Town National Research Hospital (Omaha, NE, USA)
BTPGBoundary-Scan-Test-Program Generation
B/TQEProject Group on Television Quality Evolution
BTSBase Transceiver Station (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BTSBroadcast Television Systems GmbH (Darmstadt, DE)
BTSBroadcasting Transport Stream
BTUBrandenburgische Technische Universität
BTVBroadcast Television
BTWby the way
BUBoston University (MA, USA)
BUBranching (or: Business) Unit (Rechnernetze, Telekommunikation/computer networks, telecommunication)
BUABroadband Ultrasound Absorption
BUCBreak-Up Camera (DLR, Raumfahrt)
BuFDiBundesfreiwilligendienst (= BFD, seit 2011)
BUFORABritish UFO Research Association
Bull. P&I T.I.T.Bulletin of Precision and Intelligence Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Yokohama, Japan)
BUNDBund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e.V.
BUVBackscatter UV (spectrometer)
BVBouvetinsel/Bouvet Island (ISO 3166)
BVABerufsverband der Augenärzte Deutschlands e.V.
BVABritish Radio Valve Manufacturers' Association
BvDBerufsverband der Datenschutzbeauftragten Deutschlands
BVDDBerufsverband der Deutschen Dermatologen
BVGBerliner Verkehrsgesellschaft
BVLBundesamt für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit
BVNDBerufsverband der niedergelassenen Diabetologen
BVPNBroadband Virtual Private Network
BVWBetriebliches Vorschlagswesen
BWBaden-Württemberg (Bundesland/German Federal State)
b.w.bitte wenden (engl.: p.t.o.)
BWBotswana (ISO 3166)
BWABroadband Wireless Access (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
BWBBeratungsgesellschaft für Wirtschaftliches Bauen
BWBBlended Wing Body (Flugzeug/aircraft)
B-WiNBreitband-Wissenschaftsnetz (Datennetz, bis/data network, up to 155 Mbit/s)
BWLBurst Wave Lithotripsy
BWRBoiling-Water Reactor (nuclear reactor)
BYBayern (Bundesland/German Federal State)
BYWeißrussland/Belarus (ISO 3166)
BYODBring Your Own Device
BYUBrigham Young University (Provo, UT, USA)
BZBelize (ISO 3166)
BZBelousov-Zhabotinsky (oszillierende chemische Reaktion/oscillating chemical reaction)
BZBrennstoffzelle (= FC)
BZgABundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung
BZMMBerliner Zentrum für Mechatronische Medizintechnik
B2CBusiness-to-Consumer (or: Customer)
B3GBeyond Third Generation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)


c...Zenti... (Präfix/prefix): 10-2
CCytosin (DNA-Base/DNA base)
CACalifornia (US-Staat/US state)
CACall Agent (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CACancer (Krebs)
CACarrier Aggregation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CACellular Automata
CACode Acquisition
CAComputer Algebra
CAConditional Access (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CAConservation Agriculture
CAKanada/Canada (ISO 3166)
C/ACoarse/Acquisition (GPS)
CAACanadian Acoustical Society
CAACivil Aviation Authority (UK)
CAAClean Air Act
CAAComputational Aeroacoustics
CAATCenter for Alternatives to Animal Testing (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA)
CABPChina Architecture and Building Press
CABRComplex Auditory Brainstem Response
CACCall Acceptance (or: Admission) Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CACCenter for Advanced Computing
CACSDComputer Aided Control System Design
CADComputer Aided Design
CADEComputer Algebra and Differential Equations (Programm bei der GMD/research program of the GMD)
CADSTICaribbean Diaspora for Science, Technology, and Innovation
CAECenter for Astronomy Education (University of Arizona, USA)
CAEComputer Aided Engineering
CAESARCenter of Advanced European Studies and Research (Bonn, DE)
CAEXComputer Aided Engineering Exchange (Maschinensprache)
CAFECorporate Average Fuel Efficiency (or: Economy)
CAGComputer Aided Gage (or: Gaging) (computerunterstützte Kfz-Schaltung/automobile gear)
CAGECentre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate
CAGRCompound Annual Growth Rate
CAHACentro Astronómico Hispano-Aléman (= DSAZ) (Calar Alto)
CAICalcium-Aluminum Inclusion (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
CAICavity as Interface
CAIComputer-Aided (or: Assisted) Instruction
CAIMISChemistry Analysis Information Management Interface System
CAIPCenter for Advanced Information Processing (Rutgers University, USA)
CAIRCenter for Artificial Intelligence Research (Korea)
CALComputer-Aided (or: Assisted) Learning
CALIchromophorassistierte lichtgesteuerte Inaktivierung
CALIPSOCloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observation
CALMCommercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (act, USA 2010)
CALOCognitive Agent that Learns and Organizes
CaltechCalifornia Institute of Technology (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
CaltransCalifornia Department of Transportation
CAMCareer Asset Manager (IEEE)
CAMCentre of Advanced Materials (University of Heidelberg, DE)
CAMComputer Aided Manufacturing
CAMACrew Assistant System for Military Aircraft
CAMELCellular Automata Environment for Systems Modelling
CAMELCustomized Applications for Mobile (Network) Enhanced Logic (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CAMEOComputer Aided Mechanistic Evaluation of Organic Reactions
CAMLCensus of Antarctic Marine Life
CAMPChannel Amplifier
cAMPCyclic Adenosine Monophosphate, cyclisches Adenosinmonophosphat
CAMPARECalifornia-Arizona Minority Partnership for Astronomy Research and Education
CAMPEPCommission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs (USA)
CAMSCard Application Management System (Smart Card)
CAMVisCoupled Advanced Modeling and Visualization
CANControl(ler) Area Network
CANCustomer Access Network
CANDUCanada Deuterium Uranium (reactor)
CANIFCarbon and Nitrogen Cycling in Forest Soils
CANOLACanadian Oil, Low Acid (Raps-Neuzüchtung)
CAOCarnegie Airborne Observatory
CAOComputer Aided Optimization
CAOHCCouncil for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation
CAPCamel Applications Part (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CAPCanadian Association of Physicists
CAPCapabilities Application Part (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CAPCarrierless Amplitude Phase (modulation)
CAPCommittee on Applied Physics (APS)
CAPCommon Agricultural Policy (EU)
CAPComputer Aided Painting (Lackier-Roboter)
CAPCouncil of the American Physical Society
CAPACorrective Actions and Preventive Actions
CAPEComputer Assisted Process Engineering
CAPEConvective Available Potential Energy (tornado research)
CAPESCoordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (BR)
CAPEXCapital Expenditure
CAPICommon Application Programming (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CAPPCenter for Axion and Precision Physics Research (KAIST)
CAPRCenter for Advanced Preclinical Research (at NCI)
CAPRAConcept to Amplify Plutonium Reduction in Advanced Fast Reactors (CEA)
CAPSCall Attempts per Second (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CAPTCenter for Applied Physics and Technology (Peking University, China)
CAPTCHACompletely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart (Internet)
CAQComputer Aided Quality
CARCenter Automotive Research (FH Gelsenkirchen, DE)
CARChimeric Antigen Receptor, chimärer Antigenrezeptor
CARACalifornia Association for Research Astronomy
CARATComputer Aided Radio and Television
CARBCalifornia Air Resources Board
CARDControlled Access to Research Data Stored Securely
CAREComprehensive Approach for Recycling of Electronics
CARFCouncil for Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities (USA)
CARIBICCivil Aircraft for the Regular Investigation of the Atmosphere Based on an Instrument Container
CARIBUCalifornium Rare Isotope Beam Upgrade (Argonne National Laboratory, near Chicago, IL, USA)
CARICOMCaribbean Community (Haiti, Guyana, Suriname, Belize, West Indies)
CARLColorado Alliance of Research Libraries
CARMACombined Array for Research in Millimeter-Wave Astronomy (Cedar Flat, CA, USA)
CARMACooperative Arrival Manager (Flugverkehr/air traffic)
CarNakCarbon Nanotube Aktuatorik
CARODComputer Aided Robust Design
CARPETCellular Programming Environment
CARROUSOCreating, Assessing and Rendering in Real Time of High Quality Audio-Visual Environments in MPEG-4 Context (3D-Klangverfahren/3D sound reproduction)
CARSCenter for Advanced Radiation Sources (Chicago, IL, USA)
CARSCoherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy (or: Scattering)
CARTCenter for Advanced Radiotherapy Technologies (UCSD)
CARTClassification and Regression Trees (statistical analysis)
CARTCombination Antiretroviral Therapy
CASCalorimetric Absorption Spectroscopy
CASCatgut Acoustical Society (promoting violin acoustics)
CASChannel Associated Signaling
CASChemical Abstracts Service (Datenbak, seit/data bank, since 1907)
CASChinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, CN)
CASCommittee on Assurance of Supply
CASComplex Adaptive Systems
CASConditional Access System (Digitalrundfunk/digital broadcast)
CASControlled Access Service
CASAComputational Auditory Scene Analysis
CASAGRASCoordination and Support Action for Global RFID-Related Activities and Standardization (EU project in FP7)
CaSECampaign for Science and Engineering
CASEComputer Aided Software Engineering
C2A2S2ECenter for Computer Applications in Aerospace Science and Engineering (DLR, Braunschweig, DE)
CASICanadian Aeronautic and Space Institute
CASIPSClose to Application Study in Polymer Science (IAP-Förderprogramm/IAP grant program)
CISISCenter for the Advancement of Science in Space (USA)
CASLConsortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (ORNL, USA)
CASPCenter for Autonomous Solar Power (State University of New York, Binghamton, USA)
CASPCompetitive Access Service Provider (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CASPCritical Assessment of [Techniques for] Protein Structure Prediction
CASRAIConsortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information
CASSEComet Acoustical Surface Sounding
CASS-MTCenter for Adaptive Supercomputing Software for Multithreaded Architectures
CASTCardiac Arrythmia Suppression Trial
CAST[Competence] Center for Applied Security Technology
CASTCERN Axion Solar Telescope
CASTChinese Association for Science and Technology
CATCollaborative Access Team (at APS, Argonne)
CATComputer-Aided Teaching
CATComputer-Aided Tomography
CATComputerized Axial Tomography
CATConditional Access Table (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CATCContinuous Automatic Train Control (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
CATIComputer Assisted Telephone Interviewing
CATSCapacitive Anti-Finger-Trap System (Einklemmschutz bei Autofenstern/vehicle windows)
CATSClimate-Compatible Air Transport System
CATSCollaboration of Astronomy Teaching Scholars (USA)
CATVCable Television
CATVCoaxial Television
CATVCommunity (or: Common) Antenna Television
CAUChristian-Albrechts-Universität (Kiel)
CAULCouncil of Australian University Libraries
CAVECave Automatic Virtual Environment
CAVEComputer Aided Virtual Environment
CA9Carboanhydrase 9 (Tumorbekämpfung/cancer treatment)
CBCellular Broadcast
CBCitizen Band (Mobilfunk/mobile radio, 26.565 – 27.405 MHz)
CBControl Burst (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CBCCanadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBCCell Broadcast Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CBDSConnectionless Broadband Data Service
CBENCenter for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology (Rice University, USA)
CBICosmic Background Imager (Radioteleskop–Array/radio telescope array in Chile)
CBIRCenter for Brain Injury and Repair (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
CBIRContent-Based Image Retrieval
CBIITCenter for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology
CBMCompressed Baryonic Matter
CBMCConvergence of Broadcast and Mobile Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CBMECenter of Business Model Engineering
CBNCubic Boron Nitride
CBOCompact Base Station Outdoor (Mobilfunk/mobile radio)
CBOCongressional Budget Office (USA)
CBOEChicago Board Options Exchange (Börsenhandel/stock exchange)
CBPCustoms and Border Protection (USA)
CBP[Fraunhofer-Zentrum für] Chemisch-Biotechnologische Prozesse (Leuna)
CBPFCentro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas (Brazilian Center for Research in Physics)
CBQClass Based Queuing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CBRConstant Bit Rate (Datenübertragung/data transfer)
CBRContent-Based Retrieval
CBSCell Broadcast Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CBSCentre for Biological Sequence Analysis (Technical Union of Denmark)
CBSCentrum für Schlaganfall-Forschung Berlin (Charité)
CBSDMComponent-Based Scene Description Model
CBTComputer Based Training
CBTCoulomb Blockade Thermometer
CBTCCommunication Based Train Control (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
CBTLCertification Body Testing Lab
CCCall Control (Layer 3)
CCCapital Cost
ccCarbon Copy (Durchschlag)
CCCompetence Center (computer networks)
CCComponent Carrier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CCConnection Coordinator
CCContinuity Checking (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CCCopyright Compliant (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CCCreative Commons (kostenlos nutzbar)
CCCross Connect (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CCKokosinseln/Cocos Islands (ISO 3166)
CCACenter for Computational Astrophysics (University of Pensylvania, USA)
CCAClear Channel Assessment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CCAContinuum Computer Architecture
CCACopy Control Association
CCAPPCenter for Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA)
CCARClimate Change and Atmospheric Research (Program, Canada)
CCASTCenter for Computationally Assisted Science and Technology (NDSU, USA)
CCATCerro Chajnantor Atacama Telescope
CCATCornell Caltech Atacama Telescope (Radioteleskop/radio telescope, geplant für/planned for 2013)
CCBCustomer Care and Billing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CCBSCustomer Care and Billing System (or: Service) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CCCCapability Computing Campaign
CCCClatterbridge Cancer Centre (Liverpool, GB)
CCCComprehensive Cancer Center (Heidelberg, DE)
CCCCross-Correlation Coefficient
CCCCopyright Clearance Center, Inc.
CCCHCommon Control Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CCDCarbonate Compensation Depth (im Meer/in the Ocean)
CCDCenter for Coatings and Diamond Technologies (Michigan State University in East Lansing, USA)
CCDCentre-to-Centre Displacement (microoptics)
CCDCharge-Coupled Device
CCDClick Change Detection (Wal-Laute/whale sounds)
CCDColony Collapse Disorder (Bienenkrankheit/honeybee disease)
CCDFComplementary Cumulative Distribution Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CCDMConsultive Committee for the Definition of the Metre
CCDSComité Consultatif pour la Definition de la Seconde
CCECloud Center Efficiency
CCEComité Consultatif d'Electricité
CCEMCentre for Emerging Device Technologies (McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, CA)
CCESCenter for Computational Engineering Science (RWTH Aachen, DE)
CCESClimate Science Computational End Station (USA)
CCFCall Control Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CCFCapillary Channel Flow
CCFCross-Correlation Function
CCFLCold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamp
CCGChemical Computing Group (UK)
CCHCongress Center Hamburg
CCHPCombined Cooling, Heating, and Power (Kraftwerk/power station)
CCIClimate Change Inititative (ESA program)
CCICo-Channel Interference (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CCIComité Consultatif International [des communications téléphoniques à grande distance] (seit/since 1924)
CCIBCenter for Computational and Integrative Biology (Rutgers University, USA)
CCIDCoordinating Center for Infectuous Disease (Atlanta, GA, USA)
CCIFComité Consultatif International Téléphonique (später/later on: CCIT)
CCIRComité Consultatif International des Radiocommunications
CCITComité Consultatif International des Communications Télégraphiques (gegründet/founded 1925,
ab/since 1956: Comité Consultatif International de Communication Télégraphique et Téléphonique)
CCITTComité Consultatif International pour la Télégraphie et le Téléphone
CCKComplementary Code Keying (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CCL[Fraunhofer-] Center for Coatings and Laser Applications (Michigan, USA)
CCLCommerce Control List (USA)
CCLDConstant Current Line Drive (Konstantstromversorgung)
CCLRCCouncil for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils (UK)
CCMCertified Consulting Meteorologist (American Meteorological Society program)
CCMClimate Control Module (für Autos/for cars)
CCMCluster Compatibility Mode
CCMComité Consultatif pour la Masse et les Grandeurs Apparantées
CCMCORBA Component Model (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CCMRCollaborative Conference on Materials Research
CCMSCenter for Condensed Matter Sciences (National Taiwan University)
CCNYCity College of New York (USA)
CCOCentral Coordination Office
CCOChief Compliance Officer
CCPChinese Communist Party
CCPCustomer Convenience Port
CCPCHCommon Control Physical Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CCPRComité Consultatif de Photométrie et Radiométrie
CCQSCenter for Controlled Quantum Systems (Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, USA)
CCRACommon Criteria Recognition Agreement
CCSCarbon (Dioxide) Capture and Storage Technologies
CCSCenter for Computing Sciences (IDA)
CCSCollege of Creative Studies (at UCSB)
CCSCommon Channel Signaling
CCSCompute Cluster Server (Windows, 2003)
CCSCO2 (or: Carbon) Capture and Storage (Umweltschutz/environment conservation)
CCSSatellite Control Center
CCSAChina Communications Standard Association (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CCSMCommunity Climate System Model (Klimaforschung/climate research)
CCSUCentral Connecticut State University
CCTCenter for Computation and Technology (at LSU)
CCTCorrelated Colo(u)r Temperature
CCTCyclic Corrosion Test, zyklischer Korrosionstest
CCTSCarbon Capture, Transport and Storage
CCTVChina Central Television
CCTVClosed Circuit Television
CCVControl-Configured Vehicle (Flugzeug/aircraft)
CCVCCapacitively Coupled Voltage Contrast
CCWConvention on Certain Conventional Weapons
CCXMLCall Control Extensible Markup Language (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CC0Creative Commons Zero
CDChromatic Dispersion (Glasfaser/glass fiber)
CDCircular Dichroism (spectroscopy)
CDCompact Disc
CDDemokratische Republik Kongo (früher Zaire)/Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaire) (ISO 3166)
CDAClinical Document Architecture (HLJ)
CDACommittee on Diversity in Acoustics (ASA, USA)
CDAConfirmatory Data Analysis
CDAContinuous Descent Approach (Flugverkehr/air traffic)
CDAConvent deutscher Akademikerverbände
CDA[Dateinamenerweiterung: CD-Titel auf Musik-CD/file name extension: CD title on music CD]
CDACosmic Dust Analyzer
CDCCell Division Cycle
CDCCenter for Disease Control [and Prevention] (e.g., Atlanta, GA, USA)
CDCChina Development Corporation (Taiwan)
CDCCompact Diagnostic Chamber (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CDCContinuous Damping Control
CDCControl Data Corporation
CDDChildhood Disintegrative Disorder
CDDCollaborative Drug Discovery
CDDICopper Distributed Data Interface
CDECommon Desktop Environment
CDEComponent Development Environment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CDEXChina Dark Matter Experiment
CDFChannel Definition Format
CDFCollider Detector at Fermilab
CDFCumulative Density (or: Distribution) Function
CDGChristian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft (Austria)
CDGCongenital Disorders of Glycosylation
CDHCompletely Detached H-Regime (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology)
CDICollaborative Data Infrastructure (EU project)
CD-ICompact Disc-Interactive
CDKCyclin Dependent Kinase (Medizin/medicine)
CDLCoordinated Development Laboratory (NRAO)
CDLCMEChristian Doppler Laboratory for Cavitation and Micro-Erosion (Göttingen, DE)
CDMClean Development Mechanism (Umweltschutz/environment conservation)
CDMCode Division Multiplex(ing)
CDMCold Dark Matter (Kosmologie/cosmology)
CDMACode Division Multiple Access (Mobilfunk/mobile radio)
CDMSClinical Data Management System
CDMSCryogenic Dark Matter Search (Astrophysik/astrophysics, USA)
CDNContent Delivery (or: Distribution) Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CDNCoupling/Decoupling Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
cDNAComplementary DNA
CDOCollateral Debt Obligation (Wertpapierhandel/stock exchange)
CDOConsortium Directory Online
CDPCode Domain Power (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CDPCore Description Profile (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CdPNoCalled Party Number (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CDRCall Data (or: Detail) Record (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CDRCarbon Dioxide Removal (climate engineering)
CDRClock Division (or Data) Recovery (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CDR[Dateinamenerweiterung: Corel Draw-Graphikdatei/file name extension: Coral Draw graphic file]
CDRCritical Design Review
CDRHCenter of Devices and Radiological Health (US Food and Drug Administration)
CD-ROMCompact Disc Read-Only Memory
CDSChromatography (Handling) Data System
CDSClinical Decision Support (USA)
CDSCoronal Diagnostic Spectrometer (an Bord von/aboard SOHO)
CDSCorrelated Double Sampling (Rauschunterdrückung/noise reduction)
CDSCredit Default Swap (Börsenhandel/stock exchange)
CDSCrosspoint Development System
CDTCausal Dynamical Triangulation (Gravitationstheorie/theory of gravitation)
CDTConductivity, Temperature, Depth (sensors for marine research)
CDTICockpit Display for Traffic Information (Flugsicherung/flight security)
CDUCooling (or: Coolant) Distribution Unit (HPC)
CDVCell Delay Variation
CDVTCell Delay Variation Tolerance
CDWCharge-Density Wave
CDZChinesisch-Deutsches Zentrum für Wissenschaftsförderung (Beijing)
CECapillary Electrophoresis
CECarrier Ethernet (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CEChief Executive
CECircuit Emulation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CECommunauté (oder/or: Conformité) Européenne
CEConsumer Electronics
CECustomer Edge (or: Equipment) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CEACenter for Extreme Ultraviolet Astrophysics (Berkeley, CA, USA)
CEACommisariat à l'Energie Atomique (Fontenay aux Roses, FR)
CEAConsumer Electronics Association (USA)
CEAASESConsejo de Evaluacion Acreditacion y Aseguramemiento de la Calidad de la Educacion Superior
(Board of Assessment, Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education, Ecuador)
CEASConfederation (or: Council) of European Aerospace Societies
CEAULCentro de Estatística e Aplica¸ões da Universidade de Lisboa (PT)
CEBAFContinuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (Newport News, VA, USA)
CeBITCentrum für Büro- und Informationstechnik (Messe, Hannover/Hanover fair, DE)
CECCommission of the European Communities
CECConsumer Electronics Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CECCountries of Central Europe (ehem. Ostblockländer/former Eastern Block countries)
CECSCenter for Energy and Climate Solutions (Annadale, VA, USA)
CEC-WYSCentral European Centre for Women and Youth in Science
CEDIACustom Electronic Design and Installation Association (USA)
CEDIMCenter for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology (Univ. Karlsruhe, DE)
CEDRClinical and Experimental Dental Research
CEDRConference of European Directors of Roads
CÈDRECentre of Documentation, Research and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution (French Organization)
CEDTCentre for Emerging Device Technologies (McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, CA)
CEECivil and Environmental Engineering
CEEControlled Exposure Experiment
CEEESCommittee of European Environmental Engineering Societies (at the ICT, Pfinztal, DE)
CEEMCenter for Exploration of Energy and Matter (Indiana University, USA)
CEETClean and Efficient Energy Technologies
CEFConcurrent Engineering Facility (DLR, Bremen, DE)
CEFECentre for Functional and Evolutionary Ecology (Montpellier, FR)
CEFSCentre for Entrepreneurial and Financial Studies (TU München, DE)
CEGMRCenter of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research (King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia)
CEHMSCenter for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems (VPI&SU, Blacksburg, VA, USA)
CEICentral European Initiative
CEICommission Electrotechnique Internationale (= IEC)
CEICCommittee on Electronic Information and Communication
CEINCenter for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (University of California at Los Angeles, USA)
CELIACentre for Lasers and Intense Applications (Bordeaux, FR)
CELIASCharge, Element and Isotope Analyses System (an Bord von/aboard SOHO)
CellIDCell Identification (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CELPCode-Excited Linear Prediction
CELTCalifornia Extremely Large Telescope
CELTICCooperation for a Sustained European Leadership in Telecommunications
CEMCenter for Electromechanics (University of Texas in Austin, USA)
CEMChannel Electron Multiplier
CEMAConsumer Electronics Manufacturers Association
CeMASCentre for Modern East Asian Studies (University of Göttingen, DE)
CMaSTCenter for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
CeMISCentre for Modern Indian Studies (University of Göttingen, DE)
CEMSConversion Electron Mössbauer Spectroscopy
CENCentre d'études nucléaires (Bordeuax-Gradignan, FR)
CENComité Européen de Normalisation [European Committee for Standardization, Europäisches Komitee for Normung]
CENAMCentro Nacional de Metrología (MX)
CENELECComité Européen de Normalisation Électrotechnique
CENER[National Renewable Energy Centre] (Spain)
CeNoSCenter for Nonlinear Science (University of Münster, DE)
CENPACenter for Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics (University of Washington, USA)
CeNSCenter for NanoScience (LMU, München, DE)
CentRecZentrifugalreceiver (DLR)
CEOChief Executive Officer (entspricht Vorstandschef bei einer AG)
CEOAEClick-Evoked Otoacoustic Emission
CEOCTConfocal Enhanced Optical Coherence Tomography
CEOSCommittee on Earth Observing Satellite
CEPBACentre for Parallelism of Barcelona (Spain, Computer Center)
CEPIConfocal Fabry-Perot Interferometer
CEPIICentre d'Études Prospectives et d'Informations Internationales (Paris, FR)
CEPRCenter for Economic Policy Research (FR)
CEPSCentre for European Policy Studies (Bruxelles, BE)
CEPSARCentre for Earth, Planetary, Space and Astronomical Research (UK)
CEPTConférence Européenne des Postes et (des) Télécommunications
CERCommunicating European Research (Meeting)
CERCommunity of European Railways
CERAMCentre d'essais et de recherche automobile de Montefontaine (bei/near Paris, FR)
CeraStorECompetence Center for Ceramic Materials and Thermal Storage in Energy Research (DLR, Köln)
CERCCanadian Excellent (or: Canada Excellence) Research Chair (e.g., University of Ottawa, Canada)
CERCClean Energy Research Centre
CERCACenter for Education and Research in Cosmology and Astrophysics (Case Western University, Cleveland, OH, USA)
CERC3Chairmen and Directors of European Research Council's Chemistry Committees
CEREQCentre d'Etude de Recherche sur les Qualifications
CERESChemical Evaluation and Risk Estimation System
CERESClouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (Satelliten-Erd-Fernerkundung/satellite remote earth sensing)
CERIFCommon European Research Information Format
CERNConseil Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire (jetzt/now: Organisation Européenne ...)
CERPCentre of European Research Projects
CERROCentral European Regional Research Organization
CERTComputer Emergency Response Team
CERTHCentre for Research and Technology Hellas (Thessaloniki, GR)
CESCambridge Engineering Selector [Database] (UK)
CESCircuit Emulation Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CESComputational Engineering Science
CESComputer Earth Sciences Group (at BSC, Barcelona)
CESConsumer Electronics Show
CESARCost-Efficient Methods and Processes for Safety Relevant Embedded Systems
CESE[Fraunhofer-] Center for Experimental Software Engineering (Maryland, USA)
CESGACentro de Supercomputatión de Galicia (ES)
CESMCommunity Earth System Model
CeSMaCenter Smart Materials (FhG-ISC)
CESoE[TH]Circuit Emulation Service(s) over Ethernet (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CESRACommunity of European Solar Astronomers
CESTC Expert System Tools
CESTChemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (Biomedizin/biomedicine)
CETACenter of Excellence for Advanced Technology
CETACollege of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture
CETHEDECCentre d'études théoriques de la détection et des communications (FR)
CETIMCentre technique des industries mécaniques (FR)
CETUPCenter for Theoretical Underground Physics and Related Areas (South Dakota, USA)
CEZACurt-Engelhorn-Zentrum Archäometrie (Mannheim)
CFCharacteristic Frequency
cfcubic foot, cubic feet
CFCystische Fibrose (Mukoviszidose)
C&FCost and Freight (Handelsverkehr/trade)
CFZentralafrikanische Republik/Central African Republic (ISO 3166)
CfACenter for Astrophysics (Harvard-Smithonian, Cambridge, MA, USA)
CFAColor Filter Array (Bildverarbeitung/picture processing)
CFARConstant-False-Alarm Rate (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CFCCarbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon
CFCASCanadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences
CFDComputational Fluid Dynamics, scherzhaft auch/jokingly also: Colorful Fluid Dynamics
CFDSCenter for Doctoral Studies (RWTH Aachen, DE)
CFELCentre for Free-Electron Laser Science (Hamburg, DE)
CFFConsistent-Force-Field (molecular physics)
CFFLColumbus Free Flying Laboratory (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
CFFSConventional Fish-Finding Echo Sounder
CFGContext-Free Grammar (Sprachverarbeitung/speech processing)
CFG[Dateinamenerweiterung: Konfigurationsdatei/file name extension: configuration file]
CFHTCanada-France-Hawaii Telescope (Mauna Kea)
CFICanada Foundation for Innovation (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CA)
CFICanonical Format Indicator (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CFIColor Flow Imaging (Ultraschall-Doppler-Verfahren/ultrasound Doppler method)
CFITControlled Flight into Terrain
CFKKohlenstofffaser-verstärkte Kunststoffe
CFLCAD Framework Laboratory
CFLCompact Fluorescent (Bulb)
CFMConfocal Microscopy
CFMSCentre for Modelling and Simulation
CFNCenter for Functional Nanomaterials (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA)
CFOCarrier Frequency Offset (Datenübertragung/data transfer)
CFOChief Financial Officer
CFPCenter for Fundamental Physics (Northwestern University, USA)
CFPCommon Fisheries Policy (Europe)
CFPContention Free Period (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CF-PEEKkohlenstofffaserverstärktes PEEK
CFRCode of Federal Regulations (FDA)
CFRPCarbon-Fiber Reinforced Plastic
CFSANCenter for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (USA)
CFSECenter for Frontier Science and Engineering (Tokyo, JP)
CFTConformal Field Theory (cosmology)
CFTRCystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator
CFUColony Forming Units (Bakterien/bacteries)
CFVCall for Votes (Rechnernetz/computer network)
CGCharging Gateway
CGComputer Graphics
CGChorion Gonadotropin (ein Hormon/a hormone)
CGVolksrepublik Kongo/People's Republic of Congo (ISO 3166)
CGACancer Genome Atlas
CGACeramic Grid Array (Halbleitertechnik/semiconductor technology)
CGAColor Graphics Adapter
CGCChemical Genomic Center (Dortmund, DE)
CGCComplementary Ground Component (ergänzt/supplement to DVB-SH)
CGDCoplanar Grid Detector
CGECompagnie Générale d'Electricité
CGHComparative Genomic Hybridisation (Mikroarraytechnik/microarray technology)
CGHComputer-Generated Hologram
CGICommon Gateway Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CGIARConsultative Group for International Agricultural Research
CGMComputer Graphics Metafile [Dateinamenerweiterung: Graphikdatei/file name extension: graphic file]
CGMConsumer Generated Media
CGMContinuous Glucose Monitoring
CGMPCurrent Good Manufacturing Practice
CGMSCopy Generation Management System
CGPMConférence Générale des Poids et Mesures
CGRMCentre Grenoblois de Résonance Magnétique (Grenoble, FR)
CGROCompton Gamma Ray Observatory
cgsCentimeter – Gramm – Sekunde (Maßsystem/system of units)
CGSContinuous Grain Silicon (Halbleitertechnik/semiconductor technology)
CGSCorporate GSM Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CGSCouncil of Graduate Schools (USA)
CGSUCornell Graduate Students United (USA)
CGWACenter for Gravitational Wave Astronomy (University of Texas, Brownsville, TX, USA)
CHSchweiz/Switzerland (ISO 3166)
CHABA[US National Academy of Sciences] Committee on Hearing, Acoustics, and Bioacoustics
CHAPChallenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CHARMCERN, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Rom, Moskau (Kernphysik-Kollaboration/nuclear physics collaboration)
CHARMChemistry at Harvard Molecular Mechanics (computer program)
CHARMCH4 Airborne Remote Monitor(ing)
CHARMCoherence-Advanced Regulation Mode (laser stabilization)
CHARMComprehensive Human Animation Resource Model
CHARMMChemistry at Harvard Macromolecular Mechanics
CHATTCryogenic Hypersonic Advanced Tank Technologies (EU project)
CHCChlorinated Hydrocarbon
CHDMCold + Hot Dark Matter (Kosmologie/cosmology)
CHECentrum für Hochschulentwicklung (Gütersloh)
ChEBIChemical Entities of Biological Interest (Datenbank/data bank)
CHEMFET[FET mit chemischem Sensor als Gate-Elektrode/FET with chemical sensor as gate electrode]
CHEOPSCharacterizing Exoplanet Satellite (ESA, Start 2018)
CHEOPSChemistry of Ozone in the Polar Stratosphere
CHESSComposition with Guarantees for High-Integrity Embedded Software Components Assembly (EU project)
CHESSCornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (Teilchenbeschleuniger/particle accelerator, Ithaca, NY, USA)
CHFCongestive (or: Chronic) Heart Failure (Herzinsuffizienz)
CHGCoherent Harmonic Generation
CHIEFCombined Helmholtz Integral Equation Formulation
CHILComputers in the Human Interaction Loop (EU project)
CHILIASChildren's Library – Information – Animation – Skills
CHIMECanadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (astrophysics)
CHMMCall Handling MultiMedia (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CHORUSCERN Hybrid Oscillation Research Apparatus
CHORUSClearinghouse for the Open Research of the United States
CHPCenter for History of Physics (AIP)
CHPCombined Heating and Power (Kraftwerk/power station)
CHRGConcert Hall Research Group (Acoustics, USA)
CHRISCompact High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
CHTMCenter for High Technology Materials (at UNM)
C/ICarrier-to-Interference Performance (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CICell Identity (Mobilfunk/mobile radio)
CIChemical Ionisation (Massenspektrometer/mass spectrometer)
CICochlear Implant
CIComputation Institute
CIElfenbeinküste/Ivory Coast (ISO 3166)
CIACentral Intelligence Agency (oberste US-Geheimdienstbehörde)
CiACERIF in Action
CIAOCollaborative Institutional Assessment of Open Access
CIAOCoronographic Imager with Adaptive Optics
CIATCentre for Tropical Agriculture
CICCascaded Integrator-Comb (Signalverarbeitung/signal processing)
CICCenter for International Cooperation (Bonn, DE)
CICCharge Injection Calibration
CICConseil Internationale de la Chasse et de la Conservation du Gibier
CICCoronographic Imaging Camera
CiCCorporate Information and Computing Service
CICADACentre for Interdiciplinary Computational and Dynamical Analysis (University of Manchester, UK)
CICQCombined Input and Central Queuing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CICSCustomer Information Control System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CICYTComisión Interministerial de Ciencia y Tecnología (ES)
CIDCarrier Internetworking Division (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CIDCentral Institute for the Deaf (Saint Louis, MO, USA)
CIDCharge-Injection Device
CIDCollision-Induced Dissociation
CIDLConfiguration Item Data List (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CIDRClassless Interdomain Routing (Internet)
CIECommission Internationale d'Eclairage, International Commission of Illumination
CIEMATCentro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Technológicas (ES)
CIERACenter for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics (Northwestern University, USA)
CIESINConsortium for International Earth Science Information Network
CIFCommon Intermediate Format (Datennetz/data network)
C.I.F.Cost, Insurance, Freight (Handelsverkehr/trade)
CIGCell Interconnection Gateway (Datennetz/data network)
CIGSCopper Indium Gallium Selenium (or: Diselenide) (für Photovoltaik/for photovoltaics)
CIIClimate Impact Indicator
CILIPChartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
CIMComputer-integrated manufacturing
CIMCorporate Information Management (USA)
CIMEComputer Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering
CIMSSCenter for Intelligent Material Systems and Structures (VPI & SU, Blacksburg, VA, USA)
CINEFOGOCivil Society and New Forms of Governance in Europe
CINEMACenter for Innovative and Emerging Materials (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, DE)
CINEMACubesat for Ions, Neutrals, Electrons, and Magnetic Fields (microsatellite to study Earth's ring-current region)
CINRCarrier-to-Interference plus Noise Ratio (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CINTCenter for Integrated Nanotechnology (LANL)
CIOCentrum Integrierte Onkologie
CIOChief Information (or: Integration) Officer
CIOCorporate Information Office
CIOEChina International Optoelectronics Expo
CIOQCombined Input- and Output-Queued (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CIPCataloging in Publication
CIPCentre for Integrated Photonics (UK)
CIPChannelopathy-Associated Insensitivity to Pain
CIPCompetitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (EU)
CIP3International Cooperation for Integration of Prepress, Press and Postpress (Druckindustrie/printing industry)
CIPMComité International des Poids et Mesures
CIPRNetCritical Infrastructure Preparedness and Resilience Research Network (EU project)
CIPTComputer Integrated Public Transportation
CIRCarrier to Interference Ratio (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CIRChannel Impulse Response
CIRCircle (US Mail)
CIRCommitted Information Rate (Datennetz/data network)
CIRComputer Integrated Railroading
CIRCorotating Interaction Region (heliosphere)
CIRCylindrical Internal Reflection (ATR-Technik/ATR technology)
CIRACentro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali [Italian Aerospace Research Center] (Capua, IT)
CIR ELKEComputer Integrated Railroading for Raising Efficiency in the Core Network (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
CIRESCooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
CIRITConseil Interdepartamental de Recerca i Innovació Tecnòlogica (ES)
CIRMMTCentre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (McGilll University, CA)
CIRSComposite Infrared Spectrometer (Cassini)
CISCard Information Structure
CISCommonwealth (or: Confederation) of Independent States (= GUS)
CISCompensated Image System (adaptive Optik/adaptive optics)
CiSComputing Infrastructure for Science (NRP)
CISConstant Initial-State (Photoemission)
CISCopper Indium Selenide, Kupferindiumdiselenid (für Photovoltaik/for photovoltaics)
CISACCommittee on International Security and Arms Control (USA)
CISCComplex Instruction Set Computer
CISCOCooled Infrared Spectrograph and Camera for OH-Airglow Suppression
CISEComputer & Information Science & Engineering (Division of NSF, USA)
CiSEComputing in Science and Engineering (AIP Magazine)
CISLComputational and Information Systems Laboratory (at NCAR)
CISLContractual Index and Status List (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CISM[International Centre for Mechanical Sciences], Udine, IT
CISPRComité International Spécial des Perturbations Radioélectriques (International Special Committee on Radio Interference, since 1933)
CIST[Moskau-Fraunhofer] Institut für Chemische Technologie Pfinztal
CISTICanada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
CITCarbon-Ion Therapy (cancer treatment)
CITCenter for Information Technology (beim/at the NIH, USA)
CITACanadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (Toronto, ON, CA)
CITELInterAmerican Telecom Commission (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CITESConvention on International Trade in Endangered Species [of Wild Fauna and Flora]
(Internationale Übereinkunft zum Handel mit bedrohten Arten)
CIVACharge-Induced Voltage Alteration
CJDCreutzfeld-Jakob Disease
CJDACambridge Journals Digital Archive
CJOCambridge Journals Online (Cambridge University Press)
CJOmCambridge Journals Online Mobile (Cambridge University Press)
CJPLChina Jinping Deep Underground Laboratory
CJRCentral Japan Railway (Company)
CKClock (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CKCookinseln/Cook Islands (ISO 3166)
CKANComprehensive Knowledge Archive Network
CKM[Nicola] Cabbibo, [Makoto] Kobayashi, [Toshihide] Maskawa [Matrix] (Elementarteilchentheorie/elementary particle theory)
CKWchlorierte Kohlenwasserstoffe
CLChile (ISO 3166)
Cl.Classification (Patentliteratur/patent literature)
CLConnectionless (Internet)
CLControl(led) Load
CLACanadian Library Association
CLACenter for Laser Applications (Plymouth, Michigan, USA)
CLACopyright Licensing Agency
CLADChronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction
CLAFCentro Latino-Americano de Fisica
CLAIREClean Air Engine (Flugzeugmotor/aircraft engine)
CLARIN[European] Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure
CLASSECornell Laboratory for Accelerator[-Based] Sciences and Education
CLCCholesteric Liquid Crystal
C.L.E.Club zur ländlichen Elektrifizierung
CLECustomer Located Edge (or: Equipment) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CLEARCenter for Laser Experimental Astrophysics Research (University of Michigan, USA)
CLEARCoordinated Lysosomal Expression and Regulation, koordinierte lysosomale Expression und Regulation
CLECCompetitive Local Exchange Carrier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CLEOConference on Lasers and Electro-Optics
CLEOPATRACloud Experiment Oberpfaffenhofen and Transport
CLFConnectivity Session Location and Repository Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CLFACoopération Laser Franco-Allemande
CLICalling Line Identification (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CLICommand Line Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CLICoupling Loop Interference (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CLIAClinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (US clinical testing guidelines)
CLICCompact Linear Collider (at CERN, planned)
CLIPCalling Line Identification Presentation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CLIPCaribbean Large Igneous Province
CLLChronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, chronisch lymphatische Leukämie
CLOCollateralized Loan Obligation (Börsenhandel/stock exchange)
CLONSClosed Loop Neural Prosthesis for Vestibular Disorders
CLORAClub des Organismes de Recherche Associés (FR)
CLOSCommon LISP Object System
CLP[Dateinamenerweiterung: Graphikdatei/file name extension: graphic file]
CLRConnection Loudness Rating (Telefon/telephone)
CLSCall Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CLSCanadian Light Source (Synchrotron-Strahlungsquelle beim CFI/synchrotron radiation source at the CFI)
CLSCollecte localisation satellite
CLSConfocal Laser Scanning (Microscope)
CLSMConfocal Laser-Scanning Microscope (or: Microscopy)
CLTCenter for Laser Technology (Plymouth, MA, USA)
CLTCentral Limit Theorem
CL20Hexanitro-Isowurtzitan (Sprengstoff/explosive)
CMKamerun/Cameroon (ISO 3166)
CMCochlear Microphonic (physiological acoustics)
CMContract Manufacturer
CMAConstant Modulus Algorithm
CMACCerebellar Model Arithmetic Computer
CMAM[Fraunhofer-] Center for Manufacturing and Advanced Materials (Newark, DE, USA)
CMB[Fraunhofer-] Center for Molecular Biotechnology (Newark, DE, USA)
CMBCosmic Microwave Background
CMBRCosmic Microwave Background Radiation
CMCCeramic Matrix Composites
CMCCritical Micelle Concentration
CMCSNComputational Materials and Chemistry Science Network (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
CMDCarrier Multiplication Device (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CMDCircuit Mode Data
CMDCondensed Matter Division (EPS)
CMDCraniomandibuläre Dysfunktion (des Kiefers)
CMECondensed Matter Experimental [Physics]
CMECoronal Mass Ejection (Sonnenphysik/solar physics)
CMEM[International Conference on] Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements
CMetChartered Meteorologist (UK Royal Meteorological Society's program)
CMI[Fraunhofer-] Center for Manufacturing Innovations (Boston, MA, USA)
CMICenter for Materials Innovation (Washington University in St. Louis, MN, USA)
CMICritical Materials Institute (Ames Laboratory)
CMIPCommon Management Information Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CMIP5Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5
CMIRCenter for Molecular Imaging Research (Harvard University, Boston, MA, USA)
CMISCommon Management Information Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CMISECommon Management Information Services (or: System) Element (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CML[Fraunhofer-] Center für Maritime Logistik (und Dienstleistungen) (Hamburg)
CMLChemical Markup Language
CMLChronic Myelogenous Leukemia, chronische myeloische Leukämie
CMLCurrent Mode Logic (Schaltungstechnik/circuitry)
CMMCapability Maturity Model
CMMChassis Management Modulus
CMMCondensed Matter/Materials
CMMCoordinate Measuring Machine
CMMCorporate Mobility Manager (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CMMBChina Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting
CMMICapability Maturity Model Integration
CMMPCondensed Matter and Materials Physics
CMNCerous Magnesium Nitrate (Temperaturnormal/temperature standard)
CMNSCondensed-Matter Nuclear Science
CMOChief Medical Officer
CMOCollateralized Mortgage Obligation (mit Hypotheken besichertes Wertpapier)
CMOComplex Monolithic Optics
CMOSCapacity-Coupled Metal-Oxide Silicon Device
CMOSComplementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (Feldeffekt-Transistor/field effect transistor)
CMPChemical-Mechanical Polishing
CMPCondensed Matter Physics
CMPBCentre Molecular Physiology of the Brain, DFG Forschungszentrum Molekularphysiologie des Gehirns (Göttingen, DE, seit/since 2002)
CMRCenter for Materials Research
CMRColossal Magnetoresistance
CMRRCommon-Mode Rejection Ratio
CMRSClimate Modelling and Research System
CMSCambridge Materials Selector [Database] (UK)
CMSCepstral Mean Subtraction (Sprachbearbeitung/speech processing)
CMSCluster Management System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CMSCompact Muon Solenoid (detector, LHC, CERN)
CMSCondensed Matter Science
CMSCondition Monitoring System
CMSContent-Management System (Wissensmanagement)
CMSCorporate Mobile Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CMSEComputational Math Science and Engineering (Michigan State University, USA)
CM/SMCommunication/Service Module (Satellitentechnik/satellite technology)
CMSPCondensed Matter & Statistical Physics (at ICTP, Trieste, IT)
CMSTCenter for Marine Science and Technology (Perth, WA, AUS)
CMSUCentral Missouri State University (USA)
CMTCondensed Matter Theory
CMTCondition Monitoring System
CMTConstruction Materials Testing
CMTCriticality Management Tool
CMTSCable Modem Termination System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CMUCarnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
CMUTCapacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer
CMYKCyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (Bildverarbeitung/picture processing)
C/NCarrier-to-Noise [Ratio]
CNCore Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CNVolksrepublik China/Peoples Republic of China (ISO 3166)
CNAMCenter for Nanophysics and Advanced Materials (UMD)
CNAMConservatoire National des Arts et Metiers (Paris, FR)
CNCColloidal Nanocrystal Cluster
CNCComisión Nacional de Communicaciones (AR) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CNCComputer Numerical Control (Werkzeugmaschinen/machine tools)
CN/CSCore Network/Circuit Switched (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CNELCommunity Noise Equivalent Level
CNESCentre National d'Etudes Spatiales (FR)
CNETCentre National d'Etudes des Télécommunications
CNILCommission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés
CNIOCentro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas [Spanish National Cancer Research Centre] (Madrid, ES)
CNMCenter for Nanoscale Materials (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
CNMCustomer Network Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CNMPBZentrum für Mikroskopie im Nanometerbereich und Molekularphysiologie des Gehirns (Göttingen, seit November 2012)
CNMSCenter for Nanophase Materials Science (ORNL)
CNNConvolutional Neural Network
CNOTConditioned NOT (logisches Gatter/logical gate)
CNPCenter for Neutrino Physics (Virginia Tech Department of Physics, USA)
CNPIECChina National Publications Import and Export Group Corporation
CNPqConselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Tecnológico (BR)
CNRCarrier-to-Noise Ratio
CNRCommunity Noise Rating
CNRConsiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IT)
CNRNational Research Council (CA)
CNRMCentre National de Recherches Météorologiques (Toulouse, FR)
CNRRIChina National Rice Research Institute
CNRSCentre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR)
CNSCentral Nervous System
CNSCentre National d'Etudes Spatiales (FR)
CNSCentro Nacional de Supercomputación (Barcelona, ES)
CNSCommunication, Navigation, Surveillance
CNSConseil National de la Science (FR)
CNSCosmological Natural Selection
CNSAChinese National Space Administration
CNSICalifornia Nanosystems Institute (UCSB and UCLA, CA, USA)
CNSTCenter for Nanoscale Science & Technology (NIST)
CNTCarbon Nanotube, Kohlenstoff-Nanoröhrchen
CNT[Fraunhofer] Zentrum für Nanoelektronische Technologien (Dresden)
CNVChoroidale Neovaskularisation (Augenkrankheit/eye disease)
CNYChinese Yuan
COCentral Office (Rechnernetze/computer networks)
COColorado (US-Staat/US state)
COConnection-Oriented (Internet)
COKolumbien/Colombia (ISO 3166)
CoACertificate of Analysis
CoACore of Address (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CoadecCoalition for a Digital Economy (scientific publishing)
COAFCharity Open Access Fund
COARConfederation of Open Access Repositories
COASPConference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing
COBECosmic Background Explorer (Satellit/satellite)
COBOLCommon Business-Oriented Language (Programmiersprache/programming language)
CoBRAComputerized Bibliographic Record Actions
COCChain of Custody
CoCCouncil on Competitiveness (USA)
COCOMCoordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls
COCOSDAInternational Coordinating Committee on Speech Databases and Speech I/O Systems Assessment
CODCatastrophical Optical Damage
CODChemical Oxygen Demand
CODACCosmic Dust Aggregation Experiment
CoDASCondensed Matter Direct Alerting Service (Datenbank/data bank)
CODATACommittee on Data for Science and Technology (seit/since 1966)
CODESTCommittee for the Development of European Science and Technology
CoDISCombined DNA Index System (zur Überführung von Kriminellen/for the conviction of criminals, USA)
CoDIT[IEEE International Conference on] Control, Decision and Information Technologies
COECenter of Excellence
COEHCCoalition on Effective Hearing Conservation (USA)
COFColumbus Orbit Facility (Weltraumlabor/space laboratory)
COFDMCoded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex(ing)
COFRETCarbon Footprint of Freight Transport (EU project)
COFSControl of Flexible Structures Program (NASA)
COGACollaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism (USA)
COGANGSComparative Genomics and Next Generation Sequencing
CoGeNTCoherent Germanium Neutrino Technology
COGNACComparing Orders of Genes Using Novel Algorithms and High-Performance Computers (drug development)
COGRCouncil on Governmental Relations (USA)
COGSCost of Goods Sold
COHERENCECooperativity in Highly Excited Rydberg Ensembles – Control and Entanglement (EU project)
COICHChannel Quality Indicator Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
COILChemical Oxygen-Iodine Laser
COLConstruction and Operating License
COLCIENCIASInstituto Colombiano para el Desarrollo de la Ciencia y la Tecnología (CO)
COLDCryogenic Optical Localization in Three Dimensions
COLTRIMSCold Target Recoil Momentum Spectroscopy
COMCalcium Oxalate Monohydrate (kidney stones, Nierensteine)
CoMCenter of Mass
com[Commercial Organization] (Internet, USA)
COMCommittee on Minorities in Physics (APS)
COMComponent (or: Common) Object Model
COM[Dateinamenerweiterung: ausführbares Programm/file name extension: executable program]
COMBOClassifying Objects by Medium-Band Observations
COMDCatastrophical Optical Mirror Damage
COMEDD[Fraunhofer-] Center for Organic Materials and Electronic Devices Dresden (am/at the IPMS)
CoMetCarbon Dioxide and Methane Mission for HALO (DLR project)
COMETC++ OSI Management Extended Toolchain
COMETTCommunity Program for Education and Training in Technology
COMEXCommence Exercise (underwater noise monitoring standard)
COMICSCooled Mid-Infrared Camera and Spectrograph
COMIQCold Molecular Ions at the Quantum Limit (European research network)
CoMLCensus of Marine Life Initiative
COMPASSCommon Muon Proton Apparatus for Structure and Spectroscopy (CERN)
COMPENDEXComputerized Engineering Index (Datenbank/data bank)
COMPETESCreating Opportunities to Meaningfully Promote Excellence in Technology, Education, and Science (USA)
COMPLEXCommittee on Planetary and Lunar Exploration (National Research Council, USA)
COMPOSITEComparative Police Studies in the EU
COMPRESConsortium for Material Properties Research in Earth Sciences (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
COMPTECHConsortium for Material Properties Research in Earth Sciences Technology Center (at Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
COMPTELImaging Compton Telescope
COMSATCommunications Satellite Corporation (USA)
COMSECCommunication(s) Security
COMSTECHCommittee on Scientific and Technical Cooperation
COMTCathechol-O-Methyltransferase (Genetik/genetics)
CONAEComision Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (Argentina)
CONACYTConsejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (MX)
ConCapConstant Capacitance (Sensorik-Verfahren/sensoric method)
CONCERTContrial and Cirrus Experiment (DLR project)
CONICETConsejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas Técnicas (AR)
CONICYTComisión Nacional de Investigación Cientifica y Tecnológica (Chile)
CONINCooperadora para la Nutrición Infantil (Kooperation für Kinderernährung, Peru)
CONNFFESSITCalculation of Non-Newtonian Flow: Finite Elements and Stochastic Simulation Technique
CONSISTComparison of Conservation Materials and Strategies for Sustainable Exploitation of Immovable Industrial Heritage Made of Iron and Steel
CONTRAILComprehensive Observation Network for Trace Gases by Airliner
COOChief Operating Officer
COOMET[Euro-Asian] Cooperation of National Meteorological Institutions
COORETECKohlendioxid-Reduktions-Technologien (Kraftwerksforschungsprogramm des BMWi/German power plant research program)
COPChronisch obstruktive Lungenerkrankung
COPCoefficient of Performance
COPColonizing Opportunistic Pathogens
COPASIComplex Pathway Simulator
COPDChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease [Chronisch obstruktive Lungenerkrankung]
COPSCommon Open Policy Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
COPSConvective and Orographically-induced Precipitation Study (Meteorologie/meteorology)
COPUOSCommittee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNO)
CoQuS[Vienna Doctoral Program on] Complex Quantum Systems (AT)
CORCellular Open Resource
CoralCollaboration of Oak Ridge, Argonne, and Lawrence Livermore (on supercomputing)
CORALUSCorrosion of Alpha-Active Glass in Underground Storage Conditions (for nuclear waste)
CORBACommon Object Request Broker Architecture (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CORDISCommunity Research and Development Information Service (EU)
CORINFCorrelated Multielectron Dynamics in Intense Light Fields (EU project)
CoRoTConvection, Rotation and Planetary Transit (French satellite)
CORSAIRCoprocessor RSA in a Rush
CORUSConcept of Operation for European UTM Systems (EU project)
CORVETTECoordination and Validation of the Development of Advanced Transport Telematic Systems in the Alpine Area
COSCarbon oxysulphide
COSCentre for Open Science
CoSClass(es) of Service(s)
COSCollege of Optical Sciences (University of Arizona, USA)
COSCore Operation Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
COSEPUPCommittee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (National Academy, USA)
COSICenter of Science and Industry (Columbus, OH, USA)
COSINECooperation for Open Systems Interconnection in Europe
CoSMICCombinatorial Sciences and Materials Information Collaboratory
COSMO-ARTConsortium for Small Scale Modelling – Aerosols and Reactive Trace Gases
COSMO-CLMConsortium for Small Scale Modelling – Climate Mode
COSMOSCentre for Theoretical Cosmology (Stephen Hawking)
COSMOSCosmic Evolution Survey (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
COSPACollection of Stratospheric Aerosol Particles (DLR project)
COSPARCommittee on Space Research
COST[European] Cooperation in Science and Technology (ESF), Coopération Européenne dans la domaine de la recherche scientifique et technique
COSTECH[Tanzania] Commission for Science and Technology
COSTEPComprehensive Suprathermal and Energetic Particle (an Bord von/aboard SOHO)
COSYCooler Synchrotron (Jülich, DE)
COSYCorrelation Spectroscopy
COTCustomer Operation Team
COTSComponents (or: Commercial, or: Commodity, or: Configurable) Off-The-Shelf (hardware or software)
COUPPChicagoland Observatory for Underground Particle Physics (neuartige Blasenkammer/novel bubble chamber, USA)
COVCalculus of Variation
COVERCovariance Equivalent Realization
CoWCorrelates of War (database on war)
COXCyclo-Oxygenase (ein Enzym/an enzyme)
CO2RRECTCO2-Reaction Using Regenerative Energies and Catalytic Technologies
CPCharge-Parity (symmetry)
CPConference Proceedings (NASA etc.)
CPConnection Performer
CPContent Provider (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CPContention Period (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CPCustomer Premises (Rechnernetz/computer network)
CPCyclic Prefix
CPAClosest Point of Approach (ocean acoustics)
CPACoherent Perfect Absorber (optics, "antilaser")
CPAChirped Pulse Amplification (or: Amplifier) (optische Pulskompression/optical pulse compression)
CPACSCommon Parametric Aircraft Configuration Scheme
CPANComprehensive Perl Archive Network
CPBConstant Percentage Bandwidth (Spektralanalyse/frequency analysis)
CPBCooper-Pair Box (Supraleitung/superconductivity)
CPCCentral Processing Center (Galileo)
CPCCollaborative Product Commerce
CPCCompound Parabolic Concentrator (optische Linsen/optical lenses)
CPCComprehensive Pneumology Center (München, DE)
CPCContinuous Packet Connectivity
CPCCooperative Patent Classification
CPCBCentral Pollution Control Board (Umweltbehörde in Indien/environmental authority in India)
CPCMMission Planning Control Center (Satellitensystem/satellite system)
CPCTCenter for Photoinduced Charge Transfer (Rochester, NY, USA)
CPDCommittee on the Present Danger
CPDContinuous Professional Development
CPDDClinical Pharmacology in Drug Development (Journal)
CPDLCController Pilot Data Link Communication (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CPECommon Phase Error (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CPECustomer Premise(s) Equipment (Internet)
CPERIChemical Process Engineering Research Institute (at CERTH, GR)
CPGComputational Physics Group (EPS)
CPhACanadian Pharmacists Association
CPHYControl Interface for Physical Layer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CPIConsumer Products Inventory
CPIContinuous Process Improvement
CPICHCommon Pilot Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CPJCanadian Pharmacists Journal
CPLCall Processing Language (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CPLCircularly Polarized Light
CPLDComplex Programmable Logic Device
CPMCathode Pulse Memory
CPMG[Herman] Carr, [Edward] Purcell, [Saul] Meiboom, [David] Gill (NMR pioneers)
CPMQControl Processor Module Queuing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CPNCustomer Premises Network (Rechnernetz/computer network)
CPOCoherent Population Oscillation (solid state physics)
CPPCell-Penetrating Peptide
CPPChannel Plasmon Polariton (elektromagnetische Grenzflächenwellen/electromagnetic boundary layer waves)
CPPClean Power Plan
CPPCurrent-Perpendicular-to-Plane (Festkörperphysik/solid state physics)
CPPMCentre for Photonics and Photonic Materials (University of Bath, UK)
CPRCardiopulmonary Resuscitation (medicine)
CPRICommon Public Radio Interface (Mobilfunk-Standard)
CPRITCancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas
CPRMCopy Protection for Recordable Media (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CPSCarte de Professionel de Santé
CPSChinese Physical Society
CPSConcentrated Solar Power
CPSCyberphysical System, Cyber-Physisches System
CPSThe Czech Physial Society
CPSACopy Protection System Architecture (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CPTCharge, Parity, Time (Invarianz gegen ...umkehr/invariance against ... reversal)
CPTClinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (open-access journal)
CPTESCenter for Phononics and Thermal Energy Science (Tongji University, Shanghai, CN)
CPTWGCopy Protection Technical Working Group (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CPUCentral Processing Unit (Computer)
CPVConcentrator (or: Concentrated) Photovoltaic(s)
CPV[International] Conference on Concentrator Photovoltaics
CPVContinuous Process Verification
CPVSCentral Payload Video System
CPXClose Proximity Method (Fahrzeug-Lärmmesstechnik/vehicle noise measurement)
CPXControl Panel Extension
CQBCenter for Quantitative Biology (Peking University, CN)
CQICenter for Quantum Information (IIIS, Tsinghua University, CN)
CQIChannel Quality Indicator (or: Indication) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CQIQCCentre for Quantum Information and Quantum Control (University of Toronto, ON, CA)
CQMConstituent Quark Model
CRCell Relay (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CRCosmic Ray(s)
CRCosta Rica (ISO 3166)
CRACComputer Room Air Conditioning
CRADACooperative Research and Development Agreement (or: Award) [with private companies] (USA, staatl. Förderungsprogramm)
CRAFTCooperative Research Action For Technology (EU)
CRAHComputer Room Air Handlers
CRAHVICrashworthyness of Aircraft for High Velocity Impact
C-RAMCounter-Rocket Artillery and Mortar
CRBCramér-Rao Bound
CRBTColor Ring Back Tone (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CRCClinical Research Center
CRCCollaborative Research Centre (DFG)
CRCCorporate Research Center
CRCCourant Research Centre
CRCCyclic Redundancy Check (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CRC-ACSCooperative Research Centre for Advanced Composite Structures (Australia)
CRCG[Fraunhofer-] Center for Research in Computer Graphics (Providence, RI, USA)
CRDColor Rendering Dictionary (Bildverarbeitung/picture processing)
CRDACooperative Research and Development Agreement
CRDFCivilian Research and Development Foundation (USA)
CRDSCavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy
CREALCentre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (Barcelona, ES)
CREATIVCreative Research Awards for Transformative Interdisciplinary Ventures (NSF, USA)
CREDOCluster of Research on Endocrine Disruption in Europe
CRENELCommission to Review the Effectiveness of the National Energy Laboratories (USA)
CREOCO2 Reduction through Estimation Optimisation
CREOLCollege of Optics and Photonics and Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers (UCF)
CRESSTCryogenic Rare Event Search with Superconducting Thermometers
CRESTCenter for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies
CRESTComité de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique (EU)
CRESTCore Research for Evolutional Science and Technology (Japan)
CRESTACollaborative Research into Exascale Systemware, Tools and Applications (at EPCC)
CREWCenter for Research in Economics and Well-Being (Univesität Basel, CH)
CRFCentro Ricerche Fiat (in Italy)
CRFCorticotropin-Releasing Factor (ein Hormon/a hormone)
CRGCenter for Genomic Regulation (Barcelona, ES)
CRGCollaborating Research Group
CRHCorticotropin-(or: Cortisol-)Releasing Hormone
CRIColour-Rendering Index
CRIMCentre de Recherche en Informatique de Montréal (CA)
CRIMSONCrisis Management Simulation (Software package, 6 partners in 4 countries: EE, FR, IT, NL)
CRISCenter for Research on Innovation and Society (Santa Barbara, CA, USA, und/and Berlin, DE)
CRISCurrent Research Information System
CRISMCompact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars
CRISPCenter for Research on Interface Structure and Phenomena (Yale, USA)
CRISPCluster of Research Infrastructures for Synergies in Physics
CRISPCoarse-Grained Reconfigurable Instruction Set Processor (Computer)
CRISPCorrected Illumination Scanning Probe (im Transmissionselektronenmikroskop/in a transmission electron microscope)
CRISPCounter Rotating Integrated Shrouded Propfan (DLR-Projekt)
CRISPRClustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (Bakterien-Genetik/genetics of bacteria)
CRISTALCentre de Recherche en Informatique, Signal et Automatique (Lille, FR)
CRIStinCurrent Research Information System in Norway
CRLCertificate Revocation List (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
C.R.L.Companhia ein Responsibilidao Limitida (PT, ES)
CRLBCramér-Rao Lower Bound
CRMCertified Reference Material
CRMCommon Research Model (NASA aircraft)
CRMContract Research Manager
CRMCustomer Relations (or: Relationship) Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CRNCommittee of a Regulatory Nature (EU)
CRNCControlling Radio Network Controller (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CROClinical Research Organisation
CROContract Research Organization
CroBITCross Border Information Technology
C.R.O.P., CROPCombined Regenerative Organic Food Production (DLR Köln, Lebenserhaltungssystem)
CRORCounter Rotative Open Rotor (Flugzeugantrieb/aircraft propeller)
CRPC-reaktives Protein, Cyclic-AMP Receptor Protein (AMP: Adenosine Monophosphate)
CRPLCentral Radio Propagation Laboratory (1946)
CRRCooperative Research Report
CRSCommon Reflection Surface (geological survey)
CRSComplementary Resistive Switch
CRSQACouncil for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance (Augenchirurgie/eye surgery, USA)
CRTCathode Ray Tube
CRTConformal Radio Therapy
CRTCosmic-Ray-Tracking Project
CRTDCenter for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (DE)
CRUClimatic Research Unit (University of East Anglia (UK) et al.)
CRuSRCommercial Reusable Suborbital Research (NASA program)
CRVCrew Return Vehicle (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
CR/WController Read/Write
CRYRINGCryebis Storage Ring (Stockholm, SE)
CSCall Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CSCentral Secretariat (NIST)
CSCircuit-Switched (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CSCommercial Services (Galileo)
CSCommunications Satellite
CSSerbien und Montenegro/Serbia and Montenegro (ISO 3166)
CSTschechoslowakei/Czechoslovakia (ISO 3166 bis/until 1993)
CSACanadian Space Agency
CSACanadian Standards Association
CSACarrier Serving Area (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CSACryogenic Society of America
CSACChip Scale Atomic Clock
CSAGIComité Spécial de l'Année Géophysique Internationale
CSAILComputer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MIT)
CSARCryogenic Solar Absolute Radiometer
CSBCenter for Systems Biology at Dresden (DE)
CSBCentrum für Schlaganfall-Forschung Berlin (DE)
CSBCharge Symmetry Breaking (Elementarteilchenphysik/elementary particle physics)
CSBDCenter of Systems Biology at Dresden (DE)
CSBUCommunication Services Business Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CSCCall and Session Controller (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CSCCenter for Scientific Computing
CSCChina Scholarsip Council
CSCCConcurrent Supercomputing Consortium (USA)
CSCFCall State (or: Session) Control Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CSCLComputer-Supported Cooperative (or: Collaborative) Learning
CSCSCenter for the Study of Complex Systems (University of Michigan, USA)
CSCS/SCSCSwiss Centre for Scientific Computing (supercomputing centre)
CSCWComputer Supported Cooperative (or: Collaborative) Work(ing)
CSDCambridge Structural Database (Chemie/chemistry)
CSDChemical Solution Deposition
CSDChristopher Street Day
CSDCircuit Switched Data (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CSDPCustomer Specific Development Process
CSE[Fraunhofer-] Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (Cambridge, MA, USA)
CSE, CS&EComputational Science and Engineering
CSECouncil of Science Editors
CSECritical Systems Engineering (DLR project)
CSECystathionin-gamma-Lyase (ein Enzym)
CSEGCanadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists
CSELTCentro studi e laboratori telecomunicazioni (IT)
CSEMCentre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique (Zürich, CH)
CSFCarribean Science Foundation
CSFColony Stimulatingf Factor (a protein)
CSFCompagnie Générale de Télégraphie Sans Fil
CSGCentre Spatial Guyanais (Europäischer Weltraumbahnhof, Kourou, GY)
CSIChannel State Information (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CSIControl-Structure Interaction
CSIRCouncil for Scientific and Industrial Research (Stellenbosch, Südafrika/South Africa)
CSIROCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Canberra, AU)
CSISCenter for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, DC, USA)
CSLChemical Safety Library
CSLICenter for the Study of Language and Information (Stanford, CA, USA)
CSLP[Fraunhofer-] Center for Surface and Laser Processing (Peoria, IL, USA)
CSMCentral Strength Member (Rechnernetz/computer network)
CSMCommunication Session Manager
CSMComponent and Supplier Management
CSMConnection Session Management
CSMCustomer Service Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CSMA/CACarrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance (Datennetze/data networks)
CSMA/CDCarrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection (Datennetze/data networks)
CSMBPCenter for Soft Matter and Biological Physics (Virginia Tech)
CSMECollege of Science and Education (University of Utah, USA)
CSNCircuit Switched Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CSNSChina Spallation Neutron Source (geplant für/planned for 2013)
CSOChief Scientific Officer
CSOComposite Second Order (Verzerrung 2. Ordnung/second order distortion)
CSPCenter for the Study of the Presidency (USA)
CSP[Fraunhofer-] Center für Silizium-Photovoltaik (Halle/Saale)
CSPCharge Sensitive Preamplifier
CSPChip-Scale Package (gedruckte Schaltung/printed circuit)
CSPConcentrated (or: Concentrating) Solar Power (Kraftwerk, Parabolspiegelsystem/power plant, parabolic mirror facilities)
CSPConstraint Satisfaction Problem
CSPFConstraint Shortest Path First (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CSPICenter for Science in the Public Interest (Washington, DC, USA)
CSRCell Switch Router (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CSRCorporate Social Responsibility
CSRCustomer Service Representatives (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CSRCComputational Science Research Center (Uiversity of Beijing, CN)
CSRZCarrier-Suppressed Return-to-Zero (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
CSSCascading Style Sheets (zur Programmierung von Webseiten)
CSSCatalina Sky Survey (astronomy)
CSSCommittee of Soviet Scientists [for the Defense of Peace Against the Nuclear Threat]
CSSContent Scramble (or: Scrambling) System (Verschlüsselungssystem)
CSSCyclic Steam Stimulation (Ölsanderschließung/oilsand exploration)
CSSMECenter for Secondary Science and Math Education (Northern Illinois University, USA)
CSTConcentrated Solar Thermal (Kraftwerk/power plant)
CSTAComputer Supported Telecommunication(s) (or: Telephony) Application (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CSTARChinese Small Telescope Array (in Antarctica)
CSTICivil Space Technology Initiative (NASA)
CSTNColour Super-Twisted Nematic (LCD)
CSTRCenter for Solar–Terrestrial Research (NJIT)
CSTRCentre for Speech Technology Research (University of Edinburgh, UK)
CSUColorado State University (USA)
CSUDHCalifornia Sate University Dominguez Hills
CSULBCalifornia State University Long Beach (USA)
CSUNCalifornia State University Northridge (USA)
CSVComma Separated Value
CSVEChinese Society for Vibration Engineering
CSWCore Switch
CSWPCommittee on the Status of Women in Physics (APS)
CTColour Temperature
CTComputed Tomography, Computer-Tomographie (Röntgentechnik/X-ray technology)
CTConnecticut (US-Staat/US state)
CTCordless Telecommunications
CTCourt (US Mail)
CTAChemisch-technische(r) Assistent(in)
CTACherenkov Telescope Array
CTANComprehensive TeX Archive Network
CTBComposite Triple Beat (Verzerrung 3. Ordnung/third order distortion)
CTBTComprehensive Test Ban Treaty (Atomwaffenteststoppvertrag 1996)
CTBTOComprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organisation (Wien, AT)
CTCCentral Traffic Control (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
CTCCirculating Tumor Cell
CTCConvolutional Turbo Code (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CTCCrew Training Complex (DLR, Köln, Porz-Wahnheide, DE)
CTCSSContinuous Tone Coded Squelsh System (Mobilfunk/mobile radio)
CTDCoated (optische Linsen/optical lenses)
CTECoefficient of Thermal Expansion
CTEPHchronisch-thrombo-embolischer Lungenhochdruck
CTHChalmers Tekniske Högskola (Göteborg, SE)
CTIColour Transient Improvement (Konturverbesserung beim TV-Bild/TV picture contour improvement)
CTIComputer-Telephony Integration (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CTIComputer Telephony Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CTICritical Technologies Institute (USA)
CTIACellular Telecommunications Industry Association
CTIACharge Trans-Impedance Amplifier
CTIMContinuous-Flow Time-Integrated Method (road noise measurement)
CTIOCerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (La Serena, Chile)
CTIRCenter for Intelligent Transportation Research (Ohio State University, USA)
CTLCoal to Liquid (synthetischer Kraftstoff/synthetic fuel)
CTLCommunity Tolerance Level
CTLContinuously Tunable Laser
CTMSClinical Trial Management System
CTOChief Technical Officer
CTOCommand Transfer Object
CTOConfigure to Order
CTPComputer-to-Plate, Computer-to-Press, Computer-to-Paper (Drucktechnik/printing technology)
CTRCenter (US Mail)
CTRCommon Technical Regulation(s)
CTRCooperative Threat Reduction
CTRANCCrosstalk-Resistant Adaptive Noise Canceller
CTRWContinuos-Time Random Walk (diffusion model)
CTSClear to Send (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CTSCompliance Test Specification
CTSConcept to Speech (Sprachsynthese/speech synthesis)
CTSEE[Komitee für Toxikologie, Ökotoxikologie und Umwelt] (Europäische Kommission)
CTUControl Tower Unit
CTUCzech Technical University (Prague)
CTVCrew Transfer (or: Transport) Vehicle (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
CTW[IEEE] Communication Theory Workshop
CTWGCook Stove Interagency Working Group
CUCentral Unit
CUControl Unit
CUKuba/Cuba (ISO 3166)
CUACenter for Ultracold Atoms (MIT-Harvard University program, USA)
cuagnhope to see you again (Amateurfunkverkehr/amateur radio)
CUAHSIConsortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science (USA)
CUBEDCenter for Ultralow Background Experiments at DUSEL
CUDOSCentre for Ultra-High Bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (AU)
CUDWRColumbia University Division of War Research (New London, CT, USA, established 1941)
CUECarbon Usage Effectiveness
CUFChannel Utilization Factor
CUFCTCooper Union Federation of College Teachers (New York City, USA)
CUGClosed User Group (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CUHKChinese University of Hong Kong
CUICentre for Ultrafast Imaging (University of Hamburg, DE)
CULComputer-unterstütztes Lernen
CUMCColumbia University Medical Center (New York, USA)
CUNYCity University of New York
CUORECryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events (Gran Sasso National Laboratory, Italy)
CUPCambridge University Press
CUPCenter for Underground Physics (Daejeon, KR)
CUPLEComprehensive Unified Physics Learning Environment
CURCouncil for Undergraduate Research
CUSPCenter for Urban Science and Progress (NYU)
CuspeaChina-US Physics Examination and Application Program
CUTCPClarkson University-TCP (Rechnernetz/computer network)
CUTEClarkson University Terminal Emulator (Rechnernetz/computer network)
CUTEClean Urban Transport for Europe (Busse mit Wasserstoffantrieb/hydrogen-powered buses)
CUWiPConference for Undergraduate Women in Physics
CVCard Verifiable
CVCartellverband [der Katholischen Deutschen Studentenverbindungen]
CVConnection Verification (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CVKapverdische Inseln/Cape Verde (ISO 3166)
CVACredit Value Adjustment (Bankgeschäfte)
CVCCommon Vision Concept
CVBConstrained Vapor Bubble
CVCCommon Vision Concept
CVCPCommittee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals (UK)
CVDCardio-Vascular Disease, Kardiovaskuläre Erkrankung
CVDChemical Vapor Deposition
CVECollaborative Virtual Environment
CVIchronisch-venöse Insuffizienz
C-VLANCustomer VLAN (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CVMControl Volume Meshing
CVSDContinuously Variable Slope Delta (modulation)
CVTContinuously Variable Transmission (Kfz-Getriebe/vehicle gear)
CVVLContinuous Variable Valve Lift (Kfz-Motor/automotive Engine)
CWContinuous Wave
CWDConcealed Weapon Detection (USA)
CWDMCoarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
CWMT[Fraunhofer-] Center für Windenergie und Meerestechnik (Bremerhaven)
CWRUCase Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH, USA)
CWPController Working Position (Flugsicherung/flight control)
CWUCentral Washington University (USA)
CWÜChemiewaffenübereinkommen (1997, 65 Mitgliedsstaaten)
CXWeihnachtsinsel/Christmas Island (ISO 3166)
CXCChandra X-Ray Center (NASA, USA)
CXOChandra X-Ray Observatory (Röntgensatellit/X-ray satellite)
CYZypern/Cyprus (ISO 3166)
CYCAChinese Youth Conference on Acoustics
CZConvergence Zone (Sonarortung/sonar ranging)
CZTschechien/Czech Republik (ISO 3166)
CZCSCoastal Zone Color Scanning (of the ocean)
CZMCohesive Zone Method
CZTChirp z-Transform
C²A²S²ECenter for Computer Applications in Aerospace Science and Engineering (DLR, Braunschweig, DE)
C2ESCenter for Climate and Energy Solutions
C3Command, Control and Communication (System)
C3Cleaved-Coupled Cavity (Laser)
C3ICommand, Control, Communications, Intelligence (militärisch/military)


