call-of-duty-vg-season-five-mid-season-patch-notes (2022)

Weapon Changes

» Assault Rifles «

UGM-8 (VG)

  • Min Damage decreased to 21, down from 22

» Light Machine Guns «

Lienna 57 (VG)

  • Upper Torso Damage Multiplier Decreased to 1.0, down from 1.05
  • Min Damage Decreased to 24, down from 27

» Sniper Rifles «

Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (VG)

  • Bullet Velocity decreased to 900, down from 980

» Submachine Guns «

Armaguerra 43 (VG)

  • Min Damage decreased to 21, down from 23

So here it is… the final major update for this era of Call of Duty®: Warzone™! We wanted to take a moment to thank our Players for joining us on this journey. We have learned so much this year and have come such a long way together since we launched the Pacific chapter in December of last year.

We’ve seen a 1940’s war-torn Pacific island, a reimagined and reinforced version of Rebirth Island, two movie giants - Kong and Godzilla - descend upon Caldera, the arrival of Mercenaries and with them Fortune’s Keep - a new map experience, all before the Terminators took over leading into to the eruptions at Peak.

We’ve also seen a wealth of major new Weapons and features, including the Fighter and Bomber Planes, Lootable Perks, Gulag and Redeploy Tokens, Redeploy Balloons, a new Fast Travel system, Portable Buy Stations, the Decontamination Station, along with a number of new Contracts, Public Events and Limited Time Modes.

But perhaps where we’re left most proud is with our team's work that has gone into Quality of Life improvements and our focus on reducing points of friction in the core gameplay loop. That said, we aren’t finished quite yet, as we detail the final set of improvements further below. We hope this transparent push for changes big and small, has been well received and helped craft the game experience you want to play.

To conclude, we would also like to extend thanks to all our partners at High Moon Studios, Beenox, Toys for Bob, Sledgehammer Games, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Demonware, Activision, and Team Ricochet. Without these teams, this year's wealth of content would not have been possible.

We hope you enjoy the Mid-Season update... And we’ll be seeing you all very soon in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare II.

Stay frosty!

- Raven Software

For regular updates about the Playlist and other Scheduled Events, check out the dedicated Trello Board.

Greatest Hits of the Year

To see out the Season, we’re excited to be bringing back a wealth of classics and fan-favorite game Modes. But first… some ground rules:

  • Playlist rotations will occur once per week.
  • A variant of Plunder will be available every week.
  • Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island will also be present every week, with only the squad sizes rotating.
    • There will be a focus in prioritizing Fortune’s Keep for all squad sizes to best support those practicing for the upcoming CDL tournament!

We will also be improving support for our “Solo” Players, with a wealth of variety to offer. We heard from our Solo community that they felt under-serviced in terms of solo game Modes so wanted to better expand the availability and choice of this squad size;

  • Battle Royale Solos will cycle through different variants each week:
    • Buy Back Solos
    • Battle Royale Solos
    • Champion of Caldera Solos
  • Fortunes Keep and Rebirth Island will always have Resurgence Solos available on both maps at the same time.

Regarding the “Greatest Hits” LTMs, Players can expect to enjoy the following appearing in rotation throughout the remainder of the season as we move away from daily rotations and back to weekly rotations:

  • Rebirth
    • Rebirth Blood Money
    • Rebirth Payload (In-Season)
  • Caldera
    • Caldera Iron Trials
    • Caldera Resurgence
    • Golden Plunder
    • Clash
    • Champion of Caldera
    • Battle Royale Buy Backs
    • Sticks & Stones (In-Season)

Be sure to also keep an eye out for a surprise or two in the coming weeks as well!

CDL Fortunes Keep Resurgence Trios

We are excited to support the upcoming Fortune’s Keep Resurgence Trios CDL tournament. We will always have Fortune’s Keep Trios in the active Playlist to offer a place for Players to practice for the $100k tournament!

The only major change in this “CDL” variant is that the Mercenaries “Cash Extraction” Public Event has been disabled as we felt the Public Event didn't fit a competitive ruleset.

Unfortunately due to an ongoing issue with Private Matches, we do not expect Fortune’s Keep to be available in Private Matches.

Caldera Mini-Royale

As part of our “Greatest Hits” outro, we are bringing “Mini-Royale” to Caldera for the first time. This high intensity, high time-to-action Mode will be a perfect note to end the season on.

Rebirth Resurgence Supreme

Resurgence Supreme is what the team at Beenox consider the perfect version of the fan-favorite Rebirth Resurgence Mode with all new rules:

  • We’ve increased the tension...
    • The Resurgence Countdown is a little longer
    • Players have a slight increase of core health to 200 HP.
    • Getting an elimination now shows enemy squad locations as a ping on the mini-map for a longer period of time.
  • Players now have more control over the Resurgence Countdown...
    • Actions now reduce the Countdown twice as fast.
    • Avenging a squad mate will greatly reduce the Countdown.
  • We’ve crafted ‘Supreme’ Weapons...
    • The ground loot brings back even more fan-favorite Weapons.
    • The lowest rarity is Epic.
    • Players will deploy with iconic and powerful Weapons.
    • All Weapons will have the most legendary skins that Warzone has to offer.

We hope this Mode will be a fun and challenging experience for everyone as having a Loadout isn’t as important as it normally is. May the best team win!

A Message from Butcher

With the final Season Five update comes a new cinematic outro from Butcher when you load into Warzone.

“Where has he been?”, you may ask. Well all we know is that he never left the island, but he has seen a LOT - and now it’s time to exfil as this journey isn’t finished yet…

“Warzone Stories” Calling Cards

As we conclude Season Five, we want to reflect on and immortalize a few fond stories that have had the community talking.

The following Calling cards are available to everyone for free from day one as a thank you to the community for sharing in these fun and memorable moments:

  • Warzone Stories: King Grau!
    • The meta of all metas, the Grau 5.56 (MW) is one of the all-time great Weapons. Let’s celebrate its legacy as the true AR king that shall not be forgotten, or dethroned.

Gameplay Updates

  • Loadout Cost Reduction
    • Similar to “Titanium Trials”, Loadout Drop Markers in the Buy Station will now cost $500 less per circle.
      • Circle 1 = $10,000
      • Circle 2 = $9,500
      • Circle 3 = $9,000
      • Circle 4 = $8,500
      • Circle 5 = $8,000
      • Circle 6 = $7,500
      • Circle 7 = $7,000
      • etc.

Thanks to a recent community poll where you voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Loadout Cost Reduction in Titanium Trials, we are happy to bring this change to Battle Royale to give better mid-to-late game regain opportunities. Be sure to grab your discounted Loadouts as the circle collapses, and as a reminder - don’t forget to look for the Loadout Drop icon on the squad widget that lets you know when you can afford a Loadout!

  • ATMs
    • ATMs will now appear in Battle Royale!

We love how ATMs have been used in Plunder and Golden Plunder. We are expanding their availability to Battle Royale as an additional choice for Players to make when regaining.

  • Gulag Tokens and Redeploy Tokens
    • Doubled the spawn rate in Legendary Supply Boxes
    • Slightly increased spawn rate in regular Supply Boxes

We feel that searching for a Legendary Supply Box should offer the best value proposition in the game - should you find one - with these beloved orange boxes being one of the most desirable aspects of finding a Golden Keycard.


At the start of the year we made Quality of Life improvements one of our key focus points. 9 months and more than 100+ changes later, we are happy to reveal the final set of Quality of Life improvements below.

We’d like to thank our entire community for every piece of constructive feedback and the positive engagement you have shown each season. Even at times where we turned left instead of right, we were never afraid to try new things to see how they landed… and correcting course where necessary based on your feedback.

QoL Updates

  • “Recommended” Weapons
    • Increased the number of Players that will see “Recommended” Weapons appear in the Gunsmith.
    • Weapons from Modern Warfare 2019 and Black Ops: Cold War will also show as “Recommended” if they are meta relevant.