d...Dezi... (Präfix/prefix): 10-1
da...Deka... (Präfix/prefix): 10
DADestination Address (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DADomestic Agency
DAADDeutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst e.V.
DAAKDeutsch-Amerikanisches Akademisches Konzil
DAAPDigital Archiving and Access Program
DABDigital Audio Broadcast(ing)
DACDeformation Analysis by Means of Correlation Methods
DACDigital-to-Analog Converter
DACCIWADynamics-Aerosol-Chemistry-Cloud Interactions in West Africa
DACHDeutsche Akkreditierungsstelle Chemie GmbH
DADSDynamic Analysis and Design System
DAEDifferential Algebraic Equation
DAFDeutsche Arbeitsfront (NS-Organisation)
DAFDeutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Familientherapie
DAGADeutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Akustik (Kongresse seit 1970, etwa jährlich)
DAGVDeutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vakuum
DAHCDeutschsprachiges Apple-Hochschul-Consortium
DAIDeutsches Archäologisches Institut (Berlin)
DAIDistributed Artificial Intelligence
DAkkSDeutsche Akkreditierungsstelle
DALDeutscher Arbeitsring für Lärmbekämpfung e.V. (1952–2007)
DALYDisability-Adjusted Life Year
DAMDeutsche Akademie für Metrologie (München)
DAMADark Matter [Search] (Astrophysik/astrophysics, Gran Sasso-Labor, IT)
DAMADemand Assignment (or: Assigned) Multiple Access (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DAMOPDivision of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (APS)
D-AMPSDigital Advanced Mobile Phone System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DANAData Application Network Adapter
DANLDisplayed Average Noise Level (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DANTEDeutschsprachige Anwendervereinigung TeX e.V.
DANTEDelivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe
DAOData Access Object
DAPDeutsches Akkreditierungssystem Prüfwesen (Normungsarbeit/standardization)
DAQData Acquisition
DARDeutscher Akkreditierungsrat (Normungsarbeit/standardization)
DARDigital Audio Recorder
DARADeutsche Agentur für Raumfahrtangelegenheiten GmbH (1989–1997)
DARCData Radio Channel
DARCDeutscher Amateur-Radio-Club e.V. (Baunatal)
DAREDark Ages Radio Explorer (Radiosatellit, geplant)
DARHTDual Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic (Test Facility at LANL, Los Alamos, NM, USA)
DARPDownlink Advanced Receiver Performance (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency (USA)
DARSDigital Audio Radio Service
DARTData Acquisition in Real Time
DARTDirect Analysis in Real Time
DarwinDetection and Analysis of Remote Worlds by Interferometric Nulling
DASDansk Akustisk Selskab
DASDistributed Antenna Systems (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DASCHDigital Access to a Sky Century at Harvard
DASIDegree Angular Scale Interferometer
DASMINDeutsche Akkreditierungsstelle Mineralöl
DASTDrones for Aerodynamic and Structural Testing (NASA, unbemannte Flugzeuge/unmanned aircraft)
DATDigital Audio Tape
DATEDome A Terahertz Explorer (CN, planned for 2015)
DATechDeutsche Akkreditierungsstelle Technik
DAtFDeutsches Atomforum
DAUData Application Unit
DAVEData Analysis and Visualisation of the Environment
DAVEDefinitely Affordable Virtual Environment
DAVICDigital Audiovisual Council
DAVODynamic Analog of the Vocal Tract
DAWSDigital Advanced Wireless Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DAXDeutscher Aktienindex
DBData Base
DBDiffusion Boarding
DBADynamic Bandwidth Allocation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DB AGDeutsche Bahn AG
DBBDeutscher Beamtenbund
DBCDansk Bibliotekscenter
DBEFDual Brightness Enhancement Foil (Polarisationsfolie im LCD-Monitor/polarization sheet for LCD monitor)
DBF[Dateinamenerweiterung: dBase Datenbank-Datei/file name extension: dBase data bank file]
DBFDistributed Feedback (Laser)
DBGDeutsche Bunsengesellschaft für Physikalische Chemie
DBIDeutsches Bibliotheksinstitut (Berlin)
DBISDiscoveries and Breakthroughs Inside Science (AIP, TV news)
DBMDeutsches Bergbau-Museum (Bochum)
DBMDouble Beam Modulation
DBMSDatabase Management System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DBNDynamic Bayesian Network (Sprachverarbeitung/speech processing)
DBODistributed Biological Observatory
DBPDeutsches Bundespatent (nach 1945)
DBPDivision of Biological Physics (APS)
DBRDistributed Bragg Reflector (Laser)
DBRMDigital Broadcasting Receivers Using Metadata
DBSDirect Broadcast(ing) (by) Satellite
DBSODigital Broadcast Satellite Operator (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DBUDeutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt
dbvDeutscher Bibliothekenverband
DCDendritic Cell
DCDeveloping Countries
DCDigital Cinema
DCDigital Concentrator (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DCDirect Current (Gleichstrom)
DCDistrict of Columbia (US-Staat/US state)
D-CATDiesel Clean Advanced Technology (Kfz/motor vehicle)
DCBData Center Bridging
DCBDirect Copper Bonding (electronics)
DCCDigital Compact Cassette
DCCDistributed Checksum Clearing House (Antispamfilter/anti spam filter)
DCCCDeveloping Countries Coordinating Committee
DCcEData Centre Compute Efficiency
DCDDownlink Channel Descriptor (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DCDDuty-Cycle Jitter (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DCEData Circuit-Terminating Equipment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DCEData (or: Digital) Communications Equipment
DCEDistributed Computing Environment
DCEDynamic Channel Equalizer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DCFDispersion Compensating Fiber (Glasfaser/glass fiber)
DCFDistributed Coordination Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DCFDouble-Clad Fibre (Optik/optics)
DCFADigital Choice and Freedom Act (2002)
DCGDispersion-Compensating Grating (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
DCHDedicated Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
D-CHIPDynamic Clinical Health Insight Platform
DCIDigital Cinema Initiative
DCIDownlink Control Information
DCLDetect, Classify and Locate
DCLCDirect Contact Liquid Cooling (for HPC)
DCMDispersion Compensation Module (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
DCMDynamic Code Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DCMPDivision of Condensed Matter Physics (APS)
DCNData Communication Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DCNDynamic Circuit Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DCoDData Center on Demand
DCOMDistributed Component Object Model (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DCOMPDivision of Computational Physics (APS)
DCPDigital Cinema Package
DCPDivision of Chemical Physics (APS)
DCPNDomestic Customer Premises Network
DCRDedicated Control Room (bei/at ESOC)
DCRDigital Control of Reverberation
DCRAMDynamic Computing Random-Access Memory
DCSData Communicatinon System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DCSDecompression Sickness (of divers)
DCSDigital Coded Sective [Call] (Mobilfunk/mobile radio)
DCSDigital Content Store
DCSDigital Crossconnect (or: Communication) System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DCSDistributed Control System
DCSCDanish Center for Scientific Computing
DCTDiscovery Channel Telescope
DCTDiscrete Cosine Transform
DCTDouble Clutch Transmission (Kfz-Getriebe/motor vehicle)
DCUData Capture Utility
DCVDesktop Cloud Visualisation
DCVDouble concave (optische Linsen/optical lenses)
DCXDouble convex (optische Linsen/optical lenses)
DDADemand-Driven Acquisition (of e-books)
DDBDie Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek
DDBDownload Data Block (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DDCDigital Down Converter (or: Conversion) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DDCDisplay Data Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DDCEDolby Digital Consumer Encoder
DDDDirectly Doubled Diode (Laser)
DDEDichlordiphenylchlorethylen (Abbauprodukt von DDT)
DDEDynamic Data Exchange
DDECData-Driven Echo Canceller
DDGDeutsche Diabetes-Gesellschaft
DDGIDeutscher Dachverband für Geo-Information
DDI[Universal] Description Discovery Integration (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DDIDirect Dialing-In (Telefon/telephone)
DDJData-Dependent Jitter (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DDKDialog Development Kit
DDLDoubled (or: Direct) Diode Laser (blaue Laserdiode/blue laser diode)
DDMDifferential Depth Modulation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DDNData Direct Network
DDNDefense Data Network (USA)
DDoSDistributed Denial-of-Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ddpDeutscher Depeschendienst
DDRDeutsche Demokratische Republik/German Democratic Republic (bis/until 1990)
DDRDouble Data Rate (5 Gb/s)
DDR&EDirectorate of Defense Research and Engineering (Pentagon, Washington, DC, USA)
DDSDirect Digital Synthesis (Ein- und Ausgabeeinheit/input-output board)
DDSDirect-Diode System (Photonik/photonics)
DDTDistributed Debugging Tool
DDVDeutscher Dachgärtner Verband e.V.
DDVDeutscher Dart-Verband
DEDelaware (US-Staat/US state)
DEDeutschland/Germany (ISO 3166)
DEDiscard Eligibility (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DEDiscovery Environment
DEAdielektrischer Elastomeraktor
DECAFDensity Estimation for Cetaceans from Acoustic Fixed Sensors
DECamDark Energy Camera
DECHEMADeutsche Gesellschaft für Chemisches Apparatewesen, chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V.
DeCSSDescramble Content Scramble System
DECTDigital Enhanced (or: European) Cordless Telecommunication (or: Telephony)
DEDAVEDeep Diving Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Exploration (FhG)
DEDIGDeutsche EDI-Gesellschaft e.V.
DEEDaten-Endeinrichtung (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DEEPDynamical Exascale Entry Platform (Supercomputer-Entwicklung/supercomputer development)
DefraDepartment for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (UK)
DEGADeutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik e.V.
DEGONDeutsche Gesellschaft für Ortung und Navigation
DEGREEDiversity Effects in Grassland Ecosystems of Europe
DEGREENDielektrische Elastomergeneratoren für regenerative Energien (ISC-Projekt)
DEGUMDeutsche Gesellschaft für Ultraschall in der Medizin
DEHPDiethylhexylphthalat (Weichmacher/plasticizer)
DEIDeutsches Evangelisches Institut für Altertumswissenschaft des Heiligen Landes (Jerusalem)
DEIDiffraction-Enhanced Imaging
DEISADistributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications
DEKITZDeutsche Koordinierungsstelle für IT-Normenkonformitätsprüfung und -zertifizierung
DELICATDemonstration of LIDAR based Clear Air Turbulence Detection
DELIGHTDelta Information System for Geo-Environmental and Human Habitat Transition (Chinese Yellow-River-Delta, 2013–2016)
DELNETDeveloping Library Network
DELTDual-Ended Line Testing
DELTADortmunder Elektronen Testspeicherring Anlage
DELTADutch Expedition for Life Science, Technology and Atmospheric Research
DELTICDelay Line Time Compressor
DEMDigital Elevation Model (Satelliten-Fernerkundung/satellite remote surveillance)
DEMDiscrete Element Method
demeaDeutsche Materialeffizienzagentur
DEMMINDurable Environmental Multidisciplinary Monitoring Information Network (DLR)
DEMSDezentrales Energiemanagementsystem
DENADeutsche Energieagentur
DENEFFDeutsche Unternehmensinitiative Energieeffizienz
DE-NICNetwork Information Center für Deutschland (Karlsruhe, DE)
DENICAFCDouble-Enhanced Intracavity Frequency Conversion (Laser)
DEOSDeutsche Orbitale Servicing-Mission
DEPDepartment of Environmental Protection
DEPFETDepleted Field Effect Transistor
DepresysDecadal Climate Prediction System (weather forecast)
DERDistributed Energy Resources
DERADefense Evaluation & Research Agency (MOD, GB)
DESDark Energy Survey (project since 2013)
DESData Encryption Standard (or: System)
DESDepartment of Electrical Science (NPL, UK)
DESDetached Eddy Simulation (turbulence model)
DESdielektrischer Elastomersensor
DESDiethylstilbestrol (Östrogen-Derivat/estrogen derivative)
DESCDutch Experiment Support Centre (gravity research)
DeSCASDesign of Safety-Critical Automotive Systems
DESIDark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument
DeSiReHDesign, Simulation and Flight Reynolds Number Testing for Advanced High Lift Solutions (DLR project)
DESYDeutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron
DESY-HHDESY in Hamburg
DESY-ZDESY in Zeuthen
DETDetection Error Tradeoff (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DEUSDezentrale urbane Wasserinfrastruktursysteme
DEZDiethylzink (-Verfahren zur Papierkonservierung)
DFDelay Factor
DFADeutsche Forschungsanstalt für Lebensmittelchemie (Garching)
DFBDistributed Feedback (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication, Laser)
DFCDelayed Feedback Control
DFCDifference Frequency Comb
DFDData Flow Diagram
DFDDeutsches Fernerkundungsdatenzentrum (DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen)
DFDDivision of Fluid Dynamics (APS)
DFEDecision Feedback Equalizer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DFEDigital Front End (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DFFDeutscher Fernsehfunk (ehem./former DDR)
DFGDeutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
DFHDeutsche Forschungsanstalt für Hubschrauber und Vertikalflugtechnik
DFHDeutsch-Französische Hochschule (Saarbrücken)
DFIDiabetes-Forschungsinstitut (Düsseldorf)
DFIDDepartment for International Development (UK)
DFJWDeutsch-Französisches Jugendwerk
DFKIDeutsches Forschungszentrum für künstliche Intelligenz (Saarbrücken)
DFLDeutsche Forschungsanstalt für Luftfahrt (Braunschweig, 1936), Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (Braunschweig, 1962)
DFMDesign for Manufacturing
DFMADesign for Manufacturing and Assembly
DFNDeutsches Forschungsnetz (Datennetz/data network)
DFODepartment of Fisheries and Oceans (CA)
DFSDansk Fysisk Selskap
DFSDeutsche Flugsicherung GmbH
DFSDeutsche Forschungsanstalt für Segelflug
DFSDiabetisches Fußsyndrom
DFSDigital Frequency Synthesizer
DFSDynamic Flow Simulator (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DFSDynamic Frequency Selection (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DFTDensity Functional Theory, Dichtefunktionaltheorie (Kernphysik/nuclear physics)
DFTDiscrete Fourier Transform, diskrete Fouriertransformation
DFTDDevil Facial Tumor Disease, Beutelteufel-Gesichtstumorerkrankung
DFVLRDeutsche Forschungs- und Versuchsanstalt für Luft- und Raumfahrt (1969–1989, danach/thereafter: DLR)
DFWDallas/Fort Worth International Airport (Texas, USA)
DFWMDegenerate Four Wave Mixing (Entartete Vier-Wellen-Mischung)
DGDirectorate-General (EU Commission)
DGaODeutsche Gesellschaft für angewandte Optik
DGAPDeutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik
DGBMTDeutsche Gesellschaft für biomedizinische Technik
DGCADirectorate General Civil Aviation (Indonesia)
DGEDeutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung
DGEDynamic Gain-Equalizer (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
DGEMDeutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährungsmedizin
DGFDeutsche Gesellschaft für Flugwissenschaften e.V. (1959)
DGfBDeutsche Gesellschaft für Biophysik
DGfEDeutsche Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft
DGFRSDubna Gas-Filled Recoil Separator (JINR)
DGfSDeutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft
DGGDeutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft
DGGDeutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft e.V.
DGHODeutsche Gesellschaft für Hämatologie und Medizinische Onkologie
DGHSDeutsche Gesellschaft für humanes Sterben
DGHTDeutsche Gesellschaft für Herpetologie und Terrarienkunde
DGKDeutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallographie
DGKJPDeutsche Gesellschaft für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie, Psychotherapie und Psychosomatik
DGKKDeutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallwachstum und Kristallzüchtung e.V.
DGLMDeutsche Gesellschaft für Lasermedizin
DGLRDeutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt
DGMDeutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V.
DGMKDeutsche Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Erdöl, Erdgas und Kohle e.V.
DGMPDeutsche Gesellschaft für Medizinische Physik
DGNADynamic Group Number Assignment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DGNBDeutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen
DGNSSDifferential GNSS Station
DGPIDeutsche Gesellschaft für Produktinformationen mbH
DGPsDeutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie
DGPSDifferential Global Positioning System
DGPTDeutsche Gesellschaft für Post- und Telekommunikationsgeschichte e.V.
DGQDeutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität
DGSDeutsche Gebärdensprache
DGSDeutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie
DGSDeutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie
DGSMDeutsche Gesellschaft für Schlafforschung und Schlafmedizin
DGTDirection Générale des Télécommunications
DGUVDeutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung
DGWData Gateway
DGWKDeutsche Gesellschaft für Warenkennzeichnung mbH
DGZDeutsche Gesellschaft für Zellbiologie
DGZMKDeutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde
DGzRSDeutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger
DHData – High Rate Data Packet Type (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
d.H.der Hedschra (islamische Zeitrechnung, ab 622 n. Chr.)
DHADocosahexaensäure (Omega-3-Fettsäure)
DHBWDuale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (Villingen-Schwenningen)
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DHFDeformed Helix Ferroelectrics
DHHDeutscher Hochseesportverband Hansa
DHHSDepartment of Health and Human Services (USA)
DHIPDeutsches Historisches Institut Paris
DHNDigital Home Network
DHODiversity Handover (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DHSDemographic and Health Surveys
DHSDepartment of Homeland Security (USA, seit/since 2002)
DHSGData Hiding Subgroup (of CPTWG)
DHTDeutscher Handelstag
DHTDistribution Hash Table (Rundfunk/broadcast)
DHUData Handling Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DHVDeutscher Hochschulverband e.V.
dHvAde Haas–van Alphen (Effect)
DIDirectivity Index (loudspeaker)
DIADigital Item Adaptation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DIALDifferential Absorption Lidar
DIAMEXDiamide Extraction (nuclear waste processing)
DIANADual Ion Accelerators for Nuclear Astrophysics
DIANEDirect Information Access Network for Europe
DIBDeutsches Institut für Betriebswirtschaft
DIBANETDevelopment of Integrated Biomass Biofuels Approaches Network
DiBEGDigital Broadcasting Expert Group (seit/since 1977 in Japan)
DIBSDigital In-Band Broadcasting System
DICDigital Image Correlation
DICEData Intensive Cyber Environment
DICOMDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
DIDDigital Item Declaration (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DIDDirect Inward Dialing (Telefon/telephone)
DIESISDesign of an Interoperable European Federated Simulation Network for Critical Infrastructures (EU Project)
DIFData Interchange Format
DIfEDeutsches Institut für Ernährungsforschung (Potsdam)
DIFFDeutsches Institut für Fernstudien (Tübingen)
DiffServDifferentiated Services
DifuDeutsches Institut für Urbanistik
DIHKDeutsche Industrie- und Handelskammer
DIHMDigital In-Line Holographic Microscopy
DIHTDeutscher Industrie- und Handelstag
DIIDownload Info Indication (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DIIIDoublet III (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology, General Atomics, San Diego, CA, USA)
DIII-DDoublet III-D (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology, General Atomics, San Diego, CA, USA)
DIKWData, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom
DILDeutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik (Quakenbrück)
DILDual In-Line (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DIMDIDeutsches Institut für Medizinische Dokumentation und Information
DIMESDescent Image Motion Estimation System (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
DIMUSDigital Multibeam Steering
DINDeutsches Institut für Normung
DINIDeutsche Initiative für Netzwerkinformation e.V.
DINZERTDeutscher Zertifizierungsrat im DIN
DIPDigital Item Processing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DIPDual In-Line Package (MEMS)
DIPFDeutsches Institut für Internationale Pädagogische Forschung (Frankfurt/M)
DIPSDistributed Intelligent Piloting System
DIRData Intensive Research
DIRBEDiffuse Infrared Background Experiment (Kosmologie/cosmology)
DIRCDetection of Internally Reflected Cherenkov Light
DISDraft International Standard
DISCDynamic Instruction Set Computer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DISCOSDatabase and Information System Characterising Objects in Space
DISCUSDistributed Source Coding Using Syndromes (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DISHDigital Strategies for Heritage (Conference)
DISODual Input – Single Output (Regler, System/controller, system)
DITCDivision of Information Technology and Computing (NPL, UK)
DITRDeutsches Informationszentrum für technische Regeln
DivaDeutsches Interferometer für Vielkanalphotometrie und Astrometrie
DIWDeutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (Berlin)
DIWDirect Ink Writing (nanotechnology)
DIYDo it yourself
DJDeterministic Jitter (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DJDschibuti (früher Afara und Issa)/Djibouti (former Afar and Issa) (ISO 3166)
DJRDouble Jelly Roll (Genetik/genetics)
DKDänemark/Denmark (ISO 3166)
DKDisk Key (für CDs und DVDs)
DKDDeutscher Kalibrierdienst
DKEDeutsche Kommission Elektrotechnik (DIN und VDE)
DKFIDeutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (Karlsruhe, Saarbrücken)
DKFZDeutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (Heidelberg)
DKGDeutsche Keramische Gesellschaft e.V.
DKIDeutsche Kommission für Ingenieurausbildung
DKIDeutsches Kunststoff-Institut
DKIMDomainkey Identified Mail
DKMMDeutsches Komitee für Meeresforschung und Meerestechnik
DKRZDeutsches Klimarechenzentrum (Hamburg)
DLDeep Learning
DLDownlink (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DLADeutsches Literaturarchiv (Marbach)
DLADielectric Laser Acceleration
DLADiffusion-Limited Aggregation
DLADynamic Link Architecture (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DLaaSDeep Learning as a Service
DLCData Link Control (or: Connection) [Layer] (DECT)
DLCDiamond-like Carbon
DLCDigital Loop Carrier (Internet)
DLCDirect Lift Control (aircraft testing)
DLCIData Link Connection Identifier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DLDCDownlink Dual Carrier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DLIDelay-Line Interferometer
DLL[Dateinamenerweiterung: Programmdatei/file name extension: program file]
DLLDynamic(ally) (or: Direct) Link(ed) Library (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DLMSDirect Metal Laser Sintering (3D-Drucker/3D printing)
DLNADigital Living Network Alliance (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DLPDigital Light Processing (or: Processor, or: Projection)
DLPFC, DLPFKDorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex, Dorsolateraler präfrontaler Kortex
DLRDeutsche Forschungsanstalt für Luft- und Raumfahrt (ab/since 1989, früher/formerly: DFVLR)
Ab 1.10.1997/since Oct. 1, 1997: Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.
DLRGDeutsche Lebensrettungsgesellschft
DLSDirect Access Logging System (Sprachaufzeichnungssystem/speech recorder, Philips)
DLSDynamic Light Scattering, dynamische Lichtstreuung
DLUDigital Line Unit
DLVDigital Light Valve
DLVODerjaguin–Landau–Verwey–Overbeek (soft-matter theory)
DLWDirect Laser Writing
DMData Manager (or: Mining)
DMData – Medium Rate Data Packet Type (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DMDeformable Mirror (adaptive Optik/adaptive optics)
DMDeutsches Museum (München)
DMDialog Management (Sprachverarbeitung/speech processing)
DMDominica (ISO 3166)
DMADirect Memory Access
DMAICDefine, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control
DMARDDisease Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs (Antirheumatika/cure for rheumatism)
DMB-TDigital Multimedia Broadcast – Terrestrial
DMCDense Multi-Carrier (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
DMCADigital Millenium Copyright Act (USA 2000)
DMDDigital Micromirror Device
DMEDigital Motor Electronics (Kfz/motor vehicle)
DMEDistance Measuring Equipment (for air traffic)
DMFDimethylformamid (Lösungsmittel/solvent)
DMFCDirect Methanol Fuel Cell, Direkt-Methanol-Brennstoffzelle
DMFTDynamic Mean Field Theory (Festkörperphysik/solid state physics)
DMGDeterminstic Micro Grinder (für asphärische Linsen/for aspheric lenses)
DMGDeutsche Meteorologische Gesellschaft
DMGDeutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft e.V.
DMIDriver-Machine Interface
DMLDigital Mathematics Library
DMLSDirect Metal Laser-Sintering
DMMDeutsches Museum München
DMNDefault Mode Network (im Gehirn/in the brain)
DMODirect Mode Operation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DMOMDivision of Mechanical and Optical Metrology (NPL, UK)
DMPData Management Plan
DMP[Peter A.] Diamond, [Dale T.] Mortensen, [Christopher A.] Pissarides (Modell, Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
DMPDigital Media Project (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DMPDivision of Materials Physics (APS)
DMPKDrug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics
DMRData Miner Recipes (statistical computations)
DMRDifferential Microwave Radiometer (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
DMRDivision of Materials Research (NSF, Arlington, VA, USA)
DMRCDirect Manufacturing Research Center (Paderborn, DE)
DMSDatenmanagementsystem (Fernerkundung/remote locating)
DMSDigital Moiré Subtraction (Metrologie/metrology)
DMSDirect Measurement System
DMSDocument Management System (Wissensmanagement)
DMSODimethyl sulfoxide, Dimethylsulfoxid
DMSPDefense Meteorological Satellite Program (USA)
DMTDiscrete Multi-Tone (Leitungscode, Mehrfach-Träger-Modulation/transmission code, multiple carrier)
DMTDough Moulding Compound
DMTADental Microwear Texture Analysis
DMUDigital Mock-Up (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DMUDisplay and Metering Unit
DMVDeutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung e.V.
DMXDistributed Media Exchange (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DMZDe-Militarized Zone
DNADesoxyribonucleic acid
DNADistributed Internet Architecture
DNBDeutsche Nationalbibliothek (Leipzig – Frankfurt am Main – Berlin)
DNCPDeliver Using Network and Content Protection (Datentransfer/data transmission)
DNDiDrugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative
DNDODomestic Nuclear Detection Office (USA)
DNEbMDeutsches Netzwerk für Evidenz-basierte Medizin
DNKDeutsches Nationales Komitee für IUPAP
DNLDay-Night-Level (Lärmpegel)
DNSData Network System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DNSDirect Numerical Simulation (z.B. Verbrennungsvorgänge/e.g., internal combustion)
DNSDomain Name Service (or: System, or: Server) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DNTDigitale Nutzfahrzeugtechnologie (Innovationscluster/innovation cluster, Kaiserslautern)
DNWDeutsch-Niederländischer Windkanal (bei/near Emmeloord, NL, 1980)
DODominikanische Repubik/Dominican Republic (ISO 3166)
DOADirection of Arrival
DOABDirectory of Open Access Books
DOAGDeutsch-Ostafrikanische Gesellschaft
DOAJDirectory of Open Access Journals
DOARDirectory of Open Access Repositories
DOASDifferentielle optische Absorptionsspektroskopie, Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy
DOBDepth of Burial (for underground nuclear tests)
DobesDokumentation bedrohter Sprachen (Projekt der Volkswagenstiftung, Nimwegen, NL)
Dobson-Unit2,7 × 1016 Moleküle/cm3
DOC[Dateinamenerweiterung: Microsoft-Word-Dokument/file name extension: Microsoft Word document]
DOCDemonstration of Capability
DOCDepartment of Commerce (USA)
DOCDissolved Organic Carbon (in water resources)
DOCSISData Over Cable Service Interface Specification (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DODDepartment of Defense (USA)
DODfastDemonstration of an Optical Data Link Fast
DOEDepartment of Energy (USA)
DoEDesign of Experiments
DOEDiffractive Optical Element
DOESdifferentielle optische Absorptionsspektroskopie
DOFDepth of Focus (Schärfentiefe)
DoHDepartment of Health (UK)
DOIDigital Object Identifier (Literatursuche im www/literature search in the www)
DOKDeutsches Optisches Komitee
DOMDigital Optical Module (neutrino detector)
DONDepartment of the Navy
DOPDegree of Polarization (Glasfaser/glass fiber)
DOPDioctylphthalat (Weichmacher/plasticizer)
DOPSDanish Optical Society
DORDirector of Research
DORADeclaration on Research Assessment
DORISDoppel-Ring-Speicher (DESY)
DORISDoppler Orbitography and Radiopositoning Integrated by Satellite (ENVISAT)
DoSDenial-of-Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DOSDensity of States (Festkörperphysik/solid state physics)
DOSDeutsche Offenlegungsschrift (Patent)
DOSDigital Optical Switch (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DOSDisk Operating System
DOSBDeutscher Olympischer Sportbund
DOSITSDiscovery of Sound in the Sea
DOT[Dateinamenerweiterung: Microsoft Word-Dokumentenvorlage/file name extension: Microsoft Word document template]
DOTDepartment of Transportation (USA)
DOTDiffuse Optical Tomography
DoVData over Voice
DPDouble Precision
DPDrop Procedure
DPADemand Priority Access (Datennetze/data networks, AT&T and HP)
DPA, dpaDeutsche Presse-Agentur
D-PAFDeutsche Processing and Archiving Facility (Fernerkundung/remote locating)
DPCCHDedicated Physical Control Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DPCHDedicated Physical Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DPCMDifferential Pulse Code Modulation
DPDData Protection Directive (EU)
DPDDeutscher Paketdienst, ab 1.1.2008/since Jan. 1, 2008: Dynamic Parcel Distribution
DPDDigital Predistortion
DPDCHDedicated Physical Data Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DP-DQPSKDual-Polarization Differential Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying (Modulation)
DPEDistributed Processing Environment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DPFDistributed Packet Filtering (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DPGDeutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft
DPHEP[Study Group on] Data Preservation and Long Term Analysis in High Energy Physics
DPIDepartment of Primary Industries (Victoria, AU)
DPIDrittes Physikalisches Institut [der Universität Göttingen]
DPhVDeutscher Philologenverband
DPKKDeutsches Prostatakarzinom Konsortium
DPLADigital Public Library of America
DPMADeutsches Patent- und Markenamt
DPMEMDual-Port Memory (auf Prozessorkarte/on processor card)
DPNSDigital Private Networking System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DPOAEDistortion Product Otoacoustic Emission (physiological acoustics)
DPOLYDivision of Polymer Physics (APS)
DPPDigital Photonic Production
DPPDiketopyrrolopyrrole (organic polymer)
DPPDivision of Plasma Physics (AIP)
DP-QPSKDual-Polarization Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (optische Telekommunikation, Modulation/optical telecommunication, modulation)
DPRKDemocratic People's Republic of Korea
DPSDispersion-Relation Phase Spectroscopy
DPSKDifferential Phase-Shift Key
DPSS(L)Diode-Pumped Solid State (Laser)
DPZDeutsches Primatenzentrum (Göttingen)
DQDevelopment Qualification
DQAData Quality Analyzer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DQDBDistributed Queue Dual Basis (or: Bus)
DQPSKDifferential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (Modulation)
DQSDeutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Qualitätsmanagementsystemen mbH
DRdielektronische Rekombination
DRDilution Refrigerator
DRDrive (US Mail)
DRADefence Research Agency (UK)
DRAGENDynamic Read Analysis for Genomics
DRAGONDynamic Resource Allocation via GMPLS Optical Networks (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
DRAMDynamic Random Access Memory
DRAWDevelopment of Design Tools for Reduced Aerodynamic Noise Wind Turbines (EU research project)
DRCDARPA Robotics Challenge
DRDCDefence Research and Development Canada
DR-DOSDigital Research DOS
DRESSMANDummy Representing Suit for Simulation of Human Heatloss
DRETDirection des Recherches, Etudes et Techniques
DRFDeafness Research Foundation (USA)
DRGDeutsche Röntgengesellschaft, Gesellschaft für medizinische Radiologie, Strahlenbiologie und Nuklearmedizin e.V.
DRGDiagnosis Related Group
DRGDorsal Root Ganglion (Neurone/neurons)
DRICDefence Research Information Centre (Orpington, Kent, UK)
DRIVEDedicated Road Infrastructure for Vehicle Safety in Europe
DRIVERDriving Innovation in Crisis Management for European Resilience (EU project)
DRMDesign Reference Mission (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
DRMDigital Radio Mondiale (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DRMDigital Rights Management
DRNCDrift Radio Network Controller (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DRODielectric Resonance (or: Resonator) Oscillator
DRODigital Read Out
DRPDeutsches Reichspatent (1877 – 1945)
DRPDigital Radio Promotion
DRRDigitally Reconstructed Radiograph (Onkologie/oncology)
Dr. rer. nat.Doctor rerum naturalium
DRSDifferential Reflectance Spectroscopy
DRV[Dateinamenerweiterung: Treiberdatei/file name extension: driver file]
DRW[Dateinamenerweiterung: Micrografix Designer-Graphikdatei/file name extension: Micrografix Designer graphic file]
DSDifferentiated Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DSADiffuse Shock Acceleration (supernova research)
DSADigital Signature Algorithm
DSAUDigital Subscriber Access Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DSAZDeutsch-Spanisches Astronomisches Zentrum (= CAHA) (auf/on Calar Alto, Chile)
DSBDigital Sound Broadcasting
DSCDMADirect Sequence CDMA (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DSCDeep Sound Channel (ocean acoustics)
DSCDifferential Scanning Calorimetry
DSCDigital System Controller
DSCDistributed Source Coding (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DSCDye-Sensitive Solar Cell
DSCDynamic Stability Control (Kfz/motor vehicle)
DSCHDownlink Shared Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DSCOVRDeep Space Climate Observatory
DSCPDifferentiated Services Code Point (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DSCSDefense Satellite Communications System (USA)
DSDDirect Stream Digital
DSEDesign Support Environment
DSEDownstream Sequence Element
DSFDispersion Shifted Fiber (Glasfaser/glass fiber)
DSGVDeutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband
DSHSDeutsche Sporthochschule (Köln)
DSIDeutsches SOFIA-Institut (Universität Stuttgart)
DSIDiffusions-Spektrum-MRI (Bildgebungsverfahren/image processing)
DSIDownload Server Initiative (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DSIFDeep Space Instrumentation Facility (antenna systems)
DSIRDepartment of Scientific and Industrial Research (UK)
DSKLRDreiachsiges Strapdown Kurs-Lage-Referenzsystem
DSLDeep Scattering Layer
DSLDigital Subscriber Line (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DSLDomain Specific Language (Programmiertrend)
DSLAMDigital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DSMDeutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum (Bremerhaven)
DSMDiagnostisches und statistisches Manual [psychischer Störungen]
DSMDistributed System Management
DSMDynamic Spectrum Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DSM-CCData (or: Digital) Storage Media – Command and Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DSNDeep Space Network (for communication)
DSODigital Sampling Oscilloscope
DSODigital Storage Oscilloscope
DSPData Service Profile (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DSPDefense Support Program (USA)
DSPDiabetische Schwerpunktpraxis
DSPDigital Signal Processor (or: Processing)
DSPDigital Speech Processing
DSPDownstream Processing
DSRDelayed Sound Reinforcement
DSRDifferential Spectral Responsivity
DSRDigital Satellite Radio; Digitaler Satellitenrundfunk
DSRDistributed Speech Recognition
DSRDoubly (or Deformed) Special Relativity
DSRCDedicated Short-Range Communication (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DSSDecentralized Software Services (Computer-Programmentwicklung/program development)
DSSDecision Support System
DSSDigital Signature Standard
DSSDigital Speaker System (Lautsprecher/loudspeaker)
DSSSDirect Sequence Spread Spectrum
DSTDepartment of Science and Technology (Südafrika/South Africa)
DSTDiscrete Sine Transform, diskrete Sinustransformation
DSTDispersion Supported Transmission (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DSTODefence (or: Data) Science and Technology Organization (AU)
DSUDigital Service Unit
DsupDamage Suppressor (a protein)
DSVDeutscher Schwimm-Verband
DSWDeutsche Stifung Weltbevölkerung
DS-Wertdurchschnittlicher Substitutionsgrad
DSXDemonstrations and Science Experiments (NASA, geplant für/planned for 2012)
DTData Terminal
DTADeutsche Technische Akademie (Helmstedt)
DTADifferential Thermal Analysis
DTABDemountable TAB
DTABDodecyltrimethylammonium Bromide
DTAGDigital Recording Tag
DTCDefence Technology Centre (UK)
DTCDirect Torque Control (für Elektroantrieb/for electric drive)
DTCPDigital Transmission Content Protection (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DTDDocument Type Definition
DTEData Terminal Equipment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DTFTDiscrete-Time Fourier Transform
DTHDirect to Home (Satellitenfernsehen/satellite TV)
DTIDanish Technological Institute
DTIDepartment of Trade and Industry (UK)
DTIDiffusion Tensor Imaging (Bildgebungsverfahren/image processing)
DTIDisplay Technology Incorporated (Zusammenschluss von IBM und Toshiba zur Produktion
von Flachbildschirmen/cooperation of IBM and Toshiba for flat-screen manufacturing)
DTLDiode-Transistor Logic
DTMDepartment of Terrestrial Magnetism (Carnegie Institution of Washington, DC, USA)
DTMDevice Type Manager (Feldbussystem/field bus system)
DTMDual Transfer Mode (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DTMBDavid Taylor Model Basin (MD, USA)
DTMFDual Tone Multifrequency (Telefon/telephone)
DTNSRDCDavid Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center
DTOData Transfer Object
D/TOSESA Directorate of Technical and Operational Support
DTPDesktop Publishing
DTPDigital Transparent Processor (Satellitentechnik/satellite technology)
DTPDiverter Test Platform (for ITER)
DTPPDesktop Program Production
DTRADefense Threat Reduction Agency (USA)
DTSDistributed Temperature Sensor
DTTDigital Terrestrial Televison
DTTBDigital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting (Japan)
DTTGDigital Terrestrial Television Local Testing Group
DTVDigital Television
DTWDynamic Time Warp(ing)
DTXDiscontinuous Transmission (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DUDobson Unit (for atmospheric ozone concentration)
DUACSDeveloping Use of Altimetry for Climate Studies
DÜEDatenübertragungseinrichtung (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DÜIDeutsches Übersee-Institut (Hamburg)
DUIDriving Under the Influence
DUMANDDeep Underwater Myon and Neutrino Detector (bei/near Hawaii)
DUNDial-Up Networking (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DUNEDeep Underground Neutrino Experiment
DUSELDeep Undergrond Science and Engineering Laboratory (Homestake gold mine in Lead, South Dakota, USA)
DUTDevice Under Test
DUZDeutsche Universitätszeitung
DVADynamic Visual Acuity
DVBDigital Video Broadcast(ing)
DVB-CMBSDVB-Convergence of Broadcast and Mobile Services
DVB-DSNGDVB Digital Satellite News Gathering
DVB-HDVB (to) Handheld System
DVB-RCSDVB Return Channel via Satellite
DVB-SDVB Satellite
DVB-SDVB-Standard (Downlink)
DVB-SHDVB for Satellite Services to Handheld Devices
DVB-TTerrestrial Digital Video Broadcast
DVCSDeeply Virtual Compton Scattering
DVDDigital Versatile (or: Video) Disk
DVDCCADVD Copy Control Association
DVEDigital Video Encoder
DVEDistributed Virtual Environment
DVFSDynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling
DVGDeutsche Vakuumgesellschaft
DVLDeutsche Versuchsanstalt für Luftfahrt (Berlin-Adlershof, 1912)
DVMDeutscher Verband für Materialforschung und -prüfung
DVMTDynamic Video Memory Technology
DVPDistributed Video Production
DVPTDeutscher Verband für Post und Telekommunikation
DVPWDeutsche Vereinigung für Politische Wissenschaft
DVSDeutscher Verband für Schweißtechnik (oder: ... für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e.V.)
DVSDynamic Vision Sensor (camera)
DVTDeutscher Verband Technisch-Wissenschaftlicher Vereine e.V.
DWADeutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasserr und Abfall
DWAFDepartment of Water Affairs and Forestry (ZA)
DWCDigital Waveform Capture (I/O Board)
DWCDigital Wavefront Camera
DWDDeutscher Wetterdienst
DWDMDense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
DWIDrinking Water Inspectorate (UK)
DWIHDeutsche Wissenschafts- und Innovationshäuser (an mehreren Standorten weltweit)
DWLData Window Length (underwater noise monitoring standard)
DWNTDouble Wall Nanotube
DWPData Window Period (underwater noise monitoring standard)
DWPIDerwent World Patents Index
DwPTSDownlink Pilot Time Slot (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DWTDiscrete Wavelet Transform
DXADual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry
DXCDigital Cross Connect (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
DXF[Dateinamenerweiterung: Autodesk Autoload–Graphikdatei/file name extension: Autodesk Autoload graphic file]
DYNAMO[MURI Center for] Dynamic Magneto-Optics (University of Michigan, USA)
DZAlgerien/Algeria (ISO 3166)
DZADeutsches Zentrum für Altersfragen (Berlin)
DZfChDeutscher Zentralausschuss für Chemie
DZNEDeutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen (UMG, Tübingen)
D2BDomestic Digital (or: Digital Domestic) Bus (Faseroptik/fiber optics)
D3MLDevice Independent Multi-Modal Markup Language


E-...Electronic ... (-Business, -Commerce, -Economy, -Journal, -Procurement etc.)
E...Exa (Präfix/prefix): 1018
EAAEuropean Acoustics Association
EAAExperimental Aircraft Association
EACEuropean Astronaut Centre (ESA)
EACExtended Access Control (Datensicherheit/data security)
EACOAEast Asian Core Observatories Association (astronomy)
EADQ[Fraunhofer-] Einrichtung für Diagnose und Qualitätssteigerung
EADSEuropean Aeronautic Defence System
EADVEuropean Academy of Dermatology and Venerology
EAEExperimentelle Autoimmunenzephalomyelitis
EAEGEuroean Association of Exploration Geophysics
eag (EAG)ether-à-go-go (ein Gen/a gene)
EAGEuropäische Atomgemeinschaft
E-AGCHEnhanced [Uplink] Absolute Grant Channel
EAIEmergency Access Initiative
EAIEnterprise Application Integration (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EALEvangelische Akademie Loccum
EALMElectro-Absorption Laser Modulator (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
EAMElectro-Absorption Modulator (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EAMEnergie-Aktiengesellschaft Mitteldeutschland (früher/formerly: Elektrizitäts-Aktiengesellschaft Mitteldeutschland)
EANEuropean Article Number, Europäische Artikelnummer (Strichcode/bar code)
EAP[Bureau of] East Asian and Pacific [Affairs]
EAPElectro-Active Polymer, elektroaktives Polymer
EAPEncyclopedia of Applied Physics
EAPExtensible Authentication Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EAPOLExtensible Authentication Protocol over Local Area Networks (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EAPSEarth, Atmosphere, and Planetary Sciences (Department at Purdue University, USA)
EAPSEuro-Asian Physical Society
EAREdge Aggregation Router (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EAREnvironment for Acoustic Research (ARL, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, USA)
EARAEuropean Association for Research in Astronomy
EARLINETEuropean Aerosol Research Lidar Network (Fernerkundung/remote locating)
EARNEuropean Academic Research Network
EARNEuropean Asteroid Research Node (DLR)
EARSEnvironmental Acoustic Recording System
EARSSAntimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System (Medizin/medicine)
EARTOEuropean Association of Research and Technology Organizations (Bruxelles, BE)
EASEuropean Astronomical Society
EASExtraordinary Acoustic Screening
EASAEuropean Academic Software Award
EASAEuropean Aviation Safety Agency, Europäische Agentur für Flugsicherheit
EASIEnd-to-End Application and Service Integration (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EASIEuropean Academic Supercomputing Initiative
EASInetEuropean Academic Supercomputing Initiative Network
EASISElectronic Architecture and System Engineering for Integrated Safety Systems (Zusammenschluss europäischer
Automobilhersteller/cooperation of European car manufacturers)
EASOEEuropean Arctic Stratospheric Ozone Experiment
EASSyEastern Africa Submarine Cable System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EASTExperimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (Hefei, China)
EATEnquiring About Tolerance (Allergie-Studie)
EATCEuropean Altair Technology Conference
EBEquivalent Bandwidth (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EBAEvidence-Based Acquisition (Cambridge University Press, UK)
EBASSEssrange Balloon Service
EBCCEuropean Bird Census Committee
EBCOTEmbedded Block Coding with Optimal Truncation (Bildkompression/image compression)
EBD[elektronische Bremskraftverteilung] (Kfz/motor vehicle)
EBDMElectron Beam Direct Manufacturing (3D-Drucker/3D printer)
EBFEuropean Federation of Biology
EBHAhydraulischer Aktor mit elektrischem Backup
EBIEuropean Bioinformatics Institute (Hinxton bei/near Cambridge, UK)
EBIDElectron-Beam Induced Deposition
EBiSCEuropean Bank for Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
EBITEarnings Before Interest and Tax
EBITElectron Beam Ion Trap
EBITDAEarnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization
E-BIZE-Business Innovationszentrum (FhG)
EBLE-Beam Lithography
EBLElectron Blocking Layer (in LEDs)
EBLIDAEuropean Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations
EBLIPEvidence-Based Library and Information Practice
EBMElectron Beam Melting
EbMEvidenzbasierte Medizin
EBNentwicklungsbegleitende Normung
EBPError Back Propagation (Algorithmus/algorithm)
EB-PVDElectron-Beam Physical Vapor Deposition
EBRElectronic Batch Record
EBRDEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and Development
EBSElektronisches Bremssystem (Kfz-Technik)
EBSEuropean Business School (in Oestrich-Winkel, DE)
EBSDElectron Backscatter(ed) Diffraction
EBTElectron-Beam Testing
EBUEuropean Broadcasting Union
EBV[Michael] Epstein, [Yvonne] Barr Virus (herpes virus)
ECEcuador (ISO 3166)
ECElectrochemical Capacitor
ECEuropean Commission
ECExecutive Council
ECAEuropean Congress on Acoustics
ECAEvolution Cryotechnique Type A (Rakete/rocket)
ECADElectronic Computer Aided Design
ECAFEuropean Conservation Agriculture Federation
eCallEmergency Call (Kfz-Unfallmeldesystem)
ECAPErlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics (FAU, Erlangen, DE)
ECBEcoCommercial Building
ECBEuropean Chemicals Bureau
ECCElectrochemical Concentration Cell
ECCElectronic Climate Control (für Autos/for cars)
ECCEngineered Cementitious Composite (biegsamer Beton/flexible concrete)
ECCError Correcting Code
ECCCEnvironment and Climate Change Canada
ECCOEstimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean (Forschungsprojekt/research project)
EC COSTEuropean Cooperation in the Field Field of Scientific and Technical Research
ECDElectrochromic Device
ECDElectron Capture Detector
ECDFEdinburgh Compute Data Facility (UK)
ECDISElektronisches Kartendarstellungs- und Informationssystem (DLR- und Atlas Elektronik-Programm)
ECDLExternal Cavity Diode Laser (gitterstabilisierter Diodenlaser)
ECDTEngineering Career Development Team (IEEE)
ECEEconomic Commission of Europe (UN)
ECE[Department of] Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECFAEuropean Committee for Future Accelerators
ECFRNEuropean Consulting Forum for Research Networking
ECHoElectron Capture Holmium (experiment on neutrino mass)
EChOExoplanet Characterization Observatory (ESA, planned)
ECHREuropean Convention on Human Rights
ECLEmitter Coupled Logic
ECLEuropean Compliance Lab
ECLExternal Cavity Laser
ECLAEuropean [Patent] Classification System
ECLIFEmissions and Climate Impact of Alternative Fuels (for aircraft)
ECLSEnvironmental Control and Life Support (Satelliten/satellites)
ECLSSEnvironmental Control and Life Support Systems (Satelliten/satellites)
ECMElectret Condenser Microphone
ECMElectronic Content Management (Informationsverarbeitung/information processing)
ECMEnterprise Content Management
ECMEntitlement Control Message (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ECMError Correction Mode
ECMEuropean Crystallographic Meeting
ECMAEuropean Computer Manufacturers Association
ECMCExperimental Cancer Medicine Centre (Liverpool, GB)
ECMPEqual Cost Multipath (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ECMWFEuropean Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast (Reading, UK) (= EZMW)
ECNEnergy Research Centre (NL)
ECOEmergency On-Call Officer (Einsatzkoordinator)
ECOCEuropean Conference [and Exhibition] on Optical Communication
ECOLEEuropean Collaborative Open Learning Environment
ECoMoSEnergieautarkes Condition-Monitoring System (Verbundprojekt BMBF-Fraunhofer)
ECOPSEuropean Committee on Ocean and Polar Sciences
ECORDEuropean Consortium on Research Drilling
ECOSAEuropean Conference on Optical Systems and Applications
ECOSAEEuropean Consumer Safety Organisation
ECOSSEEstimating Carbon in Organic Soils – Sequestration and Emissions (Scotland and Wales)
ECPPElliptic Curve Primality Proving (algorithm)
ECREarly-Career Researcher
ECSElectrochemical Society (USA)
ECSElectronics and Computer Science
ECSEnvironmental Control System
ECSCEuropean Coal and Steel Community
ECSCEuropean Congress of Science Cities
ECSDEnhanced Circuit Switched Data (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ECSELExtended-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser
EcsiteEuropean network of science centres and museums
ECSSExtended Collaborative Support (XSEDE)
ECTElektrochemotherapie (gegen Krebs)
ECTExplicit Call Tranfer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
eCTDElectronic Common Technical Document (Standard)
ECTFEarly Career Task Force
ECTSEuropean [Community Course] Credit Transfer Scheme (or: System)
ECUEast Carolina University (Greenville, NC, USA)
ECUElectrical (or: Electronic) Control Unit
ECUEuropean Currency Unit
ECUAEuropean Conference on Underwater Acoustics
ECVAMEuropean Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (Bologna, IT)
ECWPEmirates Center for Wildlife Propagation
EC2Elastic Compute Cloud
EDErektile Dysfunktion
EDAElectronic Design Automation
EDAEngineering Design Activities (EC)
EDAExploratory Data Analysis
EDCElectronic Damper Control (Kfz/motor vehicle)
EDCElectronic Data Capture
EDCElectronic Diesel Control (Kfz/motor vehicle)
EDCEndocrine Disrupting Compounds
EDCEnergy Decay Curve (acoustics)
EDCCEcofriendly Ductile Cementitious Composite
EDCINEEnhanced Digital Cinema (EU project)
EDCTPEuropean and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (16 European and 45 African countries)
EDDElectronic Data-Deliverable
EDELWEISSExpérience pour Détecter les WIMPs en Site Souterrain
EDFElectricité de France
EDFExtended Depth of Field
EDFAErbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (Glasfaser/glass fiber)
EDGElectronics Development Group (at EFI)
EDGEuropean Datagrid
EDGEEnhanced Datarate(s) for GSM Evolution (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EDGEEvolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangerd (Artenschutz/species protection)
EDIElectronic Data (or: Document) Interchange
EDICIEvolution, Development and Intentional Control of Initiation (EU project)
EDIDExtended Display Identification Data (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EDIFElectronic Design Interchange Format
EDIFACTElectronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport
EDLEntry, Descent and Landing (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
EDLCElectric Double-Layer Capacitor
EDMElectric Dipole Moment (Elementarteilchenphysik/elementary particle physics)
EDMElectrical Discharge Machining
EDMElectronic Distribution of Music
EDMEuropeana Data Model
EDMSElectronic Document Mangement System
EDNAEuropean Data Network Agency
EDPElectronic Data Processing
EDPEnergy Delay Product
E-DPCCHEnhanced Dedicated Physical Control Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
E-DPDCHEnhanced Dedicated Physical Data Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EDPSEuropean Data Protection Supervisor
EDQMEuropäische Direktion für die Qualität von Arzneimitteln und Gesundheitspflege
EDREnhanced Data Rate (25.78125 Gb/s)
EDREvent Data Recorder (Kfz-Technik/automobile)
EDRNEarly Detection Research Network (National Cancer Institute)
EDRSEuropean Data Relay System (für Informationsaustausch zwischen Satelliten/for information exchange between satellites)
EDSEarth Departure Stage (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
EDSElectronic Differential System, elektronische Differenzialsperre (Kfz/automobile)
EDSEnergy-Dispersive Spectrometer (or: Spectroscopy)
EDSACElectronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer (Cambridge University, 1949)
EDTEarly Decay Time (room acoustics)
EDTElektrodynamisches Tether-System
edu[Educational Organization] (Internet, USA)
EDVElektronische Datenverarbeitung
EDVACElectronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer (University of Pennsylvania, USA, 1950)
EDWARDElectric Diwheel with Active Rotation Damping (entwickelt/developed in Adelaide, AU, 2009–2011)
EDXEnergy Dispersive X-Ray (fluorescence spectroscopy)/Energiedispersive Röntgenspektroskopie
ED-XRFEnergy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence
EEEquipment Engineering (TC im/in the ETSI)
EEEstland/Estonia (ISO 3166)
EEAEuropean Environment(al) Agency
EECEuropean Economic Community
EECONETEuropean Ecological Network (Naturschutz/nature conservation)
EECSElectrical Engineering and Computer Science
E-EDIDEnhanced Extended Display Identification Data (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
eEDMElectron's Electric Dipole Moment
EEE[Department of] Electronic and Electrical Engineering (at UCL)
EEELElectronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory (NIST, USA)
EEFErleichterung für Existentzgründungen aus Forschungseinrichtungen (ein Fonds/a fund)
EEFAEEfficient and Environmentally Friendly Aero-Engine (Flugzeugantrieb/aircraft engine)
EEGElektroenzephalogramm (-graphie), Electroencephalogram (-graphy)
EEGErneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (DE, seit 1.4.2000)
EEHPCEnergy Efficient High Performance Computing
EEIEdison Electric Institute (USA)
EEIGEuropean Economic Interest Group (EU)
EELSElectron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy (or: Spectrometer)
EELTEuropean Extremely Large Telescope (geplant für/planned for 2017, Atacama Wüste/desert, Chile)
EEMElectronic Engine Management (Kfz/motor vehicle)
EENEnterprise Europe Network
EEPEuropäisches Erhaltungszuchtprogramm (für vom Aussterben bedrohte Tierarten/program for breeding animals threatened by extinction)
EEPROMElectrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EEREqual-Error Rate (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EERE[DOE Office of] Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
eERGEnd-Use Efficiency Research Group (Politecnico di Milano, IT)
EEROMElectrically Erasable Read-Only Memory
EESCEquivalent Effective Stratospheric Chlorine
EESEElectrical/Electronic Systems Engineering
EETEnergy Efficient Transport (Flugzeugantrieb/aircraft engine)
EeVExaelektronenvolt (1018 eV)
EEWEarly Earthquake Warning
EEZExclusive Economic Zone
EFExpedited Forwarding (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
eFAelektronische Fallakte (für Ärzte und Kliniken)
EFAEuropean Fighter Aircraft
EFASEuropean Federation of Audiological Societies, Europäische Föderation Audiologischer Gesellschaften
EFDEvent Forwarding Discriminator (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EFDAEuropean Fusion Development Agreement
EFEEinstein's Field Equations
EFFElectronic Frontier Foundation (USA)
EFFESUSEnergy Efficiency for EU Historic Districts Sustainability
EFGEdge-Defined Filmfed Growth
EFIEnrico Fermi Institute (University of Chicago, IL, USA)
EFIExpertenkommission für Forschung und Innovation (DE, seit 2007)
EFKEidgenössische Finanzkontrolle (CH)
EFLEffective Focal Length (optische Linsen/optical lenses)
EFMEthernet in First Mile (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EFMEuropean Film Marker
EFPIAEuropean Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations
EFREnhanced Full Rate (Vocoder)
EFRCEnergy Frontier Research Center
EFREEuropäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung
EFSElectric Field Sensing
EFSElektronische Flugstreifen (Flugsicherung)
EFSA[Europäische Behörde für Lebensmittelsicherheit/European authority for food reliability]
EFTEffective Field Theory (Kernphysik/nuclear physics)
EFTAEuropean Free Trade Association (NO, SE, FI, IS, CH, AT, FL)
EGÄgypten/Egypt (ISO 3166)
EGAÉléments de Géometrie Algébrique
EGAEnhanced Graphics Adapter
EGAEntwicklungsgesellschaft Adlershof
EGEEEnabling Grid for E-Science in Europe
EGFEpidermal Growth Factor
EGGElectronics Goes Green (conference series)
EGGEnergetics, Gestation, Growth (theory, concerning pregnancy)
EGI, EGI.euEuropean Grid Initiative (or: Infrastructure) (seit/since 2010)
eGKelektronische Gesundheitskarte
EGKEuropäisches Graduiertenkolleg
EGKExtended Gate Keeper (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EGMExtraordinary General Meeting
EGMREuropäischer Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte
EGNOSEuropean Geostationary Navigation Overlay Satellite System (or: Service) (Satellitennavigation/satellite navigation)
EGOEuropean Gravitational Observatory (Pisa, IT)
EGPElectronic Program Guide
EGPExterior Gateway Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EGRETEnergetic Gamma-Ray Experiment Telescope
EGSEnhanced Geothermal System
EGSEuropean Geophysical Society
EGSKeGovernment Starter Kit (Microsoft)
E-GSMExtended Global System for Mobile Communication (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EGTEuropean Geographical Technologies
EGUEuropean Geophysics Union
EGWEdge Gateway
eGYElectronic Geophysical Year (geplanter Nachfolger des IGY/planned successor of the IGY)
EHWestsahara/Western Sahara (früher Spanisch-Sahara/former Spanish Sahara) (ISO 3166)
EHAelektrohydrostatischer Aktor
EHBElly Hölterhoff-Böcking-Stiftung
EHEAEuropean Higher Education Area
EHECenterohämorrhagische Escherichia coli
EHESSEnhanced Higher Education Supply Service
EHFExtra High Frequency (30 – 300 GHz)
E-HICHEnhanced Uplink HARQ Indicator Channel
EHLextragalaktisches Hintergrundlicht
EHLAExtremes Hochgeschwindigkeits-Laserauftragschweißen
EHRDEducation and Human Resources Development (University of Michigan, USA)
EHSEnvironment, Health, and Safety
EHSEnvironment and Human Security
EHTEvent Horizon Telescope/Ereignishorizont–Teleskop
EIElectron Impact (Massenspektrometer/mass spectrometer)
EIEngineering Information (Datenbank/data bank, Westbury, NY, USA)
EIAElectronics Industries Association (or: Alliance)
EIAEnergy Information Administration (USA)
EIBEuropean Installation Bus (Haustechnik/domestic technology)
EIBEuropean Investment Bank
EIBAEuropean Installation Bus Association
EiCEditor in Chief
EICElectron Induced Conduction
EICEuro Info Centre
EICTAEuropean Information and Communication Technology Industry Association
EIDElectronic Identification of Containers
EIGRPEnhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EINEquivalent Input Noise
EIPEarly Implementation Program
EIPBN[International Conference on] Electron, Ion, and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication
EIREntrepreneurs-in-Residence (US program)
EIRExcessive Information Rate (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
e-IRGe-Infrastructure Reflection Group (zur gemeinsamen Nutzung verteilter elektronischer Ressourcen/for the shared use of distributed electronic resources)
EIROEuropean Intergovernmental Research Organisations
EIRPEffective (or: Equivalent) Isotropic Radiated Power (Satelliten/satellites)
EISEffective Isotropic Sensitivity (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EISEnvironmental Impact Statement
EISExecutive Information Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EISAEnergy Independence and Security Act (USA 2007)
EISAExtended Industry Standard Architecture
EISCATEuropean Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association
EISLEffektive isotrope Strahlungsleistung
EISSEuropäisches Institut für Systemsicherheit
EITElectromagnetically Induced Transparency, elektromagnetisch induzierte Transparenz
EITElektrische Impedanz-Tomographie
EITEuropean Institute of (Innovation and) Technology (Budapest, HU)
EITEvent Information Table (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EITExtreme-Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (an Bord von/aboard SOHO)
EITCEuropean Information Technology Conference
EITOEuropean Information Technology Observatory
EJExajoule (= 1018 Joule)
EJBEnterprise Java Beans (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EJMCEUROBALL Joint Management Committee
EJMEEnhaced Journals ... Made Easy (open access publishing project)
EJSEasy Java Simulation (programming environment)
EJSMEurope Jupiter System Mission (ESA–NASA project, planned for about 2020)
EKAExpositions-Äquivalent für krebserzeugende Arbeitsstoffe
EKBEgyptian Knowledge Bank
EKBOEdgeworth-Kuiper Belt Object (Astronomie/astronomy)
EKFExtended Kalman Filter
EKGElektrokardiogramm (-graphie)
EKGSEuropäische Gemeinschaft für Kohle und Stahl
EKS[Fraunhofer-] Einrichtung für Systeme der Kommunikationstechnik (München)
EKUEastern Kentucky University
ELEcho Loss (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ELElectroluminescence, Elektrolumineszenz
ELEsslöffel (in Rezepten)
ELAEmpoverment and Livelihood for Adolescents (Uganda)
ELAl'Ensemble de Lancement Ariane (Weltraumbahnhof Kourou, GY)
ELAGEuropean Library Automation Group
E-LANEthernet LAN Services
ELAPEnvironmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (US DoD)
ELBEElektronenbeschleuniger hoher Brillanz und geringer Emittanz (FZR, Rossendorf)
ELCATElectrocatalytic Gas-Phase Conservation of CO2 in Confined Catalysts (EU 2004–2008, IT-FR-DE-GR)
ELDAEvaluation and Languages Resources Distribution Agency
ELDEWASEarly Landslide Detection and Warning System
ELDOEuropean Launcher Development Organization (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
ELEl'Ensemble de Lancement Europa (Weltraumbahnhof Kourou, GY)
ELEANNEEfficient Learning Algorithm for Neural Networks
ELENAExtra Low Energy Antiproton Ring (CERN)
ELFExtremely Low Frequency (0,3 – 3 kHz)
ELFEElectron Laboratory for Europe
ELFICOMElektronische Fachinformation und Kommunikation
ELGRAEuropean Low-Gravity Research Association
ELIEurocell Library and Interfaces
ELIEuropean Laser Institute (Aachen, DE, seit/since 2003)
ELIExtreme Light Infrastructure (European project)
ELIExtreme Light Intensity (short-pulse laser, planned for 2015)
ElinasErlanger Zentrum für Literatur- und Naturwissenschaften
E-LINEEthernet Line Services
ELINTElectronic Intelligence
ELISAEnzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
eLISAEuropean Laser Interferometer Space Antenna
ELITEEuropean Laboratory for Intelligent Techniques Engineering (Aachen, DE)
ELMElement Layer Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ELMEvent and Log Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ELMFEuropean Large Magnetic Field Facility
ELNElectronic Lab(oratory) Notebook
ELOGEpitaxially Laterally Overgrown
ELPEnterprise Laboratory Platform
ELROBEuropean Land-Robot Trial
ELS(-Modell/model) nach/after [Olin] Eggen, [Donald] Lynden-Bell und/and [Allan] Sandage (Astronomie/astronomy)
ELSEgyptian Learning Society
ELSl'Ensemble de Lancement Soyuz (Weltraumbahnhof Kourou, GY)
ELSDEvaporative Light-Scattering Detector
ELSIEthical, Legal and Social Issues
ELSTAMElektronische Lohnsteuerabzugsmerkmale
ELSTERelektronische Steuererklärung
ELTExtremely Large Telescope (planned for 2018)
ELUEnhanced Learning Unlimited (EU project)
EMEditorial Manager (e.g., JASA)
EMEnvironmental Management (or: Monitoring)
EMAelektromechanischer Aktor
EMAEuropean Medicines Agency, Europäische Arzneimittelagentur
EMAExperimental Modal Analysis, Experimentelle Modalanalyse
EMACEthernet Media Access Controller
E-MailElectronic Mail
E-MANEthernet Metropolitan Area Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EMANIElectronic Mathematics Archives Network Initiative (seit/since 2002)
EMB[Fraunhofer-] Einrichtung für Marine Biologie (Lübeck)
EMBASSIElektronische Multimediale Bedien- und Service-Assistenz
EMBLEuropäisches Molekularbiologisches Laboratorium, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (Heidelberg, DE)
eMBMSEnhanced (or: Evolved) Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (ZK)
EMBOEuropean Molecular Biology Organization (Heidelberg, DE)
EMCElectro-Magnetic Chamber
EMCElectromagnetic Compatibility (= EMV)
EMCElectron Microscopy Center (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
EMCEuropean Muon Collaboration
EMCCDElectron Multiplying Charge-Coupled Device (optischer Sensor/optical sensor)
EMDElectronic Music Distribution
EMEAEurope, Middle East and Africa
EMERGEEmergency Monitoring Prevention (EU project)
EMER-TEmergency Mobility of Rescue Forces and Regular Traffic (DLR)
EMF[Dateinamenerweiterung: Graphikdatei/file name extension: graphic file]
EMFElectromagnetic Field, elektromagnetisches Feld
EMFEuropean Multimedia Forum
EMFT[Fraunhofer-] Einrichtung für Modulare (oder: Mikrosysteme und) Festkörpertechnologien (München)
EMGElectro-Optical Materials Group (University of Toronto, ON, CA)
EMGElectromyogram, Electromyography
EMHElectromotor (or: Electric Motor)-HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop)
EMIElectromagnetic Induction
EMIElectromagnetic Interference (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EMIEngineering Mechanics Institute (ASCE)
EMIErnst-Mach-Institut (Fraunhofer-Institut für Kurzzeitdynamik, Freiburg)
EMILIErgonomischer, mobiler, interaktiver Ladungsträger für die Intralogistik (Fraunhofer-Entwicklung)
EMILYEmergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard (ONR)
EMIMEEffective Multilingual Interaction in Mobile Environments
EMISThe European Mathematical Information Service
eMISKEnvironmental Monitoring and Information System for Kuwait
EMLElectro-Absorption Modulated Laser (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
EMLElektromagnetischer Levitator (auf der ISS)
EMLElement Management Layer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EMLEuropean Media Laboratory (Heidelberg, DE)
EMLACSEfficient Manufacturing of Laser Assisted Cold-Sprayed Components
EMMEntitlement Management Message (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EMMEPS Mobility Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EMMExperimental & Molecular Medicine (a journal)
EMMAEuropean Airport Movement Management by A-SMGCS (Flughafen-Bodenverkehr/airport ground traffic)
EMMIElectrical Man Machine Interface
EMMIESA Multi-Mode Instrument
EMMIExtreme Matter Institute (Darmstadt, DE)
EMPElectromagnetic Pulse
EMPEmbedded-Media Processor (Datenverarbeitung/data processing)
EMPAEidgenössische Materialprüfungs- und Forschungsanstalt (Dübendorf, CH)
EMPD[International Conference on] Energy Management and Power Delivery
EMPSEuropean Mobility Scheme for Physics Students (EPS)
EMRElectromagnetic Relay
EMRElectron Magnetic Resonance
EMRElectronic Medical Record
EMREnhanced Measurement Report
EMRExtraordinary Magnetoresistance
EMRCEuropean Medical Research Council
EMRPEuropean Metrology Research Programme
EMRSElectromagnetic Remote Sensing
EMSElectrified Monorail System
EMSElectromagnetic Susceptibiliy (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EMSElectromechanical Suspension System
EMSElectronic Manufacturing Service
EMSElectronic Meeting System
EMSElement Management System (Internet)
EMSEngineering Management System
EMSEuropean Mathematical Society
EMSAEuropean Maritime Safety Agency
EMSecEchtzeitdienste für die maritime Sicherheit – Security (DLR)
EMSLEnvironmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (PNNL, USA)
EMSTPEuropean Medical Scientific Training Program
EMTElectromagnetic Transient
EMTEmergency Medical Technician
EMVElektromagnetische Verträglichkeit (= EMC)
EMVGGesetz über die elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit von Geräten
EMVUElektromagnetische Umweltverträglichkeit
ENEuropa-Norm, Europäische Norm (CENELEC)
ENACEuropean Network and Applications Center
ENAS[Fraunhofer-] Einrichtung (oder: -Institut) für Elektronische Nanosysteme (Paderborn und Chemnitz)
ENBISEuropean Network for Business and Industrial Statistics
EnBWEnergie Baden-Württemberg AG
ENDEnviromental (European) Noise Directive
ENESEuropean Network for Earth System Modelling
EnEVEnergieeinsparverordnung (seit/since 2007)
ENFEquivalent Noise Floor (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ENIEthernet Network Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ENIEuropäisches Neurowissenschaftliches Institut
ENIACElectronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (Univ. of Pennsylvania, USA 1945)
ENIACEuropean Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council
ENI(-G)European Neuroscience Institute (in Göttingen, DE)
ENLIGHTEnhanced Lightweight Design (EU project)
ENMEnviromenal Noise Management
EnMAPEnvironmental Mapping and Analysis Program(me) (EOMAP and DLR)
ENNAHEuropean Network on Noise and Health
ENOEssentially Non-Oscillatory (numerische Rechenverfahren/numerical computing)
ENSEcole Normale Supérieure (Paris, FR)
ENSEEIHTEcole Nationale Supérieure d'Electrotechnique, d'Electronique, d'Informatique, d'Hydraulique et des Télécommunications (Toulouse, FR)
ENSIEGEcole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs Electriciens de Grenoble
ENSOEl Niño Southern Oscillation (Klima/climate)
ENSTEcole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (Paris, FR)
ENSTAEcole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées (Paris, FR)
ENTEar, Nose and Throat (= HNO)
ENTElektrische Nachrichtentechnik (Zeitschrift)
ENTIREEuropean Network on Transport Innovation for the Rational Use of Energy
ENTRANCEEnergy Savings in Transport through Innovation in the Cities of Europe
ENTRANZE[Politics to] Enforce the Transition to Nearly Zero Energy Buildings in Europe (EU project)
ENVIEnvironment for Visualizing Images
:envihabEnvironment Habitat (DLR: medizinische Forschungsanlage, Köln, 2011 im Bau)
ENVISAT(Europäischer Umweltsatellit, ab 1.3.2002/European enviroment satellite, since March 1, 2002)
ENWISEEnlarge Women in the East (Working group, European Commission, since 2003)
ENXEuropean Network Exchange (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EOEarth Observation (Satelliten/satellites)
EOElectro-Optical (Effects or Sensors)
EOAEevozierte otoakustische Emissionen
EOCEarth Observation Center (DLR, Neustrelitz)
E-OCVMEuropean Operational Concept Validation Methodology (Flugverkehr/air traffic)
EODe-Books on Demand
EOEEqual Opportunity Employer
EOFEmpirical Orthogonal Function
EOFEnd of File
EOGElektrooculogramm, Electrooculogram
EOLEnd of Life
EOMAPEarth Observation and Mapping
EoMPLSEthernet over MPLS
EONEnhanced Other Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EOPEarth Observation Programmes
EORTCEuropean Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer
EOSEarth Observing System (or: Satellite) (NASA)
EOSEarth, Oceans, and Space (Institute, New Hampshire, USA)
EOSElectrical Overstress
EOSEquation of State
EOSEuropean Optical Society
EOSAMEuropean Optical Society Annual Meeting
EOSDISEarth Observing System Data Information System
EOTEnergy Optimized Tyre
EOTCEuropean Organization for Testing and Certification
EOTDEnhanced Observed Time Difference (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
E-OTDRExtended Optical Time Domain Reflectometry
EO2HeavenEarth Observation and Environmental Modelling for the Mitigation of Health Risks (EU project)
EPEuropäisches Parlament
EPExecutive Plan
EPAEicosapentaensäure (Omega-3-Fettsäure)
ePAelektronische Patientenakte
ePAelektronischer Personalausweis
EPAEnvironment(al) Protection Agency (in vielen Ländern/in many countries)
EPAEuropäisches Patentamt (München)
EPAEuropean Pressphoto Agency
EPAAEuropean Partnership on Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing
EPADElectronically Programmable Analog Device
EPASElectronic Power Assisted Steering (Kfz/motor vehicle)
EPBElectric Power Boost (Kfz/motor vehicle)
EPBElectronic Parking Brake, elektronische Parkbremse
EPBDEnergy Performance of Buildings Directive (EU-Richtlinie)
EPCElectronic Power Conditioner
EPCElectronic Product Code (in the RFID)
EPCEnhanced Packet Core
EPCEnhanced Power Control (Kfz/automobile)
EPCEuropean Payments Council
EPCEuropean Publishers Council
EpCAMEpithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule
EPCCEdinburgh Parallel Computing (or: Compute) Centre (Scotland)
EPCCGUEstación Polar Cientifica Conjunta Glaciar Unión
EPDEnvironmental Product Declarations
EPDBEuropean Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
EPDCElectronics Product Develoment Centre (Philippinen)
ePDGEvolved Packet Data Gateway
EPEAEnvironmental Protection Encouragement Agency
EPEATElectronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool
EPFDEquivalent Power Flux Density (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EPFLEcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
EPGElectronic Program(ming) Guide (Digitalrundfunk/digital broadcast)
EPHYEthernet Physical Transceiver
EPIEastern Pacific Investigations of Climate
EPIEcho Planar Imaging (MRI)
EPIAEuropean Photovoltaic Industry Association
EPICElectronic and Photonic Integrated Circuits
EPICElectronic Privacy Information Center (Bürgerrechtsgruppe)
EPICEuropean Photon Imaging Camera (XMM)
EPICEuropean Photonics Industry Consortium
EPICEuropean Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition Study
EPICAEuropean Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica
EPLEthernet Private Line
EPiQSEmergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems
EPLEurophysics Letters
EPLAEuropean Patent Litigation Agreement
EPNEREcole du Personnel Navigant d'Essai et de Reception
EPNL, EPNdBEffective Perceived Noise Level
EPOEducation and Public Outreach (University of Oregon, USA, Physics Department)
EPOEuropean Patent Office (München, DE)
EPONEthernet Passive Optical Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EPOSEuropean Plate Observing System
EPOSEuropean Proximity Operations Simulator (DLR Oberpfaffenhoven, Satelliten-Reparatur)
EPOSEuropean PTT Open Learning Service
EPPOEuropean and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization
EPRElectron Paramagnetic Resonance
EPREnhanced Permeability and Retention (effect)
EPREuropean Pressurised Water Reactor (Kernreaktor, geplant für/nuclear reactor, planned for 2011 in Finland)
EPREEnergy per Resource Element (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EPRIElectron Parametric Resonance Imaging
EPRINTElectronic Print Server for Research Information on Natural Science and Technology
EPROMErasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EPSEarth, Planets and Space (Journal)
EPSEncapsulated Postscript [Dateinamenerweiterung: Graphikdatei/file name extension: graphic file]
EPSElectronic Power Steering (Kfz/motor vehicle)
EPSElektropneumatische Schaltung (Kfz/motor vehicle)
EPSEncapsulated Postscript
EPSEumetsat Polar System
EPSEuropean Physical Society
EPSEuropean Polar Satellite
EPSEvolved Packet System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EPSExpandierter Polystyrol-Hartschaum (zur Wärmedämmung)
EPSCEuropean Planetary Science Congress
EPSCExcitatory Postsynaptic Conductance (Neurologie/neurology)
epSOSSmart Open Services for European Patients
EPSRCEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (UK)
EPTAEuropean Pulsar Timing Array (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
EPÜEuropäisches Patentübereinkommen
EPWSEuropean Platform of Women Scientists
EPXMAElectron Probe X-Ray Microanalysis
EQEnzephalisationsquotient (Hirnforschung/brain research)
EQEExternal Quantum Efficiency (e.g., of solar cells)
EQECEuropean Quantum Electronics Conference
eQtve-Qualifikations-TV (für den Mittelstand/qualification for the middle class)
EQUIPEquality in Publishing
EREdge Router (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EREritrea (ISO 3166)
EREvent Reporting
ERExtinction Ratio
ERAEigensystem Realization Algorithm
ERAEuropean Research Area
ERAExcellence in Research for Australia
ERABEuropean Research Area Board
ERAMElectronic Research Archive for Mathematics (DFG project)
ERASMUSEuropean Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students
ERATOEtude d'un Rotor Aéroacoustique Technologiquement Optimale
ERATOExploratory Research for Advanced Technology Program (JRDC)
ERBEquivalent Rectangular Bandwidth (hearing research)
ERBEEarth Radiation Budget Experiment (Klimaforschung/climate research)
ERBSEarth Radiation Budget Satellite
ERCEngineering Research Center
ER-CErnst Ruska-Centrum (FZJ)
ERCEuropean Research Council (Bruxelles, BE)
ERCIMEuropean Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics
ERCOFTACEuropean Research Community on Flow, Turbulence and Combustion
ERCOTElectric Reliability Council of Texas (USA)
ERDAUS Energy Research and Development Administration
ERDFEuropean Regional Development Fund
EREEnergy Reuse Effectiveness
ERESESA Rams Expert System (Software)
ERFElectrorheological Fluid
E-RGCHEnhanced [Uplink] Relative Grant Channel
ERGOEuropean Research Gateways On-Line
ERICEuropean Research Infrastructure Consortium
ERISExternal Region Integrity System (Galileo)
ERISAEuropean Regional Information Society Association
ERLEnergy Recovery Linac (CLASSE)
ER&LElectronic Resources & Libraries (Conference series)
ERLEEcho Return Loss Enhancement
ERMEarth Resource Mapping
ERMe-Resource Management
ERNEEnergetic and Relativistic Nuclei and Electron Experiment (an Bord von/aboard SOHO)
EROEuropean Research Office (of US Army, in London, GB)
EROExplicit Route Object (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EROSEarth Resources Observation System
eRositaExtended Roentgen Survey with an Imaging Telescope Array (Röntgenteleskop/X-ray telescope)
ERPEffective Radiation (or: Radiated) Power (Sender/transmitter)
ERPEnergy Resource Planning
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
ERPEvent-Related Potential (Neurologie/Neuroscience)
ERSEuropean Remote Sensing Satellite
ERSAPEuropean Road Safety Action Programme
ErSEEarth Sciences and Engineering (KAUST)
ERSIEnvironment and Remote Sensing Institute (Harare, Simbabwe)
ERTExternal Review Committee
ERTMSEuropean Rail Transport Management System (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
ertPSEnhanced Real-Time Packet Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ERTRACEuropean Road Transport Research Advisory Council
ERVEarth Return Vehicle (bemannte Raumfahrt/manned spacecraft)
ESEmbryonale Stammzelle
ESExpert System
ESSpanien/Spain (ISO 3166)
ESAEndangered Species Act (USA)
ESA/ASEEuropean Space Agency / Agence spatiale européenne
ESA BICESA Business Incubation Center
ESACEfficiency and Standards for Artcicle Charges (open access literature)
ESAUElectronic Subscriber Access Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ESBEnvironmental Specimen Bank
ESCElektronisches Stabilisierungsprogramm (Kfz)
ESCEuropean Society of Cardiology
ESCAElectron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis
ESCAEuropean Speech Communication Association
ESCHILOEsperimento di Schermatura in Low Orbit (Raumfahrt, Schirmungsexperiment/spacecraft, shielding experiment)
ESCONEnterprise Systems Connections (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ESCPEEcole de Chimie, Physique et Electronique (Lyon, FR)
ESCUEnhanced Services Control Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ESDElectrostatic Discharge
ESDExpert System Development
ESDAEngineering Systems Design and Analysis (ASME, Biennial Conference Series)
ESDAElectronic Systems Design Automation
ESDACEuropean Soil Data Centre
ESDIADElectron-Stimulated Desorption Ion Angular Distribution
ESDMEarly Start Denver Model (Autismus-Therapie)
ESEExonic Splicing Enhancer (Genetik/genetics)
ESEExpo-Sciences Europe (Annual Exhibition and Meeting)
ESFEUREKA Software Factory
ESFEuropean Science Foundation (seit/since 1974)
ESFRIEuropean Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures
ESGElectronic Service Guide (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ESGEnterprise Strategy Group
ESGEvangelische Studierenden-Gemeinde
eshequivalent sun hours (Bestrahlungsstärke)
eSIelektronischer Sicherheitsinspektor
ESIMEEscuela Superior de Ingenería Mecánica y Electrica (Mexico City)
ESIUEnvironmental and Spatial Informatics Unit (of SEPA)
ESK[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Eingebettete Systeme und Kommunikationstechnik (München)
ESLESA Simulation Language (Software)
ESMElectrochemical Strain Microscopy
ESMEmbedded Server Module
ESMEuropäischer Stabilitätsmechanismus
ESMFEarth System Modelling Framework
E-SMFEnhanced SMF
ESMTEuropean School of Management and Technology (Berlin, DE)
ESMValEarth System Model Validation (DLR-Messkampagne)
ESNCEuropean Satellite Navigation Competition
ESnetEnergy Science Network
ESOESSI Service Organization
ESOEuropean Southern Observatory, Europäische Organisation für astronomische Forschung in der südlichen Hemisphäre (Garching)
ESOCEuropean Space Operations Centre (Darmstadt, DE)
ESOFEuro(pean) Science Open Forum
ESOFTAEmbedded Software Association
ESONE[Committee for] European Studies on Norms for Electronics
ESOPSEuropean Symposium on Polymer Spectroscopy
ESPElectronic Stability Program, elektronisches Stabilitätsprogramm (Kfz/motor vehicle)
ESPEmbedded Signal Processing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ESPEqual-Spin-Pairing (superconductivity)
ESPExtrasensory Perception
ESPCIEcole Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles [de la Ville de Paris]
ESPIElectronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry
ESPIEuropean Space Policy Institute
ESPONEuropean Spatial Planning Observation Network
ESPRITEstimation of Signal Parameters via Rotational Invariance Techniques
ESPRITEuropean Strategic Programme for Research and Development in Information Technology
ESRElectrical Substitution Radiometer
ESRElectron Spin Resonance, Elektronenspinresonanz
ESRExperimentier-Speicher-Ring (bei der/at the GSI, Darmstadt)
ESRABEuropean Security Research Advisory Board
ESRANGEEuropean Space Range (SE)
ESRFEuropean Synchrotron Radiation Facility (Grenoble, FR)
ESRIFEuropean Security Research and Innovation Forum (since September 2008)
ESRINEuropean Space Research Institute
ESRLEarth System Research Laboratory (at NOAA)
ESROEuropean Space Research Organization
ESSEarth and Space Science
ESSEarth System Science
ESSElectro-Seismic Signals (für Erbebenvorhersage/for earthquake forecast)
ESSEthernet Service Switch
ESSEuropean Spallation Source (Jülich, DE, and Lund, Sweden)
ESSAEvery Student Succeeds Act (USA)
ESSCEarth Systems Science (research program, Chinese University of Hong Kong)
ESSCIRCEuropean Solid-State Circuit Conference
ESSIEuropean Software and Systems Initiative
ESSICEarth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (University of Maryland, USA)
ESSIDExtended Service Set Identifier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ESSLEuropean Severe Storms Laboratory
ESTEastern Standard Time (Zeitzone/time zone, USA, GMT–5)
ESTEuropean Solar Telescope (geplant/planned)
ESTExpressed Sequence Tags (Genetik/genetics)
ESTAEuropean Science and Technology Assembly
ESTBEGNOS System Test Bed
ESTECEuropean Space Research and Technology Centre (Noordwijk, NL)
EST&HEnvironment, Science, Technology, and Health
ESTOEuropean Science and Technology Observatory (EC)
ESTWElektronisches Stellwerk (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
ESWD[Europäische Umwelt-Datenbank] (ESSL)
ESWLExtracorporal Shockwave Lithotripsy
ESYSEnergiesysteme der Zukunft (Akademienprojekt)
E.T.Einstein [Gravitational Wave] Telescope
ETÄthiopien/Ethiopia (ISO 3166)
ETEnvelope Tracking (Hüllkurvendetektor) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ETEphemeris Time (since 1960, later on: TT)
ETExtended Transmission (filter)
ETACSEuropean Total Access Communication System
ETAIEuropean Technology Assessment Infrastructue (EC)
ETANEuropean Technology Assessment Network (EC)
ETANNElectrically Trainable Artificial Neural Network
ETAPEnvironmental Technology Action Plan (EU)
ETCElectronic Toll Collection System (Einzugssystem für Mautgebühren)
ETC[Action Group on] Erosion, Technology and Concentration (CA)
ETCExecutable Test Case (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ETCSEuropean Train Control System (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
ETDElectronic Tuning Device
ETDEye Tracking Device
ETDMElectric(al) (or: Electronic) Time Division Multiplexing (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
ETECALElectronically Tunable External Cavity Laser Diode
ETGEuropean Tripartite Group
EThOSElectronic Theses Online Service
ETHOSEngineers in Technical and Humanitarian Opportunities of Service
ETH(Z)Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (Zürich, CH)
ETIElectrotechnology Industry Database
ETIEnsemble Transport Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ETIEuropean Teraflops Initiative
ETICEuropäisches Technologie- und Innovations-Centrum (Kaiserslautern)
eTINElectronic Taxpayer Identification Number
ETLAExtended Three-Letter Acronyms
ETLSExtended Least Squares (Algorithmus/algorithm)
ETMEnhanced Turbulence Modelling
ETMSEnterprise Translational Medicine Solution
ETOEngineering to Order
ETPEuropean Technology Platform
ETP-SMREuropean Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources
ETPSEmpire Test Pilots' School (GB)
ETP4HTPEuropean Technology Platform for High Performance Computing
ETRExtended Temperature Range
ETSEcole de Technologie Supérieure (CA)
ETSEducational Testing Service (Princeton, NJ, USA)
ETSEmission Trading Scheme (Umweltschutz, Emissionshandel/environment conservation, emission trade)
ETSEpisodic Tremor and Slip (plate tectonics)
ETSEuropean Test Services (bei/at ESTEC)
ETSExecutable Test Suite (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ETSIEuropean Telecommunications Standards Institute (seit/since 1988)
ETSPLEquivalent Threshold Sound Pressure Level
ETSUEast Tennessee State University (USA)
ETUCEEuropean Trade Union Committee for Education
ETWEuropäischer Transsonischer (Transschall-)Windkanal, European Transonic Windtunnel (Köln)
ETZ, etzElektrotechnische Zeitschrift
EUEuropean Union; Europäische Union
EUAEuropean Union Allowance (Umweltschutz, Emissionshandel/environment conservation, emission trade)
EUCEnd User Computing
EUCASEuropean Conference on Applied Superconductivity/Europäische Konferenz
zur Angewandten Supraleitung/European Conference on Applied Superconductivity]
EUCDEuropean Union Copyright Directive
EUCLIPSEEureopean Cloud Intercomparison, Process Study and Evaluation Project (climate research)
EU COSTEuropean Cooperation in Science and Technology
EUCOREuropäische Konföderation der Oberrheinischen Universitäten
Eu:CROPISEuglena and Confined Regenerative Organic-Food Production in Space (DLR project)
EUCYSEuropean Union Contest for Young Scientists
EUDATEuropean Data Project
EU-DEEPEuropean Distributed Energy Partnership
EUFAREuropean Fleet for Airborne Research
EUFOREuropean Union Force (seit 21.12.2004/since Dec. 21, 2004, vorher/formerly: SFOR)
EuGHEuropäischer Gerichtshof
EULEnhanced Uplink
EuMEAEurope, Middle East, and Asia
EUMETSATEuropean Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites
EUNEFRONEuropean Network for the Study of Orphan Nephropathies
EUNETEuropean Unix Network
EUPENEuropean Physics Education Network (EPS)
EUPLEuropean Union Public Licence
EUPROEuropean Union of Physics Research Organizations
EURABEuropean Research Advisory Board
EURASIPEuropean Association for Signal, Speech and Image Processing
EURATOMEuropean Atomic Energy Community
EURCAEuropean Resource Centre for Alternatives in Higher Education
EURECAEuropean Retrievable Carrier (europäisches Weltraumlabor/European space laboratory)
EUREKAEuropean Research Coordination Agency
EURIBOREuro Interbank Offered Rate (Bankgeschäfte)
EuroAceEuropean Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings
EUROCAEEuropean Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment
EUROCAREEuopean Cancer Registry-Based Study on Survival and Care of Cancer Patients
EUROCONTROL[Europäische Organisation für die Sicherheit im Flugverkehr/European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation]
EUROGENEEuropean Renal Genome Project
EUROGIEuropean Umbrella Organization for Geo Information
EuroHORCsEuropean Union Research Organisations – Heads of Research Councils
EUROMAR[Überwachung und Schutz der europäischen Meere/monitoring and protection of European seas]
EUROMATEuropean Congress on Advanced Materials and Processes
EuromechEuropean Mechanics Colloquium
EUROMETEuropean Collaboration on Measurement Standards, European Metrology Organization
Euro-NCAPEuropean New Car Assessment Program
EuroNGIEuropean Next Generation Internet
EUROSCIENCEA European Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology
EUROSOLAR[Europäische Vereinigung für Erneuerbare Energien/European union for renewable energies]
EUROTRAC[Erfassung von Schadstoffen in der Troposphäre/monitoring of pollutants in the troposphere]
EURYIEuropean Young Investigator (Award, given by the European Science Foundation)
EUSCEAEuropean Science Events Association
EUSIPCOEuropean Signal Processing Conference
EUSISEuropean Soil Information System
EUSOExtreme Universe Space Observatory (neutrino detector)
EUTEquipment Under Test
EutelsatEuropean Telecommunications Satellite Organization
EUTRAEvolved UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access
EUTRANEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EUVExtreme Ultraviolet, Extremes Ultraviolett (λ ≤ 912 Å, Lyman-Kante/Lyman edge)
EUVEExtreme Ultraviolet Explorer (Satellit/satellite)
EUVLExtreme Ultraviolet Lithography, EUV-Lithographie
e.V.eingetragener Verein
EVElectric Vehicle
EVEnhanced Voice Packet (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EVAEconomic Value Add
EVAExtravehicular Activity
eVADERElectric Vehicle Alert for Detection and Emergency Response (EU project)
EVCElectronic Valve Control (Kfz-Technik/internal combustion engine)
EVCEthernet Virtual Connection (or: Circuit)
EVCEuropean Vital Computer (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
EVCAMEuropean Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods
EVEREuropean Association for Vision and Eye Research
EVGElektronisches Vorschaltgerät
EVIEngineering Video Intelligence
EVMError Vector Magnitude (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
EVNEuropean VLBI Network
EvoDevoEvolutionary Developmental Biology, evolutionäre Entwicklungsbiologie
EVOPEvolutionary Operation
EVPLEthernet Virtual Private Line
EVPLANEthernet Virtual Private LAN
EVREigenvalue Ratio
EVRESTEvoked Response Study Tool
EVSEnergieversorgungssystem (Satellit/satellite)
EVSEnhanced Voice Service
EVTSEnhanced VFR Transport System (VFR: Visual Flight Rules)
EVUEnergieversorgungsunternehmen (früher/formerly: Elektrizitätsversorgungsunternehmen)
EWBElectronic Wedge Brake (für Autos/for cars)
EWBSEmergency Warning Broadcasting System
EWEAEuropean Wind Energy Association
EWeLiNEErstellung innovativer Wetter- und Leistungsprognosemodelle für die Netzintegration wetterabhängiger Energieträger
EWFEuropean Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting
EWGEuropäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft
EWODElectrowetting-on-Dielectric System
EWREuropäischer Wirtschaftsraum
EWSEmergency Warning System
EWSKEast-West Station Keeping (Satelliten/satellites)
EWSNEuropean Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks
EWTEmitter-Wrap-Through (Fotovoltaik-Zelle/photovoltaic cell)
EWTFEast-West Task Force (EPS)
EWvKEntwicklungsgesellschaft für die Wiederverwendung von Kunststoffen
Exa..Exa (Präfix/prefix): 1018}
ExACExome Aggregation Consortium
EXAFSExtended X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure
EXE[Dateinamenerweiterung: ausführbares Programm/file name extension: executable program]
ExcimerExcited Dimer (Laser)
EXOEnriched Xenon Observatory
EXPERTEuropean Experimental Reentry Testbed (Raumkapsel/space vehicle)
EXPYExpressway (US Mail)
ExWoStExperimenteller Wohnungs- und Städtebau
EYCIEuropean Year of Creativity and Innovation (2009)
EZBEuropäische Zentralbank
EZfMEuropäisches Zentrum für Medienkompetenz (Marl)
EZMWEuropäisches Zentrum für mittelfristige Wettervorhersage (Reading, UK) (= ECMWF)
EZNErfinderzentrum Norddeutschland
EZRT[Fraunhofer-] Entwicklungszentrum für Röntgentechnik (am IIS, Fürth)
E2REnd-to-End Reconfigurability
E3effizient – emissionsneutral – Einbindung Mensch (bessere industrielle Produktion, Fraunhofer-Projekt)