Due to the positive sentiment of this feature that was originally rolled out to a smaller select audience, we are now happy to slowly roll this out to a bigger audience to better detail Weapons that are most meta relevant.

  • Golden Keycard Bunkers
    • Golden Keycard Bunkers will now have a Yellow Circle highlighted on the Tac Map.

We liked the useful Player-leading that the Tac Map of Season Four had by circling the bunkers with Golden Keycard access points, so we have re-added these circles to the Tac Map for this final update.

  • Manual Gas Mask
    • Improved Manual Gas Mask text in the settings menu to better detail how Players manually equip the Gas Mask.
    • Moved the Gas Mask to be the first entry in the Quick Inventory for easier manual equipping.

We felt that the UX for the manual Gas Mask wasn’t as user-friendly as it could be, so we have made a few changes to better improve the experience for manual Players.

  • Supply Box UAVs
    • Supply Box UAVs will no longer show red Rebirth Supply Boxes.

Upon review, the red Rebirth Supply Boxes were overloading the mini map, especially in High Value Loot Zones. Given their nature to respawn and the fact that they could be mistaken for an enemy on the minimap, we’ve removed Rebirth Supply Boxes to better focus on the regular, Legendary, and Personal Supply Boxes.

General Adjustments

  • Ground Loot Perks
    • Text will be displayed on the UI when a Perk is acquired via ground loot.

In the rush to pick up ground loot, it can often be difficult to know which Perk was just acquired. To help with this, Players will now see a short yellow text notification near their crosshair to inform them which Perk they just picked up. i.e. “Battle Hardened Perk Acquired”

Perk Adjustments

  • Scavenger Pouch
    • Scavenger pouches will now drop a guaranteed $1,000 on enemy elimination

This Perk is underutilized given its clear value for “Rusher” playstyles, so we have made a change such that the Scavenger pouch from an elimination will now contain a guaranteed $1,000. We expect this to be a real contender for being a default Perk in the slot, as well as strengthening its role as a Ground Loot Perk for any Players motivated by elimination chasing.

Field Upgrade Adjustments

  • Portable Decontamination Station
    • Duration has been increased to 20 seconds, up from 13 seconds

We want to position the Portable Decontamination Station as THE #1 gas play method, so we have significantly buffed its timer. This will clear a safe space in the gas to open up more interesting choices and opportunities.

As a celebration of the breadth of Weapons we have to offer, we’re taking the opportunity with Season Five Mid-Season update to really highlight all that’s been added these last few years. You’ll find a whole new Ground Loot and Gulag loadout experience along with some targeted hits to the most performant builds in the game, along with one last round of adjustments for the most underused Weapons.


  • Ground Loot and Gulag Loadouts Refreshed
    • Leaning into the history of Warzone , you’ll find some of the greatest hits from Modern Warfare, Black Ops and Vanguard in Ground Loot. We have significantly increased the variance on offer from what was previously on offer in order to make the early game feel more dynamic each drop.

Weapon Adjustments

» Assault Rifles «


  • Max Damage Range increased to 28.62 meters up from 24.1 meters
  • Upper Torso Damage Multiplier increased to 1.1, up from 1.0

Assault Rifle Hotel (VG)

  • Neck Damage Multiplier decreased to 1.3, down from 1.5
  • Lower Torso Damage multiplier decreased to 1.0, down from 1.1

Assault Rifle Charlie (MW)

  • Neck Damage Multiplier increased to 1.1, up from 1.01


  • Headshot Damage Multiplier increased to 1.6, up from 1.5
  • Neck Damage Multiplier increased to 1.25, up from 1.2

Oden (MW)

  • Muzzle Velocity increased by 3.5%
  • Upper Arm Damage Multiplier increased to 1.2, up from 1.0

EX1 (VG)

  • Min Damage increased to 11, up from 10
  • ADS Spread decreased to 0.01, down from 0.2
  • PWN Beam Condenser
    • Min Damage increased to 30, up from 28
  • Burst AC1-4
    • Damage increased to 24, up from 20
  • Low Temp Laser
    • Recoil Control now increased by 1%
    • Hip Fire Accuracy now increased by 1%
  • Charge Amp PV
    • Movement Speed Penalty now decreased by -1%
    • ADS Movement Speed Penalty now decreased by -5%

Assault Rifle Bravo (VG)

  • Auto Burst-Fire Now Enabled
  • Rate of Fire Time decreased to 0.068, up from 0.065
  • Perfetto 140mm Rapida
    • Rate of Fire Bonus decreased to 14%, down from 20%
    • Vertical Recoil now increased by 18%
    • Horizontal Recoil Control Penalty increased to -50%, down from -40%
  • .303 British 36 Round Mags
    • Burst Fire Cooldown Bonus decreased to 6%, down from 10%
  • Hardscope
    • Initial Recoil Control decreased when using Hardscope on the Itra Burst


  • Headshot Multiplier increased to 1.5, up from 1.3
  • Min Damage increased to 36, up from 35


  • Muzzle Velocity increased by 4.25%
  • ADS Movement Speed Scale increased to 1.4, up from 1.25
  • ADS Transition In Time decreased to 300ms, down from 310ms
  • 17.9” Ultralight
    • ADS Movement Speed while firing now increased by 3.5%

Volkssturmgewehr (VG)

  • ADS Movement Speed Scalar decreased to 1.42, down from 1.55

» Submachine Guns «

Armaguerra 43 (VG)

  • Headshot Damage Multiplier decreased to 1.5 down from 1.58
  • Neck Damage Multiplier decreased to 1.30, down from 1.3
  • ADS Movement Speed Scalar decreased to 1.29, down from 1.32
  • Imerito TA Skeletal
    • ADS Movement Speed Bonus decreased to 28%, down from 35%
  • 9mm 60 Round Mags
    • Magazine Capacity decreased to 55, down from 60
  • 8mm 72 Round Mags
    • Magazine Capacity decreased to 64, down from 60

Bullfrog (BOCW)

  • Lower Arm Damage Multiplier increased to 1.0, up from 0.9
  • Hand Damage Multiplier increased to 1.0, up from 0.9

RA 225 (VG)

  • Neck Damage Multiplier decreased to 1.1, down from 1.7
  • Urban Rapid 11”
    • Rate of Fire Bonus decreased to 10%, down from 15%
    • Vertical Recoil Control Penalty increased to -10%
    • Horizontal Recoil Control Penalty increased to -45%, down from -40%
  • 7.62 Gorenko 38 Round Mags
    • Magazine Capacity increased to 42, up from 38
  • .45 ACP 38 Round Mags
    • Magazine Capacity increased to 42, up from 38

H4 Blixen (VG)

  • Lower Torso Damage multiplier decreased to 1.01, down from 1.1


  • Neck Damage Multiplier increased to 1.15, up from 1.01
  • Sprint to Fire Speed increased by 5%

CX-9 (MW)

  • Headshot Damage Multiplier increased to 1.5, up from 1.45
  • Neck Damage Multiplier increased to 1.2, up from 1.01
  • Sprint to Fire Speed increased by 5%


  • Auto Burst-Fire Now Enabled
  • Lower Extremities Damage Multiplier decreased to 0.9, down from 1.0

Submachine Gun Charlie (VG)

  • 7.62 Gorenko 45 Round Mags
    • Muzzle Velocity Penalty decreased to -10%, up from -20%
    • Damage Range Penalty decreased to -15%, up from -20%

PPSh-41 (VG)