(Video) Abkürzungen auf Deutsch | Diese 15 solltest du kennen

f...Femto... (Präfix/prefix): 10-15
FAFactor Analysis
FAFailure Analysis
FAFalse Acceptance (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FAForeign Agent (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FAAFederal Aviation Administration (USA)
FAARMFacility for the Acquisition and Assay for Radiopure Materials (USA)
FABFast Atom Bombardment (Massenspektrometer/mass spectrometer)
FABForwarding Agency Builder (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FABFulfillment, Assurance and Billing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FABFunctional Airspace Block
FABECFunctional Airspace Block Europe Central
FACAFederal Advisory Committee Act (USA, 1972)
FACEFacility for Attitude Control Experiments (DLR, Bremen, DE)
FACEFree-Air CO2 Enrichment (Klimaforschung/climate research)
FACEFriendly Aircraft Cabin Environment (EU project)
FACETFast Analog Computing with Emergent Transition States
FACTFuels from Agriculture in Communal Technology (foundation)
FACTORFull Aerothermal Combustion–Turbine Interaction Research
FADFlavin-Adenin-Dinukleotid (Biochemie)
FADFunction Access Domain (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FaDaFFachverband Deutsch als Fremdsprache
FADEFramework for Auditory Discrimination Experiments
FADSFlush Air Data System (Raumkapsel/spacecraft)
FAEField Application Engineer
FAESTFast A Posteriori Error Sequential Technique (Algorithmus/algorithm)
FAFAFachausschuss Fahrzeugakustik (DEGA)
FAGIFuture Air Ground Integration (Flugverkehr/air traffic)
FAIFood Allergy Initiative (New York, NY, USA)
FAIFCFast Algorithms in Feedback Control (Algorithmus/algorithm)
FAIRFacility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Europe GmbH (Darmstadt, DE)
FAIRFahrwerk/Antrieb-Integration ins Rad (Elektroauto)
FALBundesforschungsanstalt für Landwirtschaft (Braunschweig)
FAMAFachausschuss „Musikalische Akustik“ (DEGA)
FAMOSflexible automatisierte Montagesysteme
FANPACFan Noise Prediction and Control (EU Forschungsprojekt/research project)
FANTASIAFlexible and Near-Net-Shaped Generative Manufacturing Chains and Repair Techniques for Complex Shaped Aero Engine Parts (EU project, until May 2010)
FAOFood and Agriculture Organization (UN)
FAPESPFundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (BR)
FAPPFor all practical purposes
FAPS[Lehrstuhl für] Fertigungsautomatisierung und Produktionssystematik (Univ. Erlangen–Nürnberg)
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FARSFatality Analysis Reporting System (US Datenbank/data bank)
FASFacility Associated Signaling (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FASFahrerassistenzsystem (Kfz)
FASFederation of American Scientists (seit/since 1945, gegen Atomwaffen/against atomic weapons)
FASFlankarray Sonar
F.A.S.Free Alongside Ship (Handelsverkehr/trade)
FASEFederation of the Acoustical Societies of Europe
FASPISFast Algorithms Secondary Path Integration Scheme (Algorithmus/algorithm)
FASTFast Auroral Snapshot (Satellit/satellite, USA)
FASTFive-Hundred-Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (China)
FASTForecasting and Assessment in the Field of Science and Technology
FASTFoundation for Assistive Technology
FASTFraunhofer Approach for Software Testing
FASTFuture Automotive Industry Structure
Fast20XXFuture High-Altitude High-Speed Transport (EU project)
FATFile Allocation Table
FATFinal Acceptance Test (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
FATCAForeign Account Tax Compliance Act
FATSSFachausschuss Technischer Schall- und Schwingungsschutz (in der DEGA)
FAUFlorida Atlantic University
FAUFriedrich-Alexander-Universität (Erlangen-Nürnberg)
FAWFlexible Automatisierte Waferproduktion
FAXFacsimile, Faksimile
FAZFrankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
FBFrequency Correction Burst (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FBFunction Block (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FBAFair Buffer Allocation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FBAFreshwater Biological Association (UK)
FBGFiber Bragg Grating (Glasfaser/glass fiber)
fBGFFibroblast Growth Factor
FBHFerdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik (Berlin)
FBK[Bruno Kessler Foundation] (FR)
FBMCFilter Bank Multi Carrier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FBNMLFrancis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory (MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA)
FBPFast Back Propagation (Algorithmus/algorithm)
FBRFast Burst Reactor (Kernreaktor/nuclear reactor)
FBRForschungsberichte Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Datenbank/data bank)
FBWFly by Wire (Flugzeugsteuerung/aircraft control)
FCFiber Channel
FCFuel Cell (= BZ, Brennstoffzelle)
FCAFixed Capacity Agreement (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FCAPSFault(-Mangement) Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security
FCASSTFlorida Cluster for Advanced Smart Sensor Technologies (at USF)
FCCFace-Centered Cubic (Gitter/lattice)
FCCFederal Communication(s) Commission (USA)
FCCFlight Control Computer
FCCCFramework Convention on Climate Change (UN)
FCCHFrequency Correction Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FCCSETFederal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering and Technology (USA)
FCDFloating Car Data (zur Verkehrslenkung/for traffic control system)
FCEPSFuel Cell Emergency Power System (Flugzeug/aircraft)
FCFSFirst-Come, First-Serve
FCHFrame Control Header (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FCHFuel Cells and Hydrogen Initiative (EU)
FCHAMPFractionally Charged Massive Particle
FCHBFuell Cell Hybrid Bus
FCIForce Concept Inventory (physics education)
FCPForschungsgemeinschaft China-Philatelie
FCPForward Commitment Procurement (UK innovation initiative)
FCPPLFrance–China Particle Physics Laboratory
FCPSFuel Cell Propulsion System
FCSFluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
FCSFrame Check Sequence (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FCTFixed Cellular Terminal (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FCVFuel Cell Vehicle
FDForced Degradation (Chemie/chemistry)
FDAFood and Drug (or: Drink) Administration (USA)
FDAFused Deposition Modeling (polymer shaping method)
FDACFrequency Domain Assurance Criterion
FDBSFederated Database System
FDDFrequency Division (or: Domain) Duplex (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FDDFrequency Domain Decomposition
FDDIFiber Distributed (or: Digital) Data Interface
FDEMFrequency Dependent Electromagnetic Sensor
FDHFibre Distribution Hub
FDHSField Deployable Hydrolysis System (Chemiewaffen-Abbau/chemical weapon destruction)
FDIFeeder Distribution Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FDIForward Defect Indication (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FDIPFieldbus Device Implementation Package
FDISFinal Draft International Standard
FDLFiber Delay Line
FDLFlight Dynamics Laboratory
FDLPFrequency-Domain Linear Prediction
FDMFinite Difference Method
FDMFrequency Division Multiplexing
FDMFused Deposition Modeling (polymer shaping method)
FDMAFrequency Division Multiple Access
F.D.P.Freie Demokratische Partei
FDRFinal Design Report (or: Review)
FDRFourteen Data Rate (14.0625 Gb/s)
FDTFieldbus Device Tool
FDTFluctuation Dissipation Theorem
FDTfotodynamische Therapie
FDTDFinite-Difference Time-Domain (Analyse, Simulation/analysis, simulation)
FEFast Ethernet (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FEAField Emitter Array (Bildwandler/image converter)
FEAFinite Element Analysis
FEAPFederation of European Aquaculture Producers (Meeresfischerei/sea fishing)
FEATFusion Energy Advanced Tokamak (feat auch engl. "Meisterstück'')
FECField Element Controller
FECForward Error Correction (Datenübertragung/data transmission)
FECForward(ing) Equivalence Class (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FECFull Economic Cost
FECCForward Error Correcting Code (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FEDField-Emission Display
FEDForum on Education (APS)
FedExFederal Express (USA)
FEGField Emission Gun
FEHRLForum of European National Highway Research Laboratories
FEISFinal Environmental Impact Statement
FELFree Electron Laser, Freie-Elektronen-Laser
FELASOFIFederation of Latin American Physical Societies
FELDFuture Environment Laboratory Domain
FELIFree Electron Laser Research Institute (Osaka, Japan)
FELICITASFuel Cell Power Trains and Clustering in Heavy-Duty Transports
FEMFinite Element Method (or: Model)
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency (USA)
FEMSFederation of European Microbiological Societies
FENIXFlexible Electricity Networks to Integrate the Expected Energy Evolution
FEP[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Organische Elektronik, Elektronenstrahl- und Plasmatechnik (Dresden)
FEPAFailure of the Explanted Prostheses Analysis
FERFrame Erasure (or: Error) Rate (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FERFusion Experimental Reactor (Naka, Japan)
FERCFederal Energy Regulatory Commission (USA)
FERMIFree Electron Laser for Multidisciplinary Investigations (Trieste, IT)
FERPFaculty Early Retirement Program (California State University)
FERPAFamily Educational Rights and Privacy Act (Datenschutzgesetz für Schülerdaten, 1974)
FESFusion Energy Sciences (DOE Office, USA)
FESACFusion Energy Science Advisory Committee (DoE, USA)
FE-SEMField Emission Scanning Electron Microscope
FETField Effect Transistor, Feldeffekttransistor
FETFuture and Emerging Technologies (European Commission)
FE-TEMField Emission TEM
FETTFeature Extraction Toolbox for Transients
FEWSFibre-Optic Evanescent Wave Sensing
FEXTFar-End Crosstalk
FFFoundation Fieldbus
FFAFusiform Face Area (im Gehirn/in the brain)
FFAGFixed-Field Alternating Gradient (Synchrotron)
FFDFast Failure Detection
FFLO[Peter] Fulde, [Richard] Ferrell, [Anatoly] Larkin, [Yurii] Ovchinnikov (state, Festkörperphysik/solid state physics, = LOFF)
FFM[Material] Failure Forecast Method (Vulkanismus/volcanism)
FFMFixed Frequency Mode (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FFOFlugforschungsinstitut Oberpfaffenhofen
FF&PFalsification, Fabrication of Results, Plagiarism (Fälschung und Täuschung in der Wissenschaft/in science)
FFPEFormalin Fixed, Paraffin Embedded (molecular analysis)
FFRFrequency Following Response (on noise pollution)
FFR[&]DCFederally Funded Research and Development Centers
FFTFast Fourier Transform
FFTFree Field Technologies
FFTBFinal Focus Test Beam (SLAC)
FGFachgremium (DPG etc.)
FGANForschungsgesellschaft für Angewandte Naturwissenschaften e.V. (seit 2008 in Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft integriert)
FGDCFederal Geographic Data Committeee (USA)
FGFFibroblast Growth Factor, Fibroblasten-Wachstumsfaktor
FGFRFibroblast Growth Factor-Receptor
FGKForschungsgesellschaft Kunststoffe
FGMFunctionally Graded Material (Keramik–Metall/ceramics–metal)
FGSAForum on Graduate Student Affairs (APS)
FGSVForschungsgesellschaft für Straßen- und Verkehrswesen
FHDFlame Hydrolysis Deposition (Waferherstellung/wafer production)
FHEFully Homomorphic Encryption
FhMFraunhofer-Management-Gesellschaft mbH
FHNWFachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
FHPForum on History of Physics (APS)
FHR[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Hochfrequenzphysik und Radartechnik (Wachtberg)
FHSFlying Helicopter Simulator, Forschungshubschrauber (DLR)
FHSFrequency Hop Synchronization (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FHSSFrequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FHTFachhochschule für Technik (Esslingen)
FHTFast Hartley Transform
FHTWFachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (Berlin)
FhV-μEFraunhofer-Verbund Mikroelektronik
FHWAFederal Highway Administration (USA)
FHWGFisheries Hydroacoustics Working Group (USA)
FIFinnland/Finland (ISO 3166)
FIAFederación Iberoamericana de Acústica
FIAFédération Internationale de l'Automobile (Genf, CH)
FIAFibreoptic Industry Association (UK)
FIAFließinjektionsanlage (Mikrosystemtechnik/micro systems)
FIAPForum on Industrial and Applied Physics (APS, USA)
FIASFrankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
FIATField Intelligence Agency, Technical
FIBFocused Ion Beam
FIBForschungsinstitut Borstel, Institut für Experimentelle Biologie und Medizin
FIBForwarding Information Base (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FIBAAFoundation for International Business Administration Accredititation
FIBOFibre-In – Beam-Out (Isolator: Photonik/photonics)
FIBSFirst International Backgammon Server (Rechnernetz/computer network)
FICONFederal Interagency Committee on Noise (USA, 1992)
FICONFiber (Channel) Connection (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
FICUNFederal Interagency Committee on Urban Noise (USA, 1980)
FIDISFuture of Identity in the Information Society
FIDOField Integrated Design & Operations Rover (NASA, Marslandemission/Mars landing mission)
FIEC[Verband der europäischen Bauindustrie, International European Construction Association]
FIFFahrzeugintelligenz und mechatronische Fahrwerke (DLR)
FIFAFédération Internationale de Football Association
FIFOFirst In, First Out (Filter, System)
FIGFacility for Interactive Generation of Graphics (UNIX)
FIGEForschungsinstitu, Feldionenmikroskopt für Geräusche und Erschütterungen (Herzogenrath oder Aachen)
FILITFraunhofer-Innovationszentrum für Logistik und IT (Darmstadt)
FIMField Ion Microscope
FIMFisher Information Matrix
FIMPFeebly Interacting Massive Particle
FIMSField Information Management System
FINDFuture Internet Network Design (USA)
FINEPFinanciadora de Estudos e Projetos (BR)
FINESSEFast Infrared Exoplanet Spectroscopy Explorer (NASA, planned)
FINEXFinish Exercise (underwater noise monitoring standard)
FiNutFrauen in Naturwissenschaft und Technik
FIPFédération Internationale de Philatélie
FIPForum on International Physics (APS)
FI-PPPFuture Internet Public Private Partnership (EU project)
FIPSFederal Information Processing Standard
FiPSFrüheinstieg ins Physikstudium
FIRFinite Impulse Response (Digitalfilter/digital filter)
FIRASFar Infrared Absolute Spectrophotometer (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
FIRBFar-Infrared Background (Astrophysics)
FIREFeedback in Realistic Environments (astronomy)
FIREFusion-Ignition Research Experiment (Alternative zu/alternative of ITER, USA)
FIREFuture Internet Research and Experimentation (EU project)
FireBIRDFire Bispectral Infrared Detector (Satelliten-Fernerkundung)
FIRSTFar Infrared Space (or: and Submillimetre) Telescope (IR Satellit/satellite)
FIRSTFraunhofer-Institut für Rechnerarchitektur und Softwaretechnik (Berlin)
FISFar-Infrared Surveyor (Astronomie/astronomy)
FISForschungsinstitut und Naturmuseum Senckenberg der SNG (Frankfurt/M)
FISCOFieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept
FITFailures in Thousands of Hours
FITFailures in Time (Kommunikation/communication)
FiTFrauen in der Technik e.V.
FITFraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Informationstechnik (St. Augustin)
FITFraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Informationstechnologie (Birlinghoven)
FITFuture Information Technologies (at JARA)
FITLFibre In The Loop
FITS[NASA-endorsed] Flexible Image Transport System
FIUFlorida International University (Miami, FL, USA)
FIWForschungsinstitut für Wärmeschutz
FIZFachinformationszentrum (Karlsruhe)
FIZCHFachinformationszentrum Chemie (Berlin)
FIZKAFIZ Karlsruhe, Gesellschaft für wissenschaftlich-technische Information (Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen)
FJFidschi-Inseln/Fiji Islands (ISO 3166)
FJCFreely Jointed Chain (Polymerphysik/polymer physics)
FKFalkland-Inseln/Falkland Islands (ISO 3166)
FKEForschungsinstitut für Kinderernährung (Dortmund)
FKIE[Fraunhofer-] Forschungsinstitut für Kommunikation, Informationsverarbeitung und Ergonomie (Wachtberg)
FKTGFernseh- und Kinotechnische Gesellschaft
FKWFluorkohlenwasserstoff (ohne Chlor/without chlorine)
FLFloor (US Mail)
FLFlorida (US-Staat/US state)
FLFuzzy Logic
FLAForward Looking Activities (EU)
FLAGFibre Link Around the Globe (Glasfaserkabel/glass fiber cable UK-Europe-North Africa-India-Japan)
FLASHFree Electron Laser in Hamburg (DE)
FLASHEDFlexible Large Area Sensors for Highly Enhanced Displays (FhG-Projekt)
FLATFirst Lady Astronaut Trainees
FLCFerroelectric Liquid Crystal
FLICFlexible Interdigital Cuff Electrode
FLIMFluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy
FLIPFloating Instrument Platform (Wasserschall-Messtechnik/hydroacoustic experimental facility)
FLLFibre in the Local Loop (optische Datenübertragung/optical data transmission)
FLOForward Link Only
FLOMFractional Lower Order Moment (algorithm)
FLOPs/sFloating Point Operations per Second (Computer)
FLOWEField Laboratory for Optimized Wind Energy (Caltech)
FLOXflammenlose Oxidation
FLSFluorescence Ligand Scanning
FluNetGlobal Influenza Surveillance Network (WHO)
FLWOFred Lawrence Whipple Observatory (Arizona, USA)
FMFacilities Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FMFrequency Modulation, Frequenzmodulation
FMMikronesien (ISO 3166)
FMCFixed-Mobile Convergence (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FMCWFrequency Modulated Continuous Wave (Radar)
FMDFluorescent Multilayer Disk (optischer Datenspeicher/optical data storage)
FMDForward Multiplicity Detector (CERN)
FMEAFehlermöglichkeits- und Einflussanalyse, Failure Mode(s) and Effects Analysis
FMETFailure Mode and Effects Testing
FMIFluorescent Microthermiographic Imaging
FMIFunctional Mock-Up Interface
FMOFenna-Matthews-Olson (Chlorophyllkomplex/chlorophyll complex)
FMOFuture Mode of Operation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FMPFlexible Material Plugin
FMPFlow Management Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FMPInstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (Berlin)
FMRFerromagnetische Resonanz
fMRIFunctional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
fMRTfunktionale Magnetresonanztomographie
FMSFixed Monitoring Station (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FMSFlight Management System (Flugverkehr/air traffic)
FMTFrequency Mask Trigger, Frequenzmaskentrigger (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FNALFermi National Accelerator Laboratory
FNCFederal Networking Council (Datennetze/data networks, USA)
fNMRFunctional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
fNIRSFunctional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
FNRFachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe
FNRForum for Negative Results
FNRS[Belgian] Fonds National pour la Recherche Scientifique
FNSSchweizer Nationalfonds (= SNF)
FNSFFusion Nuclear Science Facility
FNTFFast Newton Transversal Filter
FOFäröer-Inseln/Faeroe Islands (ISO 3166)
FoaFFriend of a Friend (Internet, Kommunikationsplattform/communication platform)
F.O.B., FOBFree on Board (Handelsverkehr/trade)
FOCFinal Operational Capability (Galileo, 2010)
FOCASFaint Object Camera and Spectrograph (Astronomie/astronomy)
FOCSFiber-Optic Current Sensor
FODFlexible Optical Disk
FOEIFriends of the Earth International (in Deutschland: BUND)
FOGFibre-Optic Gyroscope
FOKUSFraunhofer-Institut für Offene Kommunikationssysteme (Berlin)
FOLANTFocusing of Laser Radiation in the Nearfield of a Tip (Nanotechnologie/nanotechnology)
FOLDSFirst Order Logic with Dependent Sorts
FOLIOThe Future of Libraries is Open
FOMForschungsinstitut für Optronik und Mustererkennung (Ettlingen)
FOMAFreedom of Multimedia Access (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FONASForschungsverbund Naturwissenschaft, Abrüstung und internationale Sicherheit
FOPFiber Optic Plate
FOPFlight Operations Plan (Satelliten/satellites)
FOPOFibre Optic Parametric Oscillator
FORField(s) of Research
F.O.R., FORFree on Rail (Handelsverkehr/trade)
FORCFirst-Order Reversal Curve
FORCASTFaint Object Infrared Camera for the SOFIA Telescope
FORSUPRAForschungsverbund Hochtemperatur-Supraleiter (Bayern)
FORTHFoundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (GR)
FortranFormula Translator (Programmiersprache/programming language)
FOSFaseroptischer Sensor
FOSFinnish Optical Society
FOSFrontier of Science (interdisziplinäre internationale Symposien für Jungforscher/interdisciplinary international symposia for young scientists)
FOSHUFoods for Specific Health Use
FOSSFree and Open-Source Software
FOTFiber-Optic Transceiver
F.O.T., FOTFree on Truck (Handelsverkehr/trade)
FOTAFlat Optical Element Technology and Applications
FOVField of View (Teleskop/telescope)
FÖVForschungsinstitut für Öffentliche Verwaltung (Speyer)
FOXFiber Optic Extender (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
FPFixed Part (z.B./e.g., Basestation, DECT)
FPFrame Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FPFramework Programme (European Research and Technical Development programmes; FP5: 1998–2002, FP6: 2002–2006, FP7: since 2007)
FPAFocal Plane Array
FPAFunction Point Analysis
FPCFraunhofer Project Center
FPDFlat Panel Display
FPEFinal Prediction Error
FPGAField Programmable Gate Array (Computer)
FPIFabry-Pérot Interferometer
FPLForschungsinstitut für Pigmente und Lacke (in FhG integriert)
FPLMTSFuture Public and Land Mobile Telecommunication System
FPSFirst Person Shooter (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FPSForum on Physics and Society (APS)
FPSFractal Photon Sieve
fpsframes per second
FPTFachbereichstag Physikalische Technik
FPTFast Polynomial Transform
FPU[Enrico] Fermi–[John] Pasta–[Stanislaw] Ulam (nichtlineares Schwingungssystem, Solitonen/nonlinear oscillator, solitons)
FPUField Pick-Up Unit (Parabolantenne/parabolic antenna)
FPVVereinbarung zum Fallpauschalensystem für Krankenhäuser
FP77th Framework Programme (EU, 2007–2013)
FQHEFractional Quantum Hall Effect
FQXiFoundational Questions Institute
FRFalse Rejection
FRFrame Relay (Datenübertragung/data transmission)
FRFrankreich/France (ISO 3166)
FRFrankfurter Rundschau (Zeitung/Journal)
FRAFederal Railroad Administration (USA)
FRAFermi Research Alliance
FRAForward Rate Agreement (Bankgeschäfte)
FRAFrequency Response Analyzer
FRACFrequency Response Assurance Criterion
FRADFrame Relay Access Device (Datennetz/data network)
FRADFrame Relay Assembly-Disessembly (Datennetz/data network)
FRAMFerroelectric Random Access Memory
FRAMTECFramework for Advanced Monitoring, Telemetry and Control
FRAPFluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching
FRBFast Radio Burst (astronomy)
FRCField-Reverse Configuration
FRCFraunhofer Resource Center (Michigan, OH, USA)
FRCFrequency Response Correction
FRC-DEFraunhofer Resource Center Delaware (Newark, DE, USA)
FRCPFederal Rules of Civil Procedure (USA)
FRDCFisheries Research and Development Corporation
FrEACFuture Enhanced Aircraft Configuration
Frecc0Fraunhofer Electric Concept Car, Generation 0
FRETFörster- (or: Fluorescence) Resonance Energy Transfer (Biophysik/biophysics)
FRFFrequency Response Function
FRIASFreiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (Freiburg i.B., DE)
FRIBFacility for Rare Isotope Beams (Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA)
FRIENTFriendships in Inter-Ethnic Network
FRISPFilchner-Ronne Ice Shelf Programme
FRLAFolded-Type Rectangular Loop Antenna
FRLSFast Recursive Least Squares (Transversalfilter/transversal filter)
FRMForschungsreaktor München
FROCCFor resolving obstinate conceptual conundrums
FROGFrequency Resolved Optical Gating
FRPAAFederal Research Public Access Act
FRPMFast Random Particle Mesh (Method) (sound radiation of grids)
FRPOFirmware Reprogram
FRRFast Reroute (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FRSFellow of the Royal Society (GB)
FRSFragmentseparator (Kernphysik)
FSFachverband für Strahlenschutz e.V.
FSFounder Societies
FSAFixed Slot Allocation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FSAFormal Safety Assessment
FSANFull Service Access Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FSCForest Stewardship Council (Umweltschutz/environment conservation)
FSCForward Scatter (laser technology)
FSCFusion Simulation Center (Peking University, CN)
FSEMFraunhofer-Systemforschung Elektromobilität (seit 2009)
FSFFree Software Foundation
FSFFrequency Sampling Filter
FSGFlensburger Schiffbaugesellschaft
FSHFollikelstimulierendes Hormon
FSIFluid–Structure (or: –Structural) Interaction (Analysis)
FSJFreiwilliges Soziales Jahr
FSKFreiwillige Selbstkontrolle (Filmwirtschaft)
FSKFrequency Shift Keying (Modulation)
FSLFemtosecond Laser
FSMField Separation Method
FSMAFood Service Modernization Act (USA 2011)
FSOFree-Space Optical (or: Optics) (Kommunikation/communication)
FSRFree Spectral Range
FSSFine-Scale Structures (jet noise)
FSSFixed Satellite Service (or: System)
FSSForensic Science Service
FSTFast Sine Transform
FSTFinite State Transducer (Sprachsynthese/speech synthesis)
FSTCField Sound Transmisson Class
FSUFlorida State University (USA)
FSUFormer Soviet Union, frühere Sowjetunion
FSUFriedrich-Schiller-Universität (Jena)
FSWFriction Stir Welding (Reibrührschweißen)
FTFovea-Tablets (hochauflösende Tischdisplays/high-definition table displays)
FTAFault Tree Analysis
FTAFederal Transit Administration (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
FTAMFile Transfer, Access and Management (Datennetzprotokoll/data network protocol)
FTDFluorescent Tube Display
FTEFull Time Equivalent
FTFFahrerlose Transportfahrzeuge
FTFFast Transversal Filter
FTIRFourier Transform Infrared [Spectrometry]
FTIRFrustrated Total Internel Reflection (Lichtmodulator/light modulator)
FTLEFinite-Time Lyapunov-Exponent (field)
FTLSFourier-Transform Light Scattering
FTOFluordotiertes Zinnoxid
FTPFile Transfer Protocol (Datenübertragung/data transmission)
FTRAFuture Technology Research Association International (Korea)
FTSFestprogrammierbarer Titel-Speicher
FTSFischer-Tropsch-Synthese (von Kohlenwassrstoffen)
FTSFourier Transform Spectroscopy (or: Spectrometer)
FTTAFiber to the Area
FTTBFibre to the Building (Telefon, Glasfaser bis zum Haus/telephone)
FTTCFibre to the Cabinet
FTTCFibre to the Curb (Telefon, Glasfaser bis zum Kabelverzweiger/telephone)
FTTHFibre to the Home (Telefon, Glasfaser bis ins Haus/telephone)
FTTNFiber to the Node (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
FTTPFiber to the Premises (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
FTTUFiber to the User (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
FTUFortbildungszentrum für Technik und Umwelt (KfK, Karlsruhe)
FTXFulll Text Explorer
FTZFernmeldetechnische Zeitschrift
FTZFernmeldetechnisches Zentralamt (der Bundespost) (später/later on: BAPT, dann/later on: RegPT)
FuEForschung und Entwicklung
FUEGFörderung von Forschungs- und Entwicklungsgemeinschaftsvorhaben Ost (BMBF)
FUNETFinland's University and Research Network (Rechnernetz/computer network)
FUNGENESFunctional Genomics in Engineered ES Cells
FUSFocused Ultrasound
FUSCFully Utilized Subchannel Allocation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FUSEFar Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (Satellit/satellite)
FUTOURFörderung und Unterstützung technologieorientierter Unternehmensgründungen (BMBF)
FVFachverband (DPG etc.)
FVKfaserverstärkte Kunststoffe, Faserverbundkunststoff
FVMFinite Volume Method
FVSForschungsverbund Solarenergie
FVS-StiftungFreiherr-vom-Stein- [und zugleich] Friedrich-von-Schiller-Stiftung (Hamburg)
FVTFachstelle für Verkehrstechniken (WSV)
FVWEForschungsverbund Windenergie
FWFire Wall (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
FWDFront-Wheel Drive
FWF[Fonds zur] Förderung der Wissenschaftlichen Forschung (Österreich/Austria)
FWGForschungsanstalt der Bundeswehr für Wasserschall und Geophysik (Kiel) (scherzhaft auch: Flachwassergesellschaft)
FWHMFull-Width Half Maximum (Fotofilm-Körnigkeit, Laser-Divergenz/photo-film granulation, laser beam divergence)
FWMFour Wave Mixing
FXCFiber Optical (or: Switch) Cross Connect (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
FYFiscal Year
FYIFirst Year Ice (in the Arctic Sea)
FYIfor your information (AIP Reports/information reports)
FZDForschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (DE)
FZIForschungszentrum für Informatik (Karlsruhe)
FZJForschungszentrum Jülich (DE)
FZKForschungszentrum Karlsruhe (DE)
FZPFresnel Zone Plate
FZRForschungszentrum Rossendorf (DE)
F3Flexible, Fast and Future (Factory)
F4EFusion for Energy (EU)


G...Giga... (Präfix/prefix): 109
GGuanin (DNA-Base/DNA base)
GAGabun/Gabon (ISO 3166)
GAGenetic Algorithm
GAGeorgia (US-Staat/US state)
G&AGeneral and Administration
GAGlobal Arrays (computer program)
GAAMGesellschaft für Analytik und atomspektroskopische Messtechnik
GABI[deutsche "Schwester" der/German "Sister" of the Human Genome Organization]
GACGeneral Advisory Committee (AEC)
GACGMES Advisory Council
GADRGlobal Analytical Data Repository (pharmaceutics)
GAEBGemeinsamer Ausschuss Elektronik im Bauwesen
GAFAInternationale Gartenfachmesse (Köln)
GAFOSGerman-American Symposia on Frontiers of Science
GAGGeorg-Agricola-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften und der Technik e.V.
GAGGroup-Specific Antigen
GAIA, GaiaGlobal Astrometric Interferometer for Astrophysics
GAIDGlobal Alliance for ICT [Information and Communication Technology] and Developent (UN)
GAINGerman Academic International Network
GALAHGalactic Archeology with Hermes (astrophysics)
GALCITGraduate Aeronautical Laboratories at Caltech
GALILEO[Europäisches Satelliten-Navigationssystem, im Aufbau/European satellite navigation system, still incomplete]
GALLEXGallium-(Sonnen-Neutrino)-Experiment (Gran Sasso, IT)
GAMGeneralized Additive Model (Regressionsverfahren)
GAMABGlobalement au moins aussi bon (global mindestens ebenso gut/globally at least as good)
GAMESSGeneral Atomic Electronic Structure Systems
GAMMGesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
GAMNIGroupe pour l'Avencement des Méthodes Numériques de l'Ingénieur (FR)
GAMPGood Automated Manufacturing Practice
GAMSGuide to Available Mathematics Software
GANGeneric Access Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GANGlobal Area Network (Datennetz/data network)
GANCGeneric Access Network Controller (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GANILGrande Accélérateur National d'Ions Lourds (FR)
GAOGeneral Accounting Office (USA)
GAOGovernment Accountability Office (USA)
GAPGeneric Access Profile (or: Protocol)
GAPPGender Awareness Participation Process
GARPGeneral Access Registry Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GARTEURGroup for Aeronautical Research and Technology in Europe
GARSGerman Antarctic Receiving Station (since 1981)
GASGeomagnetic Aspect Sensor (Satelliten/satellites)
GASGesellschaft für Angewandte Supraleitung (KfK, Karlsruhe)
GASGet-Away-Special (NASA program)
GA-SERIGlobal Alliance of Solar Energy Research Institutes (since July 2012)
GASTGemeinschaft Autofreier Schweizer Tourismusorte
GASTGemeinschaftsausschuss Strahlenforschung
GATGovernmental Action Team
GATEGalileo Test- und Entwicklungsumgebung, Galileo Test and Development Environment (Berchtesgaden)
GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GAUSSGalaktisches Ultraweitwinkel Schmidt System (Spacelab, Kugelspiegelkamera)
GAUSSGeorg-August University School of Science (Göttingen, DE)
GAVIGlobal Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation
GBGroßbritannien/Great Britain (ISO 3166)
GBASGround Based Augmentation System (Satellitennavigation/satellite navigation)
GBDGlobal Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study
GbEGigabit Ethernet
GBEPGlobal Bioenergy Partnership
GBFGesellschaft für Biotechnologische Forschung (Braunschweig)
GBIFGlobal Biodiversity Information Facility (Internet)
GBMGamma(-Ray) Burst Monitor (on board of the NASA satellite Fermi)
GBMGlioblastoma Multiforme (Hirntumore/brain tumors)
GbRGesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts
GBSGöttinger Beiträge zur Sprachwissenschaft
GBSSGranule Bound Starch Synthase
GBTGreen Bank Telescope
GCGas Chromatography
GCCGeneralized Cross-Correlator (or: -Correlation)
GCCGlobal Climate Coalition
GCCVGlobal Climate Change Viewer
GCDGreatest Common Divisor (= ggT)
GCDCGrand Cooperative Driving Challenge (Kolonnen-Fahrversuch)
GCFGlobal Certification Forum (Mobilfunk/mobile radio)
GCFGSM Certification Forum (Mobilfunk/mobile radio)
GCIGreen Chemistry Institute (ACS)
GCMGeneral Circulation Model (Wetter/weather)
GCMGlobal Climate Model (Wetter/weather)
GCMDGlobal Change Master Directory (NASA)
GCNGlobal Caribbian Network (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
GCNGraphic Core Next (architecture)
GCOSGlobal Climate Observing System (globales Klimaüberwachungsprogramm)
GCPGood Clinical Practice
GCPGoogle Cloud Platform
GCRAGeneric Cell Rate Algorithm (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GCSGauss Centre for Supercomputing (in DE)
GCSRGrating-assisted codirectional Coupler with rear Sampled Reflector (abstimmbarer Laser/tunable laser)
GCSUGeorgia College and State University (USA)
GCTGreat Canary Telescope (= GTC) (La Palma, ES)
GCTCGagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (Russia)
GDGrenada (ISO 3166)
GDChGesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker e.V.
GDCPGesellschaft für Didaktik der Chemie und Physik
GDD ICCGlobal Drug Discovery Innovation Center China
GDFGrowth Differentiation Factor (Medizin/medicine)
GDLGewerkschaft Deutscher Lokomotivführer
GDMGesellschaft für Didaktik der Mathematik
GDMOGuidelines for Defining (or: the Definition) of Managed Objects
GDNGlobal Development Network
GDNÄGesellschaft Deutscher Naturforscher und Ärzte e.V.
GDNFGlia-Derived Neurotrophic Factor
GDOSGraphics Device Operating System
GDPGeneral Drawing Primitive
GdPGewerkschaft der Polizei
GDPGross Domestic Product (Volkswirtschaft/national economy, = BIP)
GDPRGeneral Data Protecion Regulation (EU)
GDRGerman Democratic Republic (= DDR)
GDSSGroup Decision Support Systems
GdTGemeinschaftsausschuss der Technik
GDVGesamtverband der deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V.
GDZGöttinger Digitalisierungszentrum
GEGeorgien/Georgia (ISO 3166)
GEGigabit Ethernet
GEAGigabit Ethernet Alliance
GEERGlen Extreme Environments Rig
GEFGlobal Environment Facility (Umweltfonds/environment fund, 1990)
GefmaGroupe d'étude de la faune marine atlantique
GEMGas Electron Multiplier
GEMGenetically Engineered Machine
GEMGlobal Entrepreneurship Monitor (Report)
GEMGraphics Environment Manager
GEMAGesellschaft für elektroakustische und mechanische Apparate
GEMAGesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungsrechte
GEMINGAGemini Gamma-Quelle (Neutronenstern/neutron star)
GEMISGlobales Emissionsmodell Integrierter Systeme
GEMSGalaxy Evolution from Morphologies and Spectral Energy Distributions (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
GEMSGlobal Environment Monitoring System (Naturschutz, nature conservation)
GenaforGesellschaft für nachhaltige Forschung
GeNASGenome Network Analysis Service
GENCIGrand Equipement National de Calcul Intensif (Bruyères-le-Châtel, FR)
GENESISGeneral Neural Simulation System
GENIGlobal Experimentation for Network Instantiation (Internet)
GENIUSGermanium Detectors in Liquid Nitrogen in an Underground Set Up (Neutrinodetektor/neutrino detector)
GenMAPPGene MicroArray Pathway Profiler (Computerprogramm für genetische Analyse/computer program for genetic analysis)
GENTSGeneric Exploration and Navigation Tool for Structures (FWF, AT)
GEO[britisch–deutscher Gravitationswellendetektor/British–German gravitational wave detector] (Ruthe bei/near Hannover, DE)
GEOGeosynchronous (or: Geostationary) Earth Orbit
GEOGroup on Earth Observations
GEOMARForschungszentrum für marine Geowissenschaften (Univ. Kiel)
GEOSGoddard Earth Observing System (NASA)
GEOSSGlobal Earth Observation System of Systems (Satelliten/satellites)
GEPRISgeförderte Projekte der DFG (Suchmaschine/search engine,
GERANGSM/EDGE Radio Access Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GERADGroupe d'Etude et de Recherche en Analyse des Décisions (Montreal, Canada)
GERDGross Expenditure on Research and Development
GERDAGermanium Detector Array
GESAGepulste Elektronenstrahlanlage
GESAMPJoint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection (UNO)
GESIMAGeesthachter Simulationsmodell der Atmosphäre
GESISGesellschaft sozialwissenschaftliche Infrastruktureinrichtungen (Mannheim)
GETGesellschaft Energietechnik (im VDI)
GETVGenesys Enterprise Telephony Software
GEUmbHGesellschaft für Energieanwendung und Umwelttechnik mbH (Leipzig)
GEWGewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft
GFFranzösish-Guyana/French Guiana (ISO 3166)
GFAGlass-Forming Ability
GFCCGlobal Footwear Competence Center (Shanghai, CN)
GFDLGeophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (NOAA, Princeton, NJ, USA)
GFDMGeneralized Frequency Division Multiplexing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GfdSGesellschaft für deutsche Sprache
GFKGlasfaser-verstärkte Kunststoffe
GFLOPs/sGiga-FLOPs/s (= 109 FLOPs/s)
GFMCGreen's Function Monte Carlo (Technik, Kernphysik/technique, nuclear physics)
GFPGeneric Framing Procedure (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GFPGreen Fluorescent Protein, grün fluoreszierendes Protein
GfRGesellschaft für Raumfahrtanwendungen (DLR)
GFRGuaranteed Frame Rate (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GFRPGlass Fiber Reinforced Plastic
GFSGemeinsame Forschungsstelle (der/of the EU in Petten, NL)
GFSGlobal Forecast System (US weather forecast)
GFSKGaussian(-Filtered) Frequency Shift Keying
GFZGeoforschungszentrum (Potsdam)
GGAGeneralized Gradient Approximation
GGAGeowissenschaftliche Gemeinschaftsaufgaben (im/in the Geozentrum Hannover)
GGFGlial Growth Factor (Medikament, evtl. gegen MS/medicine, possibly against MS)
GGFGlobal Grid Forum
GGNBGöttinger Graduiertenschule für Neurowissenschaften, Biophysik und Molekulare Biowissenschaften
GGSNGateway GPRS Support (or: Serving) Node (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GGTGesellschaft für Gerontotechnik
ggTgrößter gemeinsamer Teiler (= GCD)
GGVSGefahrgut-Verordnung Straße
GHGhana (ISO 3166)
GHGGreenhouse Gas
GHRHGrowth hormone-releasing hormone (Freisetzungshormon des Wachstumshormons)
GHRSGoddard High Resolution Spectrograph
GHSGlobally Harmonised System
GIGesellschaft für Informatik e.V.
GIGibraltar (ISO 3166)
GIGlykämischer Index (Nahrungsmittel)
GIGuard Interval (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GICGeneralized Information Criterion
GIF[Dateinamenerweiterung: Graphikdatei/file name extension: graphic file]
GIFGerman-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development
GIFGraphics Interchange Format (Datenkompression/data compression, CompuServe 1987)
GigEGigabit Ethernet
GIM[Sheldon] Glashow, [John] Iliopoulos, [Luciano] Maiani [Model] (Elementarteilchenthorie/elementary particle theory)
GIMPGNU Image Manipulation Program
GIMSTopical Group on Instruments and Measurement Science (APS)
GIODGlobally Interconnected Object Databases
GIOLGlobal Imaging On-Line
GIPGlucose-Dependent Insulinotropic Polypeptide
GipsGiga-Instructions per Second
GIRLGerman Infrared Laboratory (Astrophysik/astrophysics, 1985)
GISGeographic(al) Information System, Geo-Informationssystem
GISAXSGrazing-Incidence Small Angle X-Ray Scattering
GISIGöttinger Informationssystem für Intensivmedizin und OP
GISIGruppo Imprese Strumentazione Italia (Association for Instrumentation, Control and Automation Companies)
GISPGreenland Ice Shield Project
GISSGoddard Institute for Space Studies (NASA)
GITGesamtintegrationstest (Kfz-Elektronik)
GITEWSGerman Tsunami Early Warning System
GIXDGrazing-Incidence X-Ray Diffraction
GIZ(Deutsche) Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
GIZGiftinformationszentrum (Nord/North: in Göttingen)
GKGatekeeper (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GKSGrafisches Kern-System
GKSS[Forschungszentrum Geesthacht]
GLGrönland/Greenland (ISO 3166)
GLAGöttinger Linguistische Abhandlungen
G-LabGermany-Lab (Projekt zur Internet-Erweiterung, seit Okt. 2008)
GLADGeneral Laser Analysis and Design
GLASTGamma-Ray Large Area Space Telescope
GLBAGramm Leach Bliley Act (US health care)
GLBRCGreat Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (at the University of Wisconsin, Madison)
GLCMGround-Launched Cruise Missile
GLDVGesellschaft für linguistische Datenverarbeitung
GLEGinzburg-Landau Equation (nichtlineare Dynamik/nonlinear dynamics)
GLIFGlobal Lambda Integrated Facility (Annual Workshops)
GLIMPSEGalactic Legacy Infrared Midplane Survey Extraordinaire (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
GLMGeneral Linear Modelling
GLMZGemeinsames Melde- und Lagezentrum
GLOBECOM[IEEE] Global Telecommunications Conference
GLOBISGlobal Change and Biodiversity in Soils
GLOBUSGenerating Long-Term Options by Using Simulation
GLOMAPGlobal Model of Aerosol Particles (UK, climate research)
GLONASSGlobalnaja Nawigazionnaja Sputnikowaja Sistema, Global Navigation Satellite System (RU)
GLORIADGlobal Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development
GLoSISGlobal Soil Information System (Boston, MA, USA, since Feb. 2008)
GLPGlucagon-Like Peptide
GLPGood Laboratory Practice, gute Labor-Praxis
GLSGeneral Logistics (Paketdienst/parcel service)
GLSGlobal Locating Sensing
GLVgeschlossene Luftversorgung (Kfz-Federung/vehicle suspension)
GLZGeneralized Linear Modelling
GMGambia (ISO 3166)
G–MGeiger–Müller (Zähler/tube)
GMGeneral Motors
GMACGraduate Management Admission Council
GMAGTopical Group on Magnetism and Its Applications (APS)
GMATGraduate Management Admission Test
GmbHGesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
GMDGesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung (vormals/formerly Bonn–Darmstadt–Berlin–St. Augustin–
Birlinghofen, später von der Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft übernommen/later on taken over by the FhG)
GMESGlobal Monitoring for Environment and Security (Satelliten/satellites, ESA mission)
GMKGraphical Model Toolkit (Spracherkennung/speech recognition)
GMLGeographical Markup Language
GMLCGateway Mobile Location Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GMMGaussian Mixture Model (Sprachübertragung/speech transmission)
GMMGeneralized Method of Moments (Finanzmarkt-Forschung)
GMMGlobal MultiMedia (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GMMGPRS Mobility Management
GMOGenetically Modified Organism
GMPGood Manufacturing Practice
GMPLSGeneralized Multi Protocol Label Switching (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GMRGiant Magnetoresistance
GMRPGARP Multicast Registration Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GMSGlobal Marketing Service
GMSGround Mission System (Galileo)
GMSCGateway Mobile Switching Center (Datenübertragung/data transmission)
GMSKGaussian Minimum Shift Keying (Modulation)
GMSSGateway Management Subsystem (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GMTGiant Magellan Telescope (geplant für/planned for 2019 in Arizona, USA)
GMTGlobal Mean Temperature
GMTGreenwich Meantime (Weltstandard seit/world standard since 1884)
GMUGeorge Mason University (USA)
GNGuinea (ISO 3166)
GNAGesellschaft für Naturschutz und Auenentwicklung
GNAGlobal Network Academy (Texas, USA)
GNCGuidance, Navigation, and Control
GNCIGreater North China Initiative (geologische Forschung/geological research)
GNEPGlobal Nuclear Energy Partnership
GNFGraphite Nano-Fiber
GNFGroup of Blocks (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GNIGigabit Ethernet Network Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GNIRSGemini Near Infrared Spectrometer (USA)
GNLTMGeometric Nonlinear Theory of Martensite
GNMGermanisches Nationalmuseum (Nürnberg)
GNOGallex Neutrino Observatory (INFN, Gran Sasso, IT)
gnomADGenome Aggregation Database
GNOMEGNU Object Model Environment
GNPGross National Product (= Bruttosozialprodukt)
GnRHGonadotropin-Releasing Hormone
GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite System
GNSS2Global Navigation Satellite System, 2nd generation
GNUGallium Neutrino Observatory (zuvor/formerly: GALLEX, Gran Sasso, IT)
GOÄGebührenordnung für Ärzte
GOARNGlobal Outbreak Alert and Response Network (WHO, 120 countries)
GoBGood or Better
GoBGroup of Blocks (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GOBIGlobal Online Bibliographic Information
GOCGénérateur d'Octets Chiffrants
GOCEGravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer (Satelliten-Fernerkundung/satellite remote sensing)
GOCOGovernment-Owned, Contractor-Operated
GODAEGlobal Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (Satelliten-Altimetrie/satellite height measurement)
GOLFGlobal Oscillations at Low Frequencies (an Bord von/aboard SOHO)
GOMACGovernment Microcircuit Applications Conference (USA)
GOMEGlobal Ozone Monitoring Experiment (Fernerkundung/remote sensing, ERS 2, 1995)
GOMOSGlobal Ozone Monitoring by Occultation of Star (ENVISAT)
GONGGlobal Oscillation Network Group (für Helioseismologie/for helio-seismology)
GOODSGreat Observatories Origins Deep Survey (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
GoPGroup of Personalities (a panel, mandated by the European Council in 2003)
GOPGroup of Pictures (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GoSGrade of Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GOSPELGoverning the Speed of Light (EU project)
GOTSGesellschaft für Orthopädisch/Traumatologische Sportmedizin
gov[Government] (Internet, USA)
GOWGesundheitliche Orientierungswerte
GOZGebührenordnung für Zahnärzte
GPGuadeloupe (ISO 3166)
GPAGrade Point Average
GPCGel-Permeation Chromatography
GPCGlobal Provisioning Center
GPCRG-Protein Coupled Receptor
GPDSGlobal Product Development System (Fahrzeugentwicklung/automotive design)
GPIGemini Planet Imager (astronomy)
GPIGlobal Address Space Programming Interface (HPC)
GPFSGeneral Parallel File System (high-performance computing)
GPGPUGeneral Purpose Graphical Programming Unit
GPIBGeneral Purpose Interface Bus
GPIPGeneral Purpose Input/Output Interrupt Port
GPLGeneral (or: GNU) Public License (FSF)
GPMGlobal Precipitation Measurement (satellite)
GPOGMES Programme Office
GPONGigabit Passive Optical Network(ing) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GPPGeneral Purpose Processor
GPPGlobal Performance Platform (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GPPGross Primary Production (photosynthesis)
GPRGround Penetrating Radar
GPRSGlobal (or: General) Packet Radio Service (or: System) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GPSGanzheitliche Produktionssysteme
GPSGermany Philatelic Society (USA)
GPSGermline-Derived Pluripotent Stem Cells
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GPSGGlobal Pharmaceutical Supply Group
GPUGeneral Purpose Unit (computer)
GPUGraphic(al) Processing (or: Programming) Unit (Computergrafik)
GPWSGround Proximity Warning System
GQÄquatorialguinea/Equatorial Guinea (ISO 3166)
GRGigabit Router (Internet)
GRGriechenland/Greece (ISO 3166)
GRAGamma Resonance Absorption
GRAGeschwindigkeitsregelanlage (Kfz)
GRABGalactic Radiation and Background (US Aufklärungs-Satellit/reconnaissance satellite)
GRACEGeneralisation of Research on Accounts and Cost Estimation (EC Project)
GRACEGenomics to Combat Resistance Against Antibiotics in Community-Acquired Lower Respiratory Tract Infections in Europe (EU project)
GRACEGravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (satellites, launched in 2002)
GRACE-FOGravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (planned for 2016)
GRAIGlobal Returnable Asset Identifier
GRAILGravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (two Lunar satellites, since 2011)
GRANADAGalileo Receiver Analysis and Design Application (Astrophysik/astrophysics, Software)
GRASGenerally Recognized as Safe (Nahrungsergänzungsmittel/food additives)
GRATEGeneric Rules and Agent Model Test Bed Environment
GRBGamma-Ray Burst (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
GRCGlobal Research Council (founded 2012)
GRCGordon Research Conference
GRCGraphene Research Centre (at NUS)
GRDGenomics Reviewer Desktop
GRDCGrains Research and Development Corporation (Australia)
GRDDLGleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages (semantisches Netz/semantic net)
GREGeneric Routing Encapsulation
GREGraduate Record Exam
GREATGerman Receiver for Astronomy at Terahertz Frequencies (onboard SOFIA)
GREATGrowing Education Achievement Training Academies for Teachers and Principals (Act, USA 2013)
GREENGroupe de Recherche en Electrotechnique et Electronique de Nancy (FR)
GREGGeoreferencing of Ethnic Groups
GRIGamma-Ray Imager (Satellit/satellite, NASA)
GRIGroup Repetition Interval (LORAN-C)
GRIFFINGamma-Ray Infrastructure for Fundamental Investigations on Nuclei (University of British Columbia, CA)
GRINGradient Refractive Index
GRIPGreenland Icecore Project
GRIPSGround-Based Infrared P-Branch Spectrometer (DLR)
GRISGamma-Ray Imaging Spectrometer
GRKGraduiertenkolleg (DFG, seit 1990)
GRMGeneral Relationship Model
GROCompton Gamma Ray Observatory (Satellit/satellite)
GROGrimaldi Robotic Observatory (Teleskop auf dem Mond, vorgeschlagen/telescope on the moon, proposed)
GROMACSGroningen Machine for Chemical Simulation (computer program)
GROWnetGeographic Representations of War Network
GRSGamma-Ray Spectrometer
GRSGesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit
GRUGeorgia Regents University
GRUGovernment Revitalization Unit (JP)
GRW[GianCarlo] Ghirardi, [Alberto] Rimini, [Tullio] Weber (Modell, theoretische Physik/model, theoretical physics)
GSSüdgeorgien/South Georgia (ISO 3166)
GSGuaranteed Service
GSAGeneral Service Administration (USA)
GSAGeological Socitey of America
GSAGlobal (Mobile) Suppliers Association (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GSAGGOME Science Advisory Group
GSASGlobal School for Advanced Studies
GSCCMTopical Group on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter (APS)
GSDGround Sampling Distance (Satelliten-Fernerkundung/satellite remote sensing)
GSDSEFGreater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair
GSEgeringe Schmerzempfindlichkeit
GSEGMES Services Elements
GSEGroup of Scientific Experts (Genfer Abrüstungskonferenz 1976)
GSETT-1, -2, -3GSE Technical Test I (1984), ~ II (1991), ~ III (1995)
GSFCGoddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, MD, USA)
GSGGGöttinger Graduiertenschule für Geisteswissenschaften
GSHGranular Solid Hydrodynamics
GSIGesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung (Darmstadt)
GSICGlobal Scientific Information and Computing Center (Tokyo, JP)
GSMGlobal System for Mobile Communication(s) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GSMGroupe Spéciale Mobile (Mobilfunk/mobile radio)
GSMAGSM Association (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GSMBEGas Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy
GSM-RGlobal System for Mobile Communications – Railway (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
GSMSGPRS Short Message Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GSMTGiant Segmented-Mirror Telescope (geplant/planned)
GSNGlobal Seismic (or: Seismographic) Network
GSNGPRS Support Node
GSNPTopical Group on Statistical and Nonlinear Physics (APS)
GSOGeostationary Satellite Orbit
GSOGraduate School of Oceanography (URI)
GSOCGerman Space Operations Center (Weilheim and Oberpfaffenhofen, DE)
GSPGap Surface Plasmon (elektromagnetische Grenzflächenwellen/electromagnetic boundary layer waves)
GSPGenomic Signal Processing
GSSGround Sensor Station (Galileo)
GSSGroup Support System
GSSNGlobal Sustainable Soundscape Network
GSTGe2Sb2Te5, Phasenwechselmaterial
GSTBGalileo System Test Bed (Satellitennavigation/satellite navigation)
GSUGeorgia State University (USA)
GSWGeoScience World
GSWGlashow-Salam-Weinberg (Neutrinotheorie/neutrino theory)
GTGeorgia Tech (USA)
GTGuatemala (ISO 3166)
GTCGeneral Purpose Unit Technology Conference
GTCGran Telescopio Canarias (= GCT) (La Palma, ES)
GTDGeometrical Theory of Diffraction
GTFGlobal Tiger Forum
GTLGas to Liquid (synthetischer Kraftstoff/synthetic fuel)
GTLSGeneralized Total Least Squares (Algorithmus/algorithm)
GTOGeostationärer Transferorbit (Raketentechnik)
GTPGPRS Tunneling Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GTP-cGPRS Tunneling Protocol Control Plane (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GTRIGeorgia Tech Research Institute (USA)
GTRIGlobal Threat Reduction Initiative
GTÜGesellschaft für Technische Überwachung
GTSGlobal Transmission Services (ISS)
GTZDeutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (Eschborn)
GUGuam (ISO 3166)
GUDGas- und Dampfturbinen (-Kraftwerke)
GUEGauß'sches unitäres Ensemble
GUESSGeneral-Purpose Expert System Shell
GUIGraphical (or: Guided) User Interface
GUIDGlobal Unique Identifier (weltweites PC-Netz/worldwide PC network)
GUIDEGentle User Interfaces for Elderly People (EU project)
GUPGeneric User Profile (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GUSGemeinschaft unabhängiger Staaten (ehem./former UdSSR)
GUTGrand Unified Theory (theoretische Physik/theoretical physics)
GUTIGlobally Unique Temporary Identifier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GUZGöttinger Universitätszeitung
GVDGroup Velocity Dispersion (Leitungen/transmission lines)
GVEGroßvieheinheit (Normrind, Masse:/standard cow, mass: 500 kg)
GVFIGlobal Viral Forecasting Initiative
GVMGlobal Voice Mail (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GVOgenetisch veränderter Organismus
GVPGenesis Voice Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GVPPGeneric Visual Perception Processor
GVTGround Vibration Test (Flugzeugentwicklung/aircraft development)
GWGateway (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
GWGuinea-Bissau (früher Portugiesisch-Guinea/former Portuguese Guinea) (ISO 3166)
GWASGenome-Wide Association Studies
GWGGesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung Göttingen
G-WiNGigabit-Wissenschaftsnetz (geplant für/planned for 2000, bis/up to 2.4 Gbit/s)
GWKGemeinsame Wissenschaftskonferenz von Bund und Ländern
GWNGaussian White Noise, Gaußsches Weißes Rauschen
GWPGerman Water Partnership
GWPGlobal-Warming Potential
GWSGlashow–Weinberg–Salam (Theoretische Physik, elektroschwache Wechselwirkung/theoretical physics, electro-weak interaction)
GWTGoogle Web Toolkit
GWUPGesellschaft für die wissenschaftliche Untersuchung von Parawissenschaften
GyGray (measure of ionizing energy absorption: 1 Gy is the dose of 1 joule per kilogram material)
GYGuyana (ISO 3166)
GyrGigayears (109 years)
GZGGeowissenschaftliches Zentrum Göttingen
GZKGrisen-[Georgii] Zatsepin-[Vladim] Kuzmin (Moscow; predicted cutoff of cosmic microwave background at 6 × 1019 eV)
GZMBGöttinger Zentrum für Molekulare Biowissenschaften


h...Hekto... (Präfix/prefix): 102
HAHome Agent (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HAARPHigh Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (or: Program)
HAARThochaktive antiretrovirale Therapie (HIV-Behandlung)
HABHarmful Algae Bloom (Meeresbiologie/marine biology)
HABHerzog-August-Bibliothek (Wolfenbüttel)
HABLEGHigh Altitude Balloon Launched Experimental Glider (DLR)
HACHigh Authority Control
HACHuman Artificial Chromosome
HACORDHigh Altitude Cosmic Ray Detector
HADHighly Automated Driving
HADHelium Abundance Detector (Galileo satellite 1989)
HADHollow Cathode Activated Deposition (dünne Schichten/thin layers)
HADESHigh-Activity Disposal Experiment Site (for nuclear waste, Mol, BE)
HAGRiDHybrid Array for Gamma Ray Detection
HAIHelicopter Association International
HALHardware Abstraction Layer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HALASHubschrauber-Außenlast-Assistenzsystem (DLR)
HALEHigh Altitude, Long Endurance (Flugzeug/aircraft)
HALOHigh Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft (DLR)
HAMRHead-Assisted Magnetic Recording
HANEHigh-Altitude Nuclear Explosion
HANOHANOHawaiian Anti-Neutrino Observatory (2012: planned)
HAOHigh Altitude Observatory (Harvard University)
HAPHelmholtz-Allianz für Astroteilchenphysik
HAPSHigh Altitude Pseudo-Satellite
HAPSHistoric Acoustic-Phonetic Collection (TU Dresden, DE)
HARHuman Accelerated Region (Genetik/genetics)
HARFHyperstable Adaptive Recursive Filter
HARPHigh-Frequency Acoustic Recording Package
HARPHigh-Gain Avalanche Rushing Amorphous Photoconductor
HARPSHigh Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher (astrophysics)
HARQHybrid Automatic Repeat Request (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HARTHighway Addressable Receiver/Transmitter (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HASHadronischer Schauer
HASASEMHaptisches Sensor-Aktor-System auf der Grundlage der Echtzeitelastographie sowie von elektro- und magnetorheologischen Materialien
HASIHuygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
HASYHand-Arm-System (DLR, Roboter-Greifer)
HASYLABHamburger Synchrotronstrahlungs-Laboratorium (bei/at DESY)
HATHeiß-Akustik-Teststand (DLR Berlin)
HATHistone-Acetyl Transferase, Histonazetyltransferase (Genetik/genetics)
HATPROHumidity and Temperature Profiler (Wetterdatenerfassung/weather data monitoring)
HATUMHistorisches Archiv der TU München
HAVHand-Arm Vibration
HAVAGHallesche Verkehrs-AG (Halle an der Saale)
HAVEitHighly Automated Vehicles – Intelligent Transportation (EU project)
HAVIHome Audio/Video Interoperability
HAWHochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (Hamburg)
HAWCHigh-Altitude Water Cherenkov Gamma-Ray Observatory (Sierra Negra, MX)
HAWKHochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst (u.a. Göttingen)
HAWTHorizontal Axis Wind Turbine
HAZOPHazardous Analysis and Operability (Problemlösungsmethode/problem solving method)
HB(Hansestadt) Bremen (Bundesland/German Federal State)
HBHigh-Brightness (LEDs)
HBCCOHgBa2Can-1CunO2n+2 (HTSL)
HBCDHexabromcyclododecan (Flammschutzmittel)
HBCIHomebanking Computing Interface
HBCUHistorically Black Colleges and Universities (USA)
HBFRHigh Flux Beam Reactor (Brookhaven, Long Island, NY, USA)
HBKHochdruckbrennkammer (-Prüfstand, DLR)
HBLEDHigh-Brightness Light Emitting Diode
HBMHigh Bandwidth Memory
HBPHuman Brain Project
HBTHanbury Brown and Twiss (Quanteneffekt/quantum effect)
HBTHetero-Bipolartransistor, Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor
HCAHigh Content Analysis
HCCHeterogeneous Compute Compiler
HCCIHomogeneous Charge-Compression Ignition (Verbrennungsmotor/internal combustion engine)
HCGHigh-Index Contrast Sub-Wavelength Grating (Laserspiegel/laser mirror)
hCGHuman Chorionic Gonadotropin (Hormon/hormone)
HCIHost Controller Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HCIHuman–Computer Interaction (or: Interface)
HCISHuman-Centric Compution and Information Sciences (open-access journal)
HCMHigh-Contrast Metastructure
HCMHuman Capital (and) Mobility (EU)
HCMVHumanes Cytomegalovirus
HCOHarvard College Observatory
HCPHearing Conservation Program
HCPHexagonal Closest Packing (Gitter/lattice)
HCRHigh Chip Rate
HCSHard-Clad Silica (Faseroptik/fiber optics)
HCSHigh Content Screening (Biochemie/biochemistry)
HCUHybrid Control Unit (Hybridfahrzeug/hybrid vehicle)
HDHarmonization Document (CENELEC)
HDHigh Definition (Video)
HdAHaus der Astronomie (Heidelberg)
HDAHigh-Density Amorphous (Eis/ice)
HDACHistone-Deacetylase, Histondeazetylase (Genetik/genetics)
HDBRHybrid Distributed Bragg Reflector (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
HDBTHigh Definition Broadcast Technology
HDCAM[vom HDTV abgeleitetes Bildaufzeichnungsformat/picture recording format, derived from HDTV]
HDCPHigh Definition (or: Digital) Content Protection (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HDCSHard Disk Controller Select
HDFHierarchical Data Format
HDFhochdichte Faserplatte, High-Density Fiberboard
HDFHubble Deep Field (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
HDIHuman Development Index
HDLHardware Description Language
HDLHigh-Density Lipoprotein ("gutes" Cholesterin/"good" cholesterol)
HDLHigh-Density Liquid
HDLHigh-Power Diode Laser
HDLCHigh Level Data Link Control (Datenübertragung/data transmission)
HDMHistondemethylase (Genetik)
HDMHot Dark Matter (Kosmologie/cosmology)
HDMIHigh Definition Multimedia Interface
HDMLHandheld Device Markup Lnguage
HdOhinter dem Ohr (Hörgeräte/hearing aids)
HDPEHigh Density Polyethylene
HDRHigh Data Rate (Datenübertragung/data transmission)
HDRHigh Dynamic Range (Luftbildaufnahmen)
HDRHot Dry Rock (geothermy)
HDRIHigh Dynamic Range Imaging (Bildsimulation/picture simulation)
HDSHigh Dispersion Spectrograph
HDSLHigh-Bit-Rate (or: High Speed) Digital Subscriber Line (or: Loop)
HDTHungaro DigiTel
HDTVHigh Definition Television (hochauflösendes Fernsehen)
HEHessen (Bundesland/German Federal State)
HE-AACHigh Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (Audio-Kompressions-Software/audio compression method)
HEACHDMI Ethernet Audio Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HEAOHigh Energy Astrophysical Observatory
HEATHigh Elevation Antarctic Terahertz Telescope
HEATCOHarmonised European Approaches for Transport Costing and Project Assessment (EC Project)
HECHDMI Ethernet Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HECEcole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (Montreal, Canada)
HECCHigh-End Computer (or: Computing) Capability (NASA project)
HECHDMIEthernet Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HECToRHigh End Computing Terascale Resource (UK)
HEDLPHigh-Energy-Density Laboratory Plasmas (University of Nevada, Reno, NV, USA)
HEDPHigh-Energy-Density Physics
HEDRCHigh Energy Density Research Center (RU)
HEEDHigh Efficiency Electron Emission Device (Bildwandler/image converter)
HEFHelmholtz Enterprise Fonds
HEFAHydroprocessed Esters and Fatty Acids (Biotreibstoff/biofuel)
HEFCHigher Education Funding Council (UK)
HEFCEHigher Education Funding Council for England
HEIHigher Education Institutions
HEKHunt for Exomoons with Kepler
HELCOMHelsinki Commission on Baltic Marine Protection
HELMHierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules
HELPHeparin-vermittelte extrakorporale LDL + Fibrinogen Präzipitation
HEMIHopkins Extreme Materials Institute (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA)
HEMTHigh-Electron-Mobility Transistor
HEOSHit Explorer Operation System
HEPHochenergiephysik, High-Energy Physics
HEPHochschulerneuerungsprogramm (neue Bundesländer)
HEPAPHigh-Energy Physics Advisory Panel (USA)
HEPCOSHigh-Energy Physics and Cosmology Group (University at Buffalo, NY, USA)
HEPnetHigh Energy Physics Network
HEPPHigh Energy and Particle Physics Division (EPS)
HEPPAHigh Energy Particle Physics and Astrophysics (Colorado State University, USA)
HERHuman Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor
HERAHadron-Electron Ring Accelerator, Hadron-Elektron-Ring-Anlage (DESY, bis/until 2007)
HERAHydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array
HERMESHotspot Ecosystem Research on the Margins of the European Seas
HERTZHybrid European RF and Antenna Test Zone (ESA)
HERVHumanes Endogenes Retrovirus
HESHigh Energy Stereoscopic System (Gammastrahlenteleskop/gamma ray telescope array, Namibia)
HESHome Electronic System
HESHybrid Evolutionary System (Systembeschreibung/system description)
HESAHigher Education Statistics Agency (UK)
HESSHigh Energy Seismic Survey (Meeresbiologie/marine biology)
HESSHigh Energy Stereoscopic System (Teleskop/telescope in Namibia)
HETHall-Effect Thruster (electric propulsion system)
HETHigh Energy Theoretical (Physics)
HETHigh-Performance Computing in Europe Taskforce (seit/since 2006)
HETHobby-Eberly-Telescope (Davis Mountains, TX, USA)
HETDEXHET Dark Energy Experiment
HETEHigh Energy Transient Explorer (Satellite, NASA)
HETPHeight Equivalent to One Theoretical Plate (Maß für Trennleistung eines chemischen Analysesystems,
z.B. 20 µm bei Chromatographie/measure of separation resolution, e.g. 20 µm in chromatography)
HEUHighly Enriched Uranium
HEVHybrid Electric Vehicle
HEVCHigh Efficiency Video Coding
HEWHalf Energy Width (Teleskop/telescope)
HEWHamburgische Elektricitätswerke
HEXAFLY INTHigh-Speed Experimental Fly Vehicles International
HFHochfrequenz, High Frequency (3 – 30 MHz)
HFHuman Factors (TC im/in the ETSI)
HFBRHigh Flux Beam Reactor (Brookhaven, Long Island, NY, USA)
HFCHybrid Fibre Coax(ial) (Cable) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
H-FDDHybrid Frequency Division Duplex (Telecommunication, Combination of Time and Frequency Division Duplex)
HFEAHuman Fertilisation and Embryology Authority
HFFHochschule für Fernsehen und Film (München)
HFHHamburger Fernhochschule
HFIRHigh Flux Isotope Reactor (ORNL)
HFNHigh-Frequency Notched (audiogram)
HFNLHefei National Laboratory [for Physical Sciences at Microscale] (CN)
HFOHalbleiterwerk Frankfurt/Oder (DE)
HFOVHochfrequenz-Oszillationsventilation (künstliche Beatmung/artificial respiration)
HFPHandsfree Profile (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HFRHigh-Flux Reactor (GFS, Petten, NL)
HFRHybrid Fiber Radio
HFSPHuman Frontier Science Program
HfTLHochschule für Telekommunikation Leipzig (DE)
HFUHigh-Frequency Ultrasound
HGHermite Gaussian (Lasermode/laser mode)
HGACHuman Genetic Advisory Commission
HGCHercules Graphics Card
HGFHermann von Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft Deutscher Forschungszentren
HGL[Dateinamenerweiterung: Graphikdatei/file name extension: graphic file]
HGPHuman Genome Project
HGSHuman Genome Sciences
HGSFPHeidelberg Graduate School of Fundamental Physics (Universität/University of Heidelberg, DE)
HGVHochgeschwindigkeitsverkehr (Schienenverkehr/rail traffic)
HH(Hansestadt) Hamburg (Bundesland/German Federal State)
HHCHigher Harmonic Control
HHGHessisches Hochschulgesetz
HHGHigh[-Order] Harmonic Generation (kurze Lichtimpulse/short light pulses)
HHIHeinrich-Hertz-Institut für Nachrichtentechnik (Fraunhofer-Institut, Berlin, neuer Name)
HHIHeinrich-Hertz-Institut für Schwingungsforschung (Berlin, alter Name)
HHMIHoward Hughes Medical Institute (Ashburn, VA, USA)
HHNAHypothalamus-Hypophysen-Nebennierenrinden (-Achse)
HHSHealth and Human Services (US Government Department)
HIHawaii (US-Staat/US state)
HICHead Injury Criteria (Insassensicherheit/passenger safety)
HICHeterogeneous Interprocessor Communications and Standards
HICHydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
HICASHigh Velocity Impact of Composite Aircraft
HIDEHeavy-Ion Demonstration Experiment
HIDIFHeavy Ion Driven Intertial Fusion
HIDRAHybrid Illinois Device for Research and Applications (reactor)
HIFHeavy-Ion Fusion
HIFHochschulinternes Fernsehen (Göttingen)
HIFHypoxie-induzierbarer Faktor (Protein)
HIFFHafnium Isomer Production Panel (DARPA)
HiFiHigh Fidelity (Unterhaltungselektronik)
HIFIHawaii Imaging Fabry-Pérot Interferometer (Astronomie/astronomy)
HIFIHeterodyne Instrument for the Far Infrared
HIFRLHeavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (CN)
HIFTHeard Island Feasibility Test
HIFUHigh-Intensity Focused Ultrasound
HighPerFlexHigh Performance Flexible Aircraft (DLR project)
HIGSHigh-Intensity Gamma-Ray Source
HIHHertie-Institut für Klinische Hirnforschung (Tübingen)
HIIKHeidelberger Institut für Internationale Konfliktforschung
HILAHigh Inertia – Low Acceleration
HILACHeavy Ion Linear Accelerator
HIMBHawaii Institute of Marine Biology
HINARIHealth Internetwork Access to Research Initiative
HINVAHigh Lift Inflight Validation (DLR + Airbus)
HIPHeterogeneous-Compute Interface for Portability
HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act(USA)
HiPEACHigh-Performance and Embedded Architectures and Compilers (Conference series)
HiPERHigh Power Laser Energy Research (facility, planned for 2020, feasibility demonstration between 2010 and 2012, 26 partners in 9 countries)
HIPERLANHigh Performance Radio LAN (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HiPIEHigh Performance Indoor Environment (laboratory, IBP)
HIPPARCOSHigh Precision Parallax Collecting Satellite (ESA 1989)
HIPSHigh Impact Polystyrene
HIPSHomeland Innovative Prototypical Solutions
HIPSECHigh Pressure Science and Engineering Center (UNLV)
HiResHigh Resolution Fly's Eye (University of Utah, USA)
HiRISEHigh Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
HIRMEOSHigh Integration of Research Monographs in the European Open Science Infrastructure
HISHinweis- und Informationssystem
HISHydrologic Information System (USA)
HI-SEASHawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (project)
HISPICOHoch-integrierter S-Band-Sender für PICO- und Nano-Satelliten
HI-STEMHeidelberger Institut für Stammzell-Technologie und Experimentelle Medizin
HITHeterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer (solar cells)
HITHigh-Intensity Training (Medizin/medicine)
HITHuman Intestinal Tract
HITRANHigh-Resolution Transmission Molecular Absorption Database (Harvard-Smithonian Center for Astrophysics)
HITRAPHeavy Ion Trap
HITSHeidelberger Institut für Theoretische Studien
HITSHigh-Impact Technology Solutions
HiTS/ISACHighway to Security: Interoperability for Situation Awareness and Crisis Management
(EU, 10 partners in 9 countries: EE, ES, DK, FI, FR, LT, LV, PL, SE)
HITUHigh Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound
HIUHelmholtz-Institut Ulm (für elektrochemische Energiespeicherung)
HIVHuman Immunodeficiency Virus, Human-Immunschwäche-Virus
HJHitlerjugend (NS-Organisation)
HKHongkong/Hong Kong (ISO 3166)
HKAHauptkomponenten-Analyse (= PCA)
HKBUHong Kong Baptist University
HKIHans-Knöll-Institut für Naturstoffforschung (Jena)
HKIA, HKIOAHong Kong Institute of Acoustics (since 1993)
HKOESHong Kong Optical Engineering Society
HKPHochschulkooperationsprogramm (EU)
HKUHong Kong University
HKUSTHong Kong University of Science and Technology
HLHidden Layer (neuronale Netze/artificial neural networks)
HLAHorizontal Line Array (ocean acoustics)
HLAHuman Leukocyte Antigen, humanes Leukozyten-Antigen (Biochemie/biochemistry)
HLDHigh Magnetic Field Laboratory Dresden (DE, 2007)
HLDCHigh-Level Data Link Control (UKW-Seefunk)
HLKOHaager Landkriegsordnung
HLLHigh-Speed Low-Voltage Low-Power (Logik-ICs/logical ICs)
HL-LHCHigh-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (CERN)
HLP[Dateinamenerweiterung: Windows-Hilfe-Datei/file name extension: Windows help file]
HLRHome Location Register (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HLRBHöchstleistungsrechenzentrum in Bavaria
HLRSHöchstleistungsrechenzentrum Stuttgart
HLRZHöchstleistungsrechenzentrum (Jülich)
HLUHilfe zum Lebensunterhalt (,,Sozialhilfe'')
HLWHigh-Level Waste (radioaktiver Abfall/radioactive waste)
HL7Health Level Seven (US medical standard)
HMHardware Manager
HMHeard und McDonald-Inseln/Heard and McDonald Islands (ISO 3166)
HMDHead-Mounted Display (virtuelle Realität/virtual reality)
HMF[International Conference on] High Magnetic Fields [in Semicondutor Physics]
HMGUHelmholtz-Zentrum München – Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Gesundheit und Umwelt
HMIHahn-Meitner-Institut (Berlin)
HMIHelioseismic and Magnetic Imager
HMIHuman-Machine Interface
HMMHidden Markov Model
HMRHome Location Register (Heimat-Datei)
HMRIHelical Magnetic Resonance Imaging
HMSHarvard Medical School (Boston, MA, USA)
HMSHeadend Management System
HMSHealth Monitoring System (Flugzeug/aircraft)
HMSHer Majesty's Ship
HMSHull Mounted Sonar
HMTHistonmethyltransferase (Genetik)
HMWKHessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur
HMXTetramethylentetranitramin (Octogen, Sprengstoff/explosive)
HMXBHigh-Mass X-Ray Binary (Röntgendoppelstern/X-ray double star)
HNHonduras (ISO 3166)
HNLFHighly Nonlinear Fibers (Laser)
HNMHeliport Noise Model (Lärmbewertung/noise rating)
HNMCHub Network Management Computer
HNOHals-, Nasen- und Ohren(-Klinik oder -Patient/clinic or patient)
HOHandOver (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HOBOSHoneybee Online Studies (Universität Würzburg)
HOEHolografisches optisches Element
HOGHistograms of Oriented Gradients (human body detection)
HOLiCOWH0 Lenses in COSMOGRAIL's Wellspring
HOLLHigh (Ölsäure)-Low (Linolensäure) (haltbares Öl/well keeping oil)
HOLLIHigh Oleic Low Linoleic (Raps)
HOLOMARHigh-Resolution in situ Holographic Recording and Analysis of Marine Organisms and Particles (EU project)
HOLTHigh-Order Layerwise Theory (Verbundwerkstoffe/compounds)
HOMOHighest Occupied Molecular Orbital
HONCHooked on Nicotin Checklist
HOPIHistory of Physicists in Industry (AIP project)
HOPIHybrid Optical Packet Infrastructure (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
HOSHigher-Order Statistics
HOSSANAHolistic and Sustainable Abatement of Noise by Optimized Combinations of Natural and Artificial Means (EU project)
HOTHighly Optimized Tolerance
HOTHolographic Optical Tweezer
HOTSHolographic Optical Telescope and Scanner
HP (hp)Hewlett Packard
HPHigh Priority
HPAHigh Power Amplifier
HPAIHighly Potent Active Ingredient
HPCHealth Professional Card (smart card)
HPCHigh Performance Computing (or: Computer)
HPCHigh-Power Calculations
HPCaaSHigh Performance Computing as a Service
HPCACHigh Performance Computing Advisory Council
HPCCHigh Performance Computing and Communication (USA)
HPCCHigh Performance Computing Cluster
HPCFHigh Performance Computing Facility (UK)
HPCGHigh Performance Conjugate Gradient
HPCIHigh Performance Computing Initiative (Arizona State University, USA, and Japan)
HPCNHigh Performance Computing and Networking (ESPRIT)
HPCSHigh Performance Computing Symposium
HPCSHigh Performance Computing Systems
HPC1Human Prostata Cancer 1
HPC4MfgHigh Performance Computing for Manufacturing
HPC5High Performance and Cloud Computing Cross-Border Competence Consortium
HPDHearing Protection Device
HPDAHigh-Performance Data Analysis
HPDDLHigh-Power Direct-Diode Laser
HPDLHigh-Power Diode Laser
HPELHigh-Precision Electrostatic Laminate
HPFHabitable Zone Planet Finder (HET)
HPFHigh Performance Fortran
HPGeHigh-Purity Germanium (detectors)
HPGLHewlett Packard Graphics Language
HPHTHigh Pressure High Temperature (Diamant/diamond)
HPIHeinrich-Pette-Institut für Experimentelle Virologie und Immunologie (Hamburg)
HP-IBHewlett Packard Interface Bus
HPLCHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography
HPLMNHome Public (and) Land Mobile Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HPNAHome Phoneline Networking Alliance (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HPSHeavy Photon Search
HPSHigh Performance Storage
HPSHigh Purity Standard (analytische Chemie/analytical chemistry)
HPSHuman Patient Simulator
HPSThe Hungarian Physical Society
HPSKHybrid Phase Shift Keying (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HPSSHigh Performance Storage System
HPTRHeterodyne Picosecond Thermoreflectance
HPUEHigh Power User Equipment
HPVHuman Papillomavirus, Human-Papillomavirus
HPVMHigh Performance Visual Machine
HPWTHigh Performance Work Team
HP3Heat Flow and Physical Property Package (DLR instrument for InSight (Marsprobe))
HQHigh Quality
HQOCHarvard Quantum Optics Center (Harvard University, USA)
HQVHalf-Quantum Vortex (superconductivity)
HRHertzsprung–Russell (diagram, astrophysics)
HRHessischer Rundfunk
HRHigh Resolution
HRKroatien/Hrvatska (ISO 3166)
HRCHarmonically Related Carrier
HRDHertzsprung-Russell-Diagramm (Astronomie/astronomy)
HRDCHybrid Rice Research and Development Consortium
HREDHuman Research and Engineering Directorate (ARL, USA)
HREEL(S)High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
HRGHistidinreiches Glykoprotein
HRHHer Royal Highness
HRIHigh Resolution Imager (Röntgenstrahl-Satellit/X-ray satellite)
HRIBFHolifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility (ORNL, USA)
HRIISHigh-Resolution Infrared Imaging Spectrometer
HRIRHead-Related Impulse Response (Akustik/acoustics)
HRJHydrotreated Renewable Jet (alternativer Flugzeugtreibstoff/alternative aircraft fuel)
HRSHyper-Raman Scattering
HRSCHigh Resolution Stereo Camera (ESA-Sonde/probe)
HRSTHuman Resources in Science and Technology
HRTEMHigh-Resolution Transmssion Electron Microscopy, Hochaufgelöste Raster-Transmissions-Elektronenmikroskopie
HRTFHead-Related Transfer Function
HRUHelium Recovery Unit
HRWHuman Rights Watch (Menschenrechtsorganisation)
HSAMHighly Superior Autobiographical Memory (hochgradig überlegenes autobiografisches Gedächtnis)
HSARPAHomeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (USA)
HSCHigh Speed Club
HSCHigh Speed Cutting
HSCSDHigh Speed Circuit Switched Data (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HSCThämatopoetische Stammzell-Transplantation
HSDLHierarchical Scan Description Language
HSDPAHigh Speed Downlink Packet Access (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HS-DPCCHHigh Speed Dedicated Physical Control Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HS-DSCHHigh Speed Downlink Shared Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HSEHigh Speed Ethernet
HSEHigh Surface Energy
HSEHighly Siderophile Element (astrophysics)
HSEhohe Schmerzempfindlichkeit
HSEASHarvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
HSFKHessische Stiftung Friedens- und Konfliktforschung
HSIHigh Speed Internet
HSIHyperspectral Imaging
HSIAHigh Speed Internet Access
HSKHeizungs-, Sanitär- und Klimatechnik
HSPAHigh Speed Packet Access (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HS-PDSCHHigh Speed Physical Downlink Shared Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HSRSHot Spot Recognition System (Satelliten–Feuer–Erkundung)
HSRVhumanes Spuma-Retrovirus
HSSharter Schnellstahl (Werkzeuge/tools)
HSSHigh Speed Switch (Datennetz/data network)
HSSHome Subscriber Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HSSHumanities and Social Sciences
HS-SCCHHigh Speed Shared Control Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HSTHubble Space Telescope
HStAHHauptstaatsarchiv Hannover
HSUPAHigh Speed Uplink Packet Access (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HSVAHamburgische Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt
HSWSHartmann-Shack Wavefront Sensor
HTHaiti (ISO 3166)
HTHigh Temperature
HTHigh Throughput
HTHigh Transmission (filter)
HTCHubbard Theory Consortium (established 2010)
HTCHyperwork Technology Conference
HT-CMCHigh Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites
HTDVHuman Teratocarcinoma-Derived Virus
HTEHigh-Temperature Electrolysis (Wasserstoff-Kraftwerk/hydrogen power plant)
HTEHigh Throughput Experimentation
HTFHub Terminal Facilities
HTGHyperschall-Technologie Göttingen (DLR)
HT-HPLCHigh Temperature High Perfomance Liquid Chromatography, Hochtemperatur-Flüssigkeitschromatographie
HTLVhumanes T-lymphotropes Virus
HTM[Dateinamenerweiterung: Internet-Datei/file name extension: Internet file]
HTMBHamburger Test für mathematische Begabung
HTMCHigh Temperature Mechanical Testing Committee (UK)
HTMLHyperText Markup Language [Dateinamenerweiterung: Internet-Datei/file name extension: Internet file]
HTMTHybrid Technology/Multithreaded System (Supercomputer)
HTPHigh Test Peroxide
HTRHandwritten Text Recognition
HTSHeights (US Mail)
HTSHigh-Throughput Screening
HTS(C)High Temperature Superconductor (Hochtemperatur-Supraleiter)
HTS(L)Hochtemperatur-Supraleiter (High-Tc superconductor)
HTTPHypertext Transfer (or Transmission) Protocol (Computer-Netzwerk/computer network, WWW)
HTWHochschule für Technik und Wissenschaft (Berlin)
HUHoward University (Washington, DC, USA)
HUHumboldt-Universität (Berlin)
HUUngarn/Hungary (ISO 3166)
HUAHarvard University Archive
HUACHouse Un-American Activities Committee (Antispionage-Maßnahme der USA)
HUDHousing and Urban Development
HUGOHuman Genome Organization
HUPASHoward University Program in Atmospheric Sciences (Washington, DC, USA)
HUShämolytisch-urämisches Syndrom
HUSLHarvard Underwater Sound Laboratory
HUSTHuazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan, CN)
HUTTHigh-Resolution Ultrasonic Transmission Tomography
HVHigh Quality Voice Packet (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HVObervolta/Upper Volta (ISO 3166 bis/until 1984)
HvAHogeschool van Amsterdam
HVACHeating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
HVCHigh-Velocity Cloud (astronomy)
HVDCHigh-Voltage Direct-Current (verlustarme Hochspannungsleitung/low-loss power line)
HVMHigh-Volume Manufacturing
HVOHawaiian Volcano Observatory
HVPEHydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy (semiconductor technology)
HVPLSHierarchical Virtual Private LAN Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
HWCHydrophobe Wechselwirkungschromatographie
HWECHyperworks Enabled Community
HWIHauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute (Buffalo, NY, USA)
HWYHighway (US Mail)
HXMTHard X-Ray Modulated Telescope (Chinesischer Satellit/Chinese satellite)
HyCoMETHybrid-Composite Experimental Rocket
HYKATHydrodynamik- und Kavitationstunnel (HSVA)
HYPOSHydrogen Power Storage and Solutions East Germany
HYSWIMHydrogen Switchable Mirror
HYSOPHybrid Silicide-Based Ligthweight Components for Turbine and Energy Applications
HyspIRIHyperspectral Infrared Imager (JPL)
HZDRHelmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf e.V.
HZGHelmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht – Zentrum für Material- und Küstenforschung
HZIHelmholtz-Zentrum für Infektionsforschung (Braunschweig)
HZTHigh-Z Supernova Search Team


IAIngoing Access
IAIowa (US-Staat/US state)
IAAInternationale Astronautische Akademie
IAAInternationale Automobilausstellung (Berlin, jeweils im/always in September)
IAAIrish Aviation Authority (Flugsicherungsbehörde)
IaaSInfrastructure as a Service (for research computation)
IAASInstitut für Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik (Berlin)
IABInstitut für Akustik und Bauphysik (Oberursel/Ts.)
IABInstitut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung (der Bundesanstalt für Arbeit)
IABInternet Administration (or: Architecture) Board
IACInstituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
IACInternational Astronautical Congress
IACCInteraural Cross-Correlation
IACISInternational Association of Colloid and Interface Scientists
IACMInternational Association for (or: of) Computational Mechanics
IACSImage-Activated Cell Spacing (Biotechnologie/biotechnology)
IADIntegrated Access Device
IADIon-Assisted Deposition
IADCInter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee
IADSIntegrated Active Drive System (Kfz-Fahrdynamik-Management/vehicle)
IADSInternational Affective Digitized Sounds
IAEInstituto de Aeronáutica e Espaço (Brazil)
IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency (Wien, AT)
IAEOInternational Atomic Energy Organisation
IAESInstitute for Advanced Energy Solutions (USA)
IAESTEInternational Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience
IAF[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Angewandte Festkörperphysik (Freiburg/Br.)
IAGCInternational Association of Geophysical Contractors
IAGOSIn-Service Aircraft for a Global Observing System
IAIIsrael Aircraft Industries, Israel Aerospace Industry
IAIS[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Intelligente Analyse- und Informationssysteme (Sankt Augustin)
IAKFInteressengemeinschaft für Autofreie Kur- und Fremdenverkehrsorte in Bayern
IAKKinteraurale Kreuzkorrelation
IAMIdentity and Access Management
IAMIntegrated Assessment Model
IAMPInternational Association for Mathematical Physics
IAMSInstitute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
IANUSInterdisziplinäre Arbeitsgruppe Naturwissenschaft, Technik und Sicherheit (TU Darmstadt)
IAO[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (Stuttgart)
IAP[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Angewandte Polymerforschung (Potsdam-Golm)
IAPInstitut für Atmosphärenphysik (Kühlungsborn, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)
IAPInternet Access Provider
IAPInternet Protocol Access Point
IAPCMInstitute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics (Beijing, China)
IAPPInstitut für Angewandte Photophysik (TU Dresden)
IAPSInternational Affective Picture System
iAQCIntegrated Active Quenching Circuitry
IARCInternational Agency for Research on Cancer
IARPCInteragency Arctic Research Policy Committee
IARUInternational Amateur Radio Union
IASInstitute for Advanced Study (Princeton, NJ, USA, and Shenzhen University, CN)
IASInteractive Assessment Score (education)
IASInternationaler Antwortschein
IASIslamic Academy of Sciences
IASBIndustry Association Synthetic Biology
IASCInternaional Arctic Science Committee
IASIInfrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer
IASOAInternational Arctic Systems for Observing the Atmosphere
IASPInternational Association for the Study of Pain
IASPEIInternational Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior
IASTEDInternational Association of Science and Technology for Development
IASTUInstitute for Advanced Study, Tsinghua University (Beijing, CN)
IATImplizierter Assoziationstest (Psychologie)
IATInstitut Arbeit und Technik (Gelsenkirchen)
IATAInternational Air Transport Association
IATCIntermittent Automatic Train Control (z.B./e.g., INDUSI) (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
IAUInternational Astronomical Union
IAVInformations-, Anlauf- und Vermittlungsstelle (Karlsruhe)
IAVIInternational AIDS Vaccine Initiative
iawInstitut für angewandtes Wissen (Köln)
IAWNInternational Asteroid Warning Network
IAXOInternational Axion Observatory
IBAImportant Bird Area (Naturschutz/nature conservation)
IBACInternational Bioacoustics Congress
IBADIon Beam Assisted Deposition
IBANInternational Bank Account Number
IBBAInterval Branch and Bound Algorithm
IBCIntegrated Broadband Communication
IBCInternational Broadcast(ing) Convention (conference series)
IBEInteraktive Bildschirmexperimente
IBEMInverse Boundary Element Method
IBEXInterstellar Boundary Explorer (Astronomie/astronomy)
IBFMInteracting Boson Fermion Model
IBIDIndia Business Insight Database
IBMInteracting Boson Model
IBMInternational Business Machines Corporation
IBMInternationale Briefmarken-Messe
iBMBInstitut für Baustoffe, Massivbau und Brandschutz (TU Braunschweig)
IBMPInstitut für Biomedizinische Probleme (Moskau)
IBMSIn-Beam Mössbauer Spectroscopy
IBMT[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Biomedizinische Technik (St. Ingbert und Potsdam-Golm)
IBOCIn-Band On-Channel (high-definition radio)
IbO:LESIntegrierte betriebliche Optimierung: Lärm, Energie, Stabilität (DLR-Projekt für Bahnverkehr)
IBP[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Bauphysik (Stuttgart und Holzkirchen)
IBRInstitut für Bioanorganische und Radiopharmazeutische Chemie (FZR)
IBROInternational Brain Research Organization
IBSInstitute for Basic Science (Daejeon, Korea)
IBSInternational Business Service
IBSIon Beam Sputtering
IBSBInternational Workshop on Bioinformatics and Systems
IBTAInfiniBand Trade Association
IBWInternationales Bureau des Welttelegraphenvereins (gegründet/founded: 1868)
Ab/since 1908: Bureau international de l'union télégraphique
ICInertial Cloak (acoustic metamaterials)
ICIntegrated Circuit
ICIntelligence Community
ICIntercity (Bundesbahn/German train)
ICInternal Combustion [Engine] (Verbrennungsmotor)
ICIon Chromatography; Ionenchromatographie
ICAIndependent Component Analysis
ICAInfrared Camera for Car
ICAInternational Commission for Acoustics
ICAInternational Congress on Acoustics (since 1953, every three years)
ICaBIncoming Call Barrier
ICABInternational Customer Advisory Board
ICABEEInternational Conference on Advances in Bio-Informatics and Environmental Engineering
ICADLInternational Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries
ICAEInternational Conference on Acoustic Emission
ICAFInternational Committee on Aeronautical Fatigue
iCAIRInternational Consortium for Anti-Infective Research (Fraunhofer-Projekt)
ICALIron Calorimeter Detector (Neutrinodetektor/neutrino detector)
ICALEOInternational Conference on Applications of Lasers and Electrooptics
ICALEPCSInternational Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems
ICAMIndustry Circle Additive Manufacturing
I-CAMPInter-Continental Advanced Materials and Photonics Summer School
ICAMSInterdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Material Simulations (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, DE)
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organization
ICARCFInternational Conference on Automation, Robotics and Computer Vision
iCAREImproving Children's Auditory Rehabilitation (EU-ITN project)
ICARUSInternational Cooperation for Animal Research Using Space
ICASInternational Council of the Aeronautical Sciences
ICASEInstitute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering (NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA, USA)
ICASSP[IEEE] International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing
ICASTInterational Conference on Adaptive Structures and Technology
ICBInstitute for Collaborative Biotechnology (USA)
ICBENInternational Commission on the Biological Effects of Noise
ICBMIntercontinental Ballistic Missile
ICBPInternational Council for Bird Preservation
ICCIn-Car Communication
ICCInstitute of Computational Cosmology (Durham University)
ICCIntelligent Customer Care
ICCInternational Convention Centre (Birmingham, UK)
ICCInternationales Congress Centrum (Berlin)
ICCADInternational Conference on Computer Aided Design
ICCASInnovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery (Universität Leipzig, DE)
ICCATInternational Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas
ICCDIntensified CCD
ICCEInternational Conference on Consumer Electronics
ICCLInternational Conference on Computer Languages
ICCTInternational Council of Clean Transportation
ICDDInternational Centre for Diffraction Data
ICDIInstitut Charles Darwin International
ICDPInternational Continental Drilling Program (= KTB)
ICEIn-Car-Entertainment (Autoradio)
ICEIntercity Express (Bundesbahn/German railway)
ICEMInternational Conference on Experimental Mechanics
ICERIndustry Council for Electronic Equipment (UK)
ICESInstitute for Chemical and Engineering Sciences (Singapore)
ICESInstitute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (at University of Texas at Austin, USA)
ICESInternational Council for the Exploration of the Sea
ICESatIce, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite (NASA, since 2003)
ICFInertial Confinement Fusion (= Trägheitsfusion) (Reaktor/reactor)
ICFAInternational Committee for Future Accelerators
ICFOInstitute of Photonic Sciences (Barcelona, ES)
ICFPInternational Centre for Fundamental Physics and Its Interfaces (ENS, Paris, FR)
ICF-UNAMInstituto de Ciencias Físicas de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
ICGInstitute of Cosmology and Gravitation (University of Portsmouth, GB)
ICGIntellectual Capital Group (Franklin, MI, USA)
ICGCInternational Cancer Genome Consortium
ICGRGInternational Commission on General Relativity and Gravitation
ICHECIrish Centre for High-End Computing (Dublin and Galway, Ireland)
ICIIntegrated Communication Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ICIInter-Carrier Interference (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ICIInterchannel Interference (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ICIJInternational Cosortium of Investigative Journalists
ICIMODInternational Centre for Integrated Mountain Development
ICIPInternational Conference on Image Processing (IEEE)
ICISInternational Council of Independent States (seit/since 1984)
ICITInteractive Corpus of Indus Texts
ICLIce Cube Laboratory (Antarktis-Forschungsstation/antarctic research station)
ICMInfotainment Cluster Module (Kfz-Technik)
ICMInternational Congress Center München
ICMIntracluster Medium (Astronomie/astronomy)
ICMEIntegrated Computational Materials Engineering
ICMIInternational Commission for Mathematical Instruction
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ICMPCInternational Conference on Music Perception and Cognition
ICMRInternational Center for Materials Research
ICM2STInternational Conference on Methods and Models in Science and Technology
ICNInformation and Communication Network (Siemens)
ICNDTInternatinal Conference “Application of Contemporary Non-Destructive Testing in Engineering&lrquo;
ICNNInternational Conference on Neural Networks
ICNPInternational Conference on Network Protocols
ICOInternational Commission for (or: on) Optics
ICOMOSInternational Council on Monuments and Sites
ICONInternational Council on Nanotechnology (Rice University, USA)
ICONIPInternational Conference on Neural Information Processing
ICOOInternational Congress on Optics and Optoelectronics
ICOSIntegrated Carbon Observation System (EU project)
ICOSInternational Catalog of Sources for History and Allied Sciences (AIP)
ICPInductively Coupled Plasma
ICPInteruniversity Cooperation Programme (Europe)
ICPChSInternational Congress of Phonetic Sciences
ICPMInternationall Conference on Plasma Medicine
ICPNMInternational Certificate Program for New Media (FhG, CRCG)
ICP-OESInductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy
ICP-QQQTriple Quadrupole Inductively Coupled Plasma
I&C PSIndustrial & Commercial Power Systems [Technical Conference]
ICPSIndustrial Consortium of Polynucleotide Synthesis
ICPSInternational Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors
ICQDInternational Center for Quantum Design of Functional Materials
(University of Science and Technology, Hefei, CN, seit/since 2008)
ICQMInternational Center for Quantum Materials (Peking University, CN)
ICRInstitute of Cancer Research (London, UK)
ICRInternational Conflict Research (group)
ICRIon Cyclotron Resonance
ICRAInternational Conference on Robotics and Automation
ICRACInternational Committee for Robot Arms Control
ICRFImperial Cancer Research Fund (London, UK)
ICRMInternational Committee for Radionuclide Metrology
ICRPInternational Commission on Radiological Protection
ICRUInternational Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements
ICSInteractive Supercomputing
ICSInternational Commission on Stratigraphy
ICSAInternational Congress on Spatial Audio
ICSAIInternational Conference on Systems and Informatics
I-CSCFInterrogating Call Session Control Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ICSIInternational Computer Science Institute (Berkeley, CA, USA)
ICSIIntracytoplasmatische Spermieninjektion (künstliche Befruchtung)
ICSLPInternational Conference on Spoken Language Processing
ICSOSInternational Conference on the Structure of Surfaces
ICSSIntegrated Communications and Solutions Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ICSTIInternational Council for Scientific and Technical Information
ICSUInternational Council of Scientific Unions (seit/since 1931; umbenannt in/renamed into International Council for Science)
ICSVInternational Conference on Sound and Vibration
ICTInductive-Core Transformer
ICTInformation and Communication Technology
ICT[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Chemische Technologie (Pfinztal bei/near Karlsruhe)
ICTAInternational Center for Technology Assessment (USA)
ICTAMInternational Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
ICTCAInternational Conference on Theoretical and Computational Acoustics
ICTP[Abdus Salam] International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Trieste, IT, seit/since 1964; also in Sao Paulo, BR, since 2012. See also SAIFR and MAIS)
ICTTInternational Conference on Transport Theory
ICUIntensive Care Unit (Krankenhaus/hospital)
ICUInternational Congress on Ultrasonics
ICUMEInternational Conference on Uncertainty in Mechanical Engineering
I-CVUEIncentives for Cleaner Vehicles in Urban Europe
ICWInternet Call Waiting (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ICZMIntegrated Coastal Zone Management (Meeresküstenschutz/sea shore conservation)
IDIdaho (US-Staat/US state)
IDIndonesien/Indonesia (ISO 3166)
IDIntelligent Design
IDAInstitute for Defense Analyses (USA)
IDAInterface for Distributed Automation
IdafliegInteressengemeinschaft deutscher akademischer Fliegergruppen
IDBIntelligent Transportation System Data Bus
IDBSInteractive Data Business Solutions
IDCInsulation Displacement Connection
IDCInternational Data Corporation
IDCInternational Data Centre, Internationales Datenzentrum (CTBTO, Wien/Vienna)
IDDPIceland Deep Drilling Project
IDDSIntegrated Dynamic Drive System (Kfz/automobile)
IDEIntegrated Development Environment
IDEMInformations- und Dokumentationsstelle Ethik in der Medizin
IDFIntermediate Data File
IDFInternational Diabetes Federation
IDFInternational DOI Foundation
IDFTInverse Discrete Fourier Transform, inverse diskrete Fourier-Transformation
IDIESInstitute for Data Intensive Science and Engineering (JHU)
IDLInteractive Data Language
IDLInterface Definition (or: Description) Language
IDLCIntegrated Digital Loop Carrier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IDMPIdentification of Medical Products
IDMT[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Digitale Medientechnologie (Ilmenau)
IDNDRInternational Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction
IDnetIntelligent Design Network
I-DOTImmediate Drop on Demand Technology
IdPIdentity Provider (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IDPInstitut für Datenanalyse und Prozessdesign (Wintherthur, CH)
IDPIntrinsically Disordered Protein
IDPFInternational Digital Publishing Forum der Regel
IDRInter-Domain Routing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IDRIntermediate Data Rate (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IDRDInvestigation of the Discourse of Interdisciplinary Research
IDRFCInternal Dynamic Rate Flow Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IDSInstitut für Deutsche Sprache (Mannheim)
IDSIntrusion Detection System (Firewall)
IDTVImproved Definition Television (100 Hz-Bild/picture)
IDTVInteractive Digital Television
IDVInteractive Data Visualization
IDWInternational Display Workshop (conference series)
IDWTInverse Discrete Wavelet Transform
IEIrland/Ireland (ISO 3166)
IEAInternational Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement
IEAInternational Energy Agency, Internationale Energieagentur (Paris, FR)
IEBInner Ear Biology
IECInternational Electrotechnical Commission (gegründet/founded 1904)
IECASInstitute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
IECE, IECEJInstitute of Electronics and Communication Engineers of Japan
IECONIndustrial Electronics Conference
IEDImprovised Explosive Device
IEDCRInstitute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (Bangladesh)
IEEInstitution of Electrical Engineers (UK)
IEEIntelligent Energy Europe (EU Project 2006–2008)
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (USA)
IEEPAInternational Emergency Economic Powers Act (1977)
IEERInstitute for Energy and Environmental Research (USA)
IEICE, IEICEJInstitute of Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineers of Japan
IEMBInstitut für Erhaltung und Modernisierung von Bauwerken (Berlin)
IEMN[Carnot] Institut d'Electronique, de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologie (Lille, FR)
IENIstituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale Galileo Ferraris (Torino, IT)
IEOInner Earth Object (asteroid)
IEPEIntegrated Electronic Piezoelectric (sensor)
IEREInstitution of Electronic and Radio Engineers (London, GB)
IERSInternational Earth Rotation Service
IESInstitute for Environment and Suitability (EU)
IESInternet Enhanced Services
IESE[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Experimentelles Software Engineering (Kaiserslautern)
IETInstitution of Engineering and Technology (UK)
IETFInternet Engineering Task Force
IETSInelastic Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy
IFIntermediate Frequency
IFAInstitut für Automobilwirtschaft
IFAInternationale Funkausstellung
IFABInternational Football Association Board
IFACInternational Federation of Automatic Control
IfADoInstitut für Arbeitsphysiologie (Dortmund)
IFAEInstitut de Fisica d'Altes Energies (University of Barcelona, ES)
IfAKInstitut für Automation und Kommunikation (Magdeburg)
IFALPAInternational Federation of Airline Pilots
IFAM[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Fertigungstechnik und Angewandte Materialforschung (Bremen und Dresden)
IFAOInstitut Française d'Archéologie Orientale (Kairo, Egypt)
IFARInternational Forum for Aviation Research
IFATSInnovative Future Air Transport System
IfBBInstitut für Biokunststoffe und Bioverbundwerkstoffe (Universität Hannover)
IFCIndustry Foundation Class (Schnittstelle/interface)
IFCInternational Finance Corporation (Dakar)
IFEIn-Flight Entertainment System
IFEInertial Fusion Energy
IfEInstitut für Erdölforschung (Clausthal-Zellerfeld)
IFEInstitut für Festkörperphysik und Elektronenmikroskopie
IFEMInfinite Element Method
IFERCInternational Fusion Energy Research Center (Rokkasho, JP)
IfeuInstitut für Energie- und Umweltforschung
IFF[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Fabrikbetrieb und -automatisierung (Magdeburg)
IfFInstitut für Fahrzeugtechnik (TU Braunschweig)
IFFInstitut für Festkörperforschung [a): am/at the IFW, b): am/at the KFA, Jülich]
IFFInterchange File Format (Graphikformat)
IFFTInverse Fast Fourier Transform
IfGInstitute for Glycomics (Griffith University, AUS)
IfHInstitut für Hochenergiephysik (ehem./former DDR, Zeuthen, AdW)
IFIPInternational Federation of Information Processing Societies and: International Federation for Information Processing
IFIRInterpolation Finite-Impulse Response (Filter)
IFJInferior Frontal Junction (Gehirn/brain)
IfLInstitut für Länderkunde (Leipzig)
IfLInstitut für Leibesübungen
IFLAInternational Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
IfMInstitut für Meereskunde (Kiel)
IFMInterfacial Force Microscope
IFMEInstitut für Mechanik (Universität Magdeburg)
IFMIFInternational Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility
ifmoInstitut für Mobilitätsforschung (BMW Group)
IfNInstitut für Neurobioogie (Magdeburg)
IFNInstitute for Functional Nanomaterials (University of Puerto Rico)
ifoInstitut für Wirtschaftsforschung (München)
IFOKInstitut für Organisationskommunikation (Bensheim)
IFORImplementation Force (1995–1996, später/thereafter SFOR)
IFORSInternational Federation of Operational Research Societies
IFOSInstitut für Oberflächen- und Schichtanalytik (Univ. Kaiserslautern)
IFPInstitut für Festkörperphysik (KIT)
IFPIInternational Federation of the Phonographic Industry
iFQInstitut für Forschungsentwicklung und Qualitätssicherung
IfRInstitut für Radiochemie (FZR)
IFRInstrumental Flight Rules
IFRInternational Federation of Robotics
IFRBInternational Frequency Registration Board (in Genf/Genova, CH)
IFREMERInstitut Français de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la Mer
IFSIn-Flight-Simulation (aircraft testing)
IFSInstitut für Festkörperanalytik und Strukturforschung (am/at the IFW)
IfSInstitut für Sicherheitsforschung (FZR)
IFSIntegrated Forecast System (weather forecast)
IFSAInternational Forestry Students Association
IFSCInstituto di Fisica de Sao Carlos (BR)
IFSDAInternational Federation of Stamp Dealers Association
IFT[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Festkörpertechnologie (München)
IfTInstitut für Troposphärenforschung (Leipzig)
IFTInstituto de Fisica Teorica (Sao Paulo, BR)
IFToMIT Future of Medicine (EU project)
IFT(o)MMInternational Federation for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms
IFU[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Atmosphärische Umweltforschung
IFW[Leibniz-] Institut für Festkörper- und Werkstoffforschung (Dresden, seit 1992)
IfWInstitut für Weltwirtschaft (Kiel)
IFWSIntegrierte Flughafenwettersysteme
IFXInteractive Financial Exchange
IfZInstitut für Zeitgeschichte (München)
IGIntrinsic Gettering
IGAInter-Governmental Agreement
IGAPPIInterdivisional Group for Applied Physics and Physics in Industry (EPS)
IGBInstitut für Gewässerökologie und Binnenfischerei (Berlin)
IGB[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Grenzflächen- und Bioverfahrenstechnik (Stuttgart)
IGBPInternationales Geosphären-Biosphären-Programm (Ökologie/ecology)
IGBTInsulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
IGCInternational Genomics Consortium
IGCCIntegrated Gasification Combined Cycle (Kohlekraftwerk/coal power plant)
IGCV[Fraunhofer-] Einrichtung für Gießerei-, Composite- und Verarbeitungstechnik (Augsburg)
IGD[Fraunhofer-] Institut für graphische Datenverarbeitung (Darmstadt, Außenstelle/branch in Rostock)
IGDPIntercollege Graduate Degree Program (Pennstate, USA)
IGeLindividuelle Gesundheitsleistungen
iGEMInternational Genetically Engineered Machine [Competition]
IGERTIntegrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (NSF, USA)
IGFInsulinlike Growth Factor
IGGIntergovernmental Group
I-GGSNIntelligent Gateway GPRS Support Node (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IGIInformation Governance Initiative
IGIItalian Grid Infrastructure (or: Initiative) (computing)
IGKIntegrated Gatekeeper (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IGKInternationales Graduiertenkolleg
IGLOInformal Group of RTD Liaison Officers in Brussels (EU)
IGMIntergalactic Medium
IGMPInternet Group Management (or: Multicast) Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IGNInstallations-Geräuschnormal (DIN 52218)
IGPInterior Gateway Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IGPDInterdivisional Group on Physics for Development (EPS)
IGPDTImage-Guided Treatment Planning System (health care)
iGREENIntegrated Green Aircraft (DLR project)
IGRTImage-Guided Radiation Therapy (health care)
IGS[Laboratoire] Information Génomique et Structurale (Marseille, FR)
IGSIntegrierte Gesamtschule
IGSIntergenic Spacer (Genetik/genetics)
IGSInternational GPS Service for Geodynamics (Satellitengeodäsie/satellite geodesy)
IGTIndicazione Geografica Tipica (italienische Wein-Kennzeichnung, entspricht deutschem Landwein/Italian wine classification)
IGTFInternational Grid Test Federation
IGVInstitut für Grenzflächenforschung und Vakuumphysik (Jülich)
IGVKIntegriertes Gesamtverkehrskonzept
IGWInternationale Grüne Woche (Berlin)
IGYInternational Geophysical Year (1957/58)
IGZInformations- und Geschäftszentrum (DEGA, Berlin)
IGZInstitut für Gemüse- und Zierpflanzenbau (Großbeeren und/and Kühnhausen bei/near Erfurt)
IHCImmunhistochemie, Immunohistochemistry
IHCInner Hair Cell (in the ear)
IHCPInstitute for Health and Consumer Protection
IHDIschemic Heart Disease
IHEPInstitue of High Energy Physics (CERN, CH, and Beijing, CN)
IHÉSInstitut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (bei/near Paris, FR)
IHKIndustrie- und Handelskammer
IHMInternationale Handwerkswoche
IHMCInstitute for Human and Machine Cognition (Pensacola, FL, USA)
IHMCInternational Human Microbiome Consortium (since Oct. 2008)
IHMEInstitute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (University of Washington, Seattle, USA)
IHPInstitut für Halbleiterphysik, Leibniz-Institut für innovative Mikroelektronik (Frankfurt/Oder)
IHPTInstitut für Physikalische Hochtechnologie e.V. (Jena)
IHSTInternational Helicopter Safety Team
IHUInnenhochdruck-Umformen (= Hydroforming)
IIASAInternational Institute of Applied System Analysis (Laxemburg bei/near Wien, AT)
IIAVInternational Institute of Acoustics and Vibration
IICImpact Insulation Class (building acoustics)
IICQIInternational Iran Conference on Quantum Information (1st: Sept. 2007)
IICWGInternational Ice Charting Working Group
IIDIndependent and Identically-Distributed (Data; Filtertheorie/filter theory)
IIDInteraural Intensity Difference (Richtungshören/directional hearing)
IIHSInsurance Institute for Highway Safety (USA)
IIISInstitute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (Tsinghua University, CN)
IIISInternational Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine (University of Tsukuba, JP)
IIJInternet Initiative Japan
IIMInstitut für Ionenstrahlphysik und Materialforschung (FZR)
IIMVInternationales Institut für Management und Verwaltung
I-INCEInternational Institute of Noise Control Engineering
IIPInternational Institute of Physics (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, Brazil)
IIRInfinite Impulse Response (Digitalfilter/digital filter)
IISIndian Institute of Sciences (Bangalore, IN)
IIS[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen (Erlangen, Dresden und Ilmenau)
IISB[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Integrierte Systeme und Bauelementetechnologie (Erlangen)
IISERIndian Institute of Science Education and Research (a group of universities)
IITIllinois Institute of Technology (USA)
IITIndian Institute of Technology (Kanpur, IN)
IITAInternational Institute of Tropical Agriculture (Nigeria)
IITB[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Informations- und Datenverarbeitung (Karlsruhe)
IITMIndian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (Pune, IN)
IJCNNInternational Joint Conference on Neural Networks
IJMInternational Journal of Mathematics
IJOSInternational Journal of Oral Science
IJSCInternational Journal of Systems Control
IJSSDInternational Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics
IKAR[Landkarten-Datenbank/map data bank] (im/in the DBI)
IKARUSInstrumente für Klimagas-Reduktionsstrategien
IKARUSInternet-Katalog betrieblicher Umweltinformationssysteme
IKBDIntelligent Keybord Chip
IKCIntegrated Knowledge Centre (UK)
IKEInternet Key Exchange (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IKETInstitut für Kern- und Energietechnik (KIT)
IKHInstitut für Kern- und Hadronenphysik (FZR)
IKITInstitut für klinische Immunologie und Transfusionsmedizin (Leipzig)
IKMInstitut für elektronische Korrelationen und Magnetismus
IKRKInternationales Komitee vom Roten Kreuz
IKRNInstitut für Klinische Radiologie und Nuklearmedizin (Mannheim)
IKSDInternationale Kommission zum Schutz der Donau
IKSEInternationale Kommission zum Schutz der Elbe
IKSOInternationale Kommission zum Schutz der Oder
IKSRInternationale Kommission zum Schutz des Rheins
IKTInformations- und Kommunikationstechnologien
IKTS[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme (oder: Sinterwerkstoffe) (Dresden)
IKVInstitut für Kunststoffverarbeitung (Aachen)
IKZInstitut für Kristallzüchtung (Berlin-Adlershof)
ILIllinois (US-Staat/US state)
ILInsertion Loss (Einfügungsdämmung)
ILIsrael (ISO 3166)
ILAIn-Line Amplifier (Glasfaserkabel/glass fiber cable)
ILAInternationale Luft[- und Raum]fahrtausstellung
ILACInternational Laboratory Accreditation Corporation
ILAFIdentical Location of Accelerometer and Force
ILCInternational Laser Center (Staatsuniversität Moskau/State University Moscow)
ILCInternational Linear Collider (Fermilab)
ILDIntelligibility Level Difference
ILDInteraural Level Difference
ILDInternational Large Detector (for the International Linear Collider)
ILEInstitute of Laser Engineering (Osaka, JP)
ILECIncumbent Local Exchange Carrier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ILEDInorganic Light-Emitting Diode
ILEKInstitut für Leichtbau Entwerfen und Konstruieren (Universität Stuttgart)
iLeNaIntelligente lernende Navigation (Kfz-Entwicklung)
ILIInstrumentation and Laboratory Improvement
ILIInternet Librarian International (Conference series)
ILIPTIntelligent Logistics for Innovative Product Technologies
ILLInstitut Laue-Langevin (Grenoble, FR)
ILMIndustrial Light & Magic (Flüssigkeitssimulation/fluid simulation system)
ILMIntegrated Laser Modulator (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
ILMIntrinsic Localized Modes (Festkörperphysik/solid state physics)
ILMIIntegrated Local Management Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ILMZIntegrated Laser Mach-Zehnder (modulator, optical telecommunication)
ILPInstitute of Lasers and Plasmas (Bordeaux, FR)
ILRInduced Loudness Reduction
ILSInstrument Landing System, Instrumentenlandesystem
ILSIntegrated Library System
ILSIntegrated Logistic Support
ILSIntracavity Laser Spectroscopy
ILSCInternational Laser Safety Conference
ILT[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Lasertechnologie (Aachen, seit/since 1985)
ILV[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Lebensmitteltechnologie und Verpackung (München, bis 31.12.97/until Dec. 31, 1997; danach/thereafter: IVV)
ILWIntermediate-Level Waste (radioaktiver Abfall/radioactive waste)
IMInformation Manager (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IMInstant Messaging (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IMInterlocking Module (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
IMAInstituto Mexicano de Acústica
IMAIntegrated Motor Assist
IMAInteractive Multimedia Association
IMAInternational Marinelife Association
IMAInverse Multiplex ATM (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IMACSInternational Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
IMAGEImager for Magnetopause to Aurora Global Exploration (NASA, Satellit/satellite)
IMAGESInternational Marine Past Global Changes Study
IMAPInternet Mail (or: Message) Access Protocol (E-Mail Server)
IMAPPInstitute for Mathematics, Astrophysics and Particle Physics (at Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL)
IMARESInstitute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies (NL)
IMATIntensity Modulated Arc Therapy
IMBInstitut für Molekulare Biotechnologie (Jena)
IMBAInstitut für Molekulare Biotechnologie (Wien, AT)
IMBPInstitut für Medizinisch-biologische Probleme/Institute for Biomedical Problems (Moskau, RU)
IMCAInternational Marine Contractors Association
IMCCISDN Management and Coordination Committee (TC im/in the ETSI)
IMCRCInnovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre
IMDIntermodulation Distortion
IMEInfinite Memory Engine (computer)
IME[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Ökologie (Schmallenberg und Münster)
IMEInstitute for Molecular Engineering (University of Chicago, USA)
IMEInstitute of Microelectronics (Singapore)
IMECInteruniversity Microelectronics Center (BE)
IMechEInstitution of Mechanical Engineers (UK)
IMEIInternational Mobile Equipment Identity (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IMEKOInternational Measurement Confederation (Budapest, HU)
IMESInjectable Myoelectric Sensors (Prothesen/prosthetics)
IMFInfinite Momentum Frame (neutron research)
IMF[DLR-] Institut für Methodik der Fernerkundung
IMG[Dateinamenerweiterung: Graphikdatei/file name extension: graphic file]
IMIInnovative Medicines Initiative (EU)
IMIInternational Materials Institutes
IMIDInternational Meeting on Information Display (conference series)
IMINTImaginary Intelligence
IMISIntegriertes Mess- und Informationssystem zur Überwachung der Umweltradioaktivität
IMK[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Medienkommunikation (St. Augustin)
IML[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik (Dortmund)
IMLInternational Microgravity Laboratory
IMMInstitut für Mikrotechnik (Mainz)
IMMInstitute of Microelectronics and Microsystems (z.B. in Neapel/e.g. in Naples, IT)
I-MMSMSS Interconnection Network
IMOInstitut für Mikrostrukturtechnologie und Optoelektronik (Wetzlar)
IMOInternational Maritime Organization
IMOInternationale Mathematik-Olympiade
IMOSInternationale Motivgruppen Olympiaden und Sport e.V. (Briefmarken-Verein)
IMPInstitut für Molekulare Pathologie (Wien, AT)
IMPIntermodulation Product
IMPInterplanetary Monitoring Platform (spacecraft program, 1977)
IMPACCTInnovative Materials and Processes for Advanced Carbon Capture Technologies
IMPACTIdentification of Novel Targets for Cancer Therapy (EU project)
IMPACTIllinois Microarchitecture Project Utilizing Advanced Computer Technology
IMPACTIn Situ Measurements of Particle and Coronal Mass Ejections Transients (Sonnenphysik/solar physics)
IMPATTImpact Avalanche Transit-Time (Diode)
IMPCIonosphere Monitoring and Prediction Center (DLR, Neustrelitz)
IMPECCInfrared Microsystems for Pollution Emission Control on Cars
IMPRESSIntermetallic Materials Processing in Relation to Earth and Space Solidification (ESA project, 2004–2009)
IMPRS(-QD)International Max Planck Research School (for Quantum Dynamics) (Heidelberg, DE)
IMPSInstitute for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (Porto Novo, Benin)
IMPTIntensity-Modulated Proton Therapy
IMRIntelligent Mobile Redirect (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IMRTIntensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (Onkologie, Röntgentechnik/oncology, X-ray technology)
IMS[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Mehl- und Süßspeisen (Castrop-Rauxel)
IMS[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Mikroelektronische Schaltungen und Systeme (Duisburg)
IMSInstitute of Materials Science (University of Connecticut, USA)
IMSInstitute for Molecular Science (Okazaki, JP)
IMSIntegrated Management Solution (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IMSIntelligent Manufacturing System
IMSInteractive Multimedia Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IMSInternational Monitoring System (CTBT)
IMSInternet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem
IMSIonen-Mikrofabrikations-Systeme (Firma/company in Wien, AT)
IMSIonenmobilitätsspektrometer, Ion-Mobility Spectrometer (analyzer)
IMSIP Multimedia Subsystem (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IMSAIllinois Mathematics and Science Academy
IMSBFInformation Management System Betriebsfestigkeit
IMSFInstitut für Multiple-Sklerose-Forschung (Göttingen)
IMSIInternational Mobile Subscriber Identification (or: Identity)
IMTInstitut für Mikrostrukturtechnik (KfK)
IMTInstitute of Microtechnology (Univ. Neuchâtel, CH)
IMTInternational Mobile Telecommunications
IMTAintegrierte multitrophe Aquakultur
IMTCInstrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (IEEE)
IMTEKInstitut für Mikrosystemtechnik (Univ. Freiburg)
IMUInertial Measurement Unit (Verkehr, Trägheitsnavigation)
IMUInternational Mathematical Union
IMUKInternationale Mathematische Unterrichtskommission (seit/since 1908; später/later on: ICMI)
IMWInstitut für Metallische Werkstoffe (am/at the IFW)
IMWS[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Mikrostruktur von Werkstoffen und Systemen (Halle)
INIndiana (US-Staat/US state)
INIndien/India (ISO 3166)
INIntelligentes Netz, Intelligent Network
INACHInstituto Antártico Chileno
INAPIntelligent Network Application Protocol (or: Part)
INASPInternational Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications
Inc.Incorporated (USA, entspricht Aktiengesellschaft)
INCAInterhemispheric Differences in Cirrus Properties from Anthropogenetic Emissions
INCEInstitute of Noise Control Engineering (USA)
INCEMICInternational Conference on Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility
INCITEInnovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (EU Project since 2003)
INCITEInstitute of Neuronal Computational Intelligence and Technology (Univ. of Stirling, Schottland/Scotland)
INCOInternational Cooperation [Cooperation with Third Countries and International Organisations] (EC)
INCREASEInternational Cooperation on Research in Environmental Protection, Process Safety and Energy Technology
INDImprovised Nuclear Device
INDInvestigational New Drug Application
INDCIntended Nationally Determined Contribution (to climate change)
INDESTIndian National Digital Library in Engineering Science and Technology
INDUSIInduktive Zugsicherung (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
IND2UCEIntegrated Distributed Data Usage Control Enforcement
INEInstitut für Nukleare Entsorgung (KIT)
INELIdaho National Engineering Laboratory
INEPInstituto Nacional de Estudos e Pesquisas Educacionais Anísio Teixeira (Brazil)
INESInformationsnetz Elbe-Sanierung
INESInnovative Navigation European System
INESInternational Nuclear Event Scale (IAEA)
INESAPInternational Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation
INETInstitute for New Economic Thinking (since 2009)
INETI[National Institute of Engineering, Technology and Innovation] (Lisbon, PT)
INEXInternational/External Security Continuum (EU, 9 partners in 8 countries: BE, ES, FR, NL, NO, PL, SE, TR)
INFIntermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
INFCEInternational Nuclear Fuel Cycle Evaluation
INFNIstituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (at several locations in Italy)
INGOIntensivierte Gewässerüberwachungsorganisation
INHAInstituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia (MX)
INI[Dateinamenerweiterung: Programm-Initialisierungsdatei/file name extension: program initialization file]
INIEInnovations in Nuclear Infrastructure and Education (DoE Program, USA)
INLInternational Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (Braga, PT)
INMInstitut National de Métrologie
INMIntegrated (or: Intermediate) Network Management (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
INMIntegrated Noise Model (FAA)
INMAPSIsolated N-Well Monolythic Active Pixel Sensor
INMARIntelligent Materials for Active Noise Reduction
InmarsatInternational Maritime Satellite Organization (gegründet/founded 1979)
InnoCaTInnovationsallianz Green Carbody Technologies
Inno.CNTInnovationsallianz CNT [Carbon Nanotubes]
InnoMedInnovative Medicine for Europe
INOIndia-Based Neutrino Observatory
INOIranian National Observatory
INOKInstitut für Nichtlineare Optik und Kurzzeitspektroskopie (Berlin)
INP[Leibniz-] Institut für Niedertemperatur-Plasmaphysik (Greifswald)
INPATIntegration des Patentwesens in die ingenieurmäßige wissenschaftliche Hochschulausbildung
INPIInstitut National de la Proprieté Industrielle (FR)
INPROInternational Project (on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles)
INQUAInternational Union for Quarternary Research
INRAInternational Research Associates
INRAPInstitut National de Recherches archéologiques préventives (Basse-Normandie, FR)
INRETSInstitut National de Recherche sur les Transports et leur Sécurité (FR)
INRIAInstitut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (FR)
INROSInnovative Rotorsteuerung (Hubschrauber/helicopter)
INRSInstitut National de la Recherche Scientifique (Varennes, PQ, CA)
INSInertiales Navigationssystem
INSInstitute for Nuclear Study (University of Tokyo, JP)
INSAInstitut National des Sciences Appliquées (Lyon, FR)
INSAMInternational Society for Agricultural Meteorology
InSARInterferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar
INSELIntegrated Simulation Environment Language
INSERMInstitut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris, FR)
InSightInterior Exploration Using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (Mars probe, proposed for 2016)
INSIGNEOInstitute for Biomedical Imaging and Modelling
INSMInitiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft
INSNAInternational Network for Social Network Analysis
INSPIREInfrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community
INSPIREInnovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (India)
INSPIREIntegrated NSF Support Promoting Interdisciplinary Research and Education
INTInformation Notification Table (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
INTIstitut für Nanotechnologie (am KIT)
INT[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Naturwissenschaftlich-Technische Trendanalysen (Euskirchen)
INTInstitute for Nuclear Theory (University of Washington, USA)
Int., Intnl.International
INTIP/MAC Notification Table (für/for DVB-H)
INTAInstituto Nacional de Técnica Aerospacial (Madrid, ES)
INTASInternational Association for the Promotion of Cooperation with Scientists from the New Independent States (Internationale Assoziation
zur Förderung der Zusammenarbeit mit Wissenschaftlern aus der früheren Sowjetunion) (Brüssel/Brussels, BE 1993)
INTEGRALInternational Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory (Satellit/satellite)
IntelsatIntercontinental Telecommunication Satellite Organization
InternoiseInternational Congress on Noise Control Engineering
InterPARESInternational Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems
INT-MANUSIntelligent Networked Manufacturing System
INTORInternational Tokamak Reactor (Fusionsreaktor/fusion reactor)
IntServIntegrated Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
INUMACImaging of Neuro Disease Using High Field Magnetic Resonance and Contrastophores
INVITEInnovationen, Visionen und Technologien; Innovation, Vision, Technology (Forschungszentrum, Leverkusen)
IOBritisches Territorium im Indischen Ozean/British Indian Ocean Territory (ISO 3166)
IOBBInput Output, Broadband (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IOCIntegrated Optical Circuits
IOCIntergovermental Oceanographic Commission (UNESCO)
IOCNETInput/Output Carrier Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IODAIntegrated Ocean Dynamics and Acoustics (ONR program)
IODPIntegrated Ocean Drilling Program
IODTInter-Operability Development Testing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IOF[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Angewandte Optik und Feinmechanik (Jena)
IOIInternational Olympics of Information
IoLTInternet of Laboratory Things
IOMIndividual Ordinary Member (EPS etc.)
IOMInstitut für Oberflächenmodifizierung (Leipzig)
IONDSIntegrated Operational Nuclear Detection System (USA)
IOPInherent Optical Properties (of water)
IOPThe Institute of Physics (UK)
IOPPInstitute of Physics Publishing (Bristol, UK)
IÖRInstitut für ökologische Raumentwicklung (Dresden)
IOSInternational Organization for Standardization
IOSB[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Optronik, Systemtechnik und Bildauswertung (Karlsruhe, Ilmenau, Ettlingen)
IOSB-INA[Fraunhofer-Anwendungszentrum] Industrial Automation
IOSNInternational Open Source Network
IoTInternet of Things
IOTInter Operability Test(ing), Interoperabilitätstest (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IOTAInfrared-Optical Telescope Array (Mt. Hopkins, AZ, USA)
IOTAInstitut d'Optique Théorique et Appliquée (FR)
IOVIn-Orbit Validation (Galileo, 2008)
IOWInstitut für Ostseeforschung Warnemünde (Univ. Rostock)
IPImage Processing
IPIntegral Photography (TV)
IPIntellectual Property
IPIntelligence Platform
IPIntentional Programming
IPInternational Protection
IPInternet Protocol (Rechnernetz/computer network)
IPA[DLR-] Institut für Physik der Atmosphäre
IPA[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung (Stuttgart und Mannheim)
IPAIntelligent Park Assist (Kfz-Einparkhilfe/vehicle)
IPAIntelligent Pilot Assistant (DLR, Flugführung/flight control)
IPAIntergovernmental Personnel Act (USA)
IPAInternational Permafrost Association
IPABInternational Publisher Advisory Board
IPACInternational Particle Accelerator Conference
IPAMInterface Analysis at Atomic Level and Properties of Advanced Materials
IPATImpact, Population, level of Affluence, Technology (Gleichung zur Beschreibung umweltschädigender
Auswirkungen menschlichen Verhaltens/equation describing human-induced environment pollution)
IPBInstitut für Pflanzenbiochemie (Halle/Saale)
IPBCInstitut de Physiologie et Biologie Cellulaires (CNRS, Université de Poitiers, FR)
IPCIntegrated Plastic (or: Polymer) Circuit (Elektronik/electronics)
IPCIntegrated Pollution Control
IPCInter-Process Communication (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IPCInternational Patent Classification
IP-CANIP Connectivity Access Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IPCCIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPCCInternational Professional Communication Conference
IPCdFInstitute of Physics of Collège de France (Paris)
IPDInstitut für Polymerforschung (Dresden)
IPDIntegrated Project Delivery
IPDInteraural Phase Difference
IPDInvestment Property Datenbank
IPDIterated Prisoner's Dilemma
IPDAIntegrated Path Differential Absorption (Lidar)
IPDCInternet Protocol Device Control
IPDPSIEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium
IPDSInstitut für Phonetik und digitale Sprachverarbeitung (Kiel)
IPEDSIntegrated Postsecondary Education Data System (USA)
iPEPICOImaging Photoelectron Photoion Coincidence (spectroscopy)
IPFIdiopathische pulmonale Fibrose
IPFIndustrial Physics Forum (AIP)
IPFInfozentrum für Prävention und Früherkennung
IPFInstitut für Polymerforschung (Dresden)
IPFInternational Polar Foundation
IPFN[Institute for Plasmas and Nuclear Fusion] (Lisbon, PT)
IPFWIndiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (USA)
IPGIndependent Publishers Guild
IPGInformation Power Grid (NASA)
IPHEInternational Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy (seit/since 2003, 17 members, including EU and USA)
IPHLAInternationale Philatelistische Literaturausstellung
iPHOInternational Physics Olympiad
IPHTInstitut für Physikalische Hochtechnologie (oder: Photonische Technologien) (Jena)
IPIDSIntellectual Property Identification Data Set (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IPIPSBInternational Patents Information Professionals Standards Board
IPKInstitut für Pflanzengenetik und Kulturpflanzenforschung (Gatersleben)
IPK[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Produktionsanlagen und Konstruktionstechnik (Berlin)
IPKInternationaler Prototyp des Kilogramms, International Prototype of the Kilogram
IPLInformation-Processing Language
IPLIntense Pulsed Light
IPLSIntroductory Physics for Life Scíences
IPLSIP-Only LAN Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IPM[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Physikalische Messtechnik (Freiburg)
IPMInstitute of Policy and Management (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing)
IPMCIonic Polymer Metal Composite (Aktor für künstliche Muskeln etc./actuator, for artificial muscles etc.)
IPMPIntellectual Property Management and Protection (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IPMS[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Photonische Mikrosysteme (Dresden)
IPMUInstitute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (University of Tokyo, JP)
IPMXInternet Protocol Media Exchange (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IPN[Leibniz-] Institut für die Pädagogik der Naturwissenschaften (und Mathematik) (Kiel)
IPNMIP Network Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IPNSIntense Pulsed Neutron Source (Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA)
IPOInitial Public Offering
IPOInstitute for Perception Research (Eindhoven, NL)
IPPInstitute of Particle Physics (University of Toronto, ON, CA)
IPPMax-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik (Garching)
IPPInternet Print Protocol
IPRIntelectual Property Rights
IPRCIntellectual Property Rights Committee (TC im/in the ETSI)
iPS, ipSinduzierte pluripotente Stammzelle
IPSIn-Plane Switching (LCD mit beiden Pixelelektroden auf einer Seite, aufgeklappter
Kondensator/LCD with both pixel electrodes on the same side, unfolded capacitor)
IPSInstructions per Second
IPSInternational Plutonium Storage
iPSCInduced Pluripotent Stem Cell
IPSCInhibitory Postsynaptic Conductance
IPSCInstitute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen
IPSDIntensified Position-Sensing Detector
IPSEIntegrated Project Support Environment
IPSecInternet Protocol Security (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IPSI[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Integrierte Publikations- und Informationssysteme (Darmstadt, aufgelöst/closed 2006)
IPSSInformation Processing Systems and Software (ESPRIT)
IPT[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Produktionstechnologie (Aachen)
IPTAInternational Pulsar Timing Array (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
IPTCInternet Protocol Transformation Center
IPTCModelldeformations- und Positionserfassung (Windkanal)
IPTSInstitute for Prospective Technological Studies (EU, Sevilla, ES)
IPTVInternet Protocol Television
IPUIntelligent Power Unit (Hybridfahrzeug/hybrid vehicle)
IPVMIntegrated Packaging Value Model
IP VPNIP Virtual Private Network(s) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IPVSInstitut für Parallele und Verteilte Systeme (Univ. Stuttgart)
IPWRIntegral Pressurized Water Reactor
IPXInternetwork Packet Exchange (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IPYInternational Polar Year (März/March 2007 – März/March 2009)
IQInstallation Qualification
IQIrak/Iraq (ISO 3166)
IQCInstitute for Quantum Computing (University of Waterloo, ON, CA)
IQEInternal Quantum Efficiency (Festkörperphysik/solid state physics)
IQECInternational Quantum Electronics Conference
IQHEInteger Quantum Hall Effect
IQMInstitute for Quantum Matter (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA)
IQOEInternational Quiet Ocean Experiment
IQOQIInstitut für Quantenoptik und Quanteninformation (Innsbruck, AT)
IQSTIntegrated Quantum Science and Technology
IQWiGInstitut für Qualität und Wirtschaftlichkeit im Gesundheitswesen
IRInformation Retrieval
IRInfrared [Radiation]
IRInstitutional Repository
IRIran (ISO 3166)
IRAMInstitute for Radio Astronomy at Millimeter Wavelengths (Pico del Veleta, ES, and Grenoble, FR)
IRASInfrared Astronomical Satellite (1983)
IRB[Fraunhofer-] Informationszentrum Raum und Bau (Stuttgart)
IRBMIntermediate-Range Ballistic Missile
IRCInternet Relay Chat (Rechnernetz/computer network)
IRCIntrinsic Reaction Coordinate (Molekülphysik/molecular physics)
IRCAMInstitut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/Musique (Paris, FR)
IRCHIon Cyclotron Resonance Heating (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology)
IRCNPCInternational Research Center for Nuclei and Particles in the Cosmos (Beihang University, Beijing, CN)
IRCSInfrared Camera and Spectrograph
IRDInstitut de Recherche pour le Développement (FR)
IRDAInfrared Data Exchange
IRDACIndustrial Research and Development Advisory Committee (EU)
IRDTInflatable Reentry and Descent Technology (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
IREInstitute of Radio Engineers (USA)
IREIrreversible Elktroporation (gegen Krebs)
IREESInstitut für Ressourceneffizienz und Energiestrategien (Karlsruhe)
IRENAInternational Renewable Energy Agency (Internationale Agentur für Erneuerbare Energien)
IRERPIzmir Region Excavations and Research Project (Univ. of Ankara, TR)
IRFPAInfrared Focal Plane Array (Mikrobolometer)
IRFUIntegrated Radio Frequency Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IRIIndustrial Research Institute (Washington, DC, USA)
IRICInstitute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (Montreal, CA)
IRIDIA[Institute for] Interdisciplinary Research and Development in Artificial Intelligence (Esprit, Brüssel/Bussels, BE)
IRISIncorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (USA)
IRISInfrared Imaging Surveyor (Satellit/satellite)
IRMImpurity Resolution Management
IRMIntelligent Resource Management
IRMInterference Reflection Microscopy
IRMIIntelligente und innovative Reise- und Maintenance-Informationsplattform
IRMMInstitute for Reference Materials and Measurements (Geel, BE)
iRNAinterferierende RNA
iRODSIntegrated Rule-Oriented Data System
IRPInternational Foundation for Research in Paraplegia (Zürich, CH)
IRPHEInstitute for Research on Nonequilibrium Phenomena (Marseille, FR)
IRPL(NBS) Interservice Radio Propagation Laboratory
IRRInternal Rate of Return (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IRRIInternational Rice Research Institute (Los Baños, Philippines)
IRSInstitut für Raumfahrtsysteme (Universität Stuttgart)
IRSInstitut für Regionalentwicklung und Strukturplanung (Berlin)
IRSInsulin Receptor Substrate
IRSInternal Reference Specification
IRSInternational Revenue Service (USA)
IRSIntrusion Response System (Firewall)
IRSIInfrared Space Interferometry
IRSIXInjury Severity Index (Insassensicherheit/passenger safety)
IRSTInfrared Search and Track (Radar)
IRSUISDN Remote Subscriber Unit (RSU mit ISDN-Möglichkeit/RSU with ISDN facility)
IRTInstitut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (FR)
IRTIntegrated Receiver-Transmitter (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IRTFInfrared Telescope Facility (Mauna Kea, Hawaii)
ISInformation Systems
ISIntegrated Services
ISIsland/Iceland (ISO 3166)
ISAIndustry-Standard Architecture
ISAInstruction Set Architecture (Computer software)
ISAIntegrated IP/SDH/ATM (or: STM/ATM) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ISAIntegrated Service Adapter (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ISAInternational Seabed Authority (UNO)
ISAInternational Search Authority (Patente/patents)
ISAInternational Society of Automation
ISAACInfrared Spectrometer and Array Camera (at the VLT of the ESO)
ISAACInternational Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood
ISACIsotope Accelerator (nuclear physics group, University of British Columbia, CA)
ISAFInternational Security and Assistance Force
ISAMInstitut für Supercomputing und Angewandte Mathematik (Heidelberg)
ISAMIntelligent Services Access Multiplexer (or: Manager) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ISANIntegrität bei der Satellitennavigation
ISARIntelligentes System zur automatischen Radioskopie
I.S.A.R.International Search and Rescue
ISARSInternational Society for Acoustic Remote Sensing
ISASInstitut für Spektrochemie und Angewandte Spektroskopie (Dortmund)
ISASInstitute of Space and Astronautical Science (Japan)
ISATInnovative Space Based Radar Antenna Technology (Satellitenprogramm/satellite program)
ISAVEInstitute of Sound and Vibration Engineering (FH Düsseldorf, DE)
ISAVIAIcelandic Civil Aviation Administration (Flugsicherungsbehörde)
ISBIntelligent Signalling Bus (Datennetz/data network)
ISBIntelligent Storage Bridge
ISBBInternational Science and Business Belt (planned in Daejeon, Korea)
ISBFInternational Sonic Boom Forum
ISBIInternational Symposium on Biomedical Imaging
ISBNInternational Standard Book Number
ISCInner Space Center (URI/GSO)
ISC[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Silicatforschung (Würzburg)
ISCInteractive Multimedia Service Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ISCInternational Softswitch Consortium
ISCInternational Supercomputing Conference
ISCAInternational Speech Communication Association
ISDIntegraton and Services Division
ISDInternational Subscriber Dialing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ISDBIntegrated Services Digital Broadcasting (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ISDB-SIntegrated Services Digital Broadcasting-Satellite (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ISDB-TIntegrated Services Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ISE[Fraunhofer-] Institut für solare Energiesysteme (Freiburg)
ISEIntegrated Switching Element (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ISEIntelligent Synthesis Environment (NASA)
ISEEInternational Sun-Earth Explorer
ISEFInternational Science and Engineering Fair (seit/since 1950)
ISENInitiative for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (Northwestern University, USA)
ISESCOIslamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
ISET[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Solare Energieversorgungstechnik (Kassel)
ISETIsolation by Size of Epithelial Tumor Cells
ISF[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Schwingungsforschung (1956, später/later on: IITB)
ISFInternational Science Foundation
ISFETIonen-sensitiver Feldeffekt-Transistor
ISFHInstitut für Solarenergieforschung, Hameln (DE)
ISFMInternational Spent Fuel Management (Brennelement-Kontrolle)
ISFRSInternational Symposium on Food Rheology and Structure
ISGInformationszentrum für Sexualität und Gesundheit (Freiburg/Br.)
ISGIntelligent Solutions Group (at ETIC)
ISGEInverse Spin Galvanic Effect
ISHInternationale Fachmesse Sanitär Heizung Klima (Frankfurt/M)
ISHEInverse Spin Hall Effect
ISIInstitut für Schicht- und Ionentechnik (Jülich)
ISI[Fraunhofer-] Institut für System- und Innovationsforschung (Karlsruhe)
ISIInstitute for Scientific Information (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
ISIIntersymbol Interference, Inter-Symbol-Interferenz
ISICInternational Student Identity Card
ISIMIntegrated Science Instrument Module (NGST)
ISINInternational Securities Identification Number
ISi-PADASIntegrated Human Modelling and Simuation to Support Human Error Risk Analysis of Partially Autonomous Driver Assistance Systems (EU research project)
ISIRInstitut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris)
ISISInstitut for Science and International Security (Washington, DC, USA)
ISISIntelligentes Satellitendaten-Informationssystem (Fernerkundung/remote sensing)
IS-ISIntermediate System–to–Intermediate System
ISIT[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Siliziumtechnologie (Itzehoe)
ISIT[IEEE] International Symposium on Information Theory
ISITAInternational Symposium on Information Theory and its Applications
ISLImperceptible Structured Light
ISLInstitut Franco-Allemand de Recherches de Saint-Louis, Deutsch-Französisches Forschungsinstitut Saint-Louis
ISLInter-Satellite Link (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ISLSWGInternational Space Life Science Working Group
ISMIn Situ Monitoring
ISMIndustrial, Scientific, Medical (433 MHz-Frequenzband/frequency band) und/and Bluetooth: 2,45 GHz-Band (lizenzfrei)/2.45 GHz band (license-free)
ISMInterstellar Medium, Interstellares Medium
ISMAInternational Conference on Noise and Vibration
ISMAInternational Symposium on Musical Acoustics
ISMTEInternational Society of Managing and Technical Editors
ISNInstitut des Sciences Nucléaires (Grenoble, FR)
ISNAInternational Symposium on Nonlinear Acoustics
ISNRImprovement in SNR (Bildverarbeitung/picture processing)
ISNSInside Science News Service (AIP Service)
ISOIndependent System Operator
ISOInfrared Space Observatory (1995–1998)
ISOInternational Standards (or: Standardization) Organization
ISOCInternet Society
ISOLIsospin Separation Online
ISOLIsotope Separator Online
ISOLDEInnerstädtischer Service mit optimierten logistischen Dienstleistungen
ISOMInternational Symposium on Optical Memory (conference series)
ISORACInfrared Spectroscopy of Ozone and Related Atmospheric Constituents
ISOSInternet-Spanning Operating System (noch hypothetisch/still hypothetical)
ISO/SRISO Search Retrieval
ISPIce Structuring Proteins
ISPIn-System Programmable (Devices)
ISPInternet Service Provider
ISPEInternational Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering
iSPIMInverted Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy
ISPRInternational Standard Payload Rack (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
ISPRAMIn Situ Processing of Aluminium Matrix Composites
ISPRSInternational Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
ISQInternational System of Quantities
ISRIncoherent Scatter Radar
ISRIncurred Sample Reanalysis
ISRInitial Submission Rate (Datennetz/data network)
ISRIntegrated Switch Router (Internet)
ISRIntelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (Satelliten/satellites)
ISRIntersecting Storage Rings (CERN)
ISRAInternational Symposium on Room Acoustics (conference series)
ISRNInternational Standard Technical Report Number
ISROIndian Space Research Organisation
ISRSEInternational Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment
ISRUIndustrial Statistics Research Unit
ISSImaging Subsystem (Cassini, Bordkamera)
ISSIntegrated Safety System
ISSInternational Space Station
ISSCC[IEEE] International Solid-State Circuits Conference
ISSEInformation Security Solutions Europe (Conference series)
ISSNInternational Standard Series Number
ISSPAInternational Symposium on Signal Processing and its Applications
ISSSInternational Society of Soil Sciences
ISST[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Software- und Systemtechnik (Dortmund)
ISSTA[IEEE] International Symposium on Spread Spectrum Techniques and Applications
ISTInformation Society Technologies
IST[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Schicht- und Oberflächentechnik
(Braunschweig und Göttingen: Anwendungszentrum für Plasma und Photonik)
ISTInternal Set Theory (Interne Mengenlehre)
IST AustriaInstitute of Science and Technology (in Maria Gugging, near Klosterneuburg, north of Vienna)
ISTCInternational Science and Technology Center (Moscow, RU)
ISTPInformation Society Technologies Programme
ISTQBInternational Software Testing Qualifications Board
ISTRInverse Sequence-Tagged Repeat (DNA Marker-Technik/marker technology)
ISTSInternational Speech Test Signal
ISTUInternational Society (or: Symposium) for Therapeutic Ultrasound
ISUIowa State University (Ames, IA, USA)
ISVIndependent Software Vendor
ISVInvertebrate Sound and Vibration (Conference series)
ISVLIraqi Virtual Science Library
ISVRInstitute of Sound and Vibration Research (University of Southampton, UK)
ISVRInstrument Science Verification Review (FIRST)
ISWIntegrierter Sachs-Wolfe–Effekt (Kosmologie)
ISWAInstitut für Siedlungswassserbau, Wassergüte- und Abfallwirtschaft (Universität Stuttgart)
ISX-BImpurity Studies Experiment B (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology, Oak Ridge, USA)
ISYInternational Space Year (1992)
ISYSInstitut für Systemdynamik (Universität Stuttgart)
ITInformation Technology, Informationstechnik
ITItalien/Italy (ISO 3166)
ITA[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Toxikologie und Aerosolforschung (Hannover, jetzt: ITEM)
ITAEIntegral Time-Weighted Absolute Error
ITAEGInformation Technology Advisory Experts Group
ITAMPInstitute for Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA)
ITAPIsotope Technology Acceleration Program
ITARInternational Traffic in Arms Regulation (export control)
ITBInternationale Tourismusbörse (Berlin)
ITCinferior-temporaler Cortex
ITCInfotonics Technology Centre (Rochester, GB)
ITCIntelligent Traction Control (Kfz/automobile)
ITCInternational Trade Commission
ITCInternational Typeface Corporation
ITCZInnertropische Konvergenzzone (Klimaforschung)
ITDInteraural Time Difference (Richtungshören/directional hearing)
ITEIn-the-Ear (hearing aid)
ITEAInformation Technology for European Advancement
I-TECInnovations- und Technologie-Eigenkapital (EU-Programm)
ITEM[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Toxikologie und Experimentelle Medizin (Hannover, früher: ITA, und Regensburg)
ITERInternational Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology,
bei/near Cadarache, FR, project partners: EU, US, CN, RU, IN, JP, KR)
ITFInfrared Telescope Facility (Mauna Kea, HI, USA)
ITFSInstructional TV Fixed Service
ITGInformationstechnische Gesellschaft (im/in the VDE)
ITGSIntelligent Traffic Guidance System (Tokio, JP)
ITIFInformation Technology and Innovation Foundation (Washington, DC, USA)
ITiSInformations-Technik in Schiffen
ITKZInnertropische Konvergenzzone (Meteorologie)
ITLRInstitut für Thermodynamik der Luft- und Raumfahrt (Universität Stuttgart)
iTMCIonic Transition Metal Complex
ITNInitial Training Network
ITOIndium Tin Oxide
ITOPFInternational Tanker Owners Pollution Federation
ITPInstitute of Theoretical Physics (e.g., EPFL)
ITRInverted Terminal Repeats (Genetik/genetics)
iTREN-2030Integrated Transport and Energy Baseline Until 2030
ITRFInternational Terrestrial Reference Frame (Geodäsie/geodesy)
ITRIIndustrial Technology Research Institute (Taiwan)
ITRIInhalation Toxicology Research Institute (Albuquerque, NM, USA)
ITRMIterative Time Reversal Mirror
ITRSInternational Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors
ITSIntelligent Transport(ation) Systems
ITSIntelligentes Tutorsystem
ITSInteroperability Tool Set (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ITSECInformation Technology Security Evaluation Criteria (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ITSPInternet Telephony Service Provider
ITSTInstitute for Terahertz Science and Technology (at University of California Santa Barbara)
ITS-90International Temperature Scale of 1990
ITU[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Toxikologie und Umwelthygiene (München)
ITUInstitute for Transuranium Elements (Karlsruhe, DE)
ITUInternational Telecommunication(s) Union (Genf, CH)
ITU-RITU Radiocommunication Sector
ITU-TSITU Telecommunication Standards
ITW[IEEE] Information Theory Workshop
ITWM[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik (Kaiserslautern)
IUIndiana University (USA)
IUAESUnion of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences
IUBIndiana University at Bloomington (USA)
IUCInternational Union for Crystallography
IUCAFInter-Union Commission on the Allocation of Frequencies for Radio and Space Sciences
IUCFIndiana University Cyclotron Facility (Bloomington, IN, USA)
IUCLIDInternational Uniform Chemical Information Database
IUCNInternational Union for the Conservation of Nature (and Natural Resources)
IUCrInternational Union of Crystallography
IUCT[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Umweltchemie und Ökotoxikologie (Schmallenberg)
IUEInternational Ultraviolet Explorer (Satellit/satellite)
IUFInstitut Universitaire de France
IUGGInternational Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
IuKInformation(s) und Kommunikation(s) (-technik-Forschung, eine Initiative der wissenschaftlichen Fachgesellschaften/an initiative of German scientific societies)
IUPACInternational Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
IUPAPInternational Union of Pure and Applied Physics
IUPUIIndiana University – Purdue University at Indianopolis
IUTInstitut Universitaire de Technologie
IUTAInstitut für Umwelttechnologie und Umweltanalytik (Duisburg)
IUTAMInternational Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
IUVSTAInternational Union for Vacuum Science, Technique, and Applications
IUW[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Umformtechnik und Werkzeugmaschinen (seit 1991, ab 1995: IWU)
IVARIncreased Volcanic Ash Resistance (for aircraft engines)
IVASInternet Value Added Services
IVCCInnovative Vector Control Consortium (Medizin/medicine)
IVDIn Vitro Diagnostics
IVFIn Vitro Fertilization
IVHInstitut für Verkehrswirtschaft (Hannover)
IVI[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Verkehrs- und Infrastruktursysteme
IVIInterchangeable Virtual Instrument (für vernetzte Messinstrumente)
IVI-CInterchangeable Virtual Instrument based on ANSI C
IVI-COMInterchangeable Virtual Instrument for Compatibility with Component Object Model Technology
IVKIntelligente Verteilerkästen
IVMIndustrie-Verband Motorrad e.V.
IVoDInteraktives Video on Demand
IVPNInternational Virtual Private Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IVRInteractive (or: Integrated) Voice Response
IVSInfrared Vision System
IVSIn-Vehicle System (KfZ-Technik)
IVSEInformation and Voice Services Environment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IVTIPIn Vitro Testing Industrial Platform
IVUSIntravascular Ultrasound (Chirurgie/surgery)
IVV[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung (München-Freising, ab 1.1.98/since Jan. 1, 1998, vorher/formerly: ILV)
IWInstitut der Wirtschaft (Köln)
IWAInternational Workshop Agreement
IWAENCInternational Workshop on Acoustic Echo and Noise Control
IWARDIntelligent Robot Swarm for Attendence, Recognition, Cleaning and Delivery (Krankenhausroboter/hospital robots, EU project)
iWARPInternet Wide Area RDMA Protocol
IWASInternationale Wasserforschungsallianz Sachsen
IWCInternational Whaling Commission
IWES[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Windenergie und Energiesystemtechnik (Bremerhaven und Kassel, 2009)
IWFInstitut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Fabrikbetrieb (TU Berlin, 1904)
IWFInstitut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Fertigungstechnik (TU Braunschweig)
IWFInstitut für Wild- und Zootierforschung (Berlin)
IWFInstitut für den Wissenschaftlichen Film (Göttingen)
IWFInternationaler Währungsfonds
IWFInterworking Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IWGSCInternational Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium
IWHInstitut für Wirtschaftsforschung Halle
IWKS[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Werkstoffkreisläufe und Ressourcenstrategie (Alzenau und Hanau)
IWM[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Werkstoffmechanik (Freiburg und Halle)
IWMIInternational Water Management Institute (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
IWRInterdisziplinäres Zentrum für Wissenschaftliches Rechnen (Universität Heidelberg)
IWRBInternational Waterfowl Research Bureau
IWRMIntegriertes Wasserressourcen-Management (z.B. Indonesien und Mongolei)
IWRNInternational Workshop on Railway Noise (conference series)
IWS[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Werkstoff- und Strahltechnik (Dresden)
IWSInstitut für Werkstoffphysik und Strukturforschung
IWTZInternationales Wissenschafts- und Technik-Zentrum (Moskau/Moscow, RU)
IWU[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Umformtechnik (Augsburg)
IWUInter Working Unit
IWYPInternational Wheat Yield Partnership
IWZInformationszentrum Wärmepumpen und Kältetechnik
IXCInter-Exchange Carrier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
IXOInternational X-Ray Observatory
IYAInternational Year of Astronomy (2009)
IYPTInternational Young Physicists Tournament
IZBInformationszentrum Benchmarking (am/at the IPK)
izbsInstitut für Zuverlässigkeit von Bauteilen und Systemen (am KIT)
IZEInformationszentrale der Elektrizitätswirtschaft
IZFInstituut voor Zintuigfysiologie (TNO, Soesterberg, NL) (Zintuig: Sinnes...)
IZFP[Fraunhofer-] Institut für zerstörungsfreie Prüfverfahren (Saarbrücken)
IZI[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Zelltherapie und Immunologie (Leipzig und Halle)
IZKKInternationales Zentrum für Kulturgüterschutz und Konservierungsforschung (Kloster Brombach)
IZM[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Zuverlässigkeit und Mikrointegration (Berlin und Moritzburg)
IZTInnovationszentrum für Telekommunikationstechnik (Erlangen)
IZTInstitut für Zukunftsstudien und Technologiebewertung (Berlin)
I2CAMInternational Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter
I2CInter-Integrated Circuit (serieller Datenbus)
I2WEBInclusive Future-Internet Web Services (EU project)
I4OPInitiative for Open Citiations


JACCJoint Automatic Control Conference
JACSJournal of the American Chemical Society
JAERIJapan Atomic Energy Research Institute
JAINJAVA for IN (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
JAISTJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Ishikawa, JP)
JAMAJournal of the American Medical Association
JAMSTECJapan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
JANJoint Army-Navy
JAPJournal of Applied Physics
JARAJülich-Aachen Research Alliance
JASAJournal of the Acoustical Society of America
JavaMEJava Micro Edition (Programmiersprache/programming language)
JAXAJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency
JBMAJodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics (University of Manchester, UK)
JBODJust a Bunch of Disks (Computer-Datenspeicher)
JCAHOJoint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (USA)
JCAPJoint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (Caltech)
JCBJournal of Crustacean Biology
JCESRJoint Center for Energy Storage Research (Argonne National Laboratory)
JCETJoint Center for Earth Systems Technology (at UMBC)
JCGMJoint Committee for Guides in Metrology
JCIHJoint Committee on Infant Hearing
JCMTJames Clark Maxwell Telescope (Hawaii)
JCPJournal of Chemical Physics
JCPOAJoint Comprehensive Plan of Action
JCRJournal Citation Report
JCTJoint Central Team (ITER)
JCTJournal Citation Report
JCTJunction (US Mail)
JCTEAJapan Cable Television Engineering Association Group
JDJoint Demodulation (DARP, Telekommunikation)
JDBCJAVA Database Connectivity (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
JDEMJoint Dark Energy Mission (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
JEDIJoint Effort for Data Assimilation Integration
JDKJAVA Development Kit
JDMKJAVA Dynamic Management Kit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
JECCJoint ETSI/ECMA Committee (TC im/in the ETSI)
JEDECJoint Electronic Device Engineering Council
JEIDAJapan Electronic Industry Development Association
JEITAJapan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
JEMJapanese Experiment Module (UV telescope)
JEMJust-Enough Metrology
JEOJupiter Europa Orbiter
JEOSJournal of the European Optical Society
JEPJoint European Project
JESJAVA Embedded Server
JESSIJoint European Submicron Silicon
JETJoint European Torus (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology, Culham, Oxford, GB)
JETECJoint Electron Tube Engineering Council
JETROJapanese External Trade Organization
JFASTJapan Trench Fast Drilling Project
JFIJames Franck Institute (University of Chicago, IL, USA)
JFT-2MJapan Atomic Energy Research Institute (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology, Tokai, JP)
JGHFJohann-Gottfried-Herder-Forschungsrat (Marburg)
JGIJoint Genome Institute (USA)
JGOFSJoint Global Ocean Flux Study (or: Survey)
JGUJohannes Gutenberg-Universität (Mainz)
JHHJohns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, MD, USA)
JHPJapan Hadron Project (Protonenbeschleuniger/proton accelerator)
JHPSSLJoint High-Power Solid-State Laser
JHUJohns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD, USA)
JHUAPLJohns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (Baltimore, MD, USA)
JICJoint Intelligence Sub-Committee (UK)
JICSTJapan Information Center of Science and Technology (Datenbank/data bank)
JIDMJoint Interdomain Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
JIF[Dateinamenerweiterung: Graphikdatei/file name extension: graphic file]
JIFJoint Infrastructure Fund (UK)
JIFJournal Impact Factor
JILAJoint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics (Boulder, CO, USA)
JINAJoint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics (Michigan State University, USA)
JINRJoint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, RU)
JISJapanese Industrial Standard
JISCJoint Information Systems Committee (UK)
JKUJohannes-Kepler-Universität (Linz, AT)
JLABJefferson Laboratory (FIU, Miami, FL, USA)
JLCJapanese Linear Collider
JMJamaika/Jamaica (ISO 3166)
JMAJapan Meteorological Agency
JMSJava Message Service
JMUJames Madison University
JMXJAVA Management Extensions
JNPSJournal of Nepal Paediatric Society
JNRJournal of Negative Results
JNXJapan Network Exchange
JOJordanien/Jordan (ISO 3166)
JoidesJoint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling (Zusammenschluss von Meeresforschungsinstituten/cooperation of marine research institutes)
JOINJena Optical Innovations
JOSAJournal of the Optical Society of America
JoVEJournal of Visual Experimentation
JPJapan (ISO 3166)
J-PARCJapan Proton Accelerator Research Center
JPEGJoint Photographic (or: Pictures) Expert Group (Bildcodierung/picture coding)
JPG→ JPEG [Dateinamenerweiterung: Graphikdatei/file name extension: graphic file]
JPIJoint Probability Image
JPLJet Propulsion Laboratory (Pasadena, CA, USA)
JPOJapan Patent Office
JPOJoint Program Office (USA)
JPPCJoint Probability Projection Centroid
JPPSJournal Publishing Practices and Standards
JPPVJoint Probability Projection Vector
JPSPhysical Society of Japan
JPSSJoint Polar Satellite System (for weather forecast)
JQIJoint Quantum Institute (NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, USA)
JRCJoint Research Centre (EU)
JRDCJapanese Research and Development Corporation
JRMLJ.R. Macdonald Laboratory (Kansas State University, USA, Department of Physics)
JROJicamarca Radio Observatory (Peru)
JRSJapanese Rocket Society
JRSEJournal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy
JSAJapanese Space Agency
JSAPThe Japanese Society of Applied Physics
JSASSJapan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences
JSCJohnson Space Center (USA)
JSCJülich Supercomputing Centre (DE)
JSEICJiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission (China)
JSFJefferson Science Fellows
JSHGJapan Society of Human Genetics
JSLJapanese Sign Language
JSMEJapan Society of Mechanical Engineers
JSNSJapan Spallation Neutron Source
JSOEJacobs School of Engineering (UCSD)
JSONJavaScript Object Notation
JSPJAVA Server Pages
JSPMIJapan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry
JSPSJapan Society for the Promotion of Science
JSRJava Content Repository (Informationsverarbeitung/information processing)
JSSJava Script Style
JSSDJoint School of Sustainable Development (in Xi'an, China)
JSTJapan Science and Technology Corporation (or: Agency)
JSTORJournal Storage (Online-Archiv/online archive)
JSUJackson State University (Jackson, MO, USA)
JSUPJapan Space Utilization Promotion Center
JTCEBU/ETSI Joint Technical Committee (TC im/in the ETSI)
JTECJapanese Technology Evaluation Center
JTIJoint Technology Initiative (EU)
J-TUPPJoint Task Force on Undergraduate Physics Program
JT-60Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology, Naka, Japan)
JUBEJülich Benchmark Environment
JUICEJupiter Icy Moons Explorer (ESA, planned for 2022)
JULIEJena University Language & Information Lab (Literaturrecherche/literature retrieval)
JuRoPaJülich Research on Petaflop Architecture (supercomputer)
JVJoint Venture
JVJosephson Voltage
JVCJapanese Victor Company
JVMJava Virtual Machine
JWSTJames Webb Space Telescope (Nachfolger des Hubble Space Teleskops für Infrarot,
geplant für Okt. 2018/successor of the Hubble Space Telescope for infrared, planned for Oct. 2018)
J2EEJava 2 Enterprise Edition
J2SEJava 2 Standard Edition


(Video) TOP 10 Abkürzungen | Endlich deutsche Abkürzungen verstehen! | Deutsch lernen | B1, B2, C1 | Lesen

k...Kilo... (Präfix/prefix): 103
KAGRAKamioke Gravitational Wave Detector (JP, planned to start in 2018)
KAIKoordinierungs- und Aufbauinitiative e.V. [für die Forschung in Berlin und den neuen Bundesländern]
KAI-AdWKoordinierungs- und Abwicklungsstelle für die Akademie der Wissenschaften
KAISTKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Daejeon, KR)
KALLAKarlsruhe Liquid Metal Laboratory
KamLANDKamioka Liquid (Scintillator) Antineutrino Detector (Japan)
KAM-TheorieKolmogorov-Arnold-Moser–Theorie (nichtlineares Schwingungssystem/nonlinear oscillator),
[Andrej Nikolajewitsch] Kolmogorov – [Wladimir] Arnold – [Jürgen] Moser
KAOKuiper Airborne Observatory (astrophysics)
KARIKorea Aerospace Research Institute
KASCADEKarlsruhe Shower Core and Array Detector (für kosmische Strahlung, seit 1996/for cosmic rays, since 1996)
KASIKorea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
KASSAKnowledges Assessment and Sharing on Sustainable Agriculture (28 partners in 17 countries)
KASTELKompetenzzentrum für Angewandte IT-Sicherheits-Technologien (am KIT)
KATKaroo Array Telescope (South Africa)
KATKomitee für Astroteilchenphysik
KATHYKey Authentication
KATRINKarlsruhe Tritium Neutrino Experiment
KAUSTKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia, since September 2009)
KAVAKommission für Allgemeine und Vergleichende Archäologie (Bonn)
KBKnowledge Base
KB-CADKnowledge-Based Computer-Assisted Detection (Krebsdiagnose/cancer diagnostics)
KBOKuiper Belt Object (Astronomie/astronomy)
kbpskilobit/Sekunde (= 1024 Bits/sec)
KCAPKorean Centre for Artificial Photosynthesis
KCETAKIT-Zentrum für Elementarteilchen- und Astroteilchenphysik, KIT Centre for Elementary Particles and Astroparticle Physics
KCIKorean Citation Index
KDAKuratorium Deutsche Altershilfe (Köln)
KDCKey-Distribution Center
KDEK Desktop Environment
KdFKraft durch Freude (NS-Organisation)
KDIKeybord and Display
KDMKonsortium Deutsche Meeresforschung
KDTKammer der Technik (Ostdeutsche Ingenieure)
KDTL[Pjotr] Kapiza, [Paul] Dirac, [William Henry Fox] Talbot, [Ernst] Lau (Quanteninterferometer/quantum interferometer)
KDUSTKunlun Dark Universe Survey Telescope (CN, planned for 2015)
KdVKorteweg–de Vries (Gleichung, nichtlineare Dynamik)
KEKenia/Kenya (ISO 3166)
KEKentucky (US-Staat/US state)
KEKnowledge Exchange
KEGKommission der Europäischen Gemeinschaften
KEGGKyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
KEK[National Laboratory for High-Energy Physics] (Tsukuba, JP)
KEMARKnowles Electronics Manikin for Acoustic Research
KEOPSKerguelen Ocean and Plateau Compared Study
KEOPSKrystal European in-Orbit Positioning System
KEPKurier-, Express- und Paket(dienste)
KERSKinetic Energy Recovery System
KETKomitee für Elementarteilchenphysik
KFKalman Filter
KFAForschungszentrum Jülich (DE)
KFASKuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences
KFCKonferenz der Fachbereiche Chemie
KfKKernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe (DE)
KFNKomitee für die Forschung mit Neutronen
KFNKriminologisches Forschungsinstitut Niedersachsen
KFORKosovo Force (since June 12, 1999)
KFPKonferenz der Fachbereiche Physik der Deutschen Hochschulen
KfWKreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau
KGKirgisien/Kyrgyz Republic (ISO 3166)
KGDKonferenz für Geschichtsdidaktik
kgVkleinstes gemeinsames Vielfaches
KHKambodscha/Cambodia (ISO 3166)
KHCKinesin Heavy Chain (Biophysik/biophysics)
KHKKoronare Herzkrankheit
KHMKunsthochschule für Medien (Köln)
KIKiribati (früher Gilbertinseln/former Gilbert Islands) (ISO 3166)
KIkünstliche Intelligenz
KIAAKavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics
KIASKorea Institute for Advanced Study (Seoul, KR)
KIATKorea Institute for Advancement of Technology
KICKnowledge and Innovation Communities (EU)
KICPKavli Institute for Cosmological Physics (University of Chicago, IL, USA)
KIDKrebs-Informationsdienst (DKFZ, Heidelberg)
KIEKintetsu International Express (Übersee-Büros von KNT/oversea bureaus of KNT)
KIFKnowledge Interchange Format
KIPACKavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (Stanford University, USA)
KIPOKorean Intellectual Property Office
KISKiepenheuer-Institut für Sonnenphysik (Freiburg)
KISKnowbot Information Service (Rechnernetz/computer network)
KISS``keep it simple, stupid''
KISTKorean Institute for Science and Technology
KITKarlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (DE)
KITESKids Interested in Technology, Engineering, and Science
KITPKavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)
KITPCKavli Institute for Theoretical Physics China (Beijing, CN)
KKKKryo-Kanal Köln (DLR, Köln, Porz-Wahnheide)
KLKarhunen-Loève (Transformation)
KLKullback-Leibler (Informationskriterium/information criterion)
KLkünstliches Leben
KLCKinesin Light Chain (Biophysik/biophysics)
KLHKeyhole-Limpet-Hämocyanin (Protein)
KLSKommission für Lehre und Studium
KMKnowledge Management
KMKomoren/Comoros (ISO 3166)
KMBKey Management Block (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
KMIKnowledge Media Institute (UK, Fernuniversität/open university)
KMIKörpermasse-Index (= BMI = M/L2, M: Körpermasse/body mass, L: Körperlänge/body height) (Optimum: 20 ... 25 kg/m2)
KMKStändige Konferenz der Kultusminister der Länder in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
KMLKeyhole Markup Language
KMUkleine und mittlere Unternehmen (bis 1000 Beschäftigte/up to 1000 employees) [= SME]
KNSt. Kitts und/and Nevis (ISO 3166)
KNIMEKonstanz Information Miner
KNLKnights Landing (Intel)
KNNkünstliches neuronales Netz(werk)
KNPCKuwait National Petroleum Oil Company
KNTKinki Nippon Tourist (Japanisches Tourismus-Unternehmen/Japan tourist business)
KNUSTKwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Kumasi, Ghana)
KOBOTKooperierender Roboter
KOIKepler Object of Interest (Planetenforschung/planet research)
KoLiWInKonzeptstudien für neuartige Lithium-Ionen-Zellen auf der Basis von Werkstoffinnovationen (FhG, seit Sept. 2009)
KONTASKonzentrator-Teststand Almería Spanien
KORAKoordinierte Forschungsprojekte zur Erhaltung und zum Management der Raubtiere in der Schweiz
KOREKoinzidenzrefraktometer (Ophthalmologie/ophthalmology)
KoRIAKorea Rare-Isotope Accelerator
KOSEFKorea Science Engineering Foundation
KOSIMOKonfliktsimulationsmodell (Institut für Politische Wissenschaft, Heidelberg)
KOWIKoordinierungsstelle (EG) der Wissenschaftsorganisationen (der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn) (EU)
KPVolksrepublik Korea/People's Republic of Korea (ISO 3166)
KPCAKernel Principal Component Analysis
KPFMKelvin Probe Force Microscopy
KPGLBKöniglich Preußische Geologische Landesanstalt und Bergakademie
KPIKey Performance Indicator (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
KPNOKitt Peak National Observatory (USA)
KPZ[M.] Kardar – [G.] Parisi – [Y.-C.] Zhang (sedimentation process)
KQMLKnowledge, Query and Manipulation Language
KRRepublik Korea/Republic of Korea (ISO 3166)
KREEPKalium, Rare Earth Elements and Phosphor (in Mondgesteinen)
KSKansas (US-Staat/US state)
KSCKennedy Space Center (Florida, USA)
KSEKonventionelle Streitkräfte in Europa (Vertrag über ...)
KSIEKarlsruhe School of Informatics Engineering
KSS[Pavel] Kovtun, [Dam] Son and [Andrej] Starinets (cosmology theory)
KSTARKorean Superconductivity Tokamak Advanced Research (Fusionsreaktorprojekt/fusion reactor project, Daejon, KR)
KSUKansas State University (USA)
KSZEKonferenz über Sicherheit und Zusammenarbeit in Europa
KTBKontinentales Tiefbohrprogramm der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (= ICDP)
KTGKerntechnische Gesellschaft
KTHKungliga Tekniska Högskolan (Königliche Technische Hochschule/Royal Technical Highschool, Stockholm, SE)
KTNKnowledge Transfer Network (UK)
KTPKnowledge Transfer Partnership (scientific publishing)
KTPKontinentales Tiefbohrprogramm
KUUniversity of Kansas (USA)
KVMKernel-Based Virtual Machine (computer)
KVNKassenärztliche Vereinigung Niedersachsen (in Hannover)
kwkünftig wegfallend (Stellenpläne)
KWKuwait (ISO 3166)
KWGKaiser-Wilhelm-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften
KWICKeyword in Context Index (,,permutierter Index''/permutated index)
KWKKlima-Wind-Kanal (Wien)
KWSKenya Wildlife Service
KWUKeypad Wake-Up (Datenverarbeitung/data processing)
KWUKraftwerk Union
KYKaiman-Inseln/Cayman Islands (ISO 3166)
KZKasachstan/Kazakhstan (ISO 3166)


LALaos/Lao People's Democratic Republic (ISO 3166)
LALocal Authority
LALousiana (US-Staat/US state)
LAAMPLightsources for Africa, the Americas and Middle East Project
LAAPDLarge-Area Avalanche Photodiode
LAASLaboratoire d'Analyse et l'Architecture des Systèmes
LAASPLaboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA)
LACLocation Area Code (Mobilfunk/mobile radio)
LACLousiana Accelerator Center (University of Lousiana at Lafayette, USA)
LACLow Authority Control (Regelungstechnik/control theory)
LACALibraries and Archives Copyright Alliance
LACAMELatin American Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect
LACELignocellulosic Conversion to Ethanol (Biokraftstoff-Technik/bio fuel technology)
LACONALasers in the Conservation of Artworks (Tagungsserie/Conference series)
LACPLink Aggregation Control Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LADARLaser Detection and Ranging (Laser-Radar)
LADCLittoral Acoustic Demonstration Center (marine bioacoustics)
LAEQA-Weighted Equivalent Sound Level
LAGUNALarge Apparatus for Grand Unification and Neutrino Astrophysics (Neutrino-Detektor/neutrino detector)
LAILänder-Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Immissionsschutz
LA-ICPLaser Ablation – Inductively Coupled Plasma (Massenspektrometrie/mass spectrometry)
LAKLymphokine Activated Killer (Zellen/cells)
LAMLocal Area Multicomputer
LAMALande- und Mobiltätstestanlage, Landing and Mobility Test Facility (DLR, Bremen)
LAMALarge-Aperture Mirror Array (von/of LZTs)
LamAiRLaminar Aircraft Research (DLR project)
ΛCDMLambda-Cold-Dark-Matter (Modell, Kosmologie/model, cosmology)
LAMOSTLarge Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (near Beijing, CN)
LAMPLibrary Analytics and Metrics Project
LAMPFLos Alamos Meson Physics Facility (now: LANSCE)
LAMSLaboratoire d'Archéologie Moléculaire et Structurale (Université Paris 06)
LAMSLoad Alleviation and Mode Stabilization (Flugzeug/aircraft)
LAMUSLanguage Archive Management and Upload System
LANLocal Area Network (Rechnernetz/computer network)
LANCELos Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANL)
LANELocal Area Network Emulation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LANLLos Alamos National Laboratory (NM, USA)
LANSLos Alamos National Security
LANSCELos Alamos Neutron Scattering Center (LANL)
LAOLanthanaluminat, LaAlO3
LAOGLaboratoire d'Astrophysique de Grenoble (FR)
LAPLAN Access Point
LAPCATLong Term Advanced Propulsion Concepts and Technologies (Überschall-Passagierflugzeug/supersonic passenger aircraft)
LaRCLangley Research Center (NASA)
LARCLivermore Automatic Research Computer (1955)
LARSLigament Replacement and Augmentation System (Implantat/implant)
LASLaser Absorption Spectroscopy
LASLateral Active Suspension
LASLaunch Abort System (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
LASCOLarge Angle Spectroscopic (or: Spectrometric) Coronograph (an Bord von/aboard SOHO)
LASELasers and Applications in Science and Engineering
LASEKLaser Epithelial Keratomileusis (Augenchirurgie/eye surgery)
LaserLight Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LASIKLaser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis (Augenchirurgie/eye surgery)
LASRLaboratory for Autonomous System Research (Washington, DC, USA)
LASSILaser Airspeed Sensor Instrument
LASSOLangfristige Anwendungen seilgefesselter Systeme im Orbit
LASSPLaboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics (Cornell University, USA)
LATLarge Area Telescope (on board of NASA satellite Fermi)
LATAMLatin America
LATILinee Aeree Transcontinentali Italiane S.A. (Rom–Südamerika, 1939–1941)
LAVLymphadenopathie-assoziiertes Virus
LAVALaunch Ascent and Vehicle Aerodynamics
LAWLow Activity Waste (radioactive waste)
LAWSLethal Autonomous Weapon System (Flugroboter)
LAYFLärmemission und Aerodynamik von Fahrzeugen
LBLibanon/Lebanon (ISO 3166)
LBALow-Band Antenna (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
LBALuftfahrtbundesamt (DE)
LBATLate Babylonian Astronomical Texts
LBCLarge Binocular Camera (beim/at the LBT)
LBD[Dateinamenerweiterung: Microsoft Access-Lockdatei/file name extension: Microsoft access lock file]
LBEGLandesamt für Bergbau, Energie und Geologie (Hannover)
LBFLaboratorium für Betriebsfestigkeit (später: Fraunhofer-Institut für Betriebsfestigkeit, seit 2004: und Systemzuverlässigkeit) (Darmstadt)
LBFLondon Book Fair
LBGLautsprachbegleitende Gebärden
LBILudwig Boltzmann-Institut [für Lungengefäßforschung] (Graz, AT)
LBKlichtbogenbeheizter Kanal (DLR, Köln)
LBLLawrence Berkeley Laboratory (CA, USA)
LBNELong-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (planned, Fermilab)
LBNFLong Baseline Neutrino Facility
LBNLLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley, CA, USA)
LBNPLower Body Negative Pressure (Fitness)
LBOLithium(tri)borat (nichtlinearer Kristall/nonlinear crystal)
LBSLocation-Based Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LBSFLocal Back Surface Field (Solarzellen/solar cells)
LBTLarge Binocular Telescope (Steward Observatory, Mount Graham, AZ, USA)
LBTListen before Talk (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LBVLandesbund für Vogelschutz (Bayern)
LCLink Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LCLiquid Chromatography
LCSt. Lucia (ISO 3166)
LCALibrary Copyright Alliance
LCALife Cycle Assessment (Fahrzeugentwicklung/vehicle development)
LCALiquid Crystal Array
L-CampLinearized Channel Amplifier (Satelliten/satellites)
LCASLink Capacity Adjustment Scheme (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LC-ATCLow Complexity Adaptive Transform Codec (Musikkompression/music compression)
LCCLinked Content Coalition (scientific publishing)
LCDLiquid Crystal Display
LCELiquid-Crystal Elastomer
LCGLarge Hadron Collider Computing Grid (CERN)
LCGTLarge-Scale Cryogenic Gravitational-Wave Telescope (JP)
LCHLightness-Chroma-Hue (Bildverarbeitung/picture processing)
LCLSLINAC Coherent Light Source (at SLAC)
LC/MSLiquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry
LCNLondon Centre for Nanotechnology (at UCL)
LCNPLawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy (USA)
LCOLas Campanas Observatory (Chile)
LCOLas Cumbres Observatory (telescope network)
LCOSLiquid Crystal on Silicon (Chip)
LCPLiquid Crystal Polymer
LC-PCFLiquid Crystal Photonic Crystal Fibre
LCRLow Chip Rate (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LCROSSLunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite
LCSLagrangian Coherent Structure
LCSLevenorgestrel Contraceptive System
LCSLine Connection Subsystem (Datennetz/data network)
LCSLocation Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LCSILow-Coherence Speckle Interferometry
LCTLarge Coil Task (Karlsruhe, DE)
LCTLaser Communication Terminal, Laser-Kommunikationsterminal
LCTCLow Cost Tooling for Composites
LCULocal Communications Unit
LCVDLaser Chemical Vapor Deposition
LCXLeaky Coaxial Cable
LDLaser Diode, Laserdiode
LDletale Dosis
LDALaser Doppler Anemometer, Laser Doppler Anemometry
LDALinear Discriminant Analysis (Signalanalyse/signal analysis)
LDALow-Density Amorphous (ice)
LDACSL-Band Digital Aeronautical Communication System
LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LDCLeast Developed Countries
LDCLow Duty Cycle (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LDFLocal Density Functional
LDGMLow-Density Generator Matrix
LDLLow-Density Lipoprotein ("schlechtes" Cholesterin/"bad" cholesterol)
LDLLow-Density Liquid
LDMLaboratory Detector Module (gamma-ray spectrometer)
LDMLaser Diode Module
LDMOSLateral Diffused Metal Oxide Silicon (Halbleiter/semiconductor)
LDPLabel Distribution Path (or: Protocol) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LDPCLow Density Parity Check
LDPELow Density Polyethylene
LDRLarge Disployable Reflector (Satelliten/satellites)
LDRDLaboratory-Directed Research and Development
LDRSLateral-Directed Reflection Sequence (room acoustics)
LDSLower-Data-Strobe (Atari)
LDVLaser Doppler Velocimetry (or: Vibrometer, or: Vibrometry)
LDXLevitated Dipole Experiment (fusion reactor)
LELarge Enterprise
LEAFLarge Effective Area Fibre (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
LEAPLarge European Array for Pulsars (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
LEAPLasers and Electro-Optics Application Program (CLEO/LEAP)
LEAPLearning Early About Peanut Allergy
LEAPLightweight Extensible Agent Platform (Agenten-Plattform für Mobiltelefone/for mobile phones)
LEAPLightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol
LEARLow Energy Antiproton Ring (CERN)
LEBULarge Eddy Break-up Device
LECLaboratory Expertise Center (USA)
LECLight-Emitting Electrochemical Cell
LECLiquid Encapsulated Czochralski (Kristallzuchtverfahren/crystal growing method)
LECLocal Exchange Carrier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LeCHELactase Persistence in the Early Cultural History of Europe (research project 2009&ndash)2013)
LECISLaboratory Equipment Control Interface Specification
LECMLocal Enforced Copy Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LeCosPALeung Center for Cosmology and Particle Atsrophysics (National Taiwan University)
LEDLight-Emitting Diode
LEDELive-End-Dead-End (room acoustics)
LEEDLeadership in Environmental and Energy Design (USA)
LEEDLow Energy Electron Diffraction
LEEMLow Energy Electron Microscopy
LEENLernende Energieffizienz-Netzwerke
LEGILocal Excitation, Global Inhibition
LEHGSLocal Electrical Hydraulic Generation System (Flugzeuglandung und -steuerung/for aircraft landing and steering systems)
LEILaser Enhanced Iionization
LEILocal Employment Initiatives for Women (EU)
LEMLaboratory Executive Manager
LEMLocal Element Manager (Communication)
LEMSLong End Multiple System (militärisches Aufklärungssystem/military surveillance, USA)
LENLaboratoire Energie Nuisances (part of INRETS)
LENALaboratory for Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics (Triangle University, Durham, NC, USA)
LENALow Energy Neutrino Astronomy (European project)
LENPLow Energy Nuclear Physics
LENS[Laserforschungslaboratorium, Florenz, IT]
LENSLow Energy Neutron Source (Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA)
LEOLow Earth Orbit (Satellit/satellite)
LEOLunarer Erkundungsorbiter (deutsches Mondprojekt)
LEOPLaunch and Early Orbit (or: Operation) Phase (Satelliten/satellites)
LEOSLasers and Electro-Optics Society (IEEE)
LEPLarge Electron-Positron Collider (CERN, till 2000)
LEPLife Extension Program (USA, für Waffen/for weapons)
LEPLight-Emitting Polymer
LERLabel Edge Router (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LESLab[oratory] Execution System
LESLarge Eddy Simulation (Wettervorhersage, Verbrennungsvorgänge etc./weather forecast, internal combustion etc.)
LESLivraison Electronique Sécurisée
LESTLarge Earth-Based Solar Telescope
LETLaser Ethernet Transceiver
LETLinear Energy Transfer
LETI[Forschungslaboratorium der CEA in Grenoble, FR]
LEULow-Enriched Uranium (niedrig angereichertes Uran)
LEVLeading Edge Vortex
LEVLight Electric Vehicle (Zweirad mit Elektromotor)
LEVoGsLeading-Edge Vortex Generators
LFLow Frequency (30 – 300 kHz)
LFALow Frequency Active (military sonar)
LFALupus Foundation of America
LFASLow Frequency Active Sonar
LFCLaminar Flow Control
LFCLaser Fired Contact (Solarzellenproduktion/solar cell production)
LFELow-Frequency Effects (UHDTV)
LFFLow-Frequency Fluctuations
LFMLateral Force Microscopy
LFMLinear Frequency-Swept Modulation
LFPLocal Flat Panel
LFSRLinear Feedback Shift Register
LFTLangfaserverstärkte Thermoplaste
LGLaguerre-Gaussian (Spiral-Lasermode/helical laser mode)
LGIT[Laboratory of Internal Geophysics and Tectonophysics] (Grenoble, FR)
LGPLLesser General Public License
LGPTLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (minority)
LGRCLung Genomics Research Consortium
LHLeft Hand
LHLong Haul (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LHLuteinisierendes Hormon
LHAASOLarge High Altitude Air Shower Observatory (cosmic ray observatory, Shangrila, Yunnan Provinces, southwest China)
LHASALogic and Heuristics Applied to Synthetic Analysis
LHbLaterale Habenula (im Gehirn)
LHCLarge Hadron Collider (CERN, Konstruktion seit/construction since 2004, fertig/ready 2008)
LHCbLHC Beauty
LHCCLHC Committee
LHCPLeft-Handed Circularly Polarized
LHCSRLight-Harvesting Complex Stress-Related (a protein)
LHDLarge Helical Device (NIFS)
LHDLeft Hemisphere Damage (Gehirn/brain)
LHFLocal Hidden Variable (Quantentheorie/quantum theory)
LHTLufthansa Technik
LILiechtenstein (ISO 3166)
LIALaser Institute of America (Toledo, OH, USA)
LIALittle Ice Age
LIAALean Intelligent Assembly Automation (EU project)
LIBLithium-Ion Battery, Lithium-Ionen Batterie
LIBORLondon Interbank Offered Rate (Bankgeschäfte)
LIBSLaser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
LIBWELaser-Induced Backside Wet Etching
LICLocal Interstellar Cloud
LIDLocal Injection and Detection (Communication)
LIDARLight (or: Laser-Induced) Detection and Ranging
LIFLaser Induced Fluorescence
LIFLocation Interoperability Forum (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LIFELaser Inertial Fusion Engine (or: Energy) (research program at LLNL)
LIF-ENSTA-X[Laserforschungslaboratorium, Palaiseau, FR]
LIFTLaboratory Information for Tomorrow
LIFTLaser Induced Forward Transfer (of cells)
LIFTLeadership in Fibre Laser Technologies (Fraunhofer project)
LIFTSYSLaser Induced Forward Transfer System
LIGA-VerfahrenLithographie, Galvanoformung, Abformtechnik [Röntgentiefenlithographie mit Synchrotronstrahlung,
kombiniert mit galvanischer Metallabscheidung und verschiedenen Abformprozessen]
LIGOLaser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (Livingston, LA, USA,
Einweihung/opening: November 1999, Messungen ab/measurements since 2002)
LIILondon Info International (Conference)
LIL-PWLaser Integration Line – Petawatt (Bordeaux, FR, geplant für/planned for 2008)
LIMLine Interface Module
LIMALandsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica
LIMSLaboratory Information Management System, Labor-Informations- und Managementsystem (Qualitätssicherung/quality assurance)
LINLocal Interconnect Network (Kfz-Technik/vehicle technology)
LINACLinear Accelerator (50 GeV, Stanford, SLAC)
LINC-NIRVANALBT Interferometric Camera – Near-Infrared Visible Adaptive Interferometer for Astronomy
LINELong Interspersed Element (Genetik/genetics)
LINEARLincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research (NASA program)
LINESLong Interspaced Nuclear Elements (Genetik/genetics)
L.I.N.K.Lokalisation, Identifikation, Navigation, Kommunikation (Fraunhofer-Anwendungszentrum, Nürnberg)
LIPALong Island Power Authority (USA)
LIPCALightweight Piezo-Composite Actuator
LIPSLight Intensity Pressure Sensor
LISLabor für Intelligente Systeme (Polytechnische Hochschule Lausanne, CH)
LISLaboratory Information System
LISLibrary and Information Studies
LISLiteraturversorgungs- und Informationssysteme
LISALaser Interferometer Space Antenna (Gravitationswellendetektor aus 3 Satelliten,
geplant für 2034/gravitational wave detector with 3 satellites, planned for 2034)
L.I.S.A.Lucent International Science Award
LISBLeit- und Informationssystem Berlin (Verkehrsführung/traffic control)
LISC[Laboratory for Computational Sciences] (FR)
LISMLocal Interstellar Medium
LISNALight-Induced Scattering Around a Nano-Absorber
LISPList Programming (or: Processing)
LISSENLithium Sulfur Superbattery Exploiting Nanotechnology [Modelling and Simulation] (EU project)
LISTLaboratoire d'Intégration des Systèmes et des Technologies
LiSTLaser-induziertes Spannungs-Trennverfahren (Glasschneiden/glass cutting)
LITLandesbetrieb für Informationstechnik (Berlin)
LITELidar-in-Space Technology
LITELiverpool Insect Testing Establishment
LITENLaboratoire d'Innovation pour les Technologies des Energies Nouvelles et les Nanomatériaux (Grenoble, FR)
LITTLaser-Induced Interstitial Thermo-Therapy, Laserinduzierte interstitielle Thermotherapie (Krebsbehandlung/cancer therapy)
LIVALight-Induced Voltage Alteration
LJLichtjahr (= ly)
LKLake (US Mail)
LKSri Lanka (früher/former Ceylon) (ISO 3166)
LKEsLang-Kobayashi Equations (nichtlineare Dynamik/nonlinear dynamics)
LKRLarge-Scale Knowledge Resources (Conference series)
LKSleichte kognitive Störungen (Alzheimer-Vorstadium, = MCI)
LLLeased Line (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LLLeichte Löcher (Halbleiterphysik/semiconductor physics)
LLAPILow Level Application Programming Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LLCLimited-Liability Company
LLCLogical Link Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LLCLund Laser Centre (Laserforschungslaboratorium, Lund, SE)
LLCCLeadless Chip Carrier
LLDPELinear Low Density Polyethylene
LLELaboratory for Laser Energetics (Rochester, GB)
LLE-CUPLossless-Encoding Compressed Utrafast Photography
LLFLarge Low-Speed Facility (wind tunnel, NL)
LLGLaser-Laboratium Göttingen
LLLTLow Level Light Therapy
LLNLLawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Livermore, CA, USA)
LLPLong-Lived Particles
LLSLunar Logistics System (1964)
LLSLyman-Limit System (astrophysics)
LLTLehrstuhl für Lasertechnik (RWTH Aachen)
LLTLinear Layerwise Theory (Verbundwerkstoffe/compounds)
LLULocal Loop Unbundling (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LLWLow-Level Waste (radioaktiver Abfall/radioactive waste)
LMLink Manager (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LMA, L.M.A.Laboratoire de la Mécanique et d'Acoustique (CNRS, Marseille, FR)
LMALarge Mode Area (Glasfaser/optical fibres)
LMCLarge Magellanic Cloud (Astronomie/astronomy)
LMDLaboratoire de Météorlogie Dynamique (Palaiseau et Paris, FR)
LMDLaser Metal Deposition
LMDSLocal Multichannel (or: Multipoint) Distribution Service(s) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LMGLast Major Glaciation (geology)
LMISLiquid Metal Ion Sources
LMJLaser Project Megajoule
LMKLang-, Mittel- und Kurzwelle
LMPLink Management Protocol (Internet)
LMSLeast Mean Squares (Algorithmus/algorithm)
LMSALarge Millimeter and Submillimeter Array (Infrarotastronomie/infrared astronomy)
LMTLarge Millimeter Telescope (on Volcán Sierra Negra, MX)
LMTLiquid Mirror Telescope
LMTLocal Maintenance Terminal (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LMTLow Frequency Magnetotelluric (instrumentation)
LMULocal Mobile Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LMULocation Measurement Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LMULudwig-Maximilians-Universität (München)
LMXBLow-Mass X-Ray Binary (Röntgendoppelstern/X-ray double star)
LNLane (US Mail)
LNALecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence
LNALow Noise Amplifier
LNASLow Noise Augmentation System (DLR-Pilotenassistenzsystem)
LNBLow-Noise Block (Converter)
LNCLow-Noise Converter (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
lncRNAlange nichtkodierende RNA
LNGLiquified Natural Gas (für den Transport verflüssigtes Erdgas/for the transport)
LNGSLaboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (IT)
LNK[Dateinamenerweiterung: Windows-Linkdatei/file name extension: Windows link file]
LOLocal Oscillator (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LOALaboratoire Ondes et Acoustique (Université Paris VII)
LOALaboratoire d'Optique Appliquée (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, FR)
LOCELight and Optics Conceptual Evaluation
LOCKSSLots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe (literature preservation, Stanford University, CA, USA)
LOCOSLocal Oxidation of Silicon; Lokale Oxidation von Silizium
LODLinked Open Data (scientific publishing)
LOELasers and Optical Engineering (Konferenz/Conference)
LOETLateral-Field Electrooptical Tweezers
LOEWELandes-Offensive zur Entwicklung wissenschaftlich-ökonomischer Exzellenz (Hessen)
LOFARLow-Frequency Array (Astrophysik/astrophysics, Antennen/antennae)
LOFF[Anatoly] Larkin, [Yurii] Ovchinnikov, [Peter] Fulde, [Richard] Ferrell (state, Festkörperphysik/solid state physics, = FFLO)
LOHASLife Style of Health and Sustainability
LOHCLiquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier
LOKALLeckortung durch Korrelationsanalyse
LOMLearning Object Metadata
LOMLeistungsorientierte Mittelvergabe (DFG)
LONILouisiana Optical Network Initiative (USA)
LORANLong Range Navigation
LORELEILow Resource Languages for Emergent Incidents
LOSLine of Sight (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LoSTLocation-to-Service Translation (Protocol)
LOTLapped Orthogonal Transform
LOTISLivermore Optical Transient Imaging System (USA)
LOVALow Vulnerability Ammunition (Sprengstoff/explosive)
LOVERLocal Verification (Atomenergie-Kontrolle/atomic energy supervision)
LOXLiquid Oxygen
LPLarch Prover
LPLinear Prediction
LPLinear Programming
lplog period (earthquakes)
LPLow Priority
LPALaser-Plasma Accelerator
LPASLaser Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
LPCLaser Physics Centre (AU)
LPCLaser Processing Consortium
LPCLinear Predictive Coding
LPCCLinear Predictive Coding Cepstrum
LPCVDLow Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
LPDLow Power Device (Mobilfunk/mobile radio, 433 MHz)
LPELiquid Phase Epitaxy (Waferherstellung/wafer production)
LPFLow Pass Filter
LPGLandwirtschaftliche Produktionsgenossenschaft (DDR)
LPGLiquid Propane (or: Petroleum) Gas
LPLLaser Physics Laboratory (Paris, FR)
LPLLunar and Planetary Laboratory (University of Arizona, USA)
LP-MOVPELow Pressure Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy
LPPPPoly(p-Phenylen)-Polymer (für Leuchtdioden/for light emitting diodes)
LPRLocal Positioning Radar
LPSLeak Prevention System (HPC)
LPSLokales Positionssystem
LPSOLLecturer with Potential Security of Employment (USA)
LPSS(L)Lamp-Pumped Solid State (Laser)
LQGLinear Quadratic Gaussian (Control)
LQGLoop Quantum Gravity (Gravitationstheorie/theory)
LQRLinear Quadratic Regulator (Control)
LRLiberia (ISO 3166)
LRLoss Rate (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LRLow Resolution
LRADLong Range Acoustic Device (Richtlautsprecher, "Schallkanone")
LRCLearning Resources Center (UB Göttingen, DE)
LRCLokale realistische Theorie
LRCLong Range Correlation
LRCSLaboratoire de Réactivité et Chimie des Solides (Amiens, FR)
LRDLong-Range Dependent
LRITLong Range Identification and Tracking (Meeresküstenschutz/sea shore preservation)
LRLLawrence Radiation Laboratory (Berkeley, CA, USA)
LRMLehrstuhl für Röntgenmikroskopie (Universität Würzburg)
LROLunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
LROCLunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera
LRPLong-Range Plan
LRSPLong-Range Surface Plasma
LRTLaser Ray Tracing
LRTLight Rapid Transport (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
LRTNFLong-Range Theatre Nuclear Forces
LRULeast Recently Used
LRULight Weight Rover Unit
LRULine Replaceable Unit
LRVLunar Roving Vehicle (1964)
LRZLeibniz-Rechenzentrum (München)
LSLeast Square(s)
LSLesotho (ISO 3166)
LSLocation Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LSALaser Surface Authentication Technology (Maßnahmen gegen Produktpiraterie/measures against product piracy)
LSALatent Semantic Analysis (Sprachverarbeitung/speech processing)
LSALichtsignalanlage (= Verkehrsampel)
LSALine Source Array
LSALinguistic Society of America
LSALink State Advertisement (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LSAGLHC Safety Assessment Group (CERN)
LSATLaw School Admission Test (USA)
LSBLeast Significant Bit
LSBLow-Surface-Brightness (Galaxien/galaxies)
LSCLIGO Scientific Collaboration
LS & CLocal Space & Communications (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LSCILight and Spectroscopy Concept Inventory (astronomy education)
LSDLost Smell Disorder
LSDBLink State Database (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LSDFLarge Scale Data Facility
LSDGLatitudinal Species Diversity Gradient (Meeresfauna/marine fauna)
LSDILarge Screen Digital Imagery (TV)
LSELeast Squares Error (or: Estimator)
LSELondon School of Economics (and Political Science)
LSELow Surface Energy
LSFLine Spread Function (Optik/optics)
LSFLoad Sharing Facility
LSFMLight-Shield Fluorescence Microscopy, Lichtscheibenfluoreszenzmikroskopie
LS-GMLCLocation Server–Gateway Mobile Location Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LSILiquid Silicon Infiltration
LSKLysosomale Speicherkrankheit
LSMLaboratoire Souterrain de Modane
LSMLaboratory for Surface Modification (Rutgers University, NJ, USA)
LSMLaser Scanning Microscope
LSMLa1-xSrxMnO3 (Material für Brennstoffzelle/material for fuel cell)
LSMLink Security Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LSNDLiquid Scintillator Neutrino Detector (Los Alamos, NM, USA)
LSPLabel(ed) Switch(ed) Path (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LSPLine Spectral Pair (LPC-Analyse/analysis)
LSPDLink State Path Database (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LSPRLocalized Surface Plasmon Resonance
LSRLabel Switched Router (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LSSLarge-Scale Structure (jet noise)
LSSLarge Space Structure
LSSLarge Straight Section (LHC, CERN)
LSSTLarge(-Aperture) Synoptic Survey Telescope (geplant/planned in Chile)
LSSTPLarge Space Structures Technology Program
LSTLaser Scattering Tomograph
LSTLeit- und Sicherungstechnik (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
LSTILTE/SAE Trial Initiative (Telekommunikation/telecommunication) (Long Term Evolution/System Architecture Evolution)
LSULouisiana State University (USA)
LSVRCLarge Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (Bilderkennung/picture recognition)
LSWGLife Sciences Working Group (ESA)
LTLecture Tutorial (education)
LTLine Termination (Kommunikation/communication)
LTLitauen/Lithuania (ISO 3166)
LTALandesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit (Mannheim)
LTASLong-Term Average Spectra (Linguistik/linguistics)
LTBTLimited Test Ban Treaty
LTCCLow-Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic(s)
LTDLaser Display Technology
Ltd.Limited (GB, entspricht GmbH)
LTELocal Thermodynamic Equilibrium
LTELong Term Evolution (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
LTE-ALong Term Evolution Advanced
LTERLong Term Ecological Research
LTFLoudness-Transfer Function
LTGLow-Temperature-Grown (Kristall/crystal)
LTILearning Tools Interface
LTPLong-Term Potentiation (Neurologie/neurology)
LTRLong Terminal Repeats (Genetik/genetics)
LTRCLung Tissue Research Consortium
LTSLow-Tc (or: Temperature) Superconductor
LTVLife Time Value
LULuxemburg/Luxembourg (ISO 3166)
LUCALast Universal Common (or: Cellular) Ancestor (Genetik/genetics)
LUCELaser-Utilizing Communications Equipment
LUCIFERLBT Near-Infared Spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integrated Field Unit for Extragalactic Research
LUDALarge Urban Distressed Areas
LUKOLumineszenz-Konversion (LED)
LULILaboratoire pour l'Utilisation des Lasers Intenses (Laboratory for the Use of High Power Laser) (FR)
LUMOLowest Unoccupied Molecular Orbital
LUNLogical Unit Number
LUPLiverpool University Press
LUPOLuminescent Polymer
LURELaboratoire pour l'Utilisation du Rayonnement Electromagnétique (Ile de France)
LURELunar Laser Ranging
LUTLookup Table
LUVOIRLarge Ultraviolet/Optical/Infrared Surveyor
LUXLarge Underground Xenon (dark-matter experiment)
LVLettland/Latvia (ISO 3166)
LVADLeft Ventricular Assist Device (Herzchirurgie/heart surgery)
LVCLarge Vesicle Cell
LVCSRLarge-Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition
LVDSLow-Voltage Differential Signaling (interface standard for high-speed data transmission)
LWALandesamt für Wasser und Abfall (Düsseldorf)
LWBLaser-Welded Blank
LWDRMLight Weight Digital Rights Management
LWELearning with Errors (encryption)
LWFALaser Wakefield Accelerator (Plasmabeschleuniger/plasma accelerator)
LWIRLong Wavelength Infrared (λ = 8...14 µm)
LWQHPRLongest Weighted Queue Highest Possible Rate (Datenübertragung/data transmission)
LWRLeuchtweitenregelung (Kfz/motor vehicle)
LWRLight Water Reactor
LWRTLow Weight Reinforced Thermoplastics
LWSLiving With a Star (NASA program)
LXILAN Extensions for Instrumentation (Messgeräte-Vernetzung/network of measuring instruments)
lyLight Year(s) (= LJ)
LZarGLeiser Zug auf realem Gleis (Forschungsprojekt)
LZBLinienzugbeeinflussung (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
LZELeistungszentrum Eektroniksysteme (Erlangen)
LZH[Dateinamenerweiterung: Archivdatei mit komprimierten Inhalten/file name extension: compressed archive file]
LZHLaser Zentrum Hannover (DE)
LZTLarge Zenith Telescope (geplant, mit rotierendem Quecksilberspiegel/proposed, with spinning mercury mirror)
L2CAPLogical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
L2TPLayer 2 Tunneling Protocol (Datenübertragung/data transmission)


M...Mega... (Präfix/prefix): 106
m...Milli... (Präfix/prefix): 10-3
μ...Mikro... (Präfix/prefix): 10-6
MAMarokko/Morocco (ISO 3166)
MAMassachusetts (US-Staat/US state)
MAMaster of Arts
MAMorbus Alzheimer
MAMovement Authority (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
MAMoving Average (gleitende Mittelung, Glättungsfilter)
MAAMinimum Audible Angle (Hörvermögen/hearing research)
MAABMathWorks Automotive Advisory Board
MABMan and Biosphere (Naturschutz/nature conservation)
MACMarine Aquatic Council (Internationale nichtkommerzielle Organisation/international non-commercial organization)
MACMedium (or: Media) Access Control (Layer) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MACMessage Authenticity (or: Authentication) Check (or: Code) (Datennetz/data network)
MACMetropolitain Airports Commission
MACModal Assurance Criterion
MACClimMiddle Atmosphere in a Changing Climate
MAC-dMedium Access Control Dedicated (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MACHMultiple Active Computer-Generated Hologram
MACHOMassive Astrophysical Compact Halo Objects
MAC-hsMedium Access Control High Speed (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MACOMulti-Objective Ant Colony Optimization
MacOSMacintosh Operating System
MACROMonopole, Astrophysics and Cosmic Ray Observatory (Gran Sasso, IT)
MACSMembership and Customer Services (AIP)
MACSModular Airborne Camera System
MADMagnetron Activated Deposition (dünne Schichten/thin layers)
MADMetalorganic Aerosol Deposition
MADMilitärischer Abschirmdienst
MADMultiple Anomalous Diffraction
MADMutually Assured Destruction ("Star Wars")
MadalineMultiple Adaptive Linear Elements
MADEMitigating Adverse Ecological Impacts of Open Ocean Fisheries (EU project)
MAEMechanical and Astronautical (or: Aerospace) Engineering
MAES[Society of] Mexican American Engineers and Scientists
MAGICMajor Atmospheric Gamma-Ray Imaging Cerenkov (Telescope) (La Palma, Kanarische Inseln/Canaries)
MAGISMagnetically Activated and Guided Isotope Separation
MaglevMagnetic Levitation
MAHRSIMiddle Atmosphere High Resolution Spectrograph Investigation
MAIMultiple Access Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MAIAMedical Artificial Intelligence and Automation (Lab at UTSW)
MAIAMental Augmentation through Determination of Intended Action (EU project)
MAISMeso-American Institute for Science (ICTP, in Mexico)
MAISECMaterial-Informationssystem für elektronische Komponenten
MAKMaximale Arbeitsplatzkonzentration
MAkMonoklonale Antikörper (Biomedizin/biomedicine)
MALDIMatrix-Assisted Laser Desorption and Ionization (molecular imaging)
MALVINEManuscripts and Letters via Integrated Networks in Europe
MAMIMainzer Mikrotron (Elektronenbeschleuniger/electron accelerator)
MANMaschinenfabrik Augsburg/Nürnberg (DE)
MANMetropolitan Area Network (Rechnernetz/computer network)
MANA[International Center for] Materials Nanoarchitectonics (Tsukuba, Japan)
MANIACMathematical Analyzer, Numerical Integrator, and Computer (Los Alamos, NM, USA, ca. 1950)
MANPADSMan-Portable Air Defence Systems
MAOMethylaluminoxan (Katalysator/catalyst)
MAPMalaria Atlas Project
MAPManufacturing Automation Protocol (Datennetz bei GM/data network of GM)
MAPMaximum a posteriori (probability) (Schätzwert/estimate)
MAPMeasures of Academic Progress (test)
MAPMedically Assisted Procreation
MAPMedium Access Protocol
MAPMicrowave Anisotropy Probe (Satellit, Astrophysik/satellite, astrophysics)
MAPMiniaturisierung, Automatisierung und Parallelisierung (Chemie-Forschung/chemical research)
MAPMobile Application Part (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MAPModular Automated Processing (system)
MAPMultichannel Astrometric Photometer
MAPMussel Adhesive Protein, Muschel-Adhäsionsprotein
MAPLMaximum Allowable Path Loss (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MAPLEMatrix-Assisted Pulsed-Laser Evaporation
MAPOSMulti-Agent Platform for Online Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MAPSMobile Acquisition and Processing Station (Satelliten/satellite system)
MAQCMMicroarray Quality Control (Biochemie/biochemistry)
MARASMarine Radiometric Spectrometer
MARASMobile, Adaptable and Rapidly Assembled Structure (Conference series)
MARCMachine-Readable Cataloging
MARGIMultidisciplinary Academic Research & Global Innovation (Conference series)
MaRIUSMagnetic Resonance Imaging Using Ultrasound
MARMOTMethod for Component-Based Real-Time Object-Oriented Development and Testing
MARSMedia Arts and Research Studies
MARSMonitoring Agricultural Remote Sensing
MARUM[Zentrum für] Marine Umweltwissenschaften (Universität Bremen)
MASMarker-Assisted Selection, Marker-assistierte Selektion (Pflanzenzucht/plant cultivation)
MASMaster of Advanced Studies
MASCIPOMondes Américains, Sociétés, Circulations, Pouvoirs (French research organization)
MASCOTMobile Asteroid Surface Scout (Start: 3.12.2014, Landung geplant für 2019, DLR + CNES + JAXAg)
MASCOTMulti-Angle Scattering and Optical Transmission (detector)
MaserMicrowave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
MASHMaterial Absorbing Sound and Heat
MASIFMobile Agent Systems Interoperability Facility (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MASTMega-Amp Spherical Tokamak (Culham, UK)
MathMLMathematical Markup Language
MATHUSLAMassive Timing Hodoscope for Ultra-Stable Neutral Particles
MATLABMatrix Laboratory (Software)
MAUMillion Accounting Units (Europäische Raumfahrt/European spacecraft; 1988: 1 MAU = 1.14 Mill.$)
MAUMovement Authority Unit (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
MAVMicro-Aerial Vehicle
MAVENMars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (Orbiter)
MAVIModulare Algorithmen für Volumenbilder (Software für 3D-Bildverarbeitung, ITWM)
MAWMission Adaptive Wing
MAXMultiton Argon and Xenon (at UCLA)
MAXATMaximum Aperture Telescope
MAX-CMars Astrobiology Explorer-Cacher (Mars landing 2018)
MAXIMonitor of All-Sky X-Ray Image (astronomy)
MAXIMAMillimeter Anisotropy Experiment Imaging Array (Ballon-Experiment/balloon experiment)
MaxNDVIMaximum Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
MAZmagnetische Bildaufzeichnung
MBManitoba (Province of Canada)
MBMegabyte (= 1024 kB = 1048576 Bytes)
MBMössbauer (spectroscopy)
MBAMaster of Business Administration
MBARIMonterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (Moss Landing, CA, USA)
MBBMesserschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm GmbH, München (DE)
MBCSManaged Business Communication Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MBDModel-Based Design
MBDMulti-Body Dynamics
MBDMultichannel Blind Deconvolution
MBDDModel-Based Drug Development
MBEMolecular-Beam Epitaxy
MBESMulti Beam Echo Sounder (Wasserschall/underwater acoustics)
MBFMinimum Bow Force (musical acoustics)
MBIMax-Born-Institut für Nichtlineare Optik und Kurzzeitspektroskopie (Berlin-Adlershof)
MBIMechanobiology Institute (National University of Singapore)
MBLMarine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole, MA, USA)
MBMLMemory-Based Machine Learning
MBMSMultimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MBOManagement Buy Out
MBPModel-Based Processor (or: Processing) (Signalverarbeitung/signal processing)
MBPCModel Based Predictive Control
MBSMaximum Burst Size
MBSMulti-Standard Base Station (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MBSFNMulticast Broadcast Single Frequency Network
MBSLMulti-Bubble Sonoluminescence, Mehrblasenlumineszenz
MBSRMindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, achtsamkeitsbasierte Stressreduktion
MCMonaco (ISO 3166)
MCMonte-Carlo (Simulation)
MCAMiddle Cerebral Artery
MCAMinor Component Analysis
MCAModal Contribution Analysis (Schwingungsanalyse/vibration analysis)
MCAMultichannel Analyzer (for spectroscopy)
MCAECMultichannel Acoustic Echo Canceller
MCAOMulticonjugate Adaptive Optics
MCATMedical College Admission Test (USA)
MCBMedia Control Board
MCCMaster Control Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MCCMetro(politain) Core Connect (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MCCMission Control Center (spacecraft)
MCCMobile Competence Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MCCMobile Country Code (Mobilfunk/mobile radio)
MCCMMeterology Climate Chemistry Model
MCCPMicrochannel-Cooled Package (Laser)
MCDMagnetic Circular Dichroism
MCDMeasurement, Calibration, Diagnostics
MCDMobile Communication Division
MCDADMagnetic Circular Dichroism in Angular Distribution
MCEMagnetocaloric Effect
MCEMedia Center Edition (Windows XP)
MCFMultimedia Content Forum (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MCFCMolten Carbonate Fuel Cell
MCGMagneto-Cumulative Generator
MCHAMusic and Concert Hall Acoustics (International Symposium)
M-CHiPSMulti-Conditional Hybridization Intensity Processing System (Krebsforschung/cancer research)
MCIMild Cognitive Impairment (Alzheimer-Vorstufe, = LKS)
MCISManaged Customer Interaction Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MCMMachine Condition Monitoring
MCMMine Countermeasure
MCMMulti-Chip Module
MCMCMonte Carlo Markov Chain
MCOMars Climate Observer
MCPMicrochannel Plate, Mikrokanalplatte, Vielkanalplattendetektor
MCPAMulti Carrier Power Amplifier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MCPCMultiple Channel per Carrier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MCRMain Control Room (ESOC)
MCRMicrofibre Coil Resonator (Faseroptik/fiber optics)
MCRMultiple Channel Amplification of Reverberation (Raumakustik/room acoustics)
MCSManaged Communication Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MCSMathematics Subjects Classification
MCSMinimal Conscious State (Koma-Patienten/coma patients)
MCSModulation and Coding Scheme (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MCSCFMulti-Configuration Self-Consistent-Field (Rechenverfahren, Molekülphysik/calculation, molecular physics)
MC-SS[International Workshop on] Multi-Carrier Spread-Spectrum
MCTMercury Cadmium Telluride (Infrarotsensor/infrared sensor)
μCTMicrocomputed Tomography (X-ray processing)
MCTMobile Communications Terminal
MCTSMonte Carlo Tree Search
MCUMaster Controller Unit
MCUMicrocontroller Unit
MCWMedical College of Wisconsin (USA)
MDMaryland (US-Staat/US state)
MDMedical Doctor
MDMoldawien/Moldova (ISO 3166)
MDMolecular Dynamics
MDAMissile Defense Agency (USA)
MDAMultiple Diskriminantenanalyse
MDAQMediation and Data Acquisition (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MDB[Dateinamenerweiterung: Microsoft Access-Datenbank/file name extension: Microsoft Access data bank]
MdBMitglied der Bundestages
MDCMax-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin (Berlin-Buch)
MDCModular Data Centre
MDCTModified Discrete Cosine Transformation
MDDMultivariate Discrete Distribution (statistics)
MdEPMitglied des Europäischen Parlaments
MDFmitteldichte Faserplatte/Medium Density Fiberboard
MDFCMultiple Delay Feedback Control
MDFFMolecular Dynamics Flexible Fitting (computer program)
MDGMillenium Development Goals (Entwicklungshilfe/foreign aid)
MDIMedia Delivery Index (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MDIMethylendiphenyldiisocyanat (oder: Diphenylmethylendiisocyanat)
MDIMichelson Doppler Imager (an Bord von/aboard SOHO)
MDISMercury Dual Imaging System (Merkur-Satellit)
MDLMinimum Description Length
MdLMitglied des Landtages
MDOMulti-Disciplinary Design Optimization
MDOFMulti-Degree-of-Freedom (System)
MDPMonoclinic Double Tungstate (Crystals)
MDPIMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
MDRMitteldeutscher Rundfunk
MDRMulti-Drug Resistance (Gene/genes)
MDSMobile Data Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MDSMulti-Access Data Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MDSMultidimensional Scaling
MDSMultipoint Distribution System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MDSMyelodysplastisches Syndrom
MDSSMobile Data Service System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MDSTModified Discrete Sine Transformation
MDUMultiple Dwelling Units (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MDVMechatronic Development and Validation
MDVMedizinische Datenverarbeitung
MDXMultidisciplinary Design Exploration
MEMagnitude Error (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MEMaine (US-Staat/US state)
MEMaximum Entropy
MEMillenium Edition (Microsoft Windows)
MEMobile Entity (or: Equipment) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MEAMembrane Electrode Assembly (Brenstoffzelle/fuel cell)
MEAMonoethanol Amine
M.Ed.Master of Education
MEDMaximum Entropy Distribution
MEDMulti-Effect Distillation (zur Meerwasserentsalzung)
MED-CSPConcentrating Solar Power for the Mediterranean Region
MEDEAMicroelectronics Development for European Applications
MEDIAMetadata Encapsulation for Digital Information and Assets
MeDICiMiddleware for Data Intensive Computing
MEDYNAEuro–Mediterranian Conference on Structural Dynamics and Vibroacoustics
MEEIMassachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary (Boston, MA, USA)
MEET ManModels for Simulation of Electromagnetic, Elastomechanic and Thermic Behaviour of Man
MEFMetro(politain) Ethernet Forum (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MEFXMultiple Error Filtered-x (Algorithmus/algorithm)
MEGMagnet(o)enzephalographie, Magnetoencephalography
MEGMultiple Exiton Generation (Festkörperphysik/solid state physics)
MEGACOMedia Gateway Controller (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MEGAPIEMegawatt Pilot Experiment (PSI)
MEISManaged Employee Interaction Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MELCOMitsubishi Electric Corporation
MELDOQMelanomdokumentierung und -quantifizierung
MELECONMediterranean Electrotechnical Conference
MELPMixed Excitation Linear Prediction (Sprachcodierung/speech coding)
MEMMaximum Entropy Method
MEMMicro-Electronic Micro Machine
MEMROMiddle-Ear Mechanics in Research and Otology (Conference series)
MEMSMicro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
MENMetropolitain Ethernet
MENAMiddle East and North Africa (States)
MEOMedium Earth Orbit
MEOSSMonocular Electro-Optical Stereo Scanner
MEPManufacturing Extension Partnership (USA)
MEPMars Exploration Program
MEPMedium Energy Physics
MERMars Exploration Rover (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
MERModulation Error Rate (or: Ratio)
MERISMedium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer Instrument (ENVISAT)
MERLINMethane Remote Sensing Lidar Mission (climate satellite)
MERLINMulti-Element Radio Linked Interferometer (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
MErLiNMutitouch-Based Electronic Reliable Lab-Integrated Notebook
MERSMiddle East Respiratory Syndrome
MESManufacturing Execution System
MESAMicrosystems and Engineering Science Application (Albuquerque, NM, USA, 2007)
MESAPModulare Energie-System-Analyse und Planung
MESEMAMagnetoelastic Energy System for Even More Electric Aircraft (EU project)
MESFETMetal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MESSENGERMercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry, and Ranging (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
MESZMitteleuropäische Sommerzeit
METMemory Enhancement Technology
METAMegachannel Extraterrestrial Assay (Suche nach außerirdischer Intelligenz/search for extraterrestrial intelligence)
METAMehrfachtaumelscheibe (Hubschraubertests)
METAHITMetagenomics of the Human Intestinal Tract (EU project)
METASBundesamt für Metrologie (Schweiz)
METERONMulti-Purpose-End-to-End-Robotic Operation Network
METIMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Japan)
METISMeldesystem für Texte auf Internet-Seiten (VG WORT)
METRICExploitation of Bibliometric Data in National Bibliographic Databases
METSMetabolisches Syndrom
METSModeling the Epidemiologic Transition Study
MeVis, MEVISCentrum für Medizinische Diagnosesysteme und Visualisierung (Bremen, 1995). Seit 1.1.2008: Fraunhofer-Institut für Bildgestützte Medizin
MEXMars Express (spacecraft)
MExEMobile Station Execution Environment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MEXHMultiple-Energy X-Ray Holography
MEXTMinistry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Japan)
MEZISMein Essen zahl ich selbst (Deutsche Ärzteinitiative)
MF[DLR-] Institut für Methodik der Fernerkundung
MFMedium Frequency (0,3 – 3 MHz)
MFAMid Frequency Active (military sonar)
MFAMultifunktionsanzeige (Kfz)
MFCMacro Fiber Composites
MFCMass Flow Control
MFCMicrosoft Foundation Classes
MFCCMel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (automatische Sprach- oder Musik-Analyse/automatic speech or music analysis)
mFDASMiniature Flight Data Acquisition System
MFIMatched-Field Imaging (Signalverarbeitung/signal processing)
MFLAMEMulti-Function Future Laser Atmospheric Equipment (Brite Euram Project)
MFLOPs/sMega FLOPs/s (= 106 FLOPs/s)
MFMMagnetic Force Microscopy
MFNMulti Frame Number (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MFNMulti Frequency Network, Mehrfrequenznetz (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MFPMatched Field Processing
MFPMean Free Path
MFPMulti Function Peripheral
MFSMethod of Fundamental Solutions
MfSMinisterium für Staatssicherheit (ehem./former DDR)
MFSMulti-BSS Fast Packet Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MFZMultifunktionale Roboterzelle (DLR, ZLP, Augsburg)
MGMadagaskar/Madagascar (ISO 3166)
MGMakroglobulin (Plasmaprotein)
MGMedia Gateway (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MGAMulti-Objective Genetic Algorithm
MGCMedia Gateway Controller (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MGCMicro-Gap Gas Counter
MGCFMedia Gateway Control Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MGCPMedia Gateway Control Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MGEDMicroarray and Gene Expression (Society)
MGGDie Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart
MGHMassachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA, USA)
MGRMedia and Government Relations (USA)
MGSMars Global Surveyor (spacecraft)
MGTMulti Gigabit Transceiver (Satelliten-Telekommunikation)
MGU[Moskauer Staatliche Universität/Moscow State University]
MGWMedia Gateway (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MHMarschallinseln/Marshall Islands (ISO 3166)
MHBMagnus-Haus Berlin (DPG)
MHCMajor Histocompatibility Complex, Hauptgewebeverträglichkeitskomplex (Biochemie/biochemistry)
MHDMagnetohydrodynamics (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology)
MHEGMultimedia and Hypermedia Information Coding Experts Group (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MHIAMaterial Handling Institute of America (Atlanta, GA, USA)
MHLMobile High-Definition Link (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MHPMouse Hepatitis Virus
MHPMultimedia Home Platform (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MHRAMedicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (GB)
MHTMagnetische Hyperthermie
MHVMarie Heim-Vöglin (Preis des SNF)
MHVMouse Hepatitis Virus
MIAMEMinimum Information about a Microarray Experiment (Bioinformatik/bioinformatics)
MIBManagament Information Base
MIMichigan (US-Staat/US state)
MICMikroelektronik Centret (DK-Lyngby)
MICMinimal-Invasive Chirurgie
MIC[IASTED International Conference on] Modelling, Identification and Control
MICAPEXMinimum Initial Capital Expenditure
MICE(International) Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment (UK)
MICROSCOPEMICRO Satellite à Traînée Compensée pour l'Observation du Principe d'Equivalence (CNES)
MID[Dateinamenerweiterung: MIDI-Datei/file name extension: MIDI file]
MIDIMusical Instruments Digital Interface
MIDPMobile Information Device Profile (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MIFMass-Independent Fractionation
MIIPSMultiphoton Intrapulse Interference Phase Scan
MIIRMéthode d'isolement et d'identification des résonances
MIKSS(gesprochen/pronounced: "mix") Media Object Interlock and Synthesis (Video description language)
MIL(Department of Defense) (Internet, USA)
MILMaterial des Instituts Lavoisier
MILCOMMilitary Communications Conference
MILSETInternational Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology
MIMDMultiple Instruction / Multiple Data (Parallelrechner/parallel processor)
MIMEMultipurpose Internet Mail(ing) Extension(s)
MIMICMonolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits
MIMOMultiple Input – Multiple Output (Controller, System)
MIMOSMiniaturisiertes Mössbauer-Spektrometer
MINDSMobile Information and News Data Services
MINFLUXMinimal Emission Fluxes (fluorescence microscopy)
MINTMathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaft und Technik
MINUETMinnesota Internet User's Essential Tool (Computer-Netzwerkserver/computer network server)
MIOModular I/O (HP)
MIPMegaframe Initilization Packet (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MIPMobile Internet Protocol
MIPModel Intercomparison Project (climate research)
MIPASMichelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding (ENVISAT)
MIPIMobile Industry Processor Interface
MIPSMillion instructions (Mega-Instructions) per second
MIPSMolecularly Imprinted Polymers (Chemie/chemistry)
MIPSMünchner Informationszentrum für Proteinsequenzen
MIREXMusic Information Retrieval Evaluation Exchange
MIRIMid-Infrared Instrument (Spektrometer für das/spectrometer for the James West Space Telescope)
MIRIFISENSMid Infrared Innovative Lasers for Improved Sensors of Hazardous Substances (EU project)
miRNAMicro-RNA (length: about 21 nucleotides)
MIRVMultiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicles
MISManagement Information System
MISACTMultiple Interacting Sensors and Actuators
MISOMultiple Input – Single Output (Controller, System)
MISRMultiangle Imaging Spectro-Radiometer (Satelliten-Erd-Fernerkundung/satellite remote reconnaissance)
MISRAMotor Industry Software Reliability Association
MITManagement Information Tree
MITMassachusetts Institute of Technology
MITminimal-invasives Therapieverfahren
MITESMiniature Inverted-Repeat Transposable Elements (Genetik/genetics)
MITI[Institut für] Minimalinvasive therapeutische Interventionen (TU München)
MITIMinistry of International Trade and Industry (Japan)
MITLLMassachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory
MIUHMedizinisches Institut für Umwelthygiene (Düsseldorf)
MIXSELModelocked Integrated External-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser
MIZMarginal Ice Zone Program
MJFFMichael J. Fox Foundation (funder of Parkinson's Research)
MJOMadden-Julian-Oscillation (meteorology)
MKMazedonien/Macedonia (ISO 3166)
MKBMedia Key Block (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MKBMotorkennbuchstabe (Kfz)
MKGMund-Kiefer-Gesicht (Chirurgie/surgery)
mksMeter – Kilogramm – Sekunde, meter – kilogram – second (Maßsystem/system of units)
MKV[Dateinamenerweiterung: Videodatei]
MLMachine Learning
MLMali (ISO 3166)
MLMaximum Likelihood (Statistik/statistics)
MLAMercury Laser Altimeter (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
MLAModern Language Association
MLAPIMedium Level Application Programming Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MLBMajor (or: Minor) League Baseball
MLBModularer Längsbaukasten (Kfz-Entwicklung)
MLCMobile Location Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MLCMultileaf Collimator (Röntgentechnik/X-ray technology)
MLCDMars Laser Communications Demonstration System
MLCFMaximum Likelihood Confidence Factor
MLDMulticast Listeners Discovery Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MLDMulti-Layer-Dielectric (Spiegelbeschichtung/optical mirror coating)
MLEMaximum Likelihood Estimation
MLEMedium to Large Enterprise
MLIMulti-Layer Insulation
MLLRMaximum Likelihood Linear Regression (Signalverarbeitung/signal processing)
MLMMaximum Likelihood Method (Parameterschätzung/parameter estimation)
MLOMycoplasma-like Organism
MLPMedium- to Long-Term Plan
MLPMobile Location Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MLPMulti-Layer Perceptron
MLSMaximum Length Sequence (Maximalfolge)
MLTMicro Laser Terminal
MLTTMartin-Löfs Typentheorie
MLTUMonitoring and Line Transmission Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
M-LVDSMultipoint Low Voltage Differential Signaling (für vernetzte Messgeräte/for crosslinked measuring instruments)
MMMobile Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MMMulti Mode (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MMMyanmar (früher/former Burma) (ISO 3166)
MMAMulti-Moment Analysis
MMAEMonomethylauristatin E
MMAFMultimodal Adaptive Filter
MMASMultimedia Application Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MMCMaintainance, Monitoring and Control
MMCMicromaching Center (in USA: Boston, MA, und/and Silicon Valley, CA)
MMCMultimedia Card
MMCMultimedia Multiparty Conferencing
MMCFMultimedia Communication Forum
MMCOIMultimedia Communication Comments of Interest
MMCSMultimedia Call Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MMDMultimedia Domain (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MMDSMicrowave (or: Multichannel) Multipoint Distribution System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MMDSMobile Molecular Datasheet
MMDSMultimedia Distribution System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MMFNMetromedia Fiber Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MMGMassive Multi-Player Online Games
MMIMan Machine Interface
MMICMonolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit(ry)
MMCOMMobile Millimeter Communications (IEEE Workshop)
MMNMismatch Negativity (Neurologie/neuroscience)
MMODMicro-Meteorids Orbital Debris (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
MMOGMassively Multiplayer Online Games (Computerspiele/computer games)
MMoIPMultimedia over IP (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MMPAMarine Mammal Protection Act (USA)
MMPUMolecular Medicine Partnership Unit (Universität Heidelberg)
MMRCMultiple Myeloma Research Consortium (USA)
MMRPMarine Mammal Research Program (bei/related to ATOC)
MMSManufacturing Message Standard
MMSMission Management System
MMSMobile Monitoring System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MMSMultimedia Messaging (or: Message) Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MMSCMultimedia Messaging Service Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MMSEMinimum Mean Square Error (or: Estimation)
MMSEMultimedia Services Environment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
M-MSNMultiple Maximum Signal-to-Noise Ratio
MMTMegasite Management Toolsuite
MMTMonolithic Mirror Telescope (University of Arizona, USA)
MMTMultiple Mirror Telescope
MMUMemory Management Unit
MMWMillimeter-Wave (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MMZMikro-Mechatronik Zentrum (Oberpfaffenhofen)
MMXMulti Media Extensions
MNMinnesota (US-Staat/US state)
MNMongolei/Mongolia (ISO 3166)
MNCMobile Network Code (Mobilfunk/mobile radio)
MNCMultinational Corporations
MNOMobile Network Operator
MNPQMess-, Normen-, Prüf- und Qualitätswesen
MNSManaged Network Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MNUDeutscher Verein zur Förderung des mathematischen und naturwissenschaftlichen Unterrichts
MOMacao (ISO 3166)
MOMissouri (US-Staat/US state)
MOAMicrolensing Observations in Astrophysics
MOAMixed-Order Ambisonics
MoBICMobilität für Blinde durch die Interaktion mit einem Computer
MOBICOSMobile Aquatic Mesocosmos (Wasser-Ressourcen-Forschung)
MOCMars Orbiter Camera
MOCMission Operations Center
MOCVDMetalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition
MoDMusic on Demand (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MODFETModulation-Doped Field Effect Transistor, Modulations-dotierter Feldeffekt-Transistor
MODISModerate (Resolution) Imaging Spectroradiometer (Satelliten-Erd-Fernerkundung/satellite remote reconnaissance)
MOEMolecular Operating Environment
MOELMittel- und Osteuropäische Länder
MOEMSMicro-Opto-Electromechanical System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MOENMeridional Overturning Exchange with the Nordic Seas
MoESMinistry of Earth Sciences (India)
MOEZ[Fraunhofer-] Zentrum für Mittel- und Osteuropa (Leipzig)
MOFMetal-Organic Framework
MOFMicrostructured Optical Fibre
MOFAMultispectral Optical Filter Assembly
MOGModified Gravity (theory)
MOKEMagneto-Optical Kerr Effect, Magneto-optischer Kerr-Effekt (Festkörperphysik/solid state physics)
MOLAMars Orbiter Laser Altimeter
MOLIMicrosoft Online Learning Institute
MoMMoment of Methods (analysis software)
MOMAMars Organic Molecule Analyzer
MoMAMuseum of Modern Arts (New York City)
MOMBEMetallorganische Molekularstrahlepitaxie
MOMSModularer Optoelektronischer Multispektral-Scanner
MONAMerging Optics and Nanotechnologies (EU project)
MONDModified (or: Modification of) Newtonian Dynamics, Modifizierte Newton'sche Dynamik
MONETMobile Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MOOMulti-Objective Optimization
MOOCMassive Open Online Course
MOPAMaster Oscillator Power Amplifier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MOPITTMeasurement of Pollution in the Troposphere (Satelliten-Erd-Fernerkundung/satellite remote sensing)
MORABAMobile Raketenbasis (DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen, seit 1.1.1967)
MORDOMultiobject Robust Design Optimisation
MOREManey Online Research E-Journal (digital archives)
MOREMobility for Young Researchers from Central and Eastern Europe
MOSMean Opinion Score (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MOSMetal-Oxide Semiconductor
MOSMultiobject Spectrograph
MOSAMinistry of Science and the Arts (Israel)
MOSAICModel Driven Site Assessment, Information and Control
MoSAICModular and Scalable Application Platform for ITS-Components (ITS: Intelligent Transportation System)
MOSEModulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico (Hochwasserschutz/flood protection, Venedig, IT)
MOSFETMetalloxid-Silicium-Feldeffekt-Transistor, Metal Oxide Field-Effect Transistor
MOSISMOS Implementation System
MOSTMedia Oriented Systems Transfer (or: Transport)
MOSTMicrovariabilty and Oscillations of Stars (Canadian Satellite)
MOSTMinistry of Science and Technology (China, Korea, Vietnam etc.)
MOTMagneto-Optical Trap
MOTMultimedia Object Transfer Protocol
MOTTMulti-Funktionale On-Top Technologie
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MOV[Dateinamenerweiterung: Video-Datei/file name extension: video file]
MOVModal Output Value (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MOVICInternational Conference on Motion and Vibration Control
MOVPEMetalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy
MOWGLYMobile Wideband Global Link System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MOXMixed-Oxide Fuel, Mischoxid (Kernreaktor/nuclear reactor)
MOZAICMeasurements of Ozone and Water Vapor by Airbus In-Service Aircraft
MPMarianen/Northern Mariana Islands (ISO 3166 and US Mail)
MPMaximum Parsimony (Statistik/statistics)
MPMessage Passing
MPMotion Picture
MPAMarine Protected Area (Meeresfischerei/sea fishing)
MPAMaterialprüfungsamt (oder: -prüfanstalt)
MPAMicro-Perforated Absorber
MPAMultiport Amplifier (Architecture)
MPAeMax-Planck-Institut für Aeronomie (Lindau/Harz)
m:PalModular Process Automation Laboratory
MPCMagnetic Photonic Crystal
MPCModel Predictive Control(ler)
MPCAMulticarrier Power Amplifier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MPC&AMaterial Protection, Control, and Accounting (US-Russian nuclear cooperation)
MpCCIMesh-Based Parallel Code Coupling Interface
MPCV-SMMulti Purpose Crew Vehicle – Service Module
MPDmagnetoplasmadynamisch (-er Raketenantrieb)
MPDLMax Planck Digital Library (München)
MPDRMultipoint Digital Radio (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MPEMax-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik (Garching)
MPEMaximum Permissible Exposure
MPEMulti-Photon Excitation
MPEMultiprotocol Encapsulation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MPEG[Dateinamenerweiterung: Video-Datei/file name extension: video file]
MPEGMotion (or: Moving) Picture(s) Expert(s) Group (Bildcodierung/picture coding)
MPEG2-TSMoving Pictures Experts Group – Transport Stream
MPFMetadata Production Framework (for Video Media)
MPFModern Pit Facility
MPG[Dateinamenerweiterung: Video-Datei/file name extension: video file]
MPGMax-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften e.V.
MPGMiles per Gallon (Kraftstoffverbrauch, etwa 5,75 l/100 km)
MPIMagnetic Particle Imaging
MPIMessage Passing Interface (Parallelrechner/parallel computer)
MPIbpcMax-Planck-Institut für biophysikalische Chemie (Göttingen)
MPICMax-Planck-Institut für Chemie (Mainz)
MPICBGMax-Planck-Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
MPIDSMax-Planck-Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization (Göttingen, DE)
MPIEMax-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (Düsseldorf)
MPI-EvaMax-Planck-Institut für evolutionäre Anthropologie (Leipzig)
MPIFMax-Planck-Institut für Festkörperforschung (Stuttgart)
MPIfGMax-Planck-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung (Köln)
MPI(f)RMax-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie (Bonn)
MPIKMax-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik (Heidelberg)
MPIPKSMax-Planck-Institut für die Physik komplexer Systeme (Dresden)
MPIREMassively Parallel Interactive Rendering Environment
MPISDMax-Planck-Institut für die Struktur und Dynamik der Materie (Hamburg)
MPIZMax-Planck-Institut für Züchtungsforschung (Köln)
MPLMarine Physical Laboratory (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego, CA, USA)
MPLMars Polar Lander
MPLMax-Planck-Institut für die Physik des Lichts (Erlangen)
MPLMonophosphoryl-Lipid (Biomedizin)
MPLMMultipurpose Pressurized Logistic Modules (Satelliten/satellites)
MPLPMulti-Pulse Linear Prediction
MPLSMulti-Protocol Label Switching (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
MPλSMulti-Protocol Lambda Switching (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
MPMMicrostructured Photonic Material
MPMMicrowave Power Module
MPMPMicrowave Point to Multipoint (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MPMSMagnetic Property Measurement System
MPOMulti-Parameter Optimization
MPOAMulti-Protocol over ATM (Rechnernetze/computer networks)
mPOFMicrostructured Polymer Optical Fibre
MPPMassively Parallel Processing (Rechner/computer)
MPPMaximum Power Point (Photovoltaik/photovoltaics)
MPPMax-Planck-Institut für Physik (München)
MPPMost Probable Path (Kfz-Fahrerassistenzsystem/vehicle driver assistance sytem)
MPPMulti Purpose Plattform (Flugzeug mit Überwachungselektronik)
MPPCMulti-Pixel Photon Counter
MPPPMethylphenylpropionoxypiperidin (eine Designerdroge)
MPPTMaximum Power-Point Tracking (Photovoltaik/photovoltaics)
MPQMax-Plack-Institut für Quantenoptik (Garching)
MPQFMPEG Query Format
MPRMulti-Path Routing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MPRESS[Mathematik-Literaturservice/mathematics literature service]
MPSMathematical and Physical Sciences
MPSMax-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung (Katlenburg-Lindau)
MPSMax Planck Society (= MPG in deutschen Texten)
MPSMission Planning System (Satelliten-Fernerkundung/satellie remote sensing)
MPSMononuclear Phagocyte System
MPSDMax Planck Research Group (or: Department) for Structural Dynamics (Hamburg)
MPSRMulti-Path Self Routing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MPTMid-Pleistocene Transition (Klimageschichte/climate history)
MPTMinistry of Post and Telecommunications (Japan)
MPTMulti-Port Tubing (HPC)
MPTPMethylphenyltetrahydropyridin (löst Parkinson-Krankheit aus)
MPUMaster Processing Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MPVMulti-Purpose Vehicle
MPWSMulti-Protocol Wavelength Switching (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MP3MPEG Layer 3 [Dateinamenerweiterung: Audio-Datei/file name extension: audio file]
MQMartinique (ISO 3166)
MQWMultiple Quantum Well
MRMagnetresonanz (-Tomographie)
MRMauretanien/Mauritania (ISO 3166)
MRMeasurement Report
MRAMutual Recognition Arrangement (Metrologie/metrology)
MRAMMagnetic (or: Magnetoresistive) Random Access Memory
MRAOMullard Radio Astronomy Observatory (bei/near Cambridge, UK)
MRAVMixed Reality Audio-Visual (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MRBMain Reference Burst
MRBMMedium-Range Ballistic Missile
MRCMedical Research Council (UK)
M.R.C.S.Member(ship) of Royal College of Surgeons (UK)
MRCTMobile Radio Conformance Test
MRDMobile Radio Division (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MREMagnetic Resonance Elastography
MREmagnetorheologisches Elastomer
MREFCMajor Research Equipment and Facilities Construction (NSF)
MRFMagnetorheological Finishing (optische Linsen/optical lenses)
MRFMagnetorheological Fluid
MRF(Multi)Media Resource Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MRFMMagnetic Resonance Force Microscope (or: Microscopy)
MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging
MRIMagnetorotational Instability, Magnetorotationsinstabilität (Astronomie/astronomy)
MRMMesh Reduction Method(s)
mRNAMessenger RNA
MROMagdalena Ridge Observatory (New Mexico, USA)
MROMaintenance, Repair and Overhaul
MRPMarket Representation Partners (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MRPMaterial(s) (or: Manufacturing) Resource Planning
MRSMagnetic-Recoil Spectrometer
MRSMajor Resources Support (Canadian grant program)
MRSMaterials Research Society (USA)
MRSMedia Resource Service (SIPI)
MRSAMethicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (Medizin/medicine)
MRSECMaterials Research Science and Engineering Center (NSF, Arlington, VA, USA)
MRTMulti Role Transporter (der Luftwaffe/of the Air Force)
MSMagnetic Field Surveying
MSMass Spectrometry (or: Spectrometer)
M.S.Master of Science
MSMedia Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSMember State
MSMississippi (US-Staat/US state)
MSMobile Station (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSMontserrat (ISO 3166)
MSMultiple Sklerose/Multiple Sklerosis
MSAMicroscopy Society of America
MSAMultisource Agreement (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
MSAMMulti-Service Access Multiplexer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSANMulti-Service Access Node (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSASMulti-Function Transport Satellite-Based Augmentation System (Satellitennavigation/satellite navigation, Japan)
MSBBMulti-Standard Baseband (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSCMaritime Safety Committee
M.Sc.Master of Science
MSCMesenchymale Stammzellen
MSCMessage Sequence Chart (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSCMobile (Services) Switching Centre (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSDMass Selective Detector
MSDMean Square Displacement
MSDMinimum Set of Data (Kfz-Notrufsystem)
MS-DOSMicrosoft Disk Operating System
MSEMission Success Evaluation
MSEMean Square Error
MSEmittlere Schmerzempfindlichkeit
MSEMobilstations-Emulator (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSECMaterials Science, Engineering, and Commercialization (Texas State University Program, USA)
MSFMid-Spatial Frequency
MSFMulti Stage Flash Exploration (Meerwasserentsalzung/method for seawater desalting)
MSFCMarshall Space Flight Center (NASA, Huntsville, AL, USA)
MSGMeteosat Second Generation (seit/since 2003)
MSGMicrogravity Science Glovebox (ISS)
MSGCMicro-Strip Gas Detector
MSIMaster in Scientific Instrumentation
MSIMedium Scale Integration
MSISDNMobile Station ISDN Number
MSKMinimum (or: Maximum) Shift Keying (Datenübertragung/data transmission)
MSLMars Science Laboratory
MSLMaterials Science Laboratory (at ISS)
MSMMagnetic Shape Memory (actuator)
MSMMetal-Semiconductor-Metal (Photodetektoren/photodetectors)
MSNMicrosoft Network (Datennetz/data network)
MSNMoscow Society of Naturalists
MSNMulti-Service Node (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSOMixed-Signal Oscilloscope
MSOMulti-Service Operator (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSOMultiple Systems Operators (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSOEMilwaukee School of Engineering (WI, USA)
MSOPMini Small Outline Package (SMD-Gehäuse/casing)
MSOTMultispectral Optoacoustic Tomography
MSPMale Shopping Pattern
MSPMobile Service Provider (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSPMultiplex Section Protection
MSPPMulti-Service Provisioning Platform (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSRMobile Station Receiver Diversity (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSRMolten-Salt Reactor
μSRMuon Spin Rotation
MSRAMultistandard Radio Analyzer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSRCMicrosoft Research in Cambridge (UK)
MSRIMathematical Science(s) Research Institute (Berkeley, CA, USA)
MSRTMulti Standard Real-Time (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSSMAN Switching System
MSSManaged Security Services (Datensicherheit/data security)
MSSMass Storage System
MSSMobile Satellite System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSSMMinimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (Elementarteilchen/elementary particles)
MS-SPMultiple Section – Section Protection (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MS-SPRINGMultiple(xer) Section Shared Protection Ring (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSSUMissouri Southern State University (USA)
MSTMinimal Spanning Tree (Signalanalyse/signal analysis)
MSTMultiple Spanning Tree (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSTPMultiple Spanning Tree Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSTPMulti-Service Transmission Platform (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MSTVMaximum Service Television
MSUMichigan State University (USA)
MSUMississippi State University (USA)
MSUMontana State University (USA)
MSUMoscow State University
MSVModularized Start Version (FAIR)
MSWMedia Switch
MSYMaximal Sustained Yield (Ökonomie/economy)
MTMalta (ISO 3166)
MTMontana (US-Staat/US state)
MTAMagyar Tudományos Akadáemia (Ungarische Akademie der Wissenschaften/Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
MTAMaterials Testing Accelerator
MTAMedizinisch-technische(r) Assistent(in)
MTAMulti-Threaded Computing (Parallelrechner/parallel computer)
mTANmobile Transaktionsnummer
MTARMultidisciplinary Trends in Academic Research (Conference series)
MtbMycobacterium tuberculosis (Tbc-Erreger)
MTBMotion-Tracked Binaural (sound recording)
MTBEMean Time Between Error Events
MTBFMean Time Before Failure (or: Between Failures)
MTBRMean Time Before Resynchronization
MTBSEMean Time Between Service Events
μTCMikrotribologie Centrum (Karlsruhe)
MTCOMinimum Total Cost of Ownership
MTCRMissile Technology Control Regime
MTDMounted (optische Linsen/optical lenses)
mtDNAmitochondriale DNA
MTFModulation Transfer Function
MTFFMan-Tended Free-Flyer (Raumfahrt/spaceccraft)
MTGMarine-Technik-Gesellschaft (Hamburg)
MTGMikroelektronik- und Technologiegesellschaft (Ostdeutschland)
MTHELMobile Testbed High-Energy Laser (US Army)
MTJMagnetic Tunnel Junction
MTMMechanical Test Model
MTNMountain (US Mail)
MTNMultilateral Trade Negotiations
MTOMars Telecom Orbiter
mTORMammal (or: Mechanistic) Target of Rapamycin (a protein)
MTPMessage Transfer Part
MTSMethods for Testing and Specification (TC im/in the ETSI)
MTSatMultifunctional Transport Satellite
MTSUMiddle Tennessee State University (USA)
MTTFMean Time to Failure
MTTRMean Time to Repair (or: Restore)
MTUMulti-Tenant Unit
MTVMusic Television Video
MUMauritius (ISO 3166)
MUDMulti User Dungeon (or: Dimension, or: Dialog, or: Detection) (Rechnernetz-Spiele/computer-net games)
MUFAMono Unsaturated Fatty Acids (einfach ungesättigte Fettsäuren)
MuKMedien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft
MULTOPSMulti-Level Tree for Online Packet Statistics (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MUNINMaritime Unmanned Navigation through Intelligence and Networks (EU project, since Sep. 2012)
MuPADMulti-Processing Algebra Data (Tool)
MUPUSMulti-Purpose Sensors for Surface and Sub-Surface Science (Rosetta project)
MURAMidwestern Universities Research Association (USA)
MURIMultidisciplinary University Research Initiative
MURRMissouri–Columbia's University Research Reactor
MUSCMicrogravity User Support Center (DLR, Köln-Porz, DE)
MUSEMulti Unit Spectroscopic Explorer
MUSEMultiple Sub-Nyquist-Sampling Encoding
MUSEMyon Proton Scattering Experiment
MUSESMulti-User Systems for Earth Sensing (DLR, ISS)
MUSICMultiple Signal Classification
MUSICSelf-Adapting Applications for Mobile Users in Ubiquitous Computing Environmentals
MUSICAMMasking Pattern Adapted Universal Subband Integrated Coding and Multiplexing (Digitalrundfunk/digital broadcast)
MUSICESMusical Instrument Computed Tomography Examination Standard
MUTMicromachined Ultrasonic Transducer
MVMalediven/Maldives (ISO 3166)
MVMecklenburg-Vorpommern (Bundesland/German Federal State)
MVAMarket Value Added
MVAMultivariate Data Analysis
MVBMulti-Vehicle Bus (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
MVDMinimum Vector Dispersion (Bildverarbeitung/picture processing)
MVDRMinimum Variance Distortionless Response (Signalverarbeitung/signal processing)
MVIPMulti-Vendor Integration Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MVNOMobile Virtual Network Operator(s) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MVSTMultilayer Vertically Stacked Capacitors
MVTSMultivariable Technological Systems (IFAC Symposium)
MWMalawi (ISO 3166)
MWAMileura Widefield Array (Astrophysik/astrophysics, Antennen/antennae)
MWBDMarine Wildlife Behavior Database
MWIFMobile Wireless Internet Forum (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MWKMinisterium für Wissenschaft und Kunst
MWLIMultiwavelength Interferometer
MWNMünchner Wissenschaftsnetz
MWNTMulti Wall(ed) Nanotubes
MWPMountain Wave Project
MWRMicrowave Radiometer (ENVISAT)
MXMexiko/Mexico (ISO 3166)
MXCDmagnetischer Röntgenzirkulardichroismus
MXFMaterial Exchange Format
Mx-MACMulti-Standard Medium Access Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
MXPAMulticore Cross-Platform Architecture (computer design)
MYMalaysia (ISO 3166)
MyaMillion years ago
MYIMultilayer Ice (in the Arctic Sea)
MyrMegayears (106 years)
M-ZMach-Zehnder (Interferometer, Modulator)
MZMoçambique/Mozambique (ISO 3166)
M2EMouth-to-Ear (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
M2MMohole to the Mantle (ocean drilling project)
M2OLIEMannheim Molecular Intervention Environment (Krebsforschung/cancer research)
M3DMaskless Mesoscale Material Deposition
M3RMarine Mammal Monitoring (Meeresbiologie/marine biology)


n...Nano... (Präfix/prefix): 10-9
NANamibia (ISO 3166)
NANetwork Aspects (TC im/in the ETSI)
NAnumerische Apertur (Optik)
NAALNetwork of Alabama Academic Libraries
NAASCNorth American ALMA Science Center (Charlottesville, VA, USA)
NABNational Association of Broadcasters (of America)
NABUNaturschutzbund Deutschland
NACNoise Abatement Criteria (FHWA)
NACANational Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (USA)
NACCHNetwork Access and Connectivity Channel (Datenübertragung/data transmission)
NACCBNational Accreditation Council for Certification Bodies (UK)
NACFNetwork Access Configuration Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NACKNo Acknowledgement (or: Not Acknowledged) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NACLIMNorth Atlantic Climate
NACPNational Aids Coordination Program (Simbabwe)
NACRENew Aircraft Concepts Research
NADNetwork Access Domain (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NADNetwork Application Division (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NADNorth Atlantic Drift (Golfstrom/Gulf Stream)
NAENational Academy of Engineering (USA)
NAECONNational Aerospace and Electronics Conference (USA)
NAFTANorth American Free Trade Area
NAGNumerical Algorithms Group (UK)
NAGINELSNon-Aggressive Glass Internal Engraving System
NAHNearfield Acoustic Holography
NAHSCNational Automated Highway System Consortium (San Diego, CA, USA)
NAIASNorth American International Auto Show
NAISNationally Adopted International Standards
NALNetwork Abstraction Layer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NALSNormenausschuss Akustik, Lärmminderung und Schwingungstechnik
NAMNominally Anhydrous Mineral (Geologie/geology)
NAMNon-Absorbing Mirror (laser technology)
NAMASNational Measurement Accreditation Service (UK)
NAMC[Laboratoire de] Neurobiologie de l'Apprentissage de la Mémoire et de la Communication
(Neurobiology of Learning, Memory and Commmunication) (CNRS, Univ. Paris-Sud, FR)
NAMDNanoscale Molecular Dynamics Program
NAMEMNational Agency of Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring (Ulanbator, Mongolia)
NAMURNormenausschuss Mess- und Regeltechnik
NANDNeurotechnologies for Analysis and of Neural Dynamics (course at Princeton University, USA)
NANGOGravNanohertz Gravitational Wave Observatory (at WVU et al.)
NANOTHERIntegration of Novel Nanoparticle Based Technology for Therapeutics and Diagnosis of Different Types of Cancer (EU project)
NANSCNational Air Navigation Service Company (Cairo Airport, Egypt)
NAONordatlantische Oszillation (Meteorologie/meteorology)
NAOCNational Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Science
NAOJNational Astronomical Observatory of Japan
NAOSNasmyth Adaptive Optics System (für/for ESO-VLT)
NAPNetwork Access Point (Internet)
NA-PACNorth American Particle Accelerator Conference
NAPLEXNorth American Pharmacists Licensure Exam
NAPLSNorth American Prodrome Longitudinal Study
NAPPNational Association of Patent Practitioners (USA)
NAPTNetwork Address and Port Translator (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NARAUnited States National Archives and Records Administration (College Park, MD, USA)
NARDINational Agricultural Research and Development Institute (Funduela, RO)
NARICNational Academic Recognition Information Centre (EU)
NARMAXNonlinear Autoregressive Moving Average with Exogeneous Input
NARPANational Advanced Research Projects Agency
NARTBNational Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters (USA)
NASNASA Advanced Supercomputing (division)
NASNational Academy of Sciences (USA)
NASNetwork Access Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NASNetwork Attached Storage
NASNoise Abatement Society
NASNon Access Stratum (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NAS[Scandinavian Acoustical Society]
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Agency (or: Administration) (USA)
NASBRNorth American Society for Bat Research
NASDANational Aeronautics and Space Development Agency (Japan)
NASMNational Air and Space Museum (Washington, DC, USA)
NASPNational Aerospace Plane
NASSNetwork Access Subsystem (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NA/STAGNetwork Aspects/Security Techniques Advisory Group (TC im/in the ETSI)
NASTARNational Aerospace Training and Research (Center in Pennsylvania, USA)
NATNational Accreditation Board (HU)
NATNetwork Address Translation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NATNitric Acid Trihydrate (HNO3·3(H2O))
NATLASNational Testing Laboratory Accreditation Service (UK)
NATONorth-Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAUNorthern Arizona University
NAVANeurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist (künstliche Beatmung/artificial respiration)
NAVSTARNavigational Satellite Timing and Ranging (GPS-System, seit 17. Juli 1995)
NAWDEXNorth Atlantic Waveguide and Downstream Impact Experiment (DLR)
NBNew Brunswick (Province of Canada)
NBNormal Burst (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NBAPNode B Application Part (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NBAP-dNode B Application Part Dedicated (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NBINational Bureau of Investigation (SF)
NBINeutral-Beam Injection (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology)
NBICNanotechnologies, Biotechnologies, Information and Communication Technologies
NBIFLNational Bureau of Investigation Forensic Laboratory (SF)
NBLNiels Bohr Library
NBMANon-Broadcast Multiple Access
NB-RASNarrowband Remote Access Server (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NBRFNational Biomedical Research Foundation (USA)
NBSNational Blood Service (UK)
NBSNational Bureau of Standards (USA), now: NIST
NCNetwork Computer
NCNeukaledonien/New Caledonia (ISO 3166)
NCNoise Criteria
NCNon-Copyright Compliant (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NCNorth Carolina (US-Staat/US state)
NCNumeric Control
NCANetherlands Centre on Animal Use
NCACNational Council of Acoustical Consultants (USA)
nc-AFMNon-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy
NCALMNational Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NSF, USA)
NCAPNew Car Assessment Program (EU-Norm, Kfz/EU standard for cars)
NCARNational Center for Atmospheric Research (Boulder, CO, USA)
NCASNational Centre for Atmospheric Science (UK)
NcatsNational Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA)
NCBBalanced Noise Criteria
NCCNational Computing Centre (UK)
NCCNetwork Color Code (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NCCNetwork Control Centre (Datennetz/data network)
NCCRNational Centre of Competence in Research
NCCUNorth Carolina Central University (Durham, NC, USA)
NCDCNational Climatic Data Center (USA)
NCDSNational Consortium for Data Science (USA)
NCEJNoise Control Engineering Journal
NCEPNational Center for Environmental Prediction (weather forecast)
NCESNational Center for Education Statistics (USA)
NCHRPNational Cooperative Highway Research Program (USA)
NCINational Cancer Institute (Bethesda, MD, USA)
NCINational Computing Infrastructure (Australian National University in Canberra)
NCINon-Coded Information
NCICBNational Cancer Institute Center for Bioinformatics (Bethesda, MD, USA)
NCKUNational Cheng Kung University (Tainan, Taiwan, ROC)
NCLNidopallium Caudolaterale (im Vogelgehirn/in birds' brain)
NCLBNo Child Left Behind Act (USA)
NCLDVNucleocytoplasmic Large DNA Virus
NCLRNetherlands Centrum voor Laser Research
NCMHNational Centre for Mental Health (Wales, UK)
NCMNNebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience (USA)
NCMRWFNational Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (Noida, India)
NCNRNIST Center for Neutron Research (Gaithersburg, MD, USA)
NCONumerically Controlled Oscillator (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NCPNational Contact Point (ESPRIT)
NCPANational Center for Physical Acoustics (University of Mississippi, USA)
ncRNANon-Coding RNA
NCRCNational Canada Research Council
NCRCNational Consumer Research Centre (Finland)
NCRISNational Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (Australia)
NCRPNational Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (USA)
NCRRNational Center for Research Resources (NIH, USA)
NCSNatural Color System
NCSNetwork Control System (Datennetz/data network)
NCSNon-Crystallographic Symmetry (Festkörperphysik/solid state physics)
NCSANational Center for (or: of) Supercomputing Applications (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
NCSANational Sound and Communications Association (USA)
NCSENational Center for Science Education (USA)
NCSUNorth Carolina State University
NCSXNational Compact Stellarator Experiment (Fusionsreaktorprojekt, USA, aufgegeben/US fusion reactor project, abandoned 2008)
NCTNationales Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen (Heidelberg)
NCTUNational Chiao Tung University (Taiwan)
NCUNational Central University (Jhongli City, Taiwan)
NDNorth Dakota (US-Staat/US state)
NDANew Drug Application
NDAANational Defense Authorization Act (USA)
NDBCNational Data Buoy Center (USA)
NDCNormalized Device Coordinates
NDDONew Drug Development Office (Amsterdam, NL, EORTC)
NDENon-Destructive Evaluation
NDGFNordic Data Grid Facility (DK, FI, NO, SE Allianz/alliance)
NDINaphthalindiimid (Schadstoffdetektor)
NDINondestructive Inspection
NDIANational Defense Industrial Association (USA)
NDMANetwork Diversity Multiple Access (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NDNADNational DNA Database (UK)
NDRNorddeutscher Rundfunk
NDRNext Data Rate (Datenübertragung/data transmission)
NDRCNational Defense Research Committee (USA)
NDSNetware Directory Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NDSNuclear Detection System (USA)
NDSCNetwork for Detection of Atmospheric Change
NDSUNorth Dakota State University (USA)
NDTNondestructive Testing
NDVINormalized Difference Vegetation Index, Normierter differenzierter Vegetationsindex
n.d.Z.nach der Zeitenwende (= nach Christus/after Christ)
NENebraska (US-Staat/US state)
NENetwork Element (or: Equipment) (Internet)
NENiger (ISO 3166)
NEANear Earth Asteroid
NEANuclear Energy Agency
NEACPNational Emergency Airborne Command Post
NEARNear Earth Asteroid Rendezvous
NEASRNear-Earth Asteroid Sample Return (Satelliten/satellites)
NEBSNetwork Equipment Building System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NECSANuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa
NeCTARNational e-Research Collaboration Tools and Resources (AU)
NEDNanoemissive Display (Flachbildschirm/flat screen)
NEDNASA Extragalactical Database
NEDNon-Exponentially Degraded (protein)
NEDLIBNetworked European Deposit Library
NEDONew Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (Japan)
NEEMNorth Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling Project
NefNegative Factor (Protein)
NEFNoise Exposure Forecast
NEFZNeuer Europäischer Fahrzyklus (Kfz-Test/car standard test)
NEHERCNew England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (USA)
NEHINanotechnology Environmental and Health Implications (USA)
NEINeural-Electrical Interface (Gehirn-Implantat/brain implant)
NEINuclear Energy Institute
NEIUNortheastern Illinois University (USA)
NEJMNew England Journal of Medicine
NELNational Engineering Laboratory (UK)
NELNetwork Element Layer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NELAPNational Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program
NELENear-End Listening Enhancement (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NELHANatural Energy Lab of Hawaii Authority
NELSNorth European LORAN-C System
NELTANetzwerk Elektrische Leichtbau-Traktionsantriebe (LBF)
NEMNetwork Element Manager (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NEMANational Electrical Manufacturers' Association
NEMONano-Based Capsule-Endoscopy with Molecular Imaging and Optical Biopsy (Medizintechnik/medicine technology)
NeMoNetwork and Money (or: Modem) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NEMONucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean
NEMSNano-Electro-Mechanical System
NEnANano-Entrepreneurship Academy
NEONear-Earth Object (or: Orbit)
NEOCamNear-Earth Object Camera
NEODySNear-Earth Objects Dynamic Site (astronomy)
NEOMANear Earth Objects Mission Advisory Panel (USA)
NEPANational Environmental Policy Act (USA)
NEPADNew Partnership for Africa's Development
NepJOLNepal Journals Online
NERCNational Environment Information Centre (UK)
NERCNorth American Electric Reliability Corporation
NERSCNational Energy Research Scientific Computing [Center] (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA, USA)
NeSCNational e-Science Centre (UK)
NESSNonequilibrium Steady State
NESTNew and Emerging Science and Technology (EU, FP6)
NESTNuclear Energy Search (or: Support) Team (USA, seit/since 1974)
net[Network Organization] (Internet, USA)
NETNew Energy Technology (Solartechnik/solar technology)
NETLNational Energy Technology Laboratory (USA)
NEURONANOTowards New Generations of Neuro-Implantable Devices: Engineering Neurons/Carbon Nanotubes Integrated Functional Units (EU project)
NEWNational Engineers Weck
NEWSDevelopment of a Next Generation European Inland Waterway Ship and Logistics System
NEWSNonlinear Elastic Wave Spectroscopy
NEXNarita Express (Zug zwischen Flughafen und Tokio/train between airport and Tokyo, JP)
NExScINASA Exoplanet Science Institute (USA)
NEXTNear-End Crosstalk
NEXUSNetwork of Excellence on Multifunctional Microsystems
NFNew Foundland (Province of Canada)
NFNoise Factor
NFNorfolkinsel/Norfolk Island (ISO 3166)
NFANational Fire Agency (z.B./e.g. Taiwan)
NFCNear Field Communication (Smart Card)
NFCFNanoscale Fabrication and Characterization Facility (University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
NFDNatural Frequency Deviation
NfDNur für den Dienstgebrauch (Geheimhaltung/secrecy)
NFFNiedersächsisches Forschungszentrum Fahrzeugtechnik (Braunschweig)
NFHNear-Field Holography
NFIBNational Federation of Independent Business (USA)
NFLNational Football League (USA)
NFLNiedersächsisches Forschungszentrum für Luftfahrt (Braunschweig)
NFONew-Forest Observatory (kleines Teleskop in einem Wald in Südengland/a small telescope in Southern England)
NFODDNear-Field Optical Disk Drive (Datenspeicher/data storage)
NFOECNational Fiber Optic Engineers Conference
NFPNationales Forschungsprogramm (Schweiz)
NFSNationale Forschungsschwerpunkte (Schweiz)
NFSNetwork File System
NFSNeuartige Fahrzeugstrukturen
NGNew (or: Next) Generation
NGNigeria (ISO 3166)
NGBFNext Generation Broadcasting Forum
NGCNew General Catalogue (Astronomie/astronomy)
NGCNext Generation Car
NGDLCNext Generation Digital Loop Carrier (Kommunikation/communication)
NGFNerve Growth Factor
NGINational Grid Initiative
NGINorwegian Geotechnical Institute
ngHLRNext Generation Home Location Register
NGLNext Generation Lithography
NGLSNext Generation Light Source
NGMNNext Generation Mobile Networks (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NGNNext Generation Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NGNPNext Generation Nuclear Plant (USA, geplant für etwa 2020/planned for around 2020)
NGONew Gravitational-Wave Observatory
NGONon-Government Organization
NGOSSNew Generation Operations Systems and Software
NGOSSNext Generation Operations Support Systems
NGRIPNorth Greenland Ice Core Project
NGSNational Grid Service (UK)
NGSNext-Generation Sequence (or: Sequencing) (analysis)
NGSONon-Geostationary Satellite Orbit
NGSTNext Generation Space Telescope (Nachfolger des Hubble-Teleskops, geplant/planned successor of the Hubble Space Telescope)
NGTNext Generation Train (DLR-Projekt, 2007–2013)
NG-TURBNext Generation Turbíne (for aircraft)
NHNew Hampshire (US-Staat/US state)
NHANESNational Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (USA)
NHCANational Hearing Conservation Association (USA)
NHETCNew High Energy Theory Center (Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, USA)
NHINational Heart Institute (USA)
NHINational Highway Institute (USA)
NHKNippon hoso kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
NHLINational Heart and Lung Institute (USA)
NHMNatural History Museum (London)
NHMFLNational High Magnetic Field Laboratory (Tallahassee, FL; Los Alamos, NM, USA)
NHNnachhaltige Holznutzung
NHSNational Health Service (UK)
NHSNewborne Hearing Screening
NHSNurses Health Study (USA)
NHTSANational Highway Traffic Safety Administration (USA)
NINetwork Infrastructure (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NINetwork Intelligence (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NINetwork Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NINicaragua (ISO 3166)
NINiedersachsen (Bundesland/German Federal State)
NINorthern Ireland
NIANational Information Agency (South Korea)
NIAIDNational Institute of Allergy and Infectuous Diseases (USA)
NIAMENecessary Information About a Microarray Experiment
NIAMSNational Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases
NIASNetherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences
NIBNon-Interference Basis (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NIBHINorthwest Institute for Biohealth Informatics (Manchester, UK)
NIBIBNational Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering
NICNational Ignition Campaign (USA)
NICNetwork Information Center
NICNetwork Interface Card (or: Chip)
NICJohn von Neumann Institute for Computing (Jülich, DE)
NICANuclotron-Based Ion Collider (JINR, RU)
NICERNeutron Star Interior Composition Explorer
NICETRIPNovel Innovative Competitive Effective Tilt Rotor Integrated Project (EU)
NICHDNational Institute of Child Health and Human Development (Bethesda, MD, USA)
NICHESNew and Innovative Concepts for Helping European Transport Sustainability (EU Projekt/project)
NICMOSNear Infared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
NICONorthwestern Institute on Complex Systems (Northwestern University, USA)
NICPBNational Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (Tallinn, Estonia)
NICSNational Institute for Computational Sciences (University of Tennessee, USA)
NICSNucleus Independent Chemical Shift
NICTNational Institute of Information and Communications Technology (Japan)
NICTANational Information and Communication Technology Center Australia
NICUNeonatal Intensive Care Unit
NIDNetwork Integration Division (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NIDNetwork Interface Device (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NIDANational Institute on Drug Abuse (Rockville, MD, USA)
NIDCDNational Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (Bethesda, MD, USA)
NIDDKNational Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (USA)
NIEHSNational Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (USA)
NIFNational Ignition Facility (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, CA, USA)
NIFFTENeutron Induced Fission Fragment Tracking Experiment
NIFSNational Institute for Fusion Science (Toki City, Japan)
NIHNational Institute of Health (USA)
NIHLNoise-Induced Hearing Loss
NIHRNational Institute for Health Research (London, UK)
NILNanoimprint Lithography
NILEGNiedersächsische Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft
NILUNorwegisches Institut für Luftuntersuchungen
NIMNanosystems Initiative Munich (DE)
NIMNegative Index Material (negativer optischer Brechungsindex/negative optical diffraction index)
NIMANational Imagery and Mapping Agency (USA)
NIMENetwork Information Management Entities (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NIMETNanoscience Institute for Medical and Engineering Technologies (University of Florida, USA)
NIMHNational Institute of Mental Health (Bethesda, MD, USA)
NiMHNickel-Metal Hydride (Akku/accumulator)
NIMSNational Institute for Materials Science (Tsukuba, Japan)
NIMSNear-Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (Galileo)
NINNormal Metal–Insulator–Normal Metal (Nanostructure)
NINENational Institute for Nano-Engineering (Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico, USA)
NINJANumerical Injection Analysis (astrophysics)
NINPNational Institute of Nuclear Physics (IT)
NINTNorthwest Institute of Nuclear Technology (China)
NIOSHNational Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (USA)
NIPAN-Isopropylacrylamide (hydrogel)
NIRIMNational Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials (Japan)
NIRSNear Infrared Spectroscopy, Nahinfrarotspektroskopie
NIRVNederlands Instituut voor Ruimtevaart
NISNew Independent States (frühere Sowjetunion/former Soviet Union)
NISNormal Metal–Insulator–Superconductor (Nanostructure)
NISACNational Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center (USA, seit/since 1999)
NISCAIRNational Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (India)
NISENanoscale Informal Science Education (Network; NSF, USA, seit/since 2005)
NISMNoninvasive Stability Margin (measurement for electronic equipment)
NISONational Information Standards Organization (USA)
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology (USA, vormals/formerly NBS)
N-ISUPNarrowband ISDN User Part (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NITNational Institute of Technology (India)
NITNetwork Information Table
NIThePNational Institute of Theoretical Physics (South Africa)
NitinolNickel-Titanium [intermetallic compound developed by the] Naval Ordnance Laboratory (1963)
NITSNoise-Induced Threshold Shift
NJNew Jersey (US-Staat/US state)
NJITNew Jersey Institute of Technology
NJPNew Journal of Physics
NKNationalkomitee für Kristallographie
N.K.V.M.Neue Künstlervereinigung München (1909, Expressionisten)
NKWD[Narodny Kommissariat Wnutrennich Del] (sowjetischer Geheimdienst/Soviet Secret Service)
NLNiederlande/Netherlands (ISO 3166)
NLBVNiedersächsisches Landesamt für Bezüge und Versorgung
NLCNational Laser Center (South Africa)
NLCNext Linear Collider
NLCTANext Linear Collider Test Accelerator
NLENon-Linear Effect
NLESNavigation Land Earth Stations (GPS)
NLfB-GGANiedersächsisches Landesamt für Bodenforschung – Geowissenschaftliche Gemeinschaftsaufgaben (Hannover)
NLMNational Library of Medicine (UK and USA)
NLMNearest-Loudspeaker Mapping
NLOSNone Line of Sight (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NLPNatural Language Processing
NLPNeuro-Linguistic Programming
NLRNationaal Lucht- en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium, Niederländisches Luft- und Raumfahrtlaboratorium
NLRNoise Level Reduction
NLRBNational Labor Relations Board (USA)
NLRCNASA Langley Research Center (Hampton, VA, USA)
NLSNew Light Source (UK)
NLSNonlinear Least Squares (Parameterschätzung/parameter estimation)
NLUNatural Language Understanding (Sprachverarbeitung/speech processing)
NLWKNNiedersächsischer Landesbetrieb für Wasserwirtschaft, Küsten- und Naturschutz
NMNautical Mile/nautische Meile (1 NM = 1852 m)
NMNetwork Manager (or: Management) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NMNew Mexico (US-Staat/US state)
NMNeuer Markt
NMANorwegian Mapping and Cadastre Authority
NMCNetwork Management Centre (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NMCNew Mexico Consortium
NMDNational Missile Defense (USA)
NMDNeuromuscular Disease
NMEANational Marine Electronics Organization (GPS, Galileo)
NMFSNational Marine Fisheries Service (USA)
NMINatural Marketing Institute (USA)
NMINetwork Management Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NMINSF Middleware Initiative
NMiTENew Model in Technology & Engineering (UK)
NMLNetwork Management Layer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NMNNiedersächsischer Monographiennachweis
NMONetwork Mode of Operation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NMPNitroxide-Mediated Polymerization
NMRNetwork Measure Radio (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NMRNetwork Measurement Results (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NMRNuclear Magnetic Resonance
NMR-MOUSENuclear Magnetic Resonance Mobile Universal Surface Explorer
NMSNational Measurement System (UK)
NMSNetwork Management System (Rechnernetz/computer network)
NMSINational Math and Science Initiative (USA)
NMSUNew Mexico State University (Las Cruces, NM, USA)
NMTNoise Monitoring Terminal
NMTNordic Mobile Telephone
NNNeural Network
NNCINational Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (USA)
NNINational Nanotechnology Initiative (USA)
NNINetwork to Node (or: Network) Interface (Rechnernetz/computer network)
NNINoise/News International (Journal)
NNINNational Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network
NNLNational Nuclear Laboratory (UK)
NNMINational Network for Manufacturing Innovation (USA)
NNPANuclear Non-Proliferation Act
NNSANational Nuclear Security Administration (DOE, USA)
NNSSNavy Navigation Satellite System (USA)
NNSSNavada National Security Site
NNTTNational New Technology Telescope (USA, war geplant, ist aber nicht realisiert/abandoned)
NNVNederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging
NONorwegen/Norway (ISO 3166)
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Princeton, NJ, USA)
NOAENetwork of Automotive Excellence
NOAONational Optical Astronomy Observatory (USA)
NOCNetwork Operating (or: Operation(s)) Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NODCNational Oceanographic Data Center (NOAA, Silver Spring, MD, USA)
NODENanowire-Based One-Dimensional Electronics (EU project)
NoENetwork of Excellence
NOENeutrino Oscillation Experiment (Gran Sasso, IT)
NOEKSNonlinear Optics and Excitation Kinetics in Semiconductors
NOESYNuclear Overhauser Effect Spectroscopy
NOISENoise Observation and Information Service for Europe
NOISE-CONNational Conference on Noise Control Engineering (USA)
NOLNaval Ordnance Laboratory (USA)
NOLMNonlinear Optical-Loop Mirror
NOMADNeutrino Oscillation Magnetic Detector (CERN)
NOMADNovel Materials Discovery
NOMSNetwork Operations and Management
NOνANuMi Off-Axis Electron Neutrino Appearance
NOPSEMANational Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (Australia)
NORANon-Obvious Relationship Analysis
NORADNorth American Air (or: Aerospace) Defense (Command)
NORDITANordic Institute for Theoretical Physics (Copenhagen, DK; since autumn 2006: Stockholm, SE)
Nord/LBNorddeutsche Landesbank
NOSNational Optical Society (in Europe)
NOSNetwork Operating System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NOSAMSNational Ocean Sciences Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (facility at WHOI)
NoSQLNot only SQL
NOVEMNoise and Vibration: Emerging Methods (Conference series)
NOWNationale Organisation Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellentechnologie
NOWNetwork of Workstaions
NoWNetworks on Wheels
NPNepal (ISO 3166)
NPNondeterministic Polynomial
NPNuclear Physics
NPANetwork Performance Analysis (or: Analyzer) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NPCNomadic Personal Communications
NPCNuclear Pore Complex (Zellbiologie/cell biology)
NPDGammaReaction n + p → D + γ (neutron and proton converted into deuteron and photon)
NPENationale Plattform Elektromobilität (in Deutschland)
NPENetwork Protection Equipment (Kommunikation/communication)
NPENuclear Physics Electronic
NPGNature Publishing Group
NPINorwegian Polar Institute
NPLNational Physical Laboratory (Teddington, UK)
NPLNon-Patent Literature
NPMLNearly Perfect Matched Layer (absorber of structure-borne sound)
NPOINavy Prototype Optical Interferometer (Lowell Observatory, Anderson Mesa, near Flagstaff, AZ, USA)
NPOESSNational Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (Wettersatellit/weather satellite)
NPPNational Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System Preparatory Project
NPPNet Primary Production (Pflanzenmasse/plant mass)
NPPPNuclear Proliferation Prevention Project
NPRNational Public Radio
NPRCNeuroscience Peer Review Consortium
NPRE[Department of] Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
NPRMNotice of Proposed Rulemaking (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NPSNanoplasmatic Sensing
NPSNational Park Service (USA)
NPSNaval Postgraduate School (Monterey, CA, USA)
NPT[Nuclear] Non-Proliferation Treaty (Atomsperrvertrag)
NPUNeuromorphic Processing Unit
NPVNet Present Value (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NQDINetwork Quality Data Investigator (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NQRNuclear Quadrupole Resonance
NRNauru (ISO 3166)
NRNaval Reactors (US Government office)
NRNoise Rating
NRAONational Radio Astronomy Observatory (Green Banks, WV, USA)
NRARNumerical-Relativity and Analytical-Relativity (astrophysics)
NRCNational Research Council (USA)
NRCNetwork Resource Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NRCNetwork Routing Chip
NRCNon-Resonant Cavity (LED)
NRCNuclear Regulatory Commission
NRCanCanadian Ministry of Natural Resources
NRCTNational Research Council of Thailand
NRDCNational Research and Development Corporation (London, GB)
NRDCNatural Resources Defense Council (New York, NY, USA)
NRENon-Recurring Engineering and Tooling (Produktions-Kostenanalyse/analysis of production costs)
NRELNational Renewable Energy Laboratory (Golden, CO, USA)
NRENNational Research and Education Network (USA et al.)
NRFNanoscale Research Facility (University of Florida, USA)
NRFNational Research Foundation (Singapore)
NRINewton-Raphson Inverse (Algorithmus/algorithm)
NRIMNational Research Institute for Metals (Tsukuba, Japan)
NRIMNetwork Resource Information Model
NRLNaval Research Laboratory (Washington, DC, USA)
NRLNeural Retina-Specific Leucine Zipper Protein
NRMPNational Resident Matching Program (USA)
NRONational Reconnaissance Office (USA)
NRPNorwich Research Park
NRQMNichtrelativistische Quantenmechanik
NRRNoise Reduction Rating (acoustics)
NRSANational Research Service Award (USA)
NRSLNavy Radio and Sound Laboratory (San Diego, CA, USA)
NRTNon-Real Time
nrtPSNon Real-Time Packet Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NRUNational Research Universal (facility, Canada)
NRZNationales Referenzzentrum
NRZNon-Return-To-Zero (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NSNova Scotia (Province of Canada)
NSANational Security Agency (USA)
NSABBNational Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (USA)
NSACNuclear Science Advisory Committee (USA)
NSACINuclear Science Advisory Committee Isotopes Subcommittee (DOE)
NSAIDNonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (Antirheumatika/cure for rheumatism)
NSARnichtsteroidale Antirheumatika
NSBNational Science Board (USA)
NSBNew Steel Body (Automobiltechnik/vehicle technology)
NSBDTNationalsozialistischer Bund Deutscher Technik
NSBFNational Scientific Balloon Facility (NASA)
NSBONationalsozialistische Betriebszellenorganisation
NSBPNational Society of Black Physicists (USA)
NSBRINational Space Biomedical Research Institute (USA)
NSCNational Security Council (USA)
NSCNational Supercomputing Center (Tianjin, China)
NSCANational Sound and Communications Association (USA)
NScDNeutron Sciences Directorate (at ORNL)
NSCLNational Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (Michigan State University, USA)
NSCLCNon-Small-Cell Lung Cancer
NSCMNo-Core Shell Model (Kernphysik/nuclear physics)
NSDNetwork Services Division
NSDDBNationalsozialistischer Deutscher Dozentenbund
NSDStBNationalsozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund
NSENuclear Statistical Equilibrium (Kosmologie/cosmology)
NSECNanoscale Science and Engineering Center (USA, NSF)
NSEDNuclear Science and Engineering Directorate (ORNL, USA)
NSERCNatural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (Canada)
NSFNational Sanitary Foundation
NSFNational Science Foundation (USA)
NSFBNationalsozialistischer Deutscher Frontkämpferbund
NSFCNatural Science Foundation of China
NSFKNationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps
NSFNETNational Science Foundation Network (USA)
NSGNetwork Strategy Group (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NSGNuclear Suppliers Group ("Londoner Gruppe'')
NSHPNational Society of Hispanic Physicists (USA)
NSINegatively Scarfed Intake (neue Flugzeug-Düsenform/new aircraft nozzle shape)
NSICNational Storage Industry Consortium, Inc. (Hersteller von Datenspeichern, USA)
NSIDCNational Snow and Ice Data Center (USA)
NSIMNeurogram Similarity
NSKKNationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps
NSLBNationalsozialistischer Lehrerbund
NSLSNational Synchrotron Light Source (Brookhaven National Laboratory, Long Island, NY, USA)
NSMNational Society Member (EPS etc.)
NSMNetwork and Service Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NSMNeutron Scattering and Magnetism (Group, ETH Zürich, CH)
NSONational Solar Observatory (USA)
NSOMNear-Field Scanning Optical Microscope (or: Microscopy)
NSPNational Space Policy (USA)
NSPNetwork Service Point (or: Provider, or: Platform) (Internet)
NSPENational Society of Professional Engineers
NSRRCNational Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (Hsinchu, Taiwan)
NSRTNon-Sequential Ray Tracing
NSSNetwork Subsystem (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NSSNeutraler Salzsprühtest (auf Korrosionsbeständigkeit/test on corrosion resistance)
NSSNon-Stop Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NSSANeutron Scattering Society of America
NSSDNeutron Scattering Science Division (ORNL, USA)
NSSEFFNational Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellowship (DOD, USA)
NSSKNorth-South Station Keeping (Satelliten/satellites)
NS&TNanoscale Science and Technology (University of Florida, USA)
NSTNanoscience and Technology
NSTANational Science Teachers Association (USA)
NSTCNational Science and Technology Council (USA)
NSTL[China] National Science and Technology Library
NSTMNear-Surface Temperature Maximum
NSTXNational Spherical Torus Experiment (PPPL, Princeton, NJ, USA)
NSUBNiedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek (Göttingen)
NSVNationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt
NSVFNew Schools Venture Fund (USA)
NSWCNaval Surface Warfare [früher/formerly: Weapons] Center (e.g., Silver Spring, MD, USA)
NSWCCDNaval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division (West-Bethesda, MD, USA)
NSWC PCDNaval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City Division (USA)
NSYSUNational Sun Yat-Sen University (Taiwan)
NTNetwork Termination (Datennetze/data networks)
NTCCNational Theatre Company of China
NTCPNormal Tissue Complication Probability (Onkologie/oncology)
NTFNational Transonic Facility (NASA, Langley Research Center)
NTGNachrichtentechnische Gesellschaft (im/in the VDE)
NTINuclear Threat Initiative
NTIANational Telecommunications and Information Administration (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NTISNational Technical Information Service (Datenbank/data bank, USA)
NTONitrotriazolon (Sprengstoff/explosive)
NTPNetwork Time Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NTPNuclear-Thermal Propulsion
NTPSNational Test Pilot School (Mojave Desert, CA, USA)
NTSNevada Test Site (Kernwaffentest/nuclear weapons tests)
NTSNuclear Test Site
NTSCNational Television System Committee (Fernsehnorm/TV standard, USA)
NTTNew Technology Telescope (ESO, La Silla, Chile, 3,5 m Durchmesser/3.5 m diameter)
NTTNippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (Japan)
NTUNanyang Technological University (Singapore)
NTUNational Taiwan University
NTVNiedersächsischer Tennisverband
NTZ, ntzNachrichtentechnische Zeitschrift
NUNiue (ISO 3166)
NUDTNational University of Defence Technology (Guangzhou, CN)
NUINational University of Ireland
NUMANon-Uniform Memory Access
NUPNew University Press
NuPECCNuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee
NUPRLNorthwestern University Prosthetics Rehabilitation Laboratory (USA)
NURCNATO Undersea Research Centre (La Spezia, IT)
NUREGU.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NUSNational University of Singapore
NUSCNaval Underwater Systems Center (USA)
NuSINutrition Science Initiative
NUSTARNuclear Structure Astrophysics, and Reactions
NUVNear Ultraviolet, nahes Ultraviolett
NUWCNaval Undersea Warfare Center (Newport, RI, USA)
NVNevada (US-Staat/US state)
NVNitrogen Vacancy (Stickstoff-Fehlstelle, für Quantenkryptographie interessant/of interest for quantum cryptography)
NVDANonvisual Desktop Access
NVDINormalized Differenced Vegetation Index
NVHNoise, Vibration and Harshness
NVLAPNational Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (USA)
NVMNon-Volatile Memory
NVONational Virtual Observatory (USA, geplant für/planned for 2010)
NVODNear Video-On-Demand
NVPNetwork Voice Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NVRAMNon-Volatile RAM
NVSNight Vision Safety (Auto-Blendschutzspiegel)
NVTNational Variety Trials (Datenbank/database, AU)
NVVNichtverbreitungsvertrag (Atomwaffen/non-proliferation treaty, 1968)
NVvL[Niederländische Aeroakustische Gesellschaft/Netherland's Aeroacoustic Society]
NWNetwork (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
NWNordrhein-Westfalen (Bundesland/German Federal State)
NWBNiedergeschwindigkeits-Windkanal Braunschweig (DE)
NWCFNavy Working Capital Fund (USA)
NWDRNordwestdeutscher Rundfunk
NWKNetwork Analyser (DECT)
NWONederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (Niederländische Wissenschaftsorganisation/Netherland's science organization)
NWSNational Weather Service (USA)
NWTNorth West Territories (Province of Canada)
NYNew York (US-Staat/US state)
NYASNew York Academy of Sciences
NYCNew York City (USA)
NYC DEPNew York City, Department of Environmental Protection (USA)
NYCTANew York City Transit Authority (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
NYEXNetwork for Youth Excellence
NYHANew York Heart Association
NYSCINew York Hall of Science (USA)
NYSENew York Stock Exchange
NYUNanyang Technological University (Singapore)
NYUNew York University
NYUADNew York University Abu Dhabi
NYYCNew York Yacht Club
NZNeuseeland/New Zealand (ISO 3166)
NZDSFNon-Zero Dispersion Shifted Fiber (Glasfaser/glass fiber)
NZNNiedersächsischer Zeitschriftennachweis
NZZNeue Zürcher Zeitung


OAOpen Access
OAOutgoing Access
OAAOutstanding Alumni of Achievement (US Universities)
OAACOptical Aerial Attached Cable
OADMOptical Add-Drop Multiplexer (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OAEOtoacoustic Emission, Otoakustische Emission(en)
OAIOpen Archives Initiative
OAIGOpen Access Implementation Group
OAISOpen Archival Information System
ÖALÖsterreichischer Arbeitsring für Lärmbekämpfung
OA[&]MOperation, Administration and Maintenance (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OAMOrbital Angular Momentum (ultrasonics)
OAMPOAM Provisioning
OANOptical Access Node (Glasfasernetz/glass fiber net)
OAPOphthalmologischer Arbeitsplatz
OAPENOpen Access Publishing in European Networks
OAREOnline Access to Research in Environment
OASOpen Access Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OASOperator Assisted Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OASOptical Aperture Synthesis
OASISOptimal Architecture Sensor Interface System
OASISOrganization for the Advancement of Structural Information Standards
OASPAOpen Access Scholarly Publishers Association
OASPLOverall Sound Pressure Level
OATOcean Acoustic Tomography
OATAOrnamental Aquatic Trade Association (Europäische Handelsorganisation)
OATSOpen Area Test Site (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OAUOrganization of African Unity
ÖAWÖsterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften
OAWRSOcean Acoustics Waveguide Remote Sensing
ÖBBÖsterreichische Bundesbahn
OBDOptical Duobinary (Modulation)
OBDHOn Board Data Handling Subsystem (Satelliten/satellites)
OBDMSObject-Oriented Database Management System
OBIRCHOptical Beam Induced Resistance Change
OBLOutside Broadcasting Link
OBMCOn Board Multimedia Controller (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OBMMOn Board MPEG Processor (Satelliten-Telekommunikation/satellite telecommunication)
OBMPOn Board Multimedia Processor (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OBPOn Board Processing (or: Processor)
OBSOptical Burst Switch (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OBSIOn-Board Sound Intensity (tire–road noise measurement device)
OBUOn-Board Unit
OBWOccupied Bandwidth (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OCaBOutgoing Call Barrier
OCAPOpen Cable Application Platform (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OCCOperation Control Center (ESOC)
OCCAMOpen Conditional Content Analysis Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OCCIOcean and Climate Change Institute
OCCIOpen Cloud Computing Interface
OCDOptical Core Device (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OCDMOptical Code Division Multiplexing (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
O-CDMAOptical Code Division Multiple Access (Glasfasernetz/glass fiber net)
OCFOn-Line Charging Function
OCHOptical Channel (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OCHRIESTInternational Crops Research Institue for Semi-Arid Tropics
OCh-SPRINGOptical Channel Shared Protection Ring (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OCMEOffice of the Chief Medical Examiner (New York City)
OCPOpen Compute Project
OCROptical Character Recognition (Computer-lesbare Schrift/computer-reading of letters)
OCRWMOffice of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management (USA)
OCSOne Channel Safe (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OCTOptical Coherence Tomography, Optische Kohärenztomographie (Augendiagnostik/eye diagnostics etc.)
OCTOptical Component Test
OCX[Dateinamenerweiterung: Programmdatei/file name extension: program file]
OC3Optical Carrier 3 (155.52 Mbit/s) (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
ODACOil Depletion Analysis Centre
ODBOperations Database (Satelliten/satellites)
ODBCOpen Data Base Connectivity (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ODDOptical Disk Drive
ODEOrdinary Differential Equation
ODFMOrthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ODGObjective Difference Grade (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ODLObject Definition Language (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ODLOpen and Distance Learning (EU-Programm/EU program)
ODNOwn-Ship Doppler Nullification (sonar technology)
ODPOcean Drilling Project (or: Program)
ODPOpen Directory Project (in the www)
ODPOpen Distributed Processing
ODSOzone-Depleting Substance
ODTOrder–Disorder Transition
ODUOld Dominion University (Norfolk, VA, USA)
ODXOpen Diagnostic Data Exchange
OEOrientierungseinheit (Vorstudium)
OEAOrganic Electronics Association
OEBOffice Européen des brevets (München, DE)
OECOro-Esophageal Cavity (in songbird's vocal tract)
OECDOrganization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OEDOxford English Dictionary
OEICOptoelectronic Integrated Circuit, opto-elektronischer IC
OEISOnline Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
OELOrganic Electro-Luminescent (Display)
OELROverall Echo Loudness Rating (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OEMOptoelectronic Modulator (or: Mixer)
OEMOriginal Equipment Manfacturer
OENNOptoelectronic Neural Network
O/E/OOptical Electronic Optical (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OEOBOld Executive Office Building (USA, White House)
OEROffice of Extramural Research (NIH)
OEROpen Education Resource
OESOceanic Engineering Society (IEEE)
OETOptoelectronic Tweezers
OFAOpen Fabrics Alliance
OFAOptical Fiber Amplifier
OFACOffice of Foreign Assets Control (USA)
OFATOne-Factor-at-a-Time (Experimentiertechnik/experimental technique)
OFCOptical Fiber Communication
OFCOptical Frequency Comb
OFCCCOptical Fiber Cable Competence Center
OFDMOptical (or: Orthogonal) Frequency Division Multiplex(ing) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OFDMAOrthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OFESOffice of Fusion Energy Sciences (USA)
OFETOrganischer Feldeffekt-Transistor (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OFIOptical Field Ionization
OFIOrnamental Fish International (Handelsorganisation/trade organisation)
OFISOptical Fiber Infrasound Sensor
OFMOptofluidic Microscopy
OFMeCOptical Fibre Measurement Club (UK)
OGOptical Gateway (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
ÖGAIÖsterreichische Gesellschaft für Artificial Intelligence
OGCOpen Geospatial Consortium
OGEOffice of Governmental Ethics (USA)
OGHOberster Gerichtshof
OGLEOptical Gravitational Lens(ing) Experiment
OGPOrientierungsgeschwindigkeitsprofil (Kfz-Simulation/car simulation)
OGSOptical Ground Station
OGSAOpen Grid Services Architecture (Rechnernetz/computer network)
OGSIOpportunity, Growth, and Security Initiative (USA)
OGYOtt–Grebogi–Yorke (Control)
OHOhio (US-Staat/US state)
OHANAOptical Hawaii(an) Array for Nanoradiation Astronomy
O.H.B.M.S.On His (or: Her) British Majesties Service
OHCOcean Heat Content
OHCOuter Hair Cell (in the ear)
OHEPOffice of High Energy Physics (DOE, Germantown, MD, USA)
OHGOffene Handelsgesellschaft
OHGOperator Harmonization Group (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OHMiObservatoire Hommes-Milieux International
OHSOH-Airglow-Suppression (Spectrograph)
OIBOperation Icebridge
ÖIBÖrtliche Initiativen zur Beschäftigung von Frauen (EU)
OICOrganization of the Islamic Conference
OICETSOptical Inter-Orbit Communications Engineering Test Satellite (JAXA)
OIDObject Identifier
OIDAOptoelectronic Industry Development Association (USA)
OIEOffice International des Épizooties (Weltgesundheitsorganisation/World Health Organization)
OIFOcean Iron Fertilization (zur CO2-Bindung im Meerwasser/for seawater CO2 deposition)
OIFOptical Internet Working Forum (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OIMOptical Inline Metrology
OIMOrientation Imaging Microscopy
OISOptical Image Stabilizer, optischer Bildstabilisator
OISTOkinawa Institute of Science and Technology (Graduate University, Okinawa, JP)
OJMSOpen Journal Management System
OJPSOnline Journal Publishing Services (AIP)
OJSOpen Journal Systems
OKOklahoma (US-Staat/US state)
OKHOberkommando des Heeres (im "Dritten Reich")
OKMOberkommando der Kriegsmarine (im "Dritten Reich")
OLOutput Layer (neuronales Netz/artificial neural network)
OLAOptical Line Amplifier (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OLCFOak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility
OLEObject Linking and Embedding (Programmierung/programming)
OLEOpen Library Environment
OLEOpto (since 2006: Optics) & Laser Europe (Journal, Bristol, UK)
OLEDOrganic Light-Emitting Diode (or: Device), organische Licht emittierende Diode
OLEDoSOLED on Silicon
OLEVOrbital Life Extension Vehicle (for satellites)
OLEXOzone LIDAR Experiment
OLGAOnline Guideline Assist (Medizintechnik/medicine technology)
OLHOpen Library of the Humanities
OLLAOrganic LEDs for ICT and Lighting Application (EU project)
OLPCOne Laptop per Child (Initiative für Entwicklungsländer/initiative for developing countries)
OLROuter Lindblad Resonance (astronomy)
OLSOn-Line Service (Internet)
OLTOptical Line Termination (or: Terminal) (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OLTEOptical Line Termination Equipment
OLTPOnline Transaction Processing
OMOman (früher Maskat und Oman/former Muscat and Oman) (ISO 3166)
OMOperational Mode (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OMOptical Monitor (XMM)
O&MOperation(s) and Maintenance
OMAOpen Mobile Alliance (Mobilfunk/mobile radio)
OMAOperational Modal Analysis
OMA-BCASTOpen Mobile Alliance – Broadcast (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OMACOpen Modular Architecture Controller
OMAPOpen Multimedia Applications Platform (processor)
OMBOffice of Management and Budget (USA, White House)
OMCOperation(s) and Maintenance Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OMCOptical Metrology Centre
OMC-CNOperation and Maintainance Center – Care Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OMCIOptical Network Termination Management and Control Interface
(optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OMCROperation and Maintainance Center – Radio (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OMFObservation Markup Format
OMGObject Management (or: Modelling) Group
OMIOpen Microprocessor Systems Initiative
OMIOptical Modulation Index
OMIOzone Monitoring Instrument
OMOOxidation Mechanism Observations (Research project for HALO)
OMOOxford Medicine Online
OMSOperations and Maintenance Station (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OMS, OµSOptical Microsystems (Congress)
OMSOptical Monitoring System
OMSOptical Multiplex Station (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OMSGOptinexTM (or: Optical) Multi-Service Gateway (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OMSNOptinexTM (or: Optical) Multi-Service Node (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OMTObject Modelling (and) Technique
OMUXOutput Multiplexer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ONOntario (Province of Canada)
ONOptical Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ONACOffice of Noise Abatement and Control (Environment Protection Agency, USA)
ONDRAFOrganisme National des Déchets Radioactifs et des Matières Fissiles Enrichies (BE)
One-POrganic Nanomaterials for Electronics and Photonics (EU project)
ONERAOffice National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiales
ONGOptical Networking Group (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ONPOpen Network Provision(ing)
OnQAOnline Qualitätssicherung im Autoklaven (DLR)
ONROffice of Naval Research (Arlington, VA, USA)
ONSOffice of National Statistics (UK)
ONSAOrganization for Nucleotid Sequencing and Analysis (São Paulo, BR)
ONTOptical Network(ing) Termination (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
ONTAOxynitrotriazol (Sprengstoff/explosive)
ONUOptical Network Unit
OOObject-Oriented, objektorientiert
OODBObject-Oriented Database
OOKOn-Off Keying (Datenübertragung/data transfer)
OOPObject-Oriented Program(ming), objektorientierte(s) Programm(entwicklung)
OORObject-Oriented Rendering (Algorithmen/algorithms)
OOSOut of Spec
OOTobjektorientierter Test
OOTCOld Oldtimer Club (USA)
O&POptics and Photonics
OPOrganizational Partners
OPOrganophosphorus (nerve gas)
OP A/DOptical Packet Add/Drop (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OPAOperational Path Analysis
OPAEOpen Programmable Acceleration Engine
OPALOffene Post-Automations-Lösung (Österreich)
OPALOptical Access Line, optische Anschlussleitung (Telefon/telephone)
OPALOrganische Phosphorezenzleuchtdioden für Applikationen im Lichtmarkt (BMBF-Projekt)
OPCOptical Phase Conjugator
OPCPAOptical Parametric Chirped-Pulse Amplification
OPCWOrganisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
OPDLOptically Powered Data Link (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OPECOrganization of Petrol Exporting Countries, Organisation Erdöl exportierender Staaten
OPENOptical Pan-European Network
OPEPOne-Pion Exchange Potential
OPERAOpen Repository for Research Data in Acoustics
OPERAOptics and Photonics in the European Research Area
OPERAOscillation Project with Emulsion-Tracking Apparatus (Neutrino-Detektor/neutrino detector, Gran Sasso, IT)
OPEXOperating (or: Operational) Expenditure (or: Expenses)
OPFOpen Planets Foundation (UK forum for digital document preservation)
OPGOntario Power Generation (Canadian power plant)
ÖPGÖsterreichische Physikalische Gesellschaft
OPGWOptical Ground Wire (Glasfasernetz/glass fiber net)
OPIMAOpen Platform Initiative for Multimedia Access (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OPIC[US] Overseas Private Investment Corporation
OPITOxide Powder in Tube
OPJOrigin Project (file name extension)
ÖPNVÖffentlicher Personen-Nahverkehr
OPOOptical Parametric Oscillator
OPPOptical Precipitate Profiler
OPQSKOffset QPSK (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OPSOfficial Production System
OPSOptical Path Switch (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OPSOptical Protection System (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OPSOptically Pumped Semiconductor (Laser)
OPSLOptically Pumped Semiconductor Laser
OQOperation Qualification
OROperation Room
OROregon (US-Staat/US state)
ORACLEOpportunistic Radio Communications in Unlicensed Environments
ORACLSOptimal Regulator Algorithms for the Control of Linear Systems (CAD-System, NASA 1980)
ORATOSOrbit and Attitude Operations Subsystem (Satelliten/satellites)
ORBObject Request Broker (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ORBOcean Research Buoy
ORCOrganic Rankine Cycle (Geothermie/geothermy)
ORCHESTRAOpen Architecture and Spatial Data Infrastructure for Risk Management (EU project)
ORCIDOpen Researcher and Contributor Identifier
ORDAOnline Research Data
OREOffice de Recherche et d'Essais
ORFÖsterreichischer Rundfunk
ORFEOOptical and Radar Federation for Earth Observation
org[other organizations] (Internet, USA)
ORIOffice of Research Integrity (USA)
ORINOKOOperative regionale integrierte und optimierte Korridorsteuerung (Straßenverkehrssteuerung/road traffic control)
ORISEOak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
ORLOrdnance Research Laboratory (Pennstate, USA)
ORMObservatorio del Roque de los Muchachos (La Palma)
ORMAKOak Ridge Tokamak (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN, USA)
ORMOCEROrganically Modified Ceramic
ORNLOak Ridge National Laboratory (Oak Ridge, TN, USA)
ORSTOM[Internationale Hilfsorganisation Frankreichs/international relief organisation of France]
ORWOpen Reed Waving (Webtechnologie)
OSOpen Services
OSOperating (or: Operations) System
OSAOpen Service Architecture (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OSAOptical Society of America (founded 1916), since 2008: The Optical Society
OSAOptical Spectrum Analyzer
OSAPSOhio-Region Section of the American Physical Society
OSBOriented Structural (or: Strand) Board (Spanplatte/chipboard)
OSCOhio Supercomputer Center (USA)
OSCOmics Science Center (Riken, JP)
OSCOptical Supervisory Channel (Glasfasernetz/glass fiber net)
OSCOutbound Signalling Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OSCOxford Supercomputing Centre (UK)
OSDOn Screen Display (or: Dialog) (Funktionsanzeige auf TV-Schirm)
OSDEOpen Systems (or: Service) Development (or: Delivery) Environment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OSETIOptical Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
OSFOpen Software Foundation
OSFOperation System Function
OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Administration (Washington, DC, USA)
OSIOpen Source Initiative
OSIOpen Systems Interconnection (Datennetze/data networks)
OSIOptical (or: Orbiting) Stellar Interferometer
OSIRISOff-Shore Integrated Robotic Inspection System
OSIRISOptical Spectroscopic (or: Spectrograph) and Infrared Imager System
OSIRISOptical System for Imaging and Low Resolution Integrated Spectroscopy
OSLOptically Stimulated Luminescence, optisch stimulierte Lumineszenz
OSNCPOptical Subnetwork Connection Protection (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OSNROptical Signal-to-Noise Ratio (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OSOOxford Scholarship Online (Oxford University Press)
OSPOpen Services Platform (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OSPFOpen Shortest Path First (Internet)
OSPPOpen Science Policy Platform
OSRDOffice of Scientific Research and Development (USA)
OSSObject Storage Server
OSSOffice of Strategical Services (USA)
OSSOperation(s) (or: Operational) Support System (Internet)
OSSEOriented Scintillation Spectrometer Experiment
OSSIOperations Support System Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OSTObservatoire des Sciences et des Techniques (FR)
OSTOffice of Science and Technology (UK, USA)
OSTIOffice of Scientific and Technical Information (DOE)
OSTPOffice of Science and Technology Policy (USA, White House)
OSUOhio State University (USA)
OSUOklahoma State University (USA)
OSUOregon State University (USA)
OSZEOrganisation für Sicherheit und Zusammenarbeit in Europa
OTAOffice of Technology Assessment (USA, Congress)
OTAOptical Telescope Assembly
OTAOver-the-Air (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OTAPOver the Air Performance (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OTAROver the Air Refill (Handy/Mobile Phone)
OTCOne Touch Com (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OTCOptical Coherence Tomography, Optische Kohärenztomographie
OTCOver the Corner (frei verkäufliche Waren)
OTCOver the Counter (Börsenhandel/stock exchange)
OTCCDOrthogonal Transfer Array CCD (Gigapixel-Kamera, Teleskop/gigapixel camera, telescope in Maui, HI, USA)
OTDObserved Time Difference (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OTDMOptical Time Division Multiplexing (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OTDOAObserved Time (or: Timing) Difference of Arrival (Ortung/localization)
OTDROptical Time Delay (or: Domain) Reflectometry
OTD-SimOrder to Delivery Simulation
OTECOcean Thermal Energy Conversion
OTFTOrganic Thin-Film Transistor
OTHOptical Transport Hierarchy (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OTIMAOptical Time-Domain Ionizing Matter-Wave
OTNOpen Transport Network (Verkehrsleitsystem/traffic guidance)
OTNOptical Transmission (or: Transport) Network (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OTPOffcie de Timbres-Postes
OTPOne Time Password
OTRIOficinas de Transferencia de los Resultados de Investigación (ES)
OTSOperativ-Technischer Sektor (DDR)
OTSOptical Transmission System (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OTTOver-the-Top (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OUOpen University (UK)
OUHSCOklahoma University Health Sciences Center (Oklahoma City, OK, USA)
OUPOxford University Press
OVCOptical Variance Coronagraph (Astronomie/astronomy)
OVCOutput Variance Constraint
OVFOpen Virtualization Format (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
OVLOptical Vortex Lens (Astronomie/astronomy)
OVROOwens Valley Radio Observatory
OWLOverwhelmingly Large (Teleskop/telescope)
OWLWeb Ontology Language (semantisches Netz/semantic net)
OWSOptical Wavelength Switched (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OXCOptical Cross Connect (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
OZIPMOzone Isopleth Plotting with Optional Mechanism


(Video) Kennst du diese Abkürzungen? (Deutsch für Fortgeschrittene)

P...Peta... (Präfix/prefix): 1015
p...Pico... (Präfix/prefix): 10-12
P-WellenKompressionswellen (Geophysik/geophysics)
PAPanama (ISO 3166)
PAParametric Array (underwater sound transmitter)
PAPennsylvania (US-Staat/US state)
PAPlasminogenaktivator (Genetik/genetics)
PAPolyhexamethylenadipinsäureamin (Nylon)
PAPower Amplifier
PAPress Association (multimedia news agency)
PAPublishers Association (UK)
PAAPolyacrylic Acid
PaaSPlatform as a Service (cloud computing)
PABXPrivate Automatic Branch Exchange, Private digitale Nebenstellenanlage (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PACParticle Accelerator Conference (alle 3 Jahre/every 3 years)
PACPerturbed Angular Correlation
PACPlanetary Astronomy Committee (NASA)
PACProcessing and Archiving Center
PACProgramme Advisory Committee (TC im/in the ETSI)
PACAPreventive Actions and Corrective Actions
PACAPPituitary Adenylate Cyclase Activating Polypeptide (ein Neuropeptid/a neuropeptide)
PACCParticle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology Center (University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
PACEPlanar Articulating Controls Experiment
PACEProgramme de recherche sur l'Aval du Cycle Electronucléaire
(CNRS, FR, zur Entsorgung radioaktiver Abfälle/disposal of radioactive waste)
PACFPhosphoric Acid Fuel Cell (auch/also: PAFC)
PACSPhotoconductor Array Camera and Spectrometer (FIRST)
PACSPhysics and Astronomy Classification Scheme
PACSPicture Archiving and Communications System
PACTParallel Architecture and Compilation Techniques (Conference)
PADPacket Assembly/Disassembly
PADPerturbed Angular Distribution
PADPixel Array Detector
PAEPower Added Efficiency (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PAFPortable Application Format (PDF converter)
PAFPosterior Auditory Field (im Gehirn/in the brain)
PAFCPhosphoric Acid Fuel Cell (auch/also: PACF)
PAHPolycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon
PAHPulmonale arterielle Hypertonie
PAHLPortable Automated Helium Liquefier
PAIPlasminogenaktivator-Inhibitor (Genetik/genetics)
PAKPolyzyklische aromatische Kohlenwasserstoffe
PALPermissive Action Link
PALPhase Alternation Line (Fernsehen/TV)
PALPhoto-Activated Localization (Microscopy)
PALPohang Accelerator Laboratory (Korea)
PALAPlatform of Applications of Lasers in Aquitaine (Bordeaux, FR)
PALAOAPerenniel Acoustic Observatory in the Antarctic Ocean
PALCPlasma Addressed Liquid Crystal
PALCPolygonal Audience Line Curving
PALMPhotoactivated Localization Microscopy
PALSPhotoacoustic Laser Spectroscopy
PALSPrague Asterix Laser System
PALVPersonal Air and Land Vehicle
PAMPassive Acoustic Monitoring (Meeresbiologie/marine biology)
PAMPhotoacoustic Microscopy
PAMPiezo Amplifier Module
PAMPuls-Amplituden-Modulation, Pulse-Amplitude Modulation
PAMAPreassigned Multiple Access (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PAMBProjektgruppe für Automatisierung in der Medizin und Biotechnologie (am Fraunhofer-IPA)
PAMELAPayload for Antimatter Exploration and Light-Nuclei Astrophysics (ESA)
PANPersonal Area Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PANDAAntiproton Annihilation in Darmstadt
PANDASPan-Andromeda Archaeological Survey
PANDOWAEPredictability and Dynamics of Weather Systems in the Atlantic–European Sector (for better weather forecast)
PANSProbing Acceleration now with Supernovae (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
PanSTARRSPanoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Astrophysik/astrophysics, on Hawaii)
PAPPassword Authentication Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PAPProstatic Acid Phosphatase (a protein)
PAPERPrecision Array for Probing the Epoch of Reionisation (Südafrika, Teleskop)
PAPSPersonal Assistent for Public Transport Systems
PARPersonal Attenuation Rating (noise control)
PARPhotoacoustic Radar
PARALABParachute and Airdrop Evaluation Laboratory (DLR, Braunschweig)
PARASOLPolarization and Anisotropy of Reflectances for Atmospheric Sciences Coupled with Observations from Lidar
PARCPalo Alto Research Center (Xerox)
PARCCParis Centre de Recherche Cardiovasculaire
PARCORPartial Correlation
PARESPermanent Authenitc Records in Electronic Systems
PARFuMSParallel Annotation and Reassembly of Functional Metagenome Selections
PARIPisgah Astronomical Research Institute (Rosman, NC, USA)
PARTNERPartnership for Air Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction (gegründet/founded Sept. 2003)
PASPädagogische Arbeitsstelle des deutschen Volkshochschulverbandes (Frankfurt/M.)
PASPhotoacoustic Spectroscopy
PASAPre-Applicable Structural Adhesives
PASJPublications of the Astronomical Society of Japan
PASRPreparatory Action on the Enhancement of the European Industrial Potential in the Field of Security Research
PASSPhysial Acoustics Summer School (zweijährig/biennially)
PATPersistent Association Technology (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PATPhotoacoustic Tomography
PATPilot-Assisted Transmission (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PATPort Address Translation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PATProcess Analytical Technology (or: Technique)
PATProgram Association Table (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PATCPRACE Advanced Training Centre
PATHPatienten-Tumorbank der Hoffnung (Stiftung)
PATUPanAfrican Telecommunication Union
PAVPersonal Aerial Vehicle
PAVKPeriphere arterielle Verschlusskrankheit
PAYPhysics Achievement Year
PAZ[Fraunhofer-] Pilotanlagenzentrum für Polymersynthese und -verarbeitung (Schkopau)
PBPetabyte (= 1015 Bytes)
PBBPolybrominated Biphenyl
PBBProvider Backbone Bridge (Telekommunikation/telecommunication, Ethernet)
PBCCPacket Binary Convolutional Coding (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PBDEpolybromierter Diphenylether, Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether
PBETPhotonic Basis for Engineers and Technicians (California, USA)
PBGPhononic Band Gap
PBHPhysikzentrum Bad Honnef (DPG)
PBIPhysics-Based Industries
PBIPublic Broadcaster International (Conference series)
PBMR[Gas-] Pebble-Bed Modular Reactor (Kernreaktor, geplant für 2014 in Südafrika/nuclear plant, planned for 2014 in South Africa)
PBNPerformance Based Navigation
PBNpyrolytisches Bornitrid
PBOPlate Boundary Observatory (Geodäsie/geodesy)
PBPKPhysiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic(s)
PBSPolarizing Beamsplitter (Optik/optics)
PBSPrimer-Bindungsstelle (in RNA)
PBSPublic Broadcasting Service
PBTPolybutylenterephthalat, Poly Butylene Terephthalate
PBTProton-Beam Therapy (cancer treatment)
PBWAPlasma Beat-Wave Accelerator
PBXPlastic Bonded Explosive (Sprengstoff/explosive)
PBXPrivate Branch Exchange (Internet)
PBX-MPrinceton Beta Experiment – Modified (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology)
pcparsec (astronomische Einheit/astronomical unit)
PCPersonal Computer
PCPhononic Crystal
PCProject Completion
PCAPrincipal Component Analysis (= HKA)
PCAProportional Counter Array (beim/at the RXTE)
PCASTPresident's Committee (or: Council) of Advisors on Science and Technology (USA)
PCBpolychlorierte Biphenyle
PCBPrinted Circuit Board
PCCPartial Correlation Coefficient
PCCpolychloriertes Camphen
PCCProduct Compliance Center (Fujitsu, Augsburg and Paderborn, DE)
PCCMPrinceton Center for Complex Materials
P-CCPCHPrimary Common Control Physical Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PCDPassive Cavitation Detector
PCDPower Control Device
PCDprimäre ziliäre Dyskinesie (Krankheit)
PCDEPeak Code Domain Error (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PCEPower Consumption Efficiency
PCFPhotonic Crystal Fibre
PCFPolymer Cladded Fiber (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
PcGPolycomb Group (Genetik/genetics)
PCGProject Coordination Group (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PCGPublisher Communication Group
PCIParallel Computing Institute (Illinois College of Engineering, USA)
PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect (Datenbus/data bus)
PCIMGPCI Industrial Computers Manufacturers Group
PCINRPhysical Carrier to Interference plus Noise Ratio (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PCLPolycaprolacton (ein Kunststoff)
PCMParallel Climate Model
PCMPhase Change Material
PCMAEPlatform Cluster Manager Advanced Edition
PCMCIAPersonal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCMDIProgram for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison
PCNPersonal Communications Network
PCNLPercutaneous Nephrolithotomy
PCOPoint of Control and Observation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PCOPublic Call Office (Telefon/telephone)
PCPEPPrimary Common Control Physical Power (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PCRPeak Cell Rate (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PCRPolymerase Chain Reaction, Polymerase-Kettenreaktion (Biotechnologie/biotechnology)
PCRPredictive Control of Reactors
PCRPrincipal Component Regression
PCRProgram Clock Reference (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PCSPersonal Communications Service (or: System)
PCSPhoton Correlation Spectroscopy
PCSPlastic-Clad Silica
PCSPulse Chemisorption
P-CSCFProxy-Call State (or: Session) Control Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PCSIPhysics and Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces (conference series)
PCSSPersonal Communication Satellite Systems
PCST[International Network on] Public Communication of Science and Technology
PCTParity, Charge Conjugation, and Time Reversal (symmetry in particle physics)
PCTPatent Cooperation Treaty
PCTFPlated Copper on Thick and Thin Film (Technology)
PCTJParallel Connected Twin Junction (Infrarotastronomie/infrared astronomy)
PCTRProminence–Corona Transition Region (solar plasma)
PCUPacket Control Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PCUPower Conditioning Unit
PCUPower Control Unit
PCVPlanoconcave (optische Linsen/optical lenses)
PCWEPerturbed Convective Wave Equation
PCXPlanoconvex (optische Linsen/optical lenses)
PCX[Dateinamenerweiterung: Graphikdatei/file name extension: graphic file]
PCXPrivate Communication Exchange (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDProbability of Detection
PDProportional–Derivative (Control), Proportional–Differential (Regler)
PDAPatron-Driven Acquisition (e-books)
PDAPersonal Digital Assistent (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDAPhoto Diode Array (Detector)
PDBFProfile Database Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PdBIPlateau de Bure Interferometer (FR)
PDCPersonal (or: Portable) Digital Cellular (or: Communication) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDCCPorsche Dynamic Chassis Control (Kfz-Entwicklung/car development)
PDCHPacket Data Channels (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDCPPacket Data Compression (or: Convergence) Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDDPervasive Developmental Disorder
PDDPhotodynamische Diagnostik
PDDPlatform Data Distribution (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
PDDPresidential Decision Directive (USA)
PDEPartial Differential Equation
PDFPolicy Decision Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDFPortable Document Format
PDFPostdoctoral Fellow
PDFProbability Density Function
PDGPacket Data Gateway (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDGFPlatelet-Derived Growth Factor (Blutplättchen-Wachstumsfaktor/blood platelets)
PDHPlesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDIPaul-Drude-Institut für Festkörperelektronik (Berlin)
PDLPage Description Language (Printer Server)
PDLPanjab Digital Library (India)
PDLPolarization Dependent Loss (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
PDLCPolymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal
PDMPolarization Division Multiplexing (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
PDMProduct Data Management
PDNPacket Data Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDN-GWPacket Data Network Gateway (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDOPacket Data Optimized (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDOPazifische Dekadenoszillation (Meeresklima/marine climate)
PDPPacket Data Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDPPlasma Discharge (or: Display) Panel
PDPPolicy Decision Point (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDPPower Delay Profile (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDPProtein Data Bank
PDRPersonal Disk Recorder
PDRPreliminary Design Review
PDRAPost-Doctoral Research Associate
PDSPayload Data Segment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDSPermanent Data Storage System
PDSPersonal Data Store
PDSPlanetary Data System
PDSNPacket Data Serving Node (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDSSProtected Data Storage System
PDTPhotodynamic Therapy, Photodynamische Therapie (Augenheilkunde und Hautkrebstherapie/ophthalmology and skin cancer therapy)
PDUPacket Data Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDUProtocol Data Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PDXPrinceton Divertor Experiment (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology, PPPL)
PEPeru (ISO 3166)
PEPhase Error (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PEPrediction Error
PEProvider Edge (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PEPulse Echo
PEACEProcess Execution and Communication Environment
PEAPProtected Extensible Authentication Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PEAQPerceived Evaluation of Audio Quality
PEARLPolar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory (Canadian arctic station)
PECPhotoelectrocatalytic (Brennstoffzellen/fuel cells)
PECASEPresidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (Acoustical Society of America)
PECBMSPan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme
PECVDPlasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
PEDPrecession Electron Diffraction
PEEMPhoto-Emission Electron Microscopy, Photoemissions-Elektronenmikroskop(ie)
PEERPublishing and the Ecology of European Research (EU project)
PEFPulsed Electric Field
PEGPolyethylenglykol, Polyethylene Glykol
PEIPeripheral Equipment Interface
PEIPrince Edward Island (Province of Canada)
PEMPhoton Emission Microscopy
PEMPolymer-Elektrolyt-Membran (Brennstoffzelle/fuel cell)
PEMProton Exchange Membrane, Protonen-Austausch-Membran (Brennstoffzelle/fuel cell)
PEMFCPolymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell
PENPhysics Education News
PENProject on Emerging Nanotechnologies (USA)
PEOPolyethylene Oxide, Polyethylenoxid
PEPPeak Envelope Power
PEPPerformance Enhancing Proxies (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PEPPhysics and Engineering Physics
PEPPhysics Entrepreneurship Program (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA, since 1999)
PEPPolymeric Electronics Packaging
PEPPositron-Electron Project (SLAC)
PEPProduktentstehungsprozess (Kfz-Elektronik)
PEPSPassive-Entry – Passive-Start (Kfz)
PEPSPerformance Evaluation of Parallel Systems (EU research project)
PEPSIPotsdam Echelle Polarimetric and Spectroscopic Instrument (fertig/completed 2008)
PEQPeerage Essay Quality
PERPacked Encoding Rule (ASN.1)
PERPacket Error Ratio (or: Rate) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PERPhysis Education Research
PERPolarization Extinction Ratio
PERCPhysics Education Research Conference
PERLPassivated Emitter and Rear, Locally Diffused (Solarzellen/solar cells)
PerlPractical Extraction and Report Language (scherzhaft auch/ironically also: Pathologically
Eclectic Rubbish Lister) (Textmanipulation/text manipulation)
PERSPoroelastic Road Surface
PERVPorcine Endogenous Retro-Virus
PESPacketized Elementary Stream (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PESPolyethersulfone (piezoelectric polymer)
PESPotential Energy Surface (Molekülphysik/molecular physics)
PESCPower Electronics Specialist Conference
PESPPeriodic Event Scheduling Problem (Kombinatorik)
PESQPerceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PESTPrinceton Equilibrium and Stability in Tokomak (Fusion Experiment)
PET, PETPPolyethylenterephthalat
PETPositronen-Emissions-Tomographie, Positron Emission Tomography
PETProductivity Enhancement Technology Transfer
PETAPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
PETALPetwatt Aquitaine Laser (for HiPER, planned for 2011)
PETGPolyethylenterephthalat mit Glykol
PETMPaleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum/Paläozän–Eozän–Temperaturmaximum (Erderwärmung/earth warming)/td>
PETRAPositron-Elektron-Tandem-Ring-Anlage (DESY)
PETSPower Extraction and Transfer Structures (for the International Linear Collider)
PFParticle Filter (ocean acoustics)
PFFranzösisch-Polynesien/French Polynesia (ISO 3166)
PFAProbability of False Alarm
PFAUProgramm zur finanziellen Absicherung von Unternehmensgründern aus Hochschulen
PFCPower Factor Correction (airplane electrification)
PFDPower Flux Density
PfDPublisher for Development (conference)
PFEPower Feeding Equipment
PFEPPrinceton Fellowship in Experimental Physics (USA)
PFHPrivate Fachhochschule
PFIPartner-Furnished Items (Satelliten/satellite system)
PFIPrivate Finance Initiative
PFMPiezoresponse Force Microscopy
PFPPicture Failure Point (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PFTPalomar Transient Factory (Supernova search)
PGPapua-Neuguniea/Papua New Guinea (ISO 3166)
PGPeer Group
PGAPin Grid Array (Chipgehäuse/electronic-chip box)
PGASPartitioned Global Address Space (multicore computers)
PGIProgrammable Generic Interface
PGO[Hirn-Zellkomplex: pons, corpus geniculatum, occiput]
PGPPersonal Genome Project
PGPPretty Good Privacy
PGSAPhysics Graduate Student Association
PGSAPoly-Glycerin-Sebacat-Acrylat (elastischer Kunststoff/an elastic polymeric material)
PGSCAPolish-German Structured Conference on Acoustics (since 2004)
PGzBPhysikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin
PHPhilippinen/Philippines (ISO 3166)
PHPulmonale Hypertonie (Lungenhochdruck)
PHAREPoland and Hungary Action for Economic Restructuring
PhASTPhotonic(s) Applications, Systems, and Technologies (Conference)
PHBPer-Hop Behavior
Ph.D.Philosophiae Doctor, Doctor of Philosophy
PHENIXPioneering High Energy New Ion (or: Nuclear Interaction) Experiment (RHIC)
PHERESPrinted Circuit Boards for Higher Frequency Systems (Elektronik/electronics)
PHEVPlugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle
PHGENPublic Health Genomics European Network
PHIPlanbasierte Hilfesysteme
PHIPublic (or: Protected) Health Information
PH-ILDPulmonale Hypertonie mit interstitieller Lungenerkrankung
PHIPParahydrogen-Induced Polarization
PHMPrognostics and Health Managament
Phorce21Photonics Research Coordination Europe – Photonics 21
PHPHypertext Processor (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PHSPacket Header Suppression (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PHSPersonal Handyphone System
PHSPeripheral High Speed (Bus)
PHTplötzlicher Herztod
PHYPhysical Layer (DECT)
PhysTECPhysics Teacher Education Coalition
PHzPetahertz (= 1015 Hz)
PIPeer Instruction (educational concept)
PIPerimeter Institute (for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, ON, CA)
PIPrincipal Investigator
PIProportional–Integral (Control), Proportional–Integral (Regelung)
PIAPhotonic Integrated Amplifier (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
PIAPositronen-Intensitäts-Akkumulator (DESY)
PIAACProgramme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies
PIAFEProjet d'Ionisation et d'Accélération de Faisceaux Exotiques (Grenoble, FR)
PIANOPerturbation Investigation of Aerodynamic Noise
PIC[Dateinamenerweiterung: Graphikdatei/file name extension: graphic file]
PICParticle-in-Cell (plasma simulation)
PICPhotonic Integrated Circuit
PICAAdvanced Picometric Resolution Project (ER-C)
PICAPhenolic Impregnated Carbon Ablator (Material für Raumfahrzeug-Hitzeschild/material for spacecraft heat shield)
PICAPicosecond Imaging Circuit Analysis
PICHPilot Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PICSProtocol Implementation (or: Instance) Conformance Statement (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PICUPediatric Intensive Care Unit
PIDPacket Identifier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PIDPräimplantationsdiagnostik (Genetik/genetics)
PIDProportional, Integral, Derivative (Control), Proportional-Integral-Differential (Regelung)
PIDAPhotonics Industry and Technology Development Association (Taiwan)
PIDCPrototype International Data Center (Arlington, VA, USA)
PIEMANPhotonic Integrated Extended Metro and Access Network (EU project, optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
PIFPooled Income Fund (ASFF)
PIGPipeline Inspection Gauge
PIIPublisher Item Identifier
PIINTECPyongyang International Informatiion Center of New Technology and Economy (North Korea NGO)
PIKPotsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung
PIKPraxis der Informationsverarbeitung und Kommunikation (Zeitschrift)
PILPolarity Inversion Line (solar corona)
PiLoNavPrecise and Integer Localisation and Navigation in Rail and Inlandwater Traffic
PILZPilotprojekt Interdisziplinäres Lernen und Zusammenarbeit (Univ. Göttingen)
PIMPersonal Information Manager (or: Management) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PIMProcesses in Isotopes and Molecules (Conference series)
PImMSPixel Imaging Mass Spectroscopy
PIMMSPhotonic Integrated-Multimode Microspectrograph
PIMRC[IEEE International Symposium on] Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
PIMSProcess Information Management System
PIM-SMProtocol Independent Multicast – Sparse Mode (Internet)
PINPersonal Identification Number, persönliche Identfikationsnummer
PIN[Photodiode aus 3 Schichten/three-layer photodiode: 'p'-type, 'i'ntrinsic, 'n'-type semiconductor],
PINETPhysics Information Network
PINGUPrecision Icecube Next Generation Upgrade (University of Alabama, USA)
PINSProject Initiation Notification System
PINSEPetersen Institute of Nanoscience and Engineering (University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
PINTPSTN/Internet Interworking Group (Internet)
PIOPublic Information Officer
PIOCPilot Innovation Office China (Shanghai)
pIODPositive Indian Ocean Dipole (meteorology)
PIONIERPrecision Integrated-Optics Near-Infrared Imaging Experiment (at LAOG)
PIPPicture in Picture (TV: kleines Zusatzbild von anderem Sender/small insert from a different channel)
PIPAProtect IP Act
PIPEDAPersonal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (CA)
PIPSPassivated, Implanted, Planar Silicon (Detektoren/detectors)
PIRPeak Information Rate
PIRATEPhysics Innovations Robotic Astronomical Telescope Explorer
PIREPartnership for International Research and Education (West Virginia University, USA)
PISAProgramme for International Student Assessment
PISMParallel Ice Sheet Model
PITTCONPittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy
PITT PACCPittsburgh Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology Center (University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
PIUproduktionsintegrierter Umweltschutz
PIVParticle Image Velocimetry
PiwiP-Element Induced Wimpy Testis (Protein)
PIXEProton-Induced X-Ray Emission
PIXIEPrimordial Inflation Explorer
PIXITProtocol Information Extra Implementation for Testing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PIZProjektförderung in der internationalen Zusammenarbeit (DLR)
π/4 DQPSKπ/4 Rotated Differential Quaternary Phase Shift Keying (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PJPeriodic Jitter (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PKPakistan (ISO 3166)
PKCPublic-Key Cryptography
PKEPlasma-Kristall-Experiment (DLR - RU)
PKEPluto-Kuiper Express (Raumfahrt-Projekt/spacecraft project)
PKIPublic (or: Private) Key Infrastructure (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PKMParallel Kinematic Machine (Robotik/robotics)
PKPPublic Knowledge Project
PKSPhysik komplexer Systeme
PKUPeking University (CN)
PKVVerband der Privaten Krankenversicherung
PKYParkway (US Mail)
PLPhotoluminescence, Photolumineszenz
PLPlace (US Mail)
PLPolen/Poland (ISO 3166)
PLProcedural Language (programming language)
PLAPaperless Lab Academy
PLAPolylactid(acid) (Polymilchsäure)
PLANETProbing Lensing Anomalies Network (Astrophysik: Gravitationslinsen/astrophysics: gravitational lenses)
PLASTICPlasma and Suprathermal Ion and Composition (Sonnenphysik/solar physics)
PLATOPlanetary Transits and Stellar Oscillations of Stars (planned search for exoplanets, ESA, start 2026)
PLATOPlateau Observatory (Antarctica)
PLCPacket Loss Concealment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PLCPlanar Lightwave Circuit (Photonik/photonics)
PLCPowerline Communication
PLCProgrammable Logic Controller
p.l.c.public limited company (UK)
PLCCOPr0.88LaCe0.12CuO4-δ (Hochtemperatursupraleiter/high-temperature superconductor)
PLCPPhysical Layer Convergence Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PLDPulsed Laser Deposition
PLdBMark VII Perceived Loudness in dB
PLDIUPayload Distribution and Interface Units (Satellitentechnik/satellite technology)
PLEDPolymeric Light-Emitting Diode
PLLPhase-Locked Loop
PLMProduct Lifecycle Management, Produkt-Lebenszyklus-Management
PLMNPublic Land Mobile Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PLOPhase-Locked Oscillator
PLOAMPhysical Layer Operations, Administration and Maintainance (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
PLoS, PLOSPublic Library of Science
PLPPerceptual Linear Prediction
PLPPhantom Limb Pain
PLPPhysical Layer Pipe (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PLRPoint of Local Repair
PLSPublishers Licensing Society
PLSAProbabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis (Sprachverarbeitung/speech processing)
PLSBProvider Link State Bridging (Telekommunikation/telecommunication, Ethernet)
PLSVPolar Satellite Launch Vehicle
PLT[Dateinamenerweiterung: Graphikdatei/file name extension: graphic file]
PLTPolar Large Telescope (geplant/planned)
PLTPrinceton Large Experiment (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology, PPPL)
PluTOPlasma und optische Technologien (BMBF-Verbundprojekt)
PLZPlaza (US Mail)
PMPentamode Material (acoustic metamaterial)
PMPerformance Monitoring
PMPerona-Malik (Diffusionsgleichung/diffusion equation
PMPhotomultiplier (tube)
PMSt. Pierre et Miquelon (ISO 3166)
PMASPotsdamer Multi-Apertur Spektralphotometer
PMBPolarization Mode Dispersion
PMCPersonal Mobile Communicator
PMCPhys Math Central (open access Internet Journal)
PMCPubMed Central (biomedical and life sciences journal free archive)
PMCAProtein Misfolding Cyclic Amplification
PMDPolarization-Mode Dispersion (Glasfasernetz/glass fiber net)
PMDPortable MAC Identity for Display (DECT)
PMDProject Management Dashboard
PMEMpermanenterregte elektrische Maschine
PMetProfessional Meteorologist (Canada's certification)
PMFPolarization Maintaining Fiber (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
PMIPostmortem-Intervall (Forensik)
PMIPrecoding Matrix Indicator (data transmission)
PMLPerfectly Matched Layer (Körperschallausbreitung/propagation of structure-borne sound)
PMLBPlans Municipaux de Lutte contre le Bruit
PMLSPosteromedial Lateral Suprasylvian Area (im Gehirn/in the brain)
PMN-PTLead Magnesium Niobate–Lead Titanate
PMOPine Mountain Observatory (University of Oregon, USA)
PMOProgram Managament Office
PMOLEDPassive Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode
PMPPoint-to-Multipoint (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PMRProfessional (or: Private) Mobile Radio (UHF: 446.0–446.1 MHz)
PMRFPacific Missile Range Facility (US Navy)
PMSPortable Monitoring System (Telecommunikation/telecommunication)
PMSPuls-Magnetron-Sputtern (Dünne Schichten/thin layers)
PMSJPhysico-Mathematical Society of Japan
PMSMpermanentmagneterregter Synchronmotor
PMSSPolymethylsilsesquioxan [Si(CH3)O1,5]n
PMTPhotomultiplier Tube
PMTProgram Map Table (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PMUTPiezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer
PMVPredicted Mean Vote
PMWProject Management Workbench
PNPitcairn (ISO 3166)
PNPseudo-Random Noise (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PNAPeptide Nucleic Acid
PNASProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA)
PnCPhononic Crystal
PNEPeaceful Nuclear Explosion
PNG[Dateinamenerweiterung: Graphikdatei/file name extension: graphic file]
PNGVPartnership for a New Generation of Vehicles
PNNIPrivate Network-Node (or: -Network) Interface (Internet)
PNNLPacific Northwest National Laboratory (Washington State University, Richmond, WA, USA)
PNOPrivate Network Operator
PNRProduct Noise Rating
PNSPeripheral Nervous System
PNTPosition, Navigation and Time (DLR measuring system)
PNUPhysics News Update (USA)
PNVGPartnership for a New Generation of Vehicles
POCParticulate Organic Carbon
POCPoint of Care
POCPoint of Concentration (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PoCPush(-to-Talk) over Cellular (Mobiltelefone/mobile phones)
PoCLPower-over-Camera Link (Kamera-Stromversorgung/camera power supply)
POCSProjection onto Convex Set (Bildverarbeitung/picture processing)
PODPrint on Demand
PODProper Orthogonal Decomposition
POEMProgramme for Observation of the Earth and its Environment
POETSPower Optimization of Electro-Thermal Systems
POFPolymer (or: Plastic) Optical Fiber
POFTOPlastic Optical Fiber Trade Organization
POGPersonal Office Gateway
POIPoint of Interest (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
POIProbability of Intercept (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
POINTSPrecision Optical Interferometer in Space
POLARCATPolar Study Using Aircraft, Remote Sensing, Surface Measurements and Models, of Climate, Chemistry, Aerosols and Transports
POLLENSPlatform for Open, Light, Legible and Efficient Network Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
POLO[Fraunhofer-Themenverbund] Polymere Oberflächen
POLSTRACCThe Polar Stratosphere in a Changing Climate (Research project for HALO)
POLYPolymeric Materials for Microelectronics and Photonics (Congress)
POMAProceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (Acoustical Society of America, online Journal)
PONPassive Optical Network (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
PONSPrometheus Orthonormal System
POPPersistent Organic Pollutant
POPPoint of Presence (Internet)
POPPoint of Purchase (Verkaufsstrategie/sales strategy)
POPPost Office Protocol (E-Mail Server)
POPAPanel on Public Affairs (APS)
POPPPanel on Public Policy (Acoustical Society of America)
PoSPacket over SONET (or: SDH)
POSPart-of-Speech (Sprachverarbeitung/speech processing)
POSPoint of Sale (Verkaufsstrategie)
POSIXPortable Operating System Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
POSMEPrinciple of Supercritical Microemulsion Expansion
POSTParliamentary Office of Science and Technology (UK)
POSTECHPohang University of Science and Technology (South Korea)
PostEuropAssociation of European Public Postal Operators
POTSPlain Old Telephone Service (or: System)
POWPrisoner of War
PPPoint to Point (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PPPortable Part (z.B. Handset) (DECT)
PPAPower Purchase Agrreement
PPAPrinceton-Pennsylvania Accelerator (proton synchrotron, since 1963)
PPAProfessional Publishers Association (UK)
PPAPublic Policy and Administration (Journal)
PPADCPulse Processing Analog-to-Digital Converter
PPARCParticle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (London, UK)
PPAUPacket Processor and Access Unit
ppbparts per billion, 10-9
PPBEPlans de Prévention du Bruit dans l'Environnement
ppbmparts per billion by mass
ppbvparts per billion by volume
PPCPhotovoltaic Power Converter (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
PPDPosterior Pobability Density
PPDPredicted Percentage of Dissatisfied
PPDUPLCP Data Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PPFPositive Position Feedback
PPFPrint Production Format
PPFPrivate Project Financing (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
PPGPacific Proving Ground (Atombomben-Testgebiet/atomic bombs test site)
PPIPlane Position Indication (sonar technology)
PPLPassive Photonic Loop
PPLNPeriodically-Poled Lithium Niobate (Wellenleiter/waveguide)
ppmparts per million, 10-6
PPMPhotonic Power Module (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
PPMPulse Position Modulation
PPMSPhysical Property Measurement System
PPNParametricized Post-Newtonian (Gravitationstheorie/theory of gravitation)
PPNPersonal Private Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PPPPoint-to-Point Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PPPPublic/Private Partnership (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PPPLPrinceton Plasma Physics Laboratory (Fusionsreaktortechnik/fusion reactor technology)
PPPoAPoint-to-Point over Asynchronous Transfer Mode (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PPPoEPoint-to-Point over Ethernet (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PPPoUSBPoint-to-Point over Universal Serial Bus (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PPSPavement Profile Scanner (Straßenbau/street construction)
PPSPrepaid Postpaid Suite (Handy/Mobile Phone)
PPSThe Polish Physical Society
PPSPolymer Processing Society
PPSPrecision Positioning Service (GPS)
PPSProgrammable Pulse Stimulus
PPSPulses per Second (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
pptparts per trillion, 10-12
PPT[Dateinamenerweiterung: Microsoft PowerPoint-Datei/file name extension: Microsoft PowerPoint file]
PPTAParks Pulsar Timing Array (Australia)
PPTPPoint-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (Internet)
PPVPay-per-View (scientific publication)
PPVPoly(p-Phenylen Vinylen)
PPVPNProvider-Provisioned Virtual Private Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PQPerformance (or: Process) Qualification
PQPriority Queue
PQQuébec (Province of Canada)
pQCDPerturbative Quantum Chromodynamics
pQCTperiphere quantitative Computertomographie
PQIPittsburgh Quantum Institute
PRPhysical Review (Journal)
PRPublic Relations
PRPuerto Rico (ISO 3166)
PRAPrimary Rate Access (ISDN)
PRACEPartnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (EU project)
PRACLAYPreliminary Demonstration Test for Clay Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste (planned for 2010 at Mol, BE)
PraklaGesellschaft für praktische Lagerstättenforschung
PRAMPhase-Change Random Access Memory
PRBSPseudorandom Bit (or: Binary) Sequence
PRCPhysics Resources Center (AIP)
PRCPrimary Reference Clock (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PRCProduct Realization Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PRDCPolymer Research and Development Center (Shanghai, CN)
PREPeer Review Evaluation
PREPhysical Review E (journal for statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics)
PRFMPiezo Response Force Microscopy
PRIPrimary Rate Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PRIFPeace Research Institute Frankfurt
PRiMaTPräventives Risikomanagement in der Trinkwasserversorgung
PRIMEPrivacy and Identity Management for Europe (EU project)
PRIMEProduktions- und Projektionstechniken für Immersive Medien (3D-TV)
PRIMEPurdue Rare Isotope Measurement (Laboratory) (Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA)
PRINTParticle Replication in Nonwetting Templates
PRIOPeace Research Institute (NO)
PRISEPrivacy Enhancing Shaping of Security Research and Technology (EU, 4 partners in 4 countries: AT, DE, DK, NO)
PRISMAPrecision Physics, Fundamental Interactioons and Structure of Matter (at JGU)
PRKPhotorefraktive Keratektomie (Augenchirurgie/eye surgery)
PRLPhysical Review Letters
PRNPseudo-Random Noise
PROPublic Record Office
ProcPoSProceedings of Peerage of Science (Journal)
ProDesPromotion of Renewable Energy for Water Production through Desalination
PRODEXProgramme de Dévéloppement d'Expériences Scientifiques (ESA program)
PROLAPhysical Review Online Archive
PROLOGProgramming in Logic
PROMProgrammable Read-Only Memory
PROMEDProgram to Monitor Emerging Diseases
PROMETHEUSProgramme for a European Traffic with Highest Efficiency and Unprecedented Safety
PRRPattern Recognition Receptor
PRRSPorcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (Schweinevirus-Infektion)
PRRTPeptid-Rezeptor-Radionuklid-Therapie (Krebstherapie)
PRSPacket Ring Switch (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PRSPosition Reference Signal
PRSProgram Request Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PRSPublic Regulated Services (Galileo)
PRTPersonal Rapid Transport (führerloser Personentransfer auf Flughäfen/driver-free transport on airports)
PRTPrecomputed Radiance Transfer (Bildsimulation/picture simulation)
PRUACPacific Rim Underwater Acoustics Conference
PSPacket Switched (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PSPalästina/Palestinian Territory (ISO 3166)
PSParadoxical Sleep
PSParametric Stereo
PSPhone Splitter
PSPolystyrol, Polystyrene
PSAPlataforma Solar de Almería (Solarkraftwerk/solar power plant, ES)
PSAPolysaccharid A
PSAPressure Sensitive Adhesive
PSAProstata-spezifisches Antigen
PSABPhysics, Space and Astronomy Board (UK)
PSACThe President's Science Advisory Committeee (USA)
PSAMPilot Symbol Assisted Modulation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PSAPPublic Safety Answering Point (Telekommunikation, Notrufzentrale/telecommunication, emergency call center)
PSATPop-Up Satellite Archival Transmitter
PSBTPhase Shifted Binary Transmission (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PSCPension Support Centre (zur Förderung der Mobilität von Forschern in Europa)
PSCPersonal Supercomputer (seit/since 2006)
PSCPittsburgh Supercomputing Center (USA)
PSCPolar Stratospheric Cloud (Ozonloch/hole in the ozone layer)
PSCEPresidential Specialized Council for Education and Scientific Research (Egypt)
PSCFPure Silica Core Fiber (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
PSDPosition-Sensing Detector
PSDPower Spectral Density
PSEPersonal Service Environment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PSEPlasma Surface Engineering
PSEProgramm- und Systementwicklung
PSEPulse Shape Equalization (Laser)
PSFPoint Spread Function
PSGProgrammable Sound Generator
PSIPaul Scherrer Institut (Villingen, CH)
PSIPersistente Streuungsinterferometrie
PSIPhasenschiebende Interferometrie
PSIPhoton Science Institute (Manchester, UK)
PSIPlanetary Science Institute (Tucson, AZ, USA)
PSIProgram Specific (or: Service) Information
PSIProgrammable Serial Interface
PSIDPanel Study of Income Dynamics (USA)
PSJThe Physical Society of Japan
PSKPhase Shift Keying (Modulation)
PSLVPolar Satellite Launch Vehicle
PSMPerformance Scale Messaging
PSMPower Supply Module
PSMProfessional Science Master
PSNRPeak Signal-to-Noise Ratio
PS-NSOMPhase-Sensitive Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscope
PSOLAPitch-Synchronous Overlap Add (Sprachsynthese/speech synthesis)
PSPPressure Sensitive Paint
PSPProfessional Scholarly Publishing Division of the Association of American Publishers
PSPC[positionsempfindlicher Proportionalzähler] (Röntgensatellit/X-ray satellite)
PSQMPerceptual Speech Quality Measure (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PSRPermanent Shadowed Region (of the Moon)
PSRPrecision Segmented Reflector (Satelliten/satellites)
PSSPacket Streaming Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PSSPersonalized Service Selector (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PSSPosition Sensor Simulation
PSSPSTN Simulation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PSSCPhysical Sciences Study Committee (USA)
PSSCProduct and Solution Support Center (IBM, Montpellier, FR)
PST[Fraunhofer-] Patentstelle für die Deutsche Forschung (München)
PSTHPost-Stimulus Time Histogram (behavioral physiology research)
PSTMPhoton Scanning Tunneling Microscope
PSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network (Öffentliches Fernsprechnetz)
PSTSPolish Speech Test Signal
PSTVdPotato Spindle Tuber Viroid (Genetik/genetics)
PSUPennsylvania State University (USA)
PSUPortland State University (USA)
PTPortugal (ISO 3166)
P&TPartitioning and Transmutation (of nuclear waste)
PTAPerkutane Transluminale Angioplastie
PTAPersonal Travel Assistent
PTAPharmazeutisch-technische(r) Assistent(in)
PTAPhysikalisch-technische(r) Assistent(in)
PTAPolskie Towarzystwo Akustyczne
PTAPulsar Timing Array (astronomy)
PTAPure Tone Average (acoustics)
PTAPPhotonics Technology Access Programme
PTBPhysikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (Braunschweig, ab/since 1949, vorher/formerly: PTR)
PTBSPosttraumatische Belastungsstörung (Medizin/medicine)
PTCPhenylthiocarbamid (ein pflanzlicher Bitterstoff)
PTCPsychophysical Tuning Curve
PTCAperkutane transluminale Coronar-Angioplastie (Chirurgie/surgery)
PTCNPysics Today Career Network (AIP)
PTCRBPCS Type Certification Review Board (Mobilfunk/mobile radio)
PTEPhysics Teacher Education (Illinois State University program)
PTFPalomar Transient Factory (astrophyics)
PTIPhysikalisch-Technisches Institut (ehem./former DDR, Jena)
PTMPolynomial Texture Map
PTMPosttranslational Modification (biomedicine)
PTMTPoint to Mult-Point (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
p.t.o.please turn over (= b.w.)
PTOProject Tracking and Optimization
PTOPublic Telecommunications Operator
PTOLPhysics Today Online (Journal)
PtPPeer-to-Peer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PTPPoint to Point (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PTRPhysikalisch-Technische Reichsanstalt (Berlin, 1887–1948, später/ later on: PTB)
PTRAPhysics Teaching Resource Agents
PTSPart-Time-Scientists (deutsch-österreichische Ingenieurgruppe für Mondrover-Mission)
PTSPermanent Threshold Shift (Gehör/in hearing)
PTSPhosphotransferase System
PTSPresentation Time Stamp (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PTSProtein Tracking System
PTSDPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Medizin/medicine)
PTSPPNNI Topology State Packet (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PTTPost, Telegraph and Telephone
PTTPush-to-Talk (Telekommunikation, Mobiltelefone/telecommunication, mobile phones)
PTVProjection Television
PTVPush-to-View (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PTZProduktionstechnisches Zentrum (FhG, Berlin)
PUPerceived Usefulness
PUPolyurethan, Polyurethane
PUproduktintegrierter Umweltschutz
PUB[Dateinamenerweiterung: Microsoft Publisher-Datei/file name extension: Microsoft Publisher file]
PUCPontifical Catholic University (Santiago de Chile)
PUCRSPontifícia Universidade Católico do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
PUEPower Usage Effectiveness
PUFPhysical Unclonable Functions
PUFAPolyunsaturated Fatty Acids (mehrfach ungesättigte Fettsäuren)
PUKPersonal Unlocking Key
PULSARPump Laser Stacks with Aerospace Reliability (EU-Programm)
PULSEProgram in Ultrafast Laser Science and Engineering (DARPA)
PUMADreiachsenspektrometer mit Polarisationsanalyse und Multi-Analysator
PUMCPeking Union Medical College
PUNEPeaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy
PURPlutonium and Uranium Extraction (radioaktiver Abfall/radioactive waste)
PURPolyurethan, Polyurethane
PUREXPlutonium and Uranium Recovery by Extraction
PUSCPartial Usage of Subchannels, Partially Utilized Subchannel Allocation (or: Subchannelisation) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PUSDPermanent Undersecretary's Department (UK)
PUSHPartnernetz für Unternehmensgründungen aus Stuttgarter Hochschulen
PUSHPublic Understanding of the Sciences and Humanities
PVPhotovoltaik, Photovoltaics
PVPresent Value
PVAPolyvinyl Alcohol, Polyvinylalkohol
PVBPolyvinyl Butyral
PVCPermanent Virtual Circuit (or: Channel) (Rechnernetz/computer network)
PVDPhysical Vapor Deposition
PVDI[Fraunhofer-] Photovoltaic Module Durability Initiative
PVGISPhotovoltaic Geographical Information System
P-VLANProvider VLAN (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PVMParallel Virtual Machine (Parallelrechner/parallel computer)
PVRPersonal Video Recording (or: Recorder)
PVSC[IEEE] Photovoltaic Specialists Conference
PVTPolyvinyl Toluene (Strahlungsnachweis/radiation monitoring)
PvTPower versus Time (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PV-TECPhotovoltaik Technologie Evaluations Center (FhG-ISE)
PV-4DParallele Visualisierung in vier Dimensionen
PWPalau (ISO 3166)
PWPhotonics West (Conference and Exhibition, USA)
PWPseudo Wire (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PWAMPilot Waveform Assisted Modulation (Datenübertragung/data transfer)
PWE3Pseudo Wire Emulation Edge to Edge (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PWFAPlasma Wakefield Accelerator
PWIPreliminary Work Item
PWLANPublic Wireless LAN (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PWMPulse Width Modulation
PWRPressurized-Water Reactor (Kernreaktor/nuclear reactor)
PWTPrivate Wireless Telephony (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
PXIPCI Extensions for Instrumentation
PXPPeer X-Press (AIP)
PYParaguay (ISO 3166)
P/YPrecicion Encrypted (GPS)
PYCO[Fraunhofer-] Einrichtung für Polymermaterialien und Composite
PZPanama-Kanalzone/Panama Canal Zone (ISO 3166 bis/until 1980)
PZEVPartial Zero Emission Vehicle
PZRProfessionelle Zahnreinigung
PZTLead Zirconate Titanate, Blei-Zirkonat-Titanat
P2ILPathways to Information Leadership
P2MPoint-to-Multipoint (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
P2PPoint-to-Point (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
P2WPowered Two-Wheelers (motorcycles etc.)
P4Plug-and-Play Pharma Package (LIMS)
P5Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel


QQ-Factor, Quality Factor, Gütefaktor
QAQatar (ISO 3166)
QAQuality Assurance
Q&AQuestions and Answers
QAAQuality Assurance Agency (UK)
QALYQuality-Adjusted Life Years
QAMQuadrature Amplitude Modulation
QARQuantitative Autoradiography (Medizin/medicine)
QASQuality Assurance System
QAUQuaid-i-Azam University (Islamabad, Pakistan)
QAUQuality Assurance Unit
QBD, QbDQuality by Design
QBERQuantum Bit-Error Rate
QBismusQuantum Bayesanism, Quanten-Bayesianismus
QBOQuasi-Biennial Oscillation (Meteorologie/meteorology)
QCQuality Control
QCQuantum Cryptography
QCDQuantum Capacitance Detector
QCDQuantum Chromodynamics, Quantenchromodynamik
QCITYIntegrated Project Quiet City Transport (EC)
QCLQuantum Cascade Laser
QCMCQuantum Communication, Measurement and Computing
QCM-DQuartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring
QCPQuantum Critical Point
QCRQuantum-Circuit Refrigerator
Q-CROCQuebec-Clinical Research Organization
QCTQuantitative Computer Tomography, Quantitative Computertomographie
QCWQuasi-Continuous Wave (Diodenlaser/diode laser)
QCWAQuarter Century Wireless Association (USA)
QDQuantum Dot
QDLQuantum Dot Laser
QDRQuad Data Rate (10 Gb/s)
QEQuantum Efficiency (Photosensor/optical sensors)
QECQueen Elizabeth Class (aircraft carrier, GB)
qedquod erat demonstrandum (= was zu beweisen war)
QELSQuantum Electronics and Laser Science (Conference)
QEMQuantum Electron Microscope
QEODQuantum Electronics and Optics Division (EPS, European Physical Society)
QFCQuantum Frequency Conversion
QFDQuality Function Deployment
QFLQuantum Fountain Laser
QFTQuantenfeldtheorie, Quantum Field Theory
QGPQuark-Gluon Plasma
QHQuantum Hall (Zustand/state)
QHEQuantum Hall Effect, Quanten-Hall-Effekt
QHRQuantum Hall Resistance
QIQuantitative Imaging (for atomic force microscopy, AFM)
QIQuantum Illumination
QIMQuantization Index Modulation (Wasserzeichen/Watermarking)
QISQuantum Information Science
QISQuantum Information Systems (research group at GTRI)
QKDQuantum Key Distribution (Kryptographie/cryptography)
QLNQuiet Line Noise (Rauschpegel ohne Signal)
QLSQuasilichtspeicherung, Quasi-Light Storage
QMQuality Management, Qualitätsmanagement
QMQuantum Magnetics
QMQuantum Mechanics, Quantenmechanik
QMCQuanten-Monte-Carlo (-Technik/technique)
QMRAquantitative mikrobiologische Risikobewertung
QMSQuality Management System
QMSQuasi-monokristalline Siliziumschicht
QMULQueen Mary University of London
QNDQuantum Nondemolition (measurement) (rückwirkungsfreie Quantenmessung)
QNMQuantitative Nanomechanical Property Mapping
QoEQuality of Experience
QOS, QoSQuality of Service
QPQuadratic Programming (algorithm)
QPACEQCD Parallel Computing on the Cell (supercomputer)
QPASSQuick Personal Automatic Safe Screening
QPCQuantum Point Contact
QPIQuantitative Phase Imaging
QPOQuasi-Periodic Oscillations (Röntgensterne/X-ray stars)
QPQQuantum Private Query
QPSKQuadrature (or: Quaternary) Phase Shift Keying (Modulation)
qPSNRQuasi Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio
QRQuadratic Residue (number theory)
QRQuick Response (quadratic reference field)
QRY[Dateinamenerweiterung: Microsoft Datenbank-Abfrage/file name extension: Microsoft data bank query]
QSARQuantitative Structure-Activity Relation(ship) (Chemie/chemistry)
QSHQuantum Spin Hall (Zustand/state)
QSIGQ Interface Signaling
QSLQuantum Spin Liquid
QSMQualitative Software Metrics
QSOQuasi-Stellar Object, quasistellares Objekt
QSPQuiet Supersonic Platform
QSRQualitätssicherung mit Routinedaten (Medizin)
QSVDQuotient Singular Value Decomposition
QTVRQuick Time Virtual Reality
Quad-AVAmbient Awareness for Autonomous Agricultural Vehicles
QUANTOMQuantitative Tomographiedatenanalyse
QUARZDLR-Test- und Qualifizierungszentrum
QUBQueen's University Belfast (IE)
QUICQuantum Information and Computation Consortium
QUSQuantitative Ultrasound
QUTQueensland University of Technology (Brisbane, AU)
QWQuantum Well
QWIQuantum Well Intermixing (abstimmbarer Laser/tunable laser)
QWIPQuantum Well Infrared Photodetector


RRouter (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RARadio Access (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RARadio Astronomy
RAResearch Assistant (USA)
RARouting Area (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RABRadio Access Bearer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RABRemote Amplifier Box (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RABiTSRolling Assisted Biaxially Textured Substrates
RACRadio (or: Resource) Admission Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RACERegional Atlantic Circulation and Global Change
RACEResearch and Development in Advanced Communication Technologies in Europe
[or: Research (Programme) on (or: into) Advanced Communication(s) in Europe]
RACERRapid and Cost-Effective Rotorcraft
RACHRandom Access Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RACSResource Admission Control Subsystem (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RADRadiation Assessment Detector (on board of the NASA Marsrover “Curiosity”)
RADRapid Application Development
RADARRadio Detection and Ranging
RADIUSRemote Authentication Dial-In User Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RADIUSResearch and Development in the US
RADS[International Symposium on] Room Acoustics: Design and Science
RADWASSRadioactive Waste Safety Standards (IAEA)
RaDyORadiance in a Dynamic Ocean
RAERoyal Academy of Engineering (UK)
RAeSRoyal Aeronautical Society (UK)
RAFTReversible Addition/Fragmentation Chain Transfer/Reversibler Additions-Fragmentierungs-Ketten-Transfer (Polymerisation)
RAIDRedundant Array of Independent (or: Inexpensive) Disks
RAIMReceiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (Satellitentechnik/satellite technology)
RAINBOWReduced and Internally Biased Oxide Wafer (piezoelektrischer Aktor/piezoelectric actuator)
RAIRORevue Française d'Automatique, Informatique et Recherche Opérationelle
RALRadio Astronomy Laboratory (UCB)
RALRutherford-Appleton Laboratory (Oxford-Chilton, UK)
RALIMSResearch and Laboratory Information Management System
RAMRandom Access Memory
RAMRemote Access Multiplexer (Internet)
RAMICSRapid Airbore Mine Clearance System
RAMONARealisierung automatisierter Mobilitätskonzepte im Öffentlichen Nahverkehr
RAMSReliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety
RANRadio Access Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RANRemote Access Node (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RANAPRadio Access Network Application Part (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RANGERobust Affordable Next Generation Energy Storage Systems (ARPA-E)
RANSReynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (simulations)
RAPRadio Access Profile (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RAPRadiological Assistence Program (DoE, USA)
RAPResearch Assistance Professor
RAPIDResearch and Public Information and Dissemination (USA, Programm zu EMF-Schäden/program concerning EMF hazards)
RAPORoom Acoustic Property Optimizer
RAPTORRapid Telescopes for Optical Response
RARRadio Access Router (Datenübertragung/data transfer)
RARDERoyal Armament Research and Development Establishment (UK)
RASReflectance Anisotropy Spectroscopy
RASRegistration, Admission and Status (Kommunikation/communication)
RASRemote Access Server (or: Service) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RASRoyal Astronomical Society (UK)
RASRussian Acoustical Society
RASEIRenewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (University of Colorado, USA)
RASSRadio Acoustic Sounding System
RASTRadio Allergo Sorbent Test
RASTIRapid Speech Transmission Index
RATRadio Access Technology (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RATRam-Air Turbine (Flugzeug/aircraft)
RATReadiness Assessment Test
RATPRégie Autonome des Transports Parisiennes (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
RAVEResearch at Alpha Ventus (offshore wind parks)
RAZRadial Azimuth (Survey)
RBRadio Bearer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RBACRole-Based Access Control
RBCRadio Block Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RBCRed Blood Cell
RBDRecurrent Brief Depression
RBDReference-Beam Diffraction (Festkörperphysik/solid state physics)
RBDReliability Block Diagram
RBDREM Sleep Behavior Disorder
RBOCRegional Bell Operating Company
RBRRadiation Belt Remediation (Strahlungsgürtel der Erde/earth radiation belt)
RBRCRIKEN BNL Research Center
RBSPRadiation Belt Storm Probe (astronomy)
RBWResolution Bandwidth (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RCRemote Control
RCRoom Criteria (zur Lärmbeurteilung/for noise rating)
RCRouting Controller (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
R/CRevenue/Cost Ratio
RCARadio Corporation of America
RCAResearch Collaboration Agreement (USA)
RCASRailway Collision Avoidance System (DLR)
RCCRouting Control Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RCERadiative Convective Equilibrium (in the atmosphere)
RCEReconfigurable Computing Environment
RCERelative Constellation Error (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RCERemote Component Environment
RCGIResearch Centre for Gas Innovation (University of São Paulo, BR)
RCKResearch Centre Karlsruhe
RCLRadio Communication Links
RCLCFRoy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation (UK)
RCLEDResonant Cavity Light Emitting Diode
RCM/OCSRestraints Control Module/Occupant Classification System (Kfz-Technik)
RCMSRemote Control and Monitoring System
RCNSTResearch Center for Nuclear Science and Technology (Beihang University, Beijing, CN)
RCPRadio Control Part (or: Point)
RCPRandom Closed Packing, zufällige geschlossene Packung (Festkörperphysik, solid state physics)
RCPRapid Control(ler) Prototyping
RCPRepresentative Concentration Pathways (climate research)
RCPRoyal College of Physicians (UK)
RCPAReferences to Contemporary Papers in Acoustics (JASA section)
RCRAResource Conservation and Recovery Act (USA)
RCRVRegional Class Research Vessel
RCSRate Control System (Raketentechnik/rocket control)
RCSRemote Control System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RCSReturn Channel by Satellite (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RCSReturn Channel System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RCSAResearch Corporation for Science Advancement
RCSTReturn Channel Satellite Terminal
RCSURemote Control and Status Unit
RCTRegionale Chemotherapie (Krebsbekämpfung/cancer therapy)
RCTTRadio Conformance Test Tester (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RCUKResearch Council UK
RDRoad (US Mail)
RDRoute Distinguisher (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
R&DResearch and Development
RDAResults-Dependent Analysis
RDBMSRelational Database Management System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RDCReifendruck Control
RDCRemote Digital Concentrator (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RDDRadioactive Disposal Device
RDDRights Data Dictionary (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RDFResource Description Framework (or: Format) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RDFReverse Dispersion Fiber (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
RDIReverse Defect Indication
RDKReifendruckkontrollsystem (= TPMS)
RdLReichsminister der Luftfahrt (im "Dritten Reich")
RDMResearch Data Management
RDMARemote Direct Memory Access
RD&NSRadiation Detection and Nuclear Sciences (PNNL)
RDSRadio Data Service (or: System) (Europe)
RDSResource Discovery System
RDSRespiratory Distress Syndrome
RDSIResearch Data Storage Infrastructure (AU)
RDSSResearch Data Shared Service (JISC)
RDXTrimethylentrinitramin (Hexogen, Sprengstoff/explosive)
RERadio Equipment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
REReunion (ISO 3166)
RERough Environment
REACHRegistration, Evaluation, (and) Authorization (and Restriction) of Chemicals
REACOLRéseau Européen pour l'Assemblage par Collage
REATReal Ear Attenuation at Threshold
REBCORare-Earth Barium Copper Oxide
REBLReflection Electron-Beam Lithography (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RECRadiative Electron Capture (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RECRadio Equipment Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ReCFIResearch Center for Functional Interfaces (Seoul National University, KR)
RECMARadio and Electronics Component Manufacturers' Association
RECOVERRemote Continual Verification (Atomenergie-Kontrolle/atomic energy surveillance)
REDRadio Equipment Directive
REDRandom Early Detection
REDERCRéseau de Développement de Réserves Naturelles Communautaires
REDIRapid E-Form Development and Implementation
REFResearch Education (or: Excellence) Framework
REG[Dateinamenerweiterung: Windows Registrierungs-Datei/file name extension: Windows registration file]
REGINARegenerative Medizin in der Gesundheitsregion Neckar-Alb und Stuttgart
RegTPRegulierungsbehörde für Telekommunikation und Post (vorher/formerly: BAPT, davor/still earlier: FTZ)
REIPPPPRenewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (South Africa)
REKLIMRegionale Klimaänderungen (Helmholtz-Verbund)
RELRights Expression Language (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
REMRapid Eye Mount (telescope, IT)
REMRapid Eye Movement (Schlaf-Phase/sleep period)
REMReichserziehungsministerium (im "Dritten Reich")
REMixRenewable Energy Mix for Sustainable Electricity Supply (DLR-Modellierungsprogramm)
REMOSRecession Monitoring System
REMSIMRadiation Exposure and Mission Strategies for Interplenetary Manned Missions
REMUSRemote Environmental Monitoring Unit System (an AUV)
RENResearch and Education Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ReNaSSRéseau National de Surveillance Seismique (Strasbourg, FR)
RENCIRenaissance Computing Institute (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA)
RENCONMusic Performance Rendering Contest for Computer
RePEcResearch Papers in Economics
RepRapReplicating Rapid Prototyping (3D-Drucker/3D printer)
RERFRadiation Effects Research Foundation (Japan)
RESRadio Equipment and Systems (TC im/in the ETSI)
RESRed Española de Supercomputación (Spanish Supercomputing Network)
RESARapidEye Science Archive (Satellitensystem/satellite system)
RE-SEEDRetirees Enhancing Science Education through Experiment and Demonstration (USA)
RESMRegional Earth System Model, Regionales Erdsystemmodell
RESOLFTReversible Saturable/Switchable Optical Fluorescent Transitions (hochauflösende Abbildung/super-resolution imaging)
RESTRepresentational State Transfer
RETResolution Enhancement Technology
RETSPLReference Equivalent Threshold Sound Pressure Level
RETTINAReliable Turbulence and Transition Modelling for Industrial Aerodynamics (DLR project)
REURemote Control Electronic Unit
REUResearch Experience for Undergraduates (NSF program, USA)
REVRobotic Extraction Vehicle
REWIMETRegionales Windfeld-Modell einschließlich Transport (Wettervorhersage/weather forecast)
REXRadio Science Eperiment (astrophysics)
REXRealtime Executive (ein Betriebssystem/an operating system)
REXUSRaketenexperimente für Universitätsstudenten (seit Okt. 2008, SE)
RFRadiative Forcing (unit: W/m2)
RFRadio Frequency
RFRating Function
RFReceptive Field (im Gehirn/in the brain)
RFCRequest for Comment(s) (Rechnernetz/computer network)
RFCPRadio-Fluorogenic Copolymerization
RFDRequest for Discussion (Rechnernetz/computer network)
RFETSRocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (Kernwaffenproduktion/nuclear weapon production)
RFIRadio Frequency Interference
RFIRequest for Information
RFIRete Ferroviaria Italiana
RFIDRadio Frequency Identification (Device)
RFPRed Fluorescent Protein, rot-fluoreszierendes Protein
RFPRequest for Proposal
RFPIRadio Fixed Part Identity (DECT)
RFQRadio Frequency – Quadrupole
RFRReichsforschungsrat (im "Dritten Reich")
RFSQRapid Single Flux Quantum (logic integrated circuit)
RFTResistive Force Theory (fluid mechanics)
RFTRun-Flat Tyre (Kfz-Reifen mit Notlaufeigenschaften)
RFZReflection-Free Zone (in Mars radar reflectograms)
RGRouting Gateway (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RGAResidual Gas Analyzer
RGBRed-Green-Blue, Rot-Grün-Blau (Bildverarbeitung/picture processing)
RGCHRelative Grant Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RGOReduced Gravity Office (NASA)
RGSReflection Grating Spectrometer
RGSRoyal Geographic Society (London, 1830)
RGWRat für gegenseitige Wirtschaftshilfe
RGWResidential Gateway (Kommunikation/communication)
RGZMRömisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum, Forschungsinstitut für Vor- und Frühgeschichte (Mainz)
RHRelative Humidity
RHRight Hand
RHSüdrhodesien/Southern Rhodesia (ISO 3166 bis/until 1980)
RHCPRight-Handed Circularly Polarized
RHDRight Hemisphere Damage (Hirnschäden/brain damage)
RHEEDReflection High Energy Electron Diffraction (Oberflächenanalyse, Elektronenoptik/surface analysis, electron optics)
RHESSIReuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (NASA 2002, Satellit/satellite)
RHexRobotic Hexapod
RHICRelativistic Heavy Ion Collider (Brookhaven National Laboratory, Long Island, USA)
RIRank Indicator (data transmission)
RIResearch Infrastructure
RIRhode Island (US-Staat/US state)
R&IResearch and Innovation
RIARare Isotope Accelerator (USA, cancelled 2006)
RIAARecording Industry Association of America
RIBRare Isotope Beam
RIBRouting Information Base (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RIBEReactive Ion Beam Etching
RICRehabilitation Institue of Chicago
RICHRing Imaging Cherenkov (LHC, CERN)
RIEReactive Ion Etching
RIGRetinsäure-induzierbares Gen
RIKEN[Institute of Physical and Chemical Research] (Japan)
RIKEN AICSRIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science (Kobe, JP)
RILMRépertoire International de Litterature Musicale
RIMRegulatory Information Management
RIMSRanging and Integrity Monitoring Stations (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RIMSResonance Ionization Mass Spectroscopy
RINRelative Intensity Noise
RINResearch Information Network (UK)
RINEXReceiver Independent Exchange Format (GPS, Galileo)
RIPRaster Imaging Processing (Bildverarbeitung/picture processing)
RIPRequiescat in pace (Ruhe in Frieden/Rest in Peace)
RIPRouting Information Protocol (Internet)
RIRRoom Impulse Response (acoustics)
RISResonance Ionization Spectroscopy
RISCReduced-Instruction-Set Computer
RISCResearch Institute for Symbolic Computation (Linz, AT)
RISCRNA Induced Silencing Complex (Genetik/genetics)
RISERaman Imaging and Scanning Electron (microscopy)
RISEResearch Internship in Science and Engineering (DAAD-program)
RISETReprogramming the Immune System for the Establishment of Tolerance (EU research programme)
RISINGRare Isotope Spectroscopic Investigations at GSI (Darmstadt, DE)
RiSKWaRisikomanagement von neuen Schadstoffen und Krankheitserregern im Wasserkreislauf (BMBF, 2011–2016)
RISMResearch Institute for Scientific Measurements (Tohoku University, Sendai, JP)
RISPRare Isotope Science Project (at IBS, South Korea)
RISTResearch Organisation for Information Science and Technology (Japan)
RITReference Inhouse Test (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RITRochester Institute of Technology
RITARadio Frequency Ion Thruster Assembly
RITLRadio in the Loop (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RITSRepair Information Tracking System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RIXSResonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering (in superconductors)
RJRandom Jitter (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RKA[Russian Space Agency]
RKERemote-Keyless-Entry (Kfz-Schlüssel)
RKIRobert-Koch-Institut (Berlin)
RLCRadio Link Control(ler) (Telekommunikation, Layer 2)
RLCResistor/Inductor/Capacitor (equivalent circuit)
RLERefractive Lens Exchange (Augenchirurgie/eye surgery)
RLEResearch Laboratory for Electronics (MIT)
RLLRadio in the Local Loop (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RLMReichsluftfahrtministerium (im "Dritten Reich")
RLMSRecursive Least Mean Squares (Algorithmus/algorithm)
rloginremote login
RLRReceive Loudness Rating (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RLSRecursive Least Squares (Algorithmus/algorithm)
RLTReformulation-Linearization Technique (algorithm)
RLUKResearch Libraries UK
RLVIPReactive Low-Voltage Ion Plating
RMRadiation Management (climate engineering)
RMRacetrack Memory (Datenspeicher/data memory)
RMRemote (or: Regional) Manager (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RMRoom (US Mail)
RMARadio Manufacturers' Association
RMARemote Memory Access (computer)
RMCRACE Management Committee
RMCRobotik und Mechatronik Zentrum (DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen)
RMC-CCentral Remote Maintenance Centre
RMC-RRegional Remote Maintenance Centre
RMIRemote Method Invocation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RMMSRemote Maintenance and Monitoring System
RMONRemote Monitoring
RMPRights Management and Protection
RMSRadio Monitoring System
RMSResonant Macrosonic Synthesis
RMSRoot Mean Square
RMTReal Money Trade (Spieler-Jargon/gambler slang)
RMVRessourceneffiziente mechatronische Verarbeitungsmaschine (Projektgruppe am IWU)
RNARibonucleic Acid (Genetik/genetics)
RNAiRNA-Interferenz (Genetik/genetics)
RNAPRNA-Polymerase (Enzym)
RNCRadio (and) Network (or: Node) Controller (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RNDRedaktionsNetwork Deutschland
RNEPRobust Nuclear Earth Penetrator (Atomwaffe/atomic weapon, USA)
RNFLRetinale Nervenfaserschicht (Auge/eye)
RNGRandom Number Generator
RNLRadio Network Layer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RNNRecurrent Neural Net
RNORadio Network Optimization (or: Optimizer) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RNPRadio Network Planning (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RNRTRéseau National de Recherche en Télécommunications (France Télécom)
RNSRadio Network Subsystem (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RNSSRadio Navigation Satellite Services
ROReverse Osmosis (Umkehrosmose für Merwasserentsalzung)
RORumänien/Romania (ISO 3166)
ROADDirectory of Open Access Scholarly Resources
ROADMReconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
ROARRegistry of Open Access Repository
ROARMAPROAR Mandates and Policies
ROBRoyal Observatory of Belgium
ROBEXRobotische Exploration unter Extrembedingungen (DLR-Projekt)
ROCRadius of Curvature
ROCReceiver (or: Relative) Operating Characteristic (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
ROCRepublic of China (Taiwan)
ROCCORobust Checksum-Based Header Compression (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RoCERDMA over Converged Ethernet
ROGERRobotic Geostationary Robotic Restorer (DLR/ESA)
RoHCRobust Header Compression (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RoHSRestriction of (or: on) (Certain) Hazardous Substances
ROIRegion of Interest (Bildverarbeitung/picture processing)
ROIReturn On Investment (or: Instrument)
ROICReadout Integrated Circuit
ROKVISSRobotik-Komponenten-Verifikation auf der ISS (DLR-Entwicklung)
ROLReverse Oscillating Layer
ROLISRosetta Landing Imaging System
ROMRead Only Memory
RONResilient Overlay Network (Internet)
RoRoRoll-on, Roll-off (Autofähren/car ferries)
ROSReactive Oxygen Species, reaktive Sauerstoffspezies
ROSResearch Outcomes Service
ROSAReceiver Optical Subassembly (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
ROSAT[deutscher] Röntgensatellit, German X-ray Satellite (1990)
ROSISReflective Optics System Imaging Spectrometer
ROTEXRobot Technology Experiment, Roboter-Technologie-Experiment (Spacelab)
ROTSERobotic Optical Transient Search Experiment (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
ROVRemotely Operated Vehicle
ROZResearch-Oktan-Zahl (Kfz)
RPRheinland-Pfalz (Bundesland/German Federal State)
RPRoute Processor (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RPARandom Phase Approximation
RPCRemote Procedure Call (für vernetzte Messgeräte/for crosslinked measuring instruments)
RPCRRobust Principal Component Regression
RPGRole Playing Game
RPIRensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY, USA)
RPIFRegional Planetary Image Facility (worldwide 17 libraries, Nov. 2010)
RPMRadiation Portal Monitoring (Strahlungsnachweis/radiation detection)
RPMRadio Policy Matters (TC im/in the ETSI)
RPMRandom Particle Mesh Model (für aeroakustische Simulationen/for aeroacoustic simulations)
RPRResilient Package (or: Packet) Ring (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RPSThe Romanian Physical Society
RPTVRear-Projection Television
RPURay Processing Unit (Computergrafik/computer graphics)
RPWSRadio and Plasma Wave Science (Instrument an Bord des Saturn-Satelliten Cassini/instrument on board of the Saturn satellite Cassini)
RPZReichspostzentralamt (Berlin, ab 1.4.1928; vorher: Telegraphentechnisches Reichsamt, TRA)
RQIRNA Quality Indicator
RRradiative Rekombination
RRRadio Regulations (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RRRiva-Rocci (-Apparat zur Blutdruckmessung/blood pressure measuring device)
RRRound Robin
RRAMResistive Random Access Memory
RRCRadio Resource Control (Telekommunikation, Layer 3)
RRCRoot Raised Cosine
rrdReti Radiotelevisive Digitali (IT)
RREARelativistic Runaway Electron Avalanche
RRLRadio Research Laboratory (Korea)
RRMRadio Resource Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RRORecord Route Object (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RRPRapid Reconfiguration Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RRSTPRing Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (Ethernet)
RRWReliable Replacement Warhead (USA: Ersatzsprengkopf/weapon)
RSRaman Spectroscopy
RS-232RS: Recommended Standard (EIA)
RSARespiratorische Sinus-Arrhythmie (Physiologie)
RSA[Ronald] Rivest, [Adi] Shamir, [Leonard A.] Adleman (Verschlüsselungssystem) (asymmetrischer Kryptoalgorithmus/asymmetric encryption algorithm, 1977)
RSALRadionuclide Soil Action Level (Umweltschutz/environment conservation
RSCRadio Station, Central (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RSCRoyal Society of Chemistry (UK)
RSCWRadio Station Central Wireless (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RSERadiated Spurious Emission
RS EPREEnergy per Resource Element of the Reference Signal (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RSETrenormierter Spannungs-Energie-Tensor
RSFFRisk-Sharing Financing Facility (EU-Initiative für riskante Vorhaben/EU initiative)
RSFQRapid Single Flux Quantum Device
RSGResource Systems Group
rshRemote Shell
RSHAReichssicherheitshauptamt (im "Dritten Reich")
RSIReview of Scientific Instruments (Journal)
RSIRotational Shearing Interferometer
RSLRecurring Slope Lineae (on the Mars surface)
RSMRemote Station Nodal (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RSMResponse Surface Model (or: Modeling) (Motorsport-Simulation/motor sports simulation)
RSNPRegular-Spiking Nonpyramidal Cells
RSP[Office of] Regional and Security Policy [Affairs]
RSPBRoyal Society for the Protection of Birds (UK)
RS&RRepairsystem and Returns (Telekommunikation/telecommunication, USA)
RSRPReference Signal Received Power (Ortung/localization)
RSRQReference Signal Received Quality (Ortung/localization)
RSSRadio Science Subsystem (onboard Cassini)
RSSReally Simple Syndication
RSSReceived-Signal Strength (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RSSIReceiver Signal Strength Indicator (DECT) (or: Radio ...)
RSTRadio Station, Terminal (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RSTRepeater Station
RSTResonance Scattering Theory
RSTRunning Status Table
RSTPRapid Spanning Tree Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RSTWRadio Station Terminal Wireless (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RSURemote Subscriber Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RSURoad-Side Unit (traffic communication)
RSVrespiratorisches Syncytialvirus
RSVPRépond, s'il vout plaît (bitte antworten/please respond)
RSVPRare Symmetry-Violating Processes
RSVPResource Reservation Protocol (Telekommunikation, Internet)
RSVP-TEResource Reservation Protocol – Traffic Engineering (Telekommunikation, Internet)
RSXReconnection Scaling Experiment (at LANL)
RS3Reliably Secure Software Systems (DFG-Schwerpunkt)
RTRadiative-Transfer (equation)
RTRanking Task (educational concept)
RTRoute Target (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RTACReal-Time Atmospheric Compensation (Adaptive Optik/adaptive optics)
RTAIReal-Time Application Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RTCPReal-Time (Transport) Control Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RTDReal-Time Difference
RTDResearch and Technological Development (EC)
RTDResistance Temperature Detector (z.B./e.g., Pt)
RTDResonant Tunneling Device
RTDRound-Trip Delay
RTEReturn From Exception
RTERun-Time Environment (für Kfz-Entwicklung/for car development)
RTFRich Text Format [Dateinamenerweiterung: Textdatei im Rich-Text-Format/file name extension: Rich Text file]
RTGRadioisotope Thermoelectric Generator
RTGReceive Transition Gap (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RTIReal-Time Interface
RTIResearch Tools and Instruments (Canadian grant program)
RTI-MPReal-Time Interface for Multiprocessor Systems
RTLRaster Transfer Language (HP)
RTLReal-Time Linux
RTLRegister Transfer Level
RTLResistor-Transistor Logic
RTLinuxReal-Time Linux
RTLSRealtime Location System
RTMReal Time Monitoring
RTMResin Transfer Molding
RTMReverse Time Migration (for subsurface geological imaging)
RTMRundfunktechnische Mitteilungen (Zeitschrift)
RTMARadio-Television Manufacturers' Association
RTOResearch and Technological Organization (EC)
RTOSReal-Time Operating System
RTPReal-Time (Transport) Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RTPJRight Temporoparietal Junction (brain research)
rtPSReal Time Packet Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RTSRoyal Television Society (GB)
RTSRubinstein-Taylor-Syndrom (Erbkrankheit)
RTSPReal-Time Streaming Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RTTReal-Time Testing (or: Technology)
RTTRound Trip Time (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RTURemote Terminal Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RTVISCRail Transit Vehicle Interface Standards Committee (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
RTWReal-Time Workshop
RURepeater Unit
RUResources Unit
RURussland/Russian Union (ISO 3166)
RUBRuhr-Universität Bochum
RUBIRemote User Bus Interface
RUCDRRutgers University Cell and DNA Repository (Datenbank/data bank, USA)
RULLIRemote Ultra-Low Light Imaging (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
RUMRemote Underwater Manipulator
RUSRechenzentrum Universität Stuttgart
RUSResonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy
RVRegionalverband (z.B. DPG)
RVARichtlinienverabschiedungsausschuss (NALS)
RVBResonating Valence Bonds (Molekülphysik/molecular physics)
RVCRoyal Veterinary College
RVRRunway Visual Range
RVSRadial Velocity Spectrometer
RWRidge Waveguide
RWRuanda/Rwanda (ISO 3166)
RWAReceive Wavelength Adapter (Kommunikation/communication)
RWAResearch Works Art
RWCReal World Computing
RWCPReal World Computing Partnership (1992–2002)
RWERheinisch-Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk
RWIRheinisch-Westfälisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (Essen)
RWTHRheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (Aachen)
RXReceive (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RxLevReception Level (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RxQualReception Quality (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
RXTERossi X-Ray Timing Explorer (Röntgensatellit/X-ray satellite)
RYSRoyal Yacht Squadron
RZReturn to Zero (Kommunikation/communication)
RZGRechenzentrum Garching
RZÜRechnergestützte Zugüberwachung
R2DRoll to Device
R2RResearcher to Reader (Conference series)


S-WellenScherwellen (Geophysik/geophysics)
SASaturable Absorber (Faseroptik/fiber optics)
SASaudi-Arabien/Saudi Arabia (ISO 3166)
SASelective Availability (Satellitennavigation/satellite navigation)
SAService Activation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SASimulated Annealing
SASource Address (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SAStation Adapter (Eisenbahntechnik/railway technology)
SAASociety of American Archivists
SAASouth Atlantic Anomaly (Erdmagnetfeld/earth magnetic field)
SAAISouthern Africa Acoustics Institute
SAALSignaling ATM Adaptation Layer (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SAAOSouth African Astronomical Observatory
SAARCSouth Asian Association of Regional Cooperation
SaaSSoftware as a Service (for research computation)
SABIO-RKSystem for the Analysis of Biochemical Pathways – Reaction Kinetics (Datenbank am HITS/data bank at the HITS)
SACScience Advisory Committee
SACSemi-Anechoic Chamber
SACService Admission Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SACStrategic Air Command (USA)
SACDSuper Audio Compact Disk
SACLANTSupreme Allied Commander Atlantic (NATO)
SACMOSSelf Aligned Contacts MOS
SACNASSociety for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science
SACODYStructure Allégée à Commande Dynamique (EU–ESPRIT research program 1987–1991)
SADSingle Anomalous Diffraction
SADSpotless Activated Deposition (dünne Schichten/thin layers)
SADCSouth(ern) Africa(n) Development Cooperation (or: Community)
SAESociety of Automotive Engineers (USA)
SAESystem Achitecture Evolution (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SAEMStochastic Approximation Expectation–Maximisation
SAETSatellite Access for European Trains (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SAFESensor-Aktor-gestütztes Frühwarnsystem bei Extremwetter
SAFIREService des Avions Français Instrumentés pour la Recherche en Environnement
SAFISYSpace Agency Forum on ISY
SAFODSan Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (a borehole)
SAFTSynthetic Aperture Focus Technique (Signalverarbeitung/signal processing)
SAFTASouth Asian Free Trade Association
SAGSammlung von Algenkulturen der Universität Göttingen
SAGSelective Area Growth
SAGDSteam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (Ölsandverarbeitung/oil sand exploration)
SAGESoviet-American Gallium Experiment (Sonnen-Neutrinos, im Kaukasus/solar neutrinos, in the Caucasus)
SAGMSeparate Absorption, Grading and Multiplication (APD)
SAHASuberoylanilidhydoxamsäure (Genetik)
SAIService Area Identifier (or: Interface) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SAISilent Aicraft Initiative
SAICScience Applications International Corporation
SAICSingle Antenna Interference Cancellation (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SAIFRSouth American Institute for Fundamental Research (ICTP)
SAILSpeech Analysis and Interpretation Laboratory (University of Southern California)
SALScientific Algorithm Library
SALSASolvers for Algebraic Systems and Applications (Software)
SALSASystemauslegung eines Alkohol-LoX-Antriebs als Substitut für lagerfähige Antriebsstoffe
SALTSouthern African Large Telescope
SALTSpeech Application Language Tags (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SALTStrategic Arms Limitation Treaty (or: Talks)
SALTRACESaharan Aerosol Long-Range Transport and Aerosol–Cloud Interaction Experiment (DLR)
SAMSample Analysis at Mars (mobile laboratory)
SAMSaturable Absorber Mirror (Lasertechnik/laser technology)
SAMScanning Acoustic Microscope
SAMSelf-Assembled Monolayer, selbstaggregierende Monolagen (ein Molekül dicke Schicht/one molecule thin layer)
SAM[IEEE] Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing (Conference)
SAMSeparate Absorption and Multiplication (ADP)
SAMService Activation Module (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SAMService Aware Manager (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SAMSpeech Assessment Methodology
SAMSpherical Aberration Management
SAMSystemzuverlässigkeit, Adaptronik und Maschinenakustik
SAMLSecurity Assertion Markup Language (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SAMPSystems Analysis, Modelling and Prediction
SAMPESociety for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering
SAMPESociety of Aerospace Material and Process Engineering
SAMPEXSolar, Anomalous and Magnetospheric Particle Explorer (USA, Satellit/spacecraft)
SAMSSediment Acoustic Speed Measurement System
SAMUMSaharan Mineral Dust Experiment
SAMURAISynergy of Advanced Measurement Techniques for Unsteady and High Reynolds Number
Aerodynamic Investigations (DLR-Projekt)
SANStorage Area Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SANAWissenschaftliches Begleitprogramm zur Sanierung der Atmosphäre über den neuen Bundesländern
SANDSelf-Assembled Nanodielectrics
SANESustainable Accomodation for the New Economy (EU project)
SANEXSelctive Actinide Extraction (nuclear waste processing)
SAOSmithonian Astrophysical Observatory
SAOSpecial Awards Organization
SAONSustaining Arctic Observing Networks
SAPScientific Advisory Panel (to US President)
SAPService Access Point (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SAPSymbolic Assembler Program (IBM 704, 1956)
SAPSysteme, Applikationen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung
SAPAMSociety of African Physicists and Mathematicians
SAPEMSymposium on the Acoustics of Poro-Elastic Materials
SAPHARISafe and Autonomous Physical Human-Aware Robot Interaction
SAPOSSatellitenpositionierungsdienst der deutschen Landvermessung (Geodäsie)
SAPPHIRESatellite and Aircraft Data Base Project for System Integrity Research (Satellitennavigation/satellite navigation)
SAPPHIRESituational Awareness and Preparedness for Public Health Incidences Using Reasoning Engines (semantisches Netz/semantic net)
SAPTASouth Asian Preference Trade Association
SAQISpatial Audio Quality Inventory
SARSearch and Rescue (Service) (Galileo)
SARSecond Assessment Report (IPCC, über globale Klimaveränderung/on global climate change, 1995)
SARSpecific Absorption Rate
SARSynthetic Aperture Radar, Synthetik-Apertur-Radar
SARASystème Accélérateur Rhône-Alpes (Grenoble, FR)
SARESolar and Advanced Renewable Energy
SARFTState Administration for Radio Film and Television (China)
SARPSevere Asthma Research Program (USA)
SARSSevere Acute Respiratory Syndrome
SARTSave and Rescue Transmitter (Seenotrettungssender)
SARTSystemanalyse Raumtransport (DLR, Bremen)
SASScale Adaptive Simulation (turbulence model)
SASSociety of Applied Spectroscopy
SASSpecial Air Service (UK)
SASSvenska Akustiska Sällskapet, Swedish Acoustical Society
SASSynthetic Aperture Sonar (Wasserschall/underwater acoustics)
SASASouth African Sugar Association
SASESelf-Amplified Spontaneous Emission
SASERSound Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
SASPSeneszenz-assoziierter sekretorischer Phänotyp (Zellalterung)
SATSIM Application Toolkit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SAT-MScholastic Aptitude Test: Mathematics
SatWasSatellitengestütztes Warnsystem
SAVESoftware Architecture Visualization and Evaluation
SAVOIRSound and Vibration Organisation Information Resources (Gesellschaft gegründet 1990, mit Unterstützung des EG COMETT-Programms,
Sitz: ISVR, Southampton, GB/assocation formed in 1990 with support from the EG COMETT programme, located at ISVR, Southampton, GB)
SAWSurface Acoustic Wave
S-AWCSuper All-Wheel Control (automotive drive control)
SAXSatellite per l'Astronomia X (italienischer Röntgensatellit/Italian X-ray satellite)
SAXSSmall-Angle X-Ray Scattering
SBSalomon-Inseln/Solomon Islands (früher Britische Salomoninseln/former British Solomon Islands) (ISO 3166)
SBSynchronization Burst (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SBASSatellite-Based Augmentation System (GPS)
SBCSession Border Controller (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SBCSingle Board Computer
SBCSubband Codec
SBESociety of Broadcast Engineers (USA)
SBECSubband Echo Canceler
SBIRSmall Business Innovation Research (Program, USA)
SBIRSSpace-Based Infrared System – Low Earth Orbit
SBLSpace Based Laser
SBLESub-Block Error (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SBLERSub-Block Error Rate (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SBMLSystems Biology Markup Language
SBNDShort-Baseline Near Detector (neutrino detector)
SBPSociété Belge de Physique
SBPSugar Beet Pulp (Rübenschnitzel)
SBRSpace-Based Radar
SBRSpectral Band Replication (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SBRSustainable Bit Rate (Datenübertragung/data transfer)
SBRTStereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (Krebsbekämpfung mit Röntgenstrahlen/X-ray cancer treatment)
SBSSave British Science (Lobby Group)
SBSStimulated Brillouin Scattering
SBSLSingle-Bubble Sonoluminescence, Einzelblasensonolumineszenz
SBSSScience-Based Stockpile Stewardship
SBTAS-Band Test Accelerator
SBTVDSistema Brazileiro Televisão–Digital
SBWASSpace Based Wide Area Surveillance
SBZSowjetische Besatzungszone
SCSeychellen/Seychelles (ISO 3166)
SCSolarkonstante/Solar Constant (≈ 1.4 kW/m²)
SCSouth Carolina (US-Staat/US state)
SCSubstantial Completion
SCSupercomputing Conference
SCSupercontinuum (Weißlichtlaser/white light laser)
SCSwitch-Capacitor (Filter)
SCASoftware Communications Architecture (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCADASupervisory Control and Data Acquisition (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCADTASociedad Colombo Alemana de Transporto Aéro
SCAI[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Algorithmen und Wissenschaftliches Rechnen (St. Augustin)
SCALPELScattering with Angular Limitation Projection Electron Beam Lithography
SCAMPService Control and Monitoring Prototype
SCARSaturated-Absorption Cavity Ring-Down (Spectroscopy)
SCARScientific Committee on Arctic Research
SCARStanding Committee on Agriculture Research (EU)
SCARSupersonic Cruise Aircraft Research
SCARTSimulation Center for Aerodynamic Research in Transportation (DLR)
SCASSSSwedish Collegium for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences (Uppsala, SE)
SCBSingle Cooper-Pair Box
SCBRSilicon Chip Bragg Reflector (Laser)
SCCSatellite Control Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCCSignaling Congestion Control (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCCSource Code Control (Microsoft-Interface)
SCCSteinbuch Centre for Computing (Karlsruhe, KIT)
SCCStudent Cluster Competition
SCCPSignaling Connection and Control Part (or: Point) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCCPSmart Connected Control Platform
S-CCPCHSecondary Common Control Physical Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCCRShort-Circuit Current Response
SCDSudden Cardiac Death
SCDMASynchronous Code Division Multiplex Access (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCENIHRScientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (EU)
ScEServer Compute Efficiency
SCEService Creation Environment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCEStrongly Correlated Electrons
SCFSelf-Consistent Field
SCFService Control Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCFLa Sociedad Colombiana de Fisica (CO)
SCFTSelf-Consistent Field Theory
SCHSeparate Confinement Heterostructure
SCHSynchronization Channel (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCIScience Citation Index (beim/at ISI, Philadelphia, PA, USA)
SCIAMACHYScanning Imaging Absorption Spectrometer for Atmospheric Chartography (ENVISAT)
SCIDSevere Combined Immune Deficiency
SciELOScientific Electronic Library Online
SCILSystems and Control Innovation Lab (DLR)
SCIMSubcarrier Intensity Modulation
SCINISubmersible Capable of Under Ice Navigation (Tauchroboter)
SCIRABScience in Radio Broadcasting
SCK-CENStudiecentrum voor Kernenergie – Centre d'Etudes de l'Energie Nucléaire (BE)
SCLSociety of Chief Librarians
SCLDGMSerially Concatenated Low-Density Generator Matrix
SCMSafe Communication Module (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCMScanning Capacitance Microscopy
SCMSubcarrier Multiplexing
SCMSupply Chain Management
SCMFTSelf-Consistent Mean Field Theory
SCNScholarly Collaboration Network
SCNSuprachiasmatischer Nucleus (im Gehirn; "Zentraluhr" für circadiane Rhythmen/in the brain; "central clock" for circadian rhythms)
SCNSwitched Circuit Network (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCNCERSub-Committee on Non-Conventional Energy Research (ASEAN)
SCNTSomatic-Cell Nuclear Transfer (stem cell research)
SCOSynchronous Connection Oriented (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCOAP3Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics
SCOLESpacecraft Control Laboratory Experiment (NASA, etwa/about 1983)
SCONULSociety of College, National and University Libraries (UK)
SCOOPSolar Collectors Made of Polymers
SCOPEScientific Committee on the Problems of the Environment
SCORScientific Committee on Ocean Research
SCORESpectral Self-Coherence Restoral (Algorithmus/algorithm)
SCOREStove for Cooking, Refrigeration and Electricity (Thermoakustik/thermoacoustic device)
SCORMSharable Content Object Reference Model
SCOUTStratospheric Climate Links with Emphasis on the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere
SCPService Control Point (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCPSession Control Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCPSlow Cortical Potential (Gehirnwellen/brain waves)
SCPSupernova Cosmology Project
SCPCSingle Channel Per Carrier (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCPIStandard Commands for Programmable Instruments
SCPPStanding Conference of Physics Professors (UK)
SCRSelective Catalytic Reduction
SCRSpatial Capture Recapture (Raubtierforschung)
SCRAMJETSupersonic Combustion Ramjet (Überschall-Verbrennungsstrahltriebwerk)
SCRFSuperconducting Radio Frequency (TESLA)
SCRGSatellite Climate Research Group (NOAA)
SCRISupersomputer Computations Research Institute (Tallahassee, FL, USA)
SCSSouth China Sea
SCSSupply Chain Services (Fraunhofer-Arbeitsgruppe, Nürnberg)
S-CSCFService (or: Serving) Call State (or: Session) Control Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCSISmall Computer Systems Interface
SCSSIService Central de la Securité des systèmes d'information
SCTCSpeech Communication Technical Committee
SCUSanta Clara University (USA)
SCUSignalling and Control Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCUSignalling Channel Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SCUBASubmillimeter Common-User Bolometer Array (Mauna Kea, HI, USA)
SCUBASystem-on-Chip Solutions for Advanced UMTS Base Stations
SCWScientific Computing World (Journal)
SDSecure Digital (Memory Card)
SDSecurity Device
SDSouth Dakota (US-Staat/US state)
SDStandard Definition (Television)
SDStandard Deviation (statistics)
SDSudan (ISO 3166)
SDAPService Discovery Application Profile (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SDARSSatellite Digital Audio Radio Services (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SDBSafety Deposit Box
SDBVScientific Databases and Visualization (HITS-group)
SDDSilicon Drift Detector, Silizium-Driftdetektor
SDEService Development (or: Delivery) Environment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SDGSubjective Difference Grade (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SDGSustainable Development Goal
SdHShubnikov – de Haas (effect)
SDHSynchronous Digital Hierarchy (Übertragungsstandard/transmission standard)
SDHCSecure Digital High Capacity (memory cards)
SDISpectral Differential Imager (beim/at the Very Large Telescope)
SDIStrategic Defense Initiative
SDISubscriber Distribution Interface (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SDIOStrategic Defense Initiative Organization
SDKSoftware Development Kit
SDLCSynchronous Data Link Control
SDLSSatellite Data Link System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SDMSequence Data Management (genome data)
SDMSpectral Division Method (acoustics)
SDMStatistical Data Miner
SDMASpace Division Multiple Access (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
S-DMBSatellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SDMISecure Digital Music Initiative
SDMSScientific Data (or: Document) Management System
SDMTSimilarity-Driven Machine Translation
SDOService Development Architecture
SDOSolar Dynamics Observatory (NASA)
SDOStandard Development Organizations
SDOFSingle-Degree-of-Freedom (System)
SDPService Data (or: Delivery) Point (or: Platform) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SDPService Delivery Point (Internet)
SDPSession Description Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SDRSatellite Digital Radio
SDRService Data Record (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SDRSingle Data Rate (2.5 Gb/s)
SDRSoftware-Defined Radio (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SDRStandard Dynamic Range (TV)
SDRSüddeutscher Rundfunk
SDRAMSynchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (Computer)
SDRFSoftware-Defined Radio Forum (seit/since 1996)
SDSSecure Data Store
SDSShort Data Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SDSSodium dodecyl sulphate, Natriumlaurylsulfat
SDSSolar Disk Sextant
SDSCSan Diego Supercomputer Center
SDSLSymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
SDSSSloan Digital Sky Survey (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
SDSUSan Diego State University (USA)
SDSUSouth Dakota State University (USA)
SDTService Description Table (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SDTSpin-Dependent Tunneling
SDTBStiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin
SDTS[ANSI] Spatial Data Transfer Standard
SDTVStandard-Definition Television [Format]
SDUService Data Unit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SDVNC[International Conference on] Structural Dynamics, Vibration, Noise and Control
SDWSpin-Density Wave
SESchrödinger Equation
SESchweden/Sweden (ISO 3166)
S&EScience and Engineering
SEAScientists and Engineers for America (seit/since Sept. 2006)
SEASociedad Española de Acústica
SEABSecretary of Energy Advisory Board
SEACStandard Eastern Automatic Computer (1952, 3 kB memory, 1 MHz clock speed)
SEAFSecretary of Energy Advisory Board (USA)
SEAMSingle-Ended Assessment Model (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SEA-ME-WE3South East Asia – Middle East – Western Europe (Kommunikation/communication)
SEASSchool of Engineering and Applied Sciences (Unversity of Pennsylvania and Harvard, USA)
SEATOSouth-East Asia Treaty Organization
SEBScientific Executive Board
SEBSende-, Empfangs- und Bedienungseinheit
SECSecondary Electron Conduction
SECSecurities and Exchange Commission (USA)
SECSize Exclusion Chromatography
SECSoftware Engineering Center (Tokyo)
SECSolid Electrolyte Coulometry
SecaaSSecurity as a Service
SECAMSéquential à Mémoire
SECCHISun–Earth Connection Coronal and Heliospheric Investigation
SECCRITSecure Cloud Computing for Critical Infrastructure IT
SECOQCSecure Communication Based on Quantum Cryptography (EU Project, Wien, AT)
SECRSpatially Explicit Capture Recapture
SECTAMSoutheastern Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
SECUFSynergetic Extreme Condition User Facility (proposed 2013 in China)
Secur-EDSecure Urban Mass Transportation European Demonstrator
SEDSchweizerischer Erdbebendienst
SEDSingle-Electron Device
SEDSozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands (ehem./former DDR)
SEDSpecial Engineering Detachment (USA)
SEDStochastic Electrodynamics
SEDStrategic Engineering Division
SEDSurface-Conduction Electron-Emitter Display
SEESoftware Engineering Explained
SEEDScience Education through Experiment and Demonstration (USA)
SEEDSelf-Electrooptic-Effect Device
SEGSociety of Exploration Geophysicists (USA)
SEGWSecurity Gateway (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SEHRSSurface-Enhanced Hyper-Raman Scattering
SEISeebeck Effect Imaging
SEISoftware Engineering Institute
SEIASolar Energy Industries Association
SELSound Exposure Level
SELANESecure Local Area Network Environment
SELENESelenological and Engineering Explorer (japanische Raumsonde zur Monderkundung)
SelKSelbstständige evangelisch-lutherische Kirche
SELTSingle-Ended Line Testing
SEMScanning Electron Microscope (or: Microscopy)
SEMShop Efficiency Monitoring
SEMSociety for Experimental Mechanics (früher/formerly: SESA)
SEMSpectrum Emission Mask
SematechSemiconductor Manufacturing Technology (USA, IC-Firmen-Kooperation)
SEMIC.EUSemantic Interoperability Centre Europe
SEMOSsensorgestützte Montagesysteme
SENService Execution Node (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SENAIServiço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial (Brasilien)
SENEKASensornetzwerk mit mobilen Robotern für das Katastrophenmanagement
SENTHAseniorengerechte Technik im häuslichen Alltag (DFG-Forschergruppe)
SEOSearch Engine Optimization
SEPService Execution Point (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SEPSociété Européenne de Propulsion
SEPSolar Energetic Particle
SEPStandard Evaluation Protocol
SEPAScottish Environment Protection Agency
SEPASingle Euro Payments Area
SEPACSmall European Postal Administrations Cooperation
SEPGSoftware Engineering Project Group
SEPNETSouth East [England] Photonics Network
SEPSDASino-European Project on SARS Diagnostics and Antivirals
SEQShape Equalizer (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
SERSIP Express Router (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SERCScience and Engineering Research Council (UK)
SERCCScientific Ethics and Research Conduct Committee (Univ. Tsukuba, JP)
SERDPStrategic Environmental Research and Development Program (USA)
SEReCSouth-East Regional e-Research Centre (UK)
SERIScience and Engineering Readiness Index
SERISSolar Energy Research Institute of Singapore
SERMSelective Estrogen Receptor Modulator, selektive Östrogen Rezeptor-Modulatoren
SERSSurface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (or: Scattering)
SERUShared E-Resource Understanding
SESSatellite Earth Stations and Systems (TC im/in the ETSI)
SESSenior Executive Service
SESSingle Electron Substance
SESSocieté Européenne des Satellites (Luxembourg)
SESSpin Excitation Spectroscopy
SESASociety for Experimental Stress Analysis (jetzt/now: SEM)
SESAMSemiconductor Saturable Absorber Mirror
SESAMESecond European Stratospheric Arctic and Midlatitude Experiments
SESAMESurface Electric (or: Electrical, Seismic) Sounding and Acoustic Monitoring Experiment (Rosetta project)
SESAMESynchrotron Light for Experimental Science and Application in the Middle East (JO)
SESARSingle European Sky Air Traffic Management Research
SESESchool of Earth and Space Exploration (at Arizona State University, USA)
SESESchool of Earth, Society, and Environment (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
SESISSchiffbauliches Entwurfs- und Simulationssystem
SESSSmart Embedded Sensor System
SETScience, Engineering, Technology
SETSecure Electronic Transaction (Internet, Verschlüsselung/encryption)
SETSingle-Electron Transistor
SETSingle-Electron Tunneling (Oscillations)
SETSupercomputing Engine Technology
SETASystems Engineering and Technical Assistance
SETISearch for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
SEVASelf Validating (Sensor)
SEVERISpinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager (telescope onboard MSG)
SEVISStudent and Exchange Visitor Information System (USA)
SEWASIESemantic Web and Agents in Integrated Economics
SFSpreading Factor (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SFASaturated Fatty Acids (gesättigte Fettsäuren)
SFASociété Française d'Acoustique
SFAStorage Fusion Architecture
SFASurface Force Apparatus
SFAESTStabilized Fast A Posteri Error Sequential Technique (Algorithmus/algorithm)
SFBSender Freies Berlin
SFBSonderforschungsbereich (DFG)
SFBSurface Force Balance
SFCSolid Fat Content
SFCSupercritical Fluid Chromatography
SFF CAVESmall Form Factor Computer-Aided Virtual Environment
SFGSum-Frequency Generation (spectroscopy)
SFISanta Fe Institute (NM, USA)
SFIStrong-Field Ionization
SFICStrategic Forum for International Cooperation (EU)
SFLSpace Flight Laboratory (at UTIAS)
SFMScanning Force Microscopy
SFMSociété Française des Mécaniciens
SFNSingle Frequency Network, Gleichwellennetz (Digitalrundfunk/digital broadcast)
SFNSystem Frame Number (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SFOAEStimulus Frequency Otoacoustic Emission
SFOBBSan Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge
SFORStabilization Force (21.12.1996 bis 21.12.2004/Dec. 21, 1996 through Dec. 21, 2004, davor/formerly: IFOR, danach/thereafter: EUFOR)
SFPSociété Française de Physique
SFRSocieté Française Radio-électrique
SFSSound Field Synthesis
SFSUSan Franciso State University (USA)
SFVSimian Foamy Virus (a retrovirus)
SFZSekretariat für Zukunftsforschung (Gelsenkirchen)
SGSecurity Gateway (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SGSignaling Gateway (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SGSingapur/Singapore (ISO 3166)
SGStrain Gage
SGStudy Group
SGASchweizerische Gesellschaft für Akustik
SGASéminaire de Géom&eacutetrie Algébrique
SGCSpiral Ganglion Cell
SGCStructural Genomics Consortium
SGCPSimple Gateway Control Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SGDBRSampled-Grating Distributed-Bragg-Reflector (Laser)
SGESun Grid Engine
SGESSSmart Grid Energy Storage System (FhG-IFF)
SGGSuperconducting Gravity Gradiometer
SGISilicon Graphics, Inc. (Mountain View, CA, USA)
SGIMRISino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute (Provinz Jiangsu, China)
SGMSemi-Global Matching (DLR algorithm for photogrammetry)
SGMLStandard General(ized) Markup Language
SGRSoft Gamma Repeaters (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
SGSSoutheastern Geophysical Society (USA)
SGSNServing GPRS (Support) Node (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SGWSecurity Gateway (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SHSchleswig-Holstein (Bundesland/German Federal State)
SHSt. Helena (ISO 3166)
SHASample-and-Hold Amplifier
SHAState Highway Agency (USA)
SHAPESupreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
SHARADShallow Radar (Mars sounding instrument)
SHAREShared Access Research Ecosystem
SHARESupporting Rescue Forcrews with Data Services and Multimodality (EU project)
SHARFSimplified Hyperstable Adaptive Recursive Filter
SHARPStratospheric Change and its Role for Climate Prediction (DFG-Forschergruppe)
SHAVEShared Virtual Environment
SHDSynchronous Digital Hierarchy (optische Nachrichtenübertragung/optical data transfer)
SHDSLSingle Pair (or: Synchronous) High Speed (or: Symmetric High Density) Digital Subscriber Line (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SHESpin Hall Effect
SHESuperheavy Element
SHEDSSuper-High-Efficiency Diode Sources
SHEFCScottish Higher Education Funding Council
SHEFEXSharp Edge Flight Experiment (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
SHEMICSharp Edge Microgravity Capsule (Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
SHeQUIDSuperfluid Helium Quantum Interference Device
SHFSuper High Frequency (3 – 30 GHz)
SHGSecond Harmonic Generation
SHiPSearch for Hidden Particles
SHIPSeparator for Heavy Ion Reaction Products (GSI, Darmstadt, DE)
SHKSanitär-, Heizungs- und Klimatechnik
SHMStructural Health Monitoring
SHOSoft Handover (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SHOPShell Higher Olefin Process
SHPMScanning Hall Probe Microscopy
SHQPSources for the History of Quantum Physics
SHRIMPSensitive High-Resolution Ion Microprobe
SHSSolar Home System
SHTSystemhaus Technik (DLR, Köln)
SHTMLSecure HTML (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SHVSuper High-Vision (höchstauflösendes Fernsehen/TV)
SHYSynaptic Homeostasis Hypothesis
SIScintillation Index>
SIService Information
SISlowenien/Slovenia (ISO 3166)
SISpeech Intelligibility
SISystème International d'Unités
SIASemiconductor Industry Association
SIAMScanning Infererometric Apertureless Microscopy
SIAMSociety for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (USA)
SIBService Independent Building Block (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SIBSystem Information Block
SICSystem Integration Center(Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SICAHFStudies Investigating Comorbidities Aggrevating Heart Failure (heart analysis software, UK)
SICMScanning-Ion Conduction Microscopy
SIDShared Information Data Model (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SIDSignal Interface Device
SiDSilicon Detector (for the International Linear Collider)
SIDSociety of Information Display
SIDOSingle-In, Dual-Out
SIFSmall Image Format (Bildcodierung/picture coding)
SIFSocietà Italiana di Fisica
SIFSolar-Induced Fluorescence
SIFTScale Invariant Feature Transform
SIFTScanning for Intensely Fluorescent Targets (Prionen-Nachweis/prion monitoring)
SIGSpecial Interest Group
SIGISScanning Infrared Gas Imaging System
SIGMASupport for Improvement in Governance and Management (EU)
SIGNSchutz von Ideen für die gewerbliche Nutzung (Programm des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Technologie)
SIISpeech Intelligibility Index
SILSafety Integrity Level
SiLAStandardisation in Lab Automation
SILEXSemiconductor Laser Inter-Satellite Link Experiment (1998)
SILEXSeparation of Isotopes by Laser Excitation
SILKSSupercomputing Institute for Learning and Knowledge Systems (Albuquerque, NM, USA)
SILLStrategic Illuminator Laser (US-Waffe/weapon)
SIMSkalierungs-Index-Methode (nichtlineare Dynamik/nonlinear dynamics)
SIMSpace Interferometry Mission
SIMStructured Illumination Microscopy
SIMSubscriber Identification (or: Identity) Module (Mobiltelefon/mobile phone)
SIMBASilizium-Implantationsdetektor und Beta-Absorber (Kernphysik, GSI)
SIMBASuperhigh Intensity Mono-Beam Amplifier Chain (KrF-Laser)
SIMBADSimilarity-Based Pattern Analysis and Recognition (EU project, FP7)
SIMCOSAdvanced Simulation and Control of Dynamic Stall (DLR/ONERA cooperation on helicopter technology)
SIMDSingle Instruction, Multiple Data (Rechnerarchitektur/computer architecture)
SIMMSingle Inline Memory Module
SIMMWICSilicon Monolithic Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuit
SIMOSingle Input – Multiple Output (Regelung oder System/controller or system)
SIMPLESession Initiation Protocol for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extension (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SIMSSecondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy (or: Spectrometry, or: Spectrometer)
SimSACSimulating Aircraft Stability and Control Characteristics for Use in Conceptual Design (EU project)
SINSchweizer Institut für Nuklearforschung (Paul Scherrer-Institut, Villingen, CH)
SINEShort Interspersed Element (Genetik/genetics)
SINFONISpectrograph for Integral Field Observation in the Near Infrared
SINQ[Schweizer Neutronenspallationsquelle] (Paul Scherrer-Institut, Villingen, CH)
SINPSaha Institute of Nuclear Physics (Kolkata, IN)
SINRShanghai Institute of Nuclear Research
SINRSignal-to-Interference Noise Ratio
SIOScripps Institution (or: Institute) of Oceanography
SIOCShanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
SIOFSocietà Italiana di Ottica e Fotonica
SiONSilicon Oxynitride
SIOPSingle Integrated Operations Plan (USA)
SIOSSvalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observation System (at UNIS)
SIPSession Initiation Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SIPStatistical Isolated Pass-By (road noise measurement method)
SiPEOModern Signal Processing Methods for the Next Generation of Earth Observation Satellite Missions
SIPIScientists' Institute for Public Information (New York)
SIPIShort Interpulse Interval (hearing acoustics)
SiPMSilicon-Photo-Multiplier, Silizium-Photomultiplier
SIPOState Intellectual Property Office (CN)
SIPOCSuppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customers
SIPRIStockholm International Peace Research Institute
SIPS[Workshop on] Signal Processing Systems Design and Implementation
SIPSSimply Interactive Personal Computer
SIRShuttle (or: Spaceborne) Imaging Radar (Satellit/satellite)
SIRSignal-to-Interference Ratio
SIRSilent Information Regulator (Molekularbiologie/molecular biology)
SIRSubmission Information Rate (Datennetz/data network)
SiriSpeech Interpretation and Recognition Interface (Apple-Software)
SIRMScanning Infrared Microscopy
siRNASmall Interfering Ribonucleic Acid
SIRPSignalregulatorisches Protein
SIRTFSpace Infrared Telescope Facility (Satellit/satellite)
SISSchengen Information System (EU, Steckbrief-Liste/information on persons and objects sought by national judiciaries)
SISSchwerionen-Synchrotron (bei der/at the GSI, Darmstadt)
SISSemiconductor–Insulator–Semiconductor (solar cells)
SISSpontaneous Information System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SISStateful Inspection System (Firewall)
SISSuperconductor–Insulator–Superconductor (nanostructure)
SISSurface Inversion Strength (Meteorologie/meteorology)
SISABSound Insulation and Sound Absorption
SISALSicherheitsrelevante Systeme und Ansätze in der Luftfahrt
SISOSingle Input – Single Output (Regelung oder System/controller or system)
SISTECSimulations- und Softwaretechnik (DLR-Einrichtung)
SITSelf-Induced Transparency
SIT[Fraunhofer-] Institut für Sichere Telekommunikation (Darmstadt)
SITSterile Insekten-Technik (FhG)
SITStructured Inventive Thinking
SITASocieté Internationale de Télécommunication Aéronautique
SIUCSouthern Illinois University Carbondale (USA)
SIUESouthern Illinois University Edwardsville (USA)
SIVSimian Immunodeficiency Virus (Aids-Virus bei Affen/Aids virus of apes)
SIZStrategisches Innovationszentrum (der Bayerischen Polizei/of the Bavarian police)
SJSvalbard und Jan Mayen-Inseln/Svalbard & Jan Mayen Islands (ISO 3166)
SJTUShanghai Jiao Tong University
SKSaskatchewan (Province of Canada)
SKSikkim (ISO 3166 bis/until 1975)
SKSlowakei/Slovakia (ISO 3166)
SKASquare Kilometre Array (Radioteleskop, geplant für/radio telescope, planned for 2020 in UK)
SKANSkyBridge Access Node (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SKATSkalierbarkeit und Risikominimierung von Technologie bei innovativem Design (DLR und Airbus, Hubschrauberentwicklung, 2014–2017)
SKIPSpezies-, Kontinuitäts-, Identitäts- und Potentialitäts(argumente) (in der Diskussion über Stammzellenforschung)
SKMScanning Kelvin Microscopy
SKTSkyBridge Terminal (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SKT PROSkyBridge Professional Terminal (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SKT RESSkyBridge Residential Terminal (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SKZSüddeutsches Kunststoffzentrum
SLSaarland (Bundesland/German Federal State)
SLSchwere Löcher (Halbleiterphysik/semiconductor physics)
SLService Level
SLSierra Leone (ISO 3166)
SLSonoluminescence, Sonolumineszenz
SLAService Level Agreement (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SLASpecial Libraries Association
SLACStanford Linear Accelerator Center
SLAMScanning Laser Acoustical Microscope
SLAMSimultaneous Localisation and Mapping
SLBServer Load Balancing (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SLBMSubmarine-Launched Ballistic Missile
SLCStanford Linear Collider
SLCSuper-Light Car (EU project)
SLCMSea-Launched Cruise Missile
SLDSanfte Laser-Desorption
SLDSequential-Level Difference (auditory acoustics)
SLDSupercooled Large Droplets
SLEDSuperluminescent Light-Emitting Diode
SLEEService Logic Execution Environment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SLFSubscription Location Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SLGSchweizerische Liga gegen den Lärm
SLHSSpeech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
SLISingle Line Injection (Faserverbund-Herstellungsverfahren/production method for fiber compounds)
SLICSubscriber Line Interface Circuit (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SLIPSpring-Loaded Inverted Pendulum
SLISScanning Linear Imager Sensor
SLMSelective Laser Melting
SLMService Level Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SLMSpatial Light Modulator
SLOScanning Laser Ophthalmoskop(ie)
SLPScanning Laser Polarimetrie (Augenheilkunde/ophthalmology)
SLPService Location Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SLRSend(ing) Loudness Rating (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SLRIShort-Lived Radioactive Isotope
SLRVSafe Light Regional Vehicle (DLR, Stuttgart)
SLSSelektives Lasersintern (3D-Drucker/3D printer)
SLSService Level Specification (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SLSSpace Launch System (NASA)
SLSSwiss Light Source, Synchron-Lichtquelle Schweiz (am Paul-Scherrer-Institut)
SLSASchweizerisch-Liechtensteinische Stiftung für Archäologische Forschung im Ausland
SLSCScitation Library Service Center (AIP)
SLTStatistical Learning Theory
SLTESubscriber Line Terminal Equipment (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SLUSpoken Language Understanding (automatische Spracherkennung/automatic speech recognition)
SLURMSimple Linux Utility for Resource Management
SMSan Marino (ISO 3166)
SMSession Management (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SMSingle Mode (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
SMSoftware Manager
SMSoftware Module
SMStandard Model (Elementarteilchentheorie/elementary particle theory)
SMAShape Memory Alloy [or: Actuator]
SMASub-Millimeter Array (Mauna Kea, HI, USA)
SMACStockholm Music Acoustics Conference
SMADSowjetische Militäradministration in Deutschland
SmARPRoSmart Assistence for Humans in Production Systems (BMBF-Projekt)
SMARTSelection with Markers and Advanced Reproductive Technologies (Pflanzenzüchtung)
SMARTSustainable Management of Available Water Resources with Innovative Technologies (since 2007)
SmartLEDSmart Leading Edge Device (airfoil)
SMATEScience, Math, and Technology Education
SmavnetSwarming Micro Air Vehicle Network for Communication Relay
SMBServer Message Block
SMBSmall and Medium (Size) Business (= KMU)
SMBHSupermassive Black Hole (astronomy)
SMCService Management Center (Internet)
SMCSheet Moulding Compound
SMCSwitch Management Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SMDShaped Metal Deposition
SMDSurface Mounted Device
SMDCSpace and Missile Defense Command (US Army)
SMDPSemi-Markov Decision Process
SMDSSwitched Multimegabit Data Service
SMESmall and Medium-Size(d) Enterprise(s) (ESPRIT) [= KMU]
SMESSuperconductor Magnetic Energy Storage, supraleitender magnetischer Energiespeicher
SMEXSmall Explorer Program (USA, Raumfahrt/spacecraft)
SMFService Management Function (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SMFSingle Mode Fiber (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
SMGSpecial Mobile Group (TC im/in the ETSI)
SMGCSSurface Movement Guidance and Control System (Rollverkehrsführungssystem/rolling traffic guidance system)
SMISoil Moisture Index
SMIFStandard Mechanical Interface
SMILSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SMILEScientific Simulation Environment
sMIMScanning Microwave Impedance Microscopy
SMISStanford Molecular Imaging Scholars (Program)
SMLSelective Laser Melting (Pulvermetallurgie/powder metallurgy)
SMLService Management Layer (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
SMLCServing Mobile Location Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SMLWEASelf-Modulated Laser Wakefield Accelerator
SMMSolar Maximum Mission (NASA)
SMMSubmillimeter (Infrarotastronomie/infrared astronomy)
smORFSmall Open Reading Frame (Genetik/genetics)
SMOWStandard Mean Ocean Water
SMPService Management Point (or: Platform) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SMPShape Memory Polymer (or: Plastic)
SMPStrategic Military Panel (USA)
SMPSymmetric Multiprocessing
SMPAGSpace Mission Planning Advisory Group
SMPESociety of Motion Picture Engineers (USA)
SMPLabStraightforward Modular Prototyping Laboratory (DLR)
SMPPShort Message Peer-to-Peer (Protocol) (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SMPTESociety of Motion Picture(s) and Television Engineers (USA)
SMRSmall Modular Reactor
SMRSurface Movement Radar
SMSService Management System (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SMSShort Message Service (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SMSSingle Molecule Spectroscopy
SMSStatistical Mode Sensor
SMSStromlo Milky Way Satellites (survey, astrophysics) [Mount Stromlo, AU]
SMS-CShort Message Service Center (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SMSLSupermassereiches Schwarzes Loch (Astrophysik)
SMTSubmillimeter Telescope (USA)
SMTSurface Mount Technology (Platinenherstellung/printed circuits)
SMTASurface Mount Technology Association (Edina, MN, USA)
SMTPSimple Mail Transport (or: Transfer) Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SMUSatellite Management Unit
SMUSource Measure Unit
SMUSouthern Methodist University (Dallas, TX, USA)
SNSachsen (Bundesland/German Federal State)
SNSenegal (ISO 3166)
SNService Node (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SNASocial Network Analysis
SNASystem of National Accounts (Volkswirtschaft/national economy)
SNAAPStudy of Noise and Aerodynamics of Advanced Propellers (EU Forschungsprogramm/research project)
SNAHSpherical Near-Field Acoustic(al) Holography
SNAMScanning Nearfield Acoustical Microscopy
SNAPSupernova Acceleration Probe (Astrophysik/astrophysics)
SNCFSocieté Nationale des Chemins de Fer (FR)
SNCPSub-Network Connection Protection (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SND[Alcatel] Submarine Networks Division (Seekabel/transatlantic cable)
SNDCPSub-Network Dependent Convergence Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
S-NESTM Network Element (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SNECMASociété Nationale d'étude et de construction de moteurs d'aviation (Paris, FR)
SNFSchweizerischer Nationalfonds
SNFSpent Nuclear Fuel (rdioaktiver Abfall/radioactive waste)
SNFUHScanning Near-Field Ultrasound Holography
SNGSatellite News Gathering
SNHLSensorineural Hearing Loss
SNISiemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme
SNIAStorage Networking Industry Association
SNIECShanghai New International Exhibition Center (CN)
SNIUSubscriber's Network Interface Unit
SNLSandia National Laboratories (USA)
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol (Internet)
SNMSSecondary Neutral Mass Spectroscopy
SNNStatistical Neural Networks
SNOSudbury (or: Solar) Neutrino Observatory (Sudbury, ON, CA)
SNOMScanning Nearfield Optical Microscopy (or: Microscope)
SNOWServices for Nomadic Workers
SNP(gesprochen: "Snip") Single Nucleotide Polymorphism
SNRSignal-to-Noise Ratio
SNRSupernova Remnant (astrophysics)
SNSScuola Normale Superiore (Pisa, IT)
SNSSocial Network(ing) Services
SNSSpallation Neutron Source (ORNL, Oak Ridge, TN, USA, eröffnet/completed 2006)
SNSSuperconductor–Normal Metal–Superconductor (Nanostructure)
SNSMSchool of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, USA)
SNUSeoul National University (Korea)
SNUSolar Neutrino Unit (1 SNU = 1 Einfang pro (1036 Targetatome·sec)/1 capture per (1036 targetatoms·sec))
SNVStudiengesellschaft Nahverkehr Berlin
SOSomalia (ISO 3166)
SOASafe Operating Area
SOAScottish Optoelectronics Association
SOASemiconductor Optical Amplifier (optische Telekommunikation/optical telecommunication)
SOAService(s)-Oriented Architecture (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SOAESpontaneous Otoacoustic Emission, spontane otoakustische Emission
SOAPService Oriented Architecture Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SOARSouthern Observatory for Astronomical Research
SOARS-BStudy of Oxytocin in Autism to Improve Reciprocal Social Behaviors
SOBERSonic Boom European Research
SOBIC[Fraunhofer-] Solar Building Innovation Center (Freiburg i.B., DE)
SOBRACSociedade Brasileria de Acústica
SOCSecurity Operations Center (Datensicherheit/data security)
SOCSelf-Organized Criticality
SOCScience Observation Center (XMM)
SOCScience Operations Center (NASA)
SOCServer-On-Chip (cmputer card)
SOCSpin-Orbit Coupling
SOCState of Charge (Batterieüberwachung/battery control)
SoCSystem on a Chip (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SOCAPSmart Optical Correlator Auxiliary Processor
SOCCOMSouthern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling Project (since 2014)
SOCKScience Outreach Catalyst Kit (AIP, Ausbildungsprogramm/education program)
SOCSSecond-Order Cyclostationary Statistics
SODARSonic Detection and Ranging
SOESequence of Events
SOEStandard Operating Environment
SOEHSchool of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (Vancouver, CA)
SOEPSozio-oekonomisches Panel
SOFARSound Fixing and Ranging (Schall-Leitungskanal im Ozean/sound transmission channel in the ocean)
SOFCSolid Oxide Fuel Cell; Solid Electrolyte Oxygen Fuel Cell (Hochtemperaturbrennstoffzelle/high-temperature fuel cell)
SOFDMAScalable Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SOFESimulated Open Field Environment (acoustics)
SOFENASofia Energy Agency (BG)
SOFISoziologisches Forschungsinstitut (Göttingen)
SOFISuperresolution Optical Fluctuation Imaging
SOFIAStratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (NASA/DLR, seit/since 2006)
SOFIESpectroscopy Using Optical Fibres in the Marine Environment (EU Project)
S of R (SoR)Society of Rheology (USA)
SOGSpin-On Glass (silicate coating of electronic components)
SOHSection Overhead (Telekommunikation/telecommunication)
SOHState of Health (Batterieüberwachung/battery control)
SOHOSmall Office, Home Office (Internet)
SOHOSolar and Heliospheric Observatory (Satellit/satellite, seit/since 1996)
SOISilicon on Insulator (Photonik/photonics)
SOISolar Oscillations Investigation (an Bord von/aboard SOHO)
SOIFStandard Object Interchange Format (für Datenaustausch/for data exchange, Internet)
SOILSoil Data and Information Systems Action
SoLSafety of Life (Satellitentechnik/satellite technology)
SOLSenioren Online
SOLSustainable Organization Library
SolACESSolar Autocalibrating EUV/UV Spectrophotometer
SOLAMSolares Schmelzen von Aluminium in einem direkt bestrahlten Drehrohrofen
SOLASInternational Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea
SolasysNext Generation Solar Cell and Module Laser Processing System (EU project)
SOLEMISolar Energy Mining (DLR)
SOLISSynoptic Optical Long-Term Investigations of the Sun (USA)
SOMScanning Optical Microscope
SOMAREMSocieté Marocaine de Recherches et d'Exploitations Minières