  • Min Damage decreased to 18, down from 19
  • Upper Leg Damage Multiplier decreased to 0.9, down from 1.0
  • Kovalevskaya 230mm B03P
    • Hipfire accuracy decreased to 45%, down from 50%
  • 8mm Nambu 71 Round Mags
    • Magazine Capacity decreased to 64, down from 71
    • Damage Range Penalty decreased to -20%, up from -25%
    • Rate of Fire Bonus decreased to 5.5%, down from 6.6%
    • Vertical Recoil Control decreased to 10%, down from 15%
    • Horizontal Recoil Control decreased to 20%, down from 25%
    • Hipfire accuracy decreased to 3%, down from 4%
  • Empress 140mm Rapid
    • Rate of Fire Bonus decreased to 8.5%, down from 10%
    • Vertical Recoil Control now decreased by 10%
  • Tight Grip
    • The benefit that Tight Grip provides has been decreased

» Sniper Rifles «

Sniper Rifle Charlie (MW)

  • Bullet Dropoff decreased
  • Muzzle Velocity increased by 2.7%

Sniper Rifle Alpha (MW)

  • Max Damage Range increased to 57.2 meters, up from 54.9 meters
  • Max Damage increased to 90up from 80
  • Min Damage increased to 75, up from 60
  • Upper Torso Damage Multiplier decreased to 1.9, down from 1.95

Rytec AMR (MW)

  • Can now one-shot down to the head at all ranges.
  • Min Damage increased to 112, up from 96
  • Headshot Damage Multiplier increased to 2.7, up from 2.4
  • 25x59mm Explosive 5-R Mag
    • Direct Hit Damage increased to 206, up from 176

Pellington 703 (BOCW)

  • ADS Transition In Time decreased to 399ms , down from 421ms
  • ADS Transition Out Time decreased to 410ms, down from 433ms
  • Neck Damage Multiplier increased to 1.2, up from 1.1
  • Upper Torso Damage Multiplier increased to 1.2, up from 1.1
  • Lower Torso Damage Multiplier increased to 1.1, up from 1.0

Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (VG)

  • Bullet Dropoff increased
  • Fire Rate decreased to 111 RPM, down from 120 RPM
  • 420mm Empress
    • Muzzle Velocity decreased to 43%, down from 50%
    • Visual Recoil increased
  • 400mm Kovalevskaya Wrap
    • ADS Time Penalty decreased to -2%, up from -5%
  • 440mm Anastasia Custom
    • Muzzle Velocity increased to 25%, up from 20%
    • Rate of Fire Penalty decreased to -50%, up from -100%
    • Crouch Recoil Control decreased to 25%, down from 40%
    • Prone Recoil Control decreased to 35%, down from 67%
  • 13mm AM 7 Round Mags
    • ADS Time Penalty increased to -5%, down from -4%
  • 13mm AM 10 Round Mags
    • ADS Time Penalty increased to -6%, down from -4.5%

For a list of other known #Warzone issues, please check out our dedicated Trello Board.

The Season Five Mid-Season update will have a download size of approximately 6 GB for those who own the free-to-play console version of Call of Duty®: Warzone™and are currently on the latest updates.

Update Sizes

  • PlayStation 5:
    • 6.0 GB
  • PlayStation 4:
    • 6.0 GB
  • Xbox One Series X / S:
    • 5.8 GB
  • Xbox One:
    • 5.8 GB
  • PC:
    • 13.9 GB (Call of Duty®: Warzone™Only)
    • 14.0 GB (Call of Duty®: Warzone™ and Modern Warfare®)

PC users will also need 19.1 GB of additional space on their hard drive for the patch copying process; this is only temporary space that is reclaimed upon completion of the patch installation and is not an additional download.

Remember, the Vanguard download is not necessary if you are only playing Warzone, and vice versa.

Furthermore, for a smaller overall file size, Players can choose to uninstall/remove other data packs if they are no longer needed.

- Raven Software

For regular updates about Call of Duty®: Warzone™, follow @RavenSoftware.

For regular updates about Call of Duty®: Vanguard, follow @SHGames.

For updates about Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard Zombies, follow @Treyarch.

For updates about Call of Duty® PC platform discussions, follow @BeenoxCODPC.

For all sorts of other franchise content, check out our Call of Duty® blog.

*Game features described above are based on current in-development features that are subject to change based on final development changes and/or game tuning or updates that may remove or modify some or all of the above features.

